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Ignore Unitarists, Fight Hegemonists, but Elect Unionists
 Disclaimer: Not an official image, but "hi-5" is the official
 election symbol of Medrek.


"One Hundred Ways of Putting Pressure" - HRW Report

Gadaa.comEthiopian Election 2010: Peering at the Numbers | Jawar S. Mohammed

Gadaa.comAnxiously awaiting who gets to go to Arat Kilo, Kaliti, Ma'ekalawi Spacious Palaces | Oromsis Adula

Gadaa.comMerera Gudina: I see more darker days ahead if govt continues to steal the election Afaan Oromoo Radio

Gadaa.comEthiopia's Notorious Campus Wars: Causes, Goals, and Impacts Jawar S. Mohammed

Tension high in key Ethiopia election region - Oromia (Reuters)

Gadaa.com"The election is not free in Ethiopia. People are afraid, afraid of the government," a teacher in Oromia

Gadaa.com"[OPDO] can build roads to the moon but I won't vote for them until we're equal," an old man in Oromia

Gadaa.com"[Merera Gudina] quotes the Soviet leader, Josef Stalin: 'People vote, we count.'"

Gadaa.com"If I'm detained, there are more than 30 million Oromos who can take up the struggle," Merera Gudina

Merera Gudina - A Choice for Prime Minister if Medrek Wins - Poll Shows


Photo: Merera Gudina at a Campaign Rally in Oromia (Reuters)

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Gadaa.comTension high in key Ethiopia election region - Oromia (Reuters)

Gadaa.comProfile: Ethiopia's Merera Gudina (BBC)

Gadaa.comEthiopia's Biggest Electoral Prize (Oromia) Divided As Election Nears (VOA)

Gadaa.comScenarios - How might Ethiopia's elections play out? (Reuters)

Gadaa.comJawar, Henok & Elias Discuss about the Election on UpfrontAfrica.com Afaan Oromoo Radio

Gadaa.comConsumer Prices Increased by More Than 500% Since 1991 May 16, 2010

Gadaa.comEthiopia's election code "already killed" by TPLF says Medrek leader Dr. Gudina (Jimma Times) May 13, 2010

Gadaa.comTeacher Runs for Parliament in Ethiopia (VOA) Afaan Oromoo Radio May 8, 2010

Gadaa.comFather, Police Offer Conflicting Causes of Death in Western Shoa (VOA) Afaan Oromoo Radio May 8, 2010

Gadaa.comHRLHA: Political Violence Intensifies on the Eve of the Election May 7, 2010

Gadaa.comOPDO's Opposition to Afan Oromo - Paranoia or a Scare Tactic? May 6, 2010 (By Jawar S. Mohammed)

2010 Ethiopian Pre-Election Death Toll


- 1 politician (Aregawi Gebreyohannes)# in Mekelle (stabbing)
- 5 civilians* in Adi Haro (bombing); 20 casualties


- 1 activist (Beyanza Deba)#* in Mida-Qanyii (beating)
- 2 civilians* in Adaba (bombing); 14 casualties
- 1 policeman (Hassan Regasa)* in W. Shewa (stabbing)
- 1 politician (Itana Idossa)* (stabbing)
- 1 activist (Girma Kabe)# in N. Shewa (shooting)

# - claims by Opposition/Medrek
* - claims by Government/TPLF
#* - claims by both (Opposition/Government)

Gadaa.comMedrek Faces Long Odds (VOA News) May 3, 2010

Gadaa.comMedrek - The Impossible Made Possible! May 1, 2010 (By Fayyis Oromia)

Gadaa.comDisputed Political Killings Mar Ethiopian Election Campaign (VOA News) May 12, 2010

Gadaa.comElection Fever Hits the Town Of Adaba Amid Array of Political Killings (OPride.com) May 12, 2010

Gadaa.comWhy the current rash of political murders in Ethiopia? (Ethiopian Review) May 12, 2010

Gadaa.comOLF: Oromo University Students Attacked by TPLF Regime (Jimma Times) May 11, 2010

Gadaa.comEthiopian Opposition Activist Shot Dead; Third Killing in Week (BusinessWeek) May 10, 2010

Gadaa.comPolice officer stabbed in Ethiopia (Independent Online) May 10, 2010

Gadaa.comRuling Party Blamed for Death of Opposition Candidate (The New York Times) May 10, 2010

Gadaa.comEthiopian Opposition Says Campaign Has Become War (Bloomberg) May 8, 2010

Gadaa.comPolice Break Up Oromo People's Congress Rally in Moyale (VOA) May 8, 2010

Gadaa.comEthiopia govt, opposition exchange murder accusations (Reuters) May 8, 2010

Gadaa.comTwo killed in Ethiopia bomb attack: official (AFP) May 8, 2010

Gadaa.comTPLF/OPDO Against Afan Oromo May 1, 2010

Gadaa.comConsensus on Ethiopian Unity, But Referendum on Oromian Unity? April 28, 2010

Gadaa.comCampaign Video: A Vote for MEDREK is a Vote for Freedom & Democracy April 28, 2010

Gadaa.comOromo: It Is Clear That OFC Is Better Than OPDO, But Is MEDREK Better Than Weyane's EPRDF? April 23, 2010

Gadaa.comAgriculture Unable to Feed Population, Let Alone Lead Industry – Medrek TV April 24, 2010

Gadaa.comOpposition Grills Zenawi in What Seems to Be His Last Shengo April 15, 2010

Gadaa.comUS Issues Travel Alert to Ethiopia (VOA) April 16, 2010

Gadaa.comDeclaration of the Horn of Africa Conference (Ethiopian Review) April 16, 2010

Gadaa.comEthiopian Opposition Confront PM in Parliament (VOA News) April 14, 2010

Gadaa.comMedrek at Election Debate: OFC's Mr. Tesfaye Fufa TV April 11, 2010

Gadaa.comSeye Abraha Trashes Zenawi's Foreign Policy TV April 10, 2010

Gadaa.comSilence Not Golden In Ethiopia (VOA Editorial) April 8, 2010

Gadaa.comEuropean Union to Send Monitors to Ethiopia Vote, Lawmaker Says (Bloomberg) March 31, 2010

Gadaa.comOFC: Oromo Targeted in a Govt Crackdown and Forced out of Politics March 26, 2010

Gadaa.comGadaa.comAFE – Speak Out on the Deteriorating Health Condition of Judge Birtukan Midekssa March 24, 2010

Gadaa.comEthiopian Opposition Party Elders Confront Prison Officials Over Jailed Leader (VOA News) March 28, 2010

Gadaa.comEthiopian opposition barred from seeing jailed leader (Reuters) March 27, 2010

Gadaa.comDr. Merera Gudina to Meet with Oromo Community in Metro Washington, DC Sunday, March 28, 2010

Gadaa.com"MEDREK Will Never See Hope Where There's No Hope" - Mr. Asrat Xasse Slams the Failed Education Policy of TPLF/EPRDF Monday, March 29, 2010

Gadaa.comFears over Ethiopia's press code for poll coverage (AFP) Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Gadaa.comCensorship In Ethiopia | VOA Editorial Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Gadaa.comUnited States Strongly Criticizes Ethiopia's Jamming of Voice of America (State Department) Saturday, March 20, 2010

Gadaa.comPM says Ethiopia plans to jam VOA (CPJ) Saturday, March 20, 2010

Gadaa.comEthiopia admits jamming VOA (BBC) Saturday, March 20, 2010

Gadaa.comZenawi Says He Will Authorize Jamming VOA Saturday, March 20, 2010

Gadaa.comMedrek Debates on Health Issues and Policy Monday, March 22, 2010

Gadaa.comMarquee Ethiopia Election Matchup Pits PM vs Former Comrade (VOA News) Thursday, March 18, 2010

Gadaa.comOpposition Criticizes Verdict in Killing (The New York Times) Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Gadaa.comDebate: Gebru Asrat on Good Governance, Human Rights & Rule of Law - Watch More Sunday, March 14, 2010

Gadaa.comEthiopia opposition criticizes airtime allocation ahead of vote (Ethiopian Review) Friday, March 12, 2010

Gadaa.comCourt rushes and sentences killer of opposition candidate to 15 years in prison (Nazret.com) Friday, March 12, 2010

Gadaa.comChoosing Stability Over Democracy in Ethiopia (World Politics Review) Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Gadaa.comDr. Merera Gudina to Meet with Members of the Oromo Community in Minnesota (OPride.com) Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Gadaa.comFuture Shadow Government Retiring from the Current Government Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Gadaa.comHRW: Open Impartial Inquiry Into Candidate's Killing Saturday, March 6, 2010

Gadaa.comEthiopian Opposition Candidate Stabbed to Death (New York Times) Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Gadaa.comGebru Asrat of Aarena Tigray Speaks About Candidate's Death on VOA Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Gadaa.comEthiopia's Opposition Rethinks Election Campaign After Candidate Killed (VOA) Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Gadaa.comEthiopia's Pre-Election Frenzy: Crackdown on Opposition Continues (OPride.com) Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Gadaa.comUS urges free and fair Ethiopian polls (AFP) Saturday, March 6, 2010

Gadaa.comSen. Feingold: We should not be afraid to stand with the Ethiopian people Friday, March 5, 2010

Gadaa.comVOA Amharic Broadcasts Jammed in Ethiopia Thursday, March 4, 2010

Gadaa.comBeyene Petros of Medrek Slams the Revolutionary Centralism State Structure in Ethiopia Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Gadaa.comVideo: MEDREK introduces its Addis Ababa candidates(EthioTube.net) Sunday, February 28, 2010

Gadaa.comMedrek forwarded more than 2000 candidates (EthioForum.org)
Gadaa.comMedrek: New Chairman, EDUM/SDFC Withdrawal, 2nd Debate
Gadaa.comEthiopia's Questionable Human Rights Record & Impact on Election 2010
Gadaa.comMEDREK is an Attraction for Both Ethiopianists and Oromianists: Effect of Birtukan "Mandela"?
Gadaa.comMedrek Manifesto on Democracy, the Economy, Federalism, the Assab Port, Education, Health Care
Gadaa.comElection Showdown in Ethiopia: TPLF vs. Medrek (OPride.com)
Gadaa.comEPRDF's pending schism - Election 2010 Overview (EthioMedia)
Gadaa.comDr. Merera Gudina at the First Election Debate
Gadaa.comEthiopia Opposition Denies Government Claim of Eritrea Alliance
Gadaa.comGunmen stop Ethiopia candidates registering-group (Reuters)
Gadaa.comEU Considers Observing Ethiopia Election as Campaign Heats Up (VOA)
Gadaa.comDr. Merera Gudina Takes a Swipe at Zenawi's Pseudo-Democracy
Gadaa.comUnveiling the Ethiopian Political Spectrum
Gadaa.comZenawi's Revolutionary Democracy Enriches the Few and Impoverishes the Majority


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