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"We have to work to make sure those things that threaten us can be turned around to support us."

... Guuyo Goba, Abbaa Gadaa of Boranaa Oromo (July 2004)

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So far the following events have been added & approved:

1. OSFNA Tournament Opening

2. International Oromo Conference on Human Rights

3. Oromo Youth Leadership Conference

Remembering the May 2005 Ethiopian Election

Read news on the Election & the immediate aftermath in the Archive @ Gadaa.com: Ethiopia's Election 2005

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More News from the Horn of Africa

Pastoral food insecurity remains severe
Reuters AlertNet, UK - April 14, 2006
Ethiopian raiders attack Kenyan border villages - report
Sudan Tribune, Sudan - April 14, 2006
Closed borders squeeze Eritrea's coffee culture
Reuters, Canada - April 14, 2006
Tearful send-off
Kenya Times, Kenya - April 12, 2006
Fossils fill gap in early human evolution
Independent Online - April 12, 2006
A nation mourns
Standard, Kenya - April 10, 2006
A history of conflict, fear and struggle
Kenya Times, Kenya - April 10, 2006
The forgotten people of Kenya
Independent Online - April 10, 2006
Ethiopian embassy accuses asylum seekers in Ireland
Sudan Tribune, Sudan - April 10, 2006
CWS Appeal - Ethiopia Relief and Food Security Assistance
Reuters AlertNet, UK - April 10, 2006

Oromo rebels deny planting bombs in Ethiopian capital
Sudan Tribune, Sudan - May 13, 2006

The Oromo rebel movement denied any involvement in the nine bombs attacks across Ethiopian capital, the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) is instead accusing the authorities of a cover up.

In a statement to Radio France Internationale (RFI), the OLF spokesperson Lencho Bati said �We are not related to these bombings in any way. The government is accusing the opposition, but the OLF is not involved in these attacks�. No one has claimed responsibility. But federal officials have blamed separatist rebels, notably the Oromo Liberation Movement, Somali Muslim extremists and opposition groups, which the government has accused of trying to foment a coup after disputed elections last year ...

Djibouti: Djibouti Confirms Human Case of Bird Flu
AllAfrica.com, Washington - May 12, 2006

Bird flu has spread to East Africa after Djubouti reported a human case of the deadly H5N1 strain of bird flu on Thursday.

The health ministry said tests done on samples taken from the person contained H5N1.

"Tests from a person suffering from flu-like symptoms on April 27 were positive for the disease."

Three chickens had also been infected, said the ministry ...

Update on the East Africa food crisis - 9 May 2006
ReliefWeb (press release), Switzerland - May 9, 2006

Oxfam is now helping more than 500,000 people in Kenya, Somalia, Tanzania, and Ethiopia.

Nomadic herding communities are most at risk in the food crisis that continues to grip East Africa. In many areas, more than 70 percent of the animals on which people depend for food and income have already died because of drought that has shriveled their pasture and dried up their water supplies. Recent rains in some areas have increased the risk of disease and are hampering the delivery of aid. Oxfam is now helping more than 500,000 people in Kenya, Somalia, Tanzania, and Ethiopia. Here is an update on our programs ...

New UN Rights Group Includes Six Nations With Poor Records
New York Times, United States - May 9, 2006

Six nations with poor human rights records were among those elected to the new Human Rights Council on Tuesday, although notorious violators that had belonged to the predecessor Human Rights Commission did not succeed in winning places in the new group.

China, Cuba, Pakistan, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Azerbaijan, countries cited by human rights groups as not deserving membership, were among the 47 nations elected to the council. But in a move hailed by the same groups, both Iran and Venezuela failed to attract the needed votes ...

Ethiopian opposition MPs protest against new Addis mayor
Sudan Tribune, Sudan - May 9, 2006

Members of the main opposition stormed out of parliament on Tuesday in protest against a decision preventing the party from running Ethiopia�s capital in spite of its victory in city elections last year.

Sixty parliamentarians from the Coalition for Unity and Democracy (CUD) walked out after Prime Minister Meles Zenawi decided to appoint an interim mayor to run Addis Ababa for the next year ...

Use grassroot structures to tackle banditry, rustling
Kenya Times, Kenya - May 8, 2006

IT is now a month since six Kenyan legislators and eight other distinguished citizens perished in a plane crush while on their way to peace mission.

Problems of insecurity occasioned by banditry, cattle rustling, inter-clan feuds over land ownership and competition over scarce resources continue to scar North-Eastern, parts of Eastern and the North Rift ...

'Let them have cattle'
News24, South Africa - Apr 29, 2006

A United Nations official has urged Ethiopia not to force its nomadic pastoralists to change their way of life, despite suffering successive droughts.

Ethiopia has been affected by searing droughts in the last few years. Officials say the pastoralists are the worst affected, often losing their entire livestock.

Officials said the pastoralist nomadic life makes its difficult for the herders to receive appropriate government intervention ...

Interview of Oromo Liberation Front (OLF)
UNPO, Netherlands - Apr 28, 2006

Les nouvelles d'Addis interviewed Mr. Dawud Ibsa Ayana, the Chairman of the Oromo Liberation Front, while he was in Paris from the end of March to the first week of April, 2006. Mr. Ayana is accompanied on his European tour by his Head of Foreign Relations, Mr. Hassan Hussein, a member of the Executive Committee, and Dr. Shigut Geleta, Head of Foreign Relations in Europe, a member of the National Council ...

Kenya closes border with Ethiopia over attacks
Sudan Tribune, Sudan - Apr 28, 2006

Security officers have sealed off the Kenya-Ethiopia border at Moyale and Marsabit Districts, the Kenyan Standard reported.

The move follows an incident on Wednesday 26 April afternoon, where Ethiopian militiamen crossed into the country. Kenyan soldiers intercepted the group at Samore area in Moyale as they were planning to attack a home in Atesa area of the district. A soldier was injured in the ensuing exchange of fire ...

Oromo: UN Condemns Ethiopia over Rights
UNPO, Netherlands - Apr 28, 2006

United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Louise Arbour has strongly criticised Ethiopia's human rights situation, calling it "worrying".

Mrs Arbour, who is in Ethiopia visiting prisons, said conditions she had seen were "rudimentary" and "harsh".

She said it was not right that detainees had been held in custody for a year without bail.

Opposition leaders and journalists are among 129 people who have been denied bail after being accused of genocide ...

Kenya gets into election gear
Standard, Kenya - April 15, 2006

The forthcoming by-elections will be tight popularity contests between the leading political blocks.

Already christened a mini-general election, the last time Kenya witnessed such was in 1966 when the late doyen of opposition politics in Kenya, Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, walked out of Kanu with more than a dozen MPs to form the Kenya People�s Union (KPU).

In the subsequent electioneering, the country was engulfed in campaigns that could be mistaken for a general election ...

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