RAPS – Backo Shakisa – Bareedduu

Backo Shakisa – Bareedduu


Rap is a form of artistic self-expression. Some of the early rap songs focused on black struggle for equality and freedom in North America – in that, rap has served as a powerful medium for social, economic and political grievances of black America.

Among the Oromo youth, rapping has also been used to express the struggle to end the social, economic and political oppression of the Oromo people as well as to sing about love, relationships and others. Ogina, the Oromo Arts Webzine in Diaspora, featured Oromo Hip-Hop in its Fall 2008 issue (please read Ogina for further details on the background of Oromo Hip-Hop.)

Here on, we’ll feature rap songs by Oromo artists in a channel called RAPS.” If you are an Oromo rapper or a spoken word artist (or aspiring to be one), send us your video link at or submit it through with a brief bio.

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2 Responses to " RAPS – Backo Shakisa – Bareedduu"

  1. Abdeta Seba  April 9, 2012 at 8:44 am

    aboo backo shakkisoo dhugatti ati nama rapparaaf uumamee pls pls keep dinqisiifataa keeti irraandeebi’aa ati nama rapparaaf tahu waan taateef itti jabaadhu. iiti fufi

  2. Abdeta Seba  April 15, 2012 at 9:15 am

    yaada dabalataa waaniin ja’u yoo jiraatte si laa kilippii kan bakka adda addaa naannooytee hojjattee jachuun fedha akkasumaas you are real rapper itti fufi

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