Dr. Trevor Trueman of the Oromia Support Group Discusses Human Rights Conditions in Atse Zenawi’s Ethiopia

Poem: I Celebrate Daily the Right to Be an Oromo

Editor’s Note: This “journalist” (but a political operative like the rest of them), with one side of his mouth, said he was an “Oromo,” and then, with the other side, questioned what the achievement of the Oromo national liberation movement was … had he known his own history, he’d have also known why he was able to proudly call himself an “Oromo” today. Thank you, General Tadesse Birru for exposing the state-sponsored plan to destroy Oromummaa (Oromoness), and General Waaqo Guutu for teaching the nation how to defend itself from those with evil design of forced assimilation, and exploitation.

It only suffices to look at what had happened to the great country of Agew-Midir and the great people of Agew over the last two millennia to understand the evil system of forced assimilation called Abyssinianization, and what had been in store for Oromia and the Oromo people, had it not been for the Oromo liberation movement.

The “journalist” then testified Afan-Oromo was used as a teaching language during the Meserete Timhirt – not knowing even that was an achievement of the Oromo liberation movement. Did he not know it was illegal to write in Afan Oromo during the Monarchy (for those who doubt this – check out this 1958 UNESCO document in which the “cattle people” were prevented learning in their own languages – Afan Oromo and Afan Afar). The 1958 UNESCO document says: it was against the law to write any material or provide any reading material in any other language, but Amharic. It was punishable by law to read or write any material in Afan Oromo.

What’s utterly illegal about the language policy of the Monarchy (Haile-Selassie’s regime) wasn’t only that by the government, but also UNESCO’s decision to abide by the policy of the Monarchy to destroy the languages of the Oromo and the Afar. UNESCO was supposed to have the objective to “save” endangered cultures and languages. However, like Dr. Trueman clearly stated, the respect of human rights, and the preservation of cultures and languages are only pretensions of these big organizations or governments – since they themselves are also culprits in promoting the unjust policies of tyrant regimes. Against all odds, the Oromo nation has survived; and against all odds, it’ll also be free.

It’s interesting to see if the dear “journalist” has questioned why the language policy of his TV network (ESHAT) resembles that of the Monarchy – not even at Derg’s Meserete Timihirt appeasement level, let alone at Woyane’s appeasement level with fake language-federalism.


Dr. Trevor Trueman of the Oromia Support Group Discusses Human Rights Conditions in Zenawi’s Ethiopia. The Oromia Support Group (OSG) is a non-political organisation which attempts to raise awareness of human rights abuses in Ethiopia. OSG lobbies governments to withdraw support from the Ethiopian government until it abides by its constitution which guarantees human rights and self-determination for all peoples of Ethiopia.

OSG has, as of August 2008, reported 4,185 extra-judicial killings and 944 disappearances of civilians suspected of supporting groups opposing the government. Most of these have been Oromo people. Scores of thousands of civilians have been imprisoned. Torture and rape of prisoners is commonplace, especially in secret detention centres, whose existence is denied by the government.

To learn more, please visit Oromo.org

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39 Responses to "Dr. Trevor Trueman of the Oromia Support Group Discusses Human Rights Conditions in Atse Zenawi’s Ethiopia"

  1. Fighter-Jet  December 17, 2011 at 6:08 pm

    Dear Editor,
    thanks! Any Oromo who doesn’t have the culture and nature of the Oromo liberation movement need to check her/his identity. Here is what I wanted to say:

    —–The Victorious Culture and Nature of The Oromo Liberation Movement!—–

    The political enemies of the Oromo nation, specially the currently ruling gezhi gujile from Tegaruland, tried to give the Oromo liberation movement in genreal and the OLF in particular a fake and false picture. They tried to present it as a secessionist or separatist movement just trying to discredit the legitimate struggle of the Oromo people for bilisummaa/freedom in front of the international community. They also tried to exploit and use certain areas of conflict in the Oromo liberation camp to hinder the forward march of the Oromo people to bilisummaa.

    Fortunately, after many years of conflicts in the Oromo liberation camp, now it seems that all Oromo nationals from the Oromo political spectrum, extending from the left wing to the right wing, are coopertaing with each other and coordinating our efforts in order to liberate the Oromo people from the currently ruling fascist and racist regime.

    Specially, it is encouraging to observe the still strong Oromian Students’ Movement (OSM), including the Qeerroo movement for freedom and democracy, being part and parcel of the ongoing Oromo liberation movement (part of our Fighter-Jet). I think we can present this Fighter-Jet as an airkraft with the following left wing, middle body and right wing. The skilled pilot of the Fighter-Jet is, of course, our famous mindset of bilisummaa, the OLF.

    1) The left wing, who talks about the possibility of forging ‘Oromia in Ethiopia’. This wing includes those Oromo nationalists, who do want to have an integrative Oromia in a form of an autonomous Oromian state within Ethiopian federation, for they think that even the large part of the so called Abyssinia in the current geography of Ethiopia belongs to Oromia.

    2) The middle body, who strives to realize ‘Oromia vs Ethiopia’ as the two separated neighbouring nations, the same as the two sate solution of the Israel-Palestinian conflict; this group considers Ethiopia as being the same to the colonizer Abyssinia.

    3) The right wing, who tries to foster the notion of an integrative Oromia in a form of ‘Oromia is Ethiopia’, claiming that even the whole Ethiopia was once Oromia and can again be transformed into Oromia,

    This Fighter-Jet is actually a well developed Oromo liberation movement like a well grown butterfly, which had firstly got its caterpillar and then developed its two wings. The middle body (the caterpillar) of the Oromo liberation movement is the one which started to grow in 1969 with the kaayyoo/goal of realizing an independent Oromia to be liberated from the colonizer neighbouring Abyssinia. The left wing grew in 1991 as the Oromo liberation movement could get rid of the fascist Derg trying to forge free ‘Oromia in Ethiopia’. Now the right wing is developing in order to get rid of the currently ruling fascist and racist Gujile and then foster a liberated country in a form of ‘Oromia is Ethiopia’.

    Interestingly this currently ongoing pan-OLF movement tries to take into consideration the beneficial move of the above three factions of the Oromo liberation movement and tries to harmonize these three types of moves towards bilisummaa. But, in order to accomodate these different Oromo positions regarding our future type of sovereignty (walabummaa) of Oromia, all Oromo nationalists have to be able to concentrate on the common denominator of all the positions, i.e on bilisummaa of the Oromo people. To comprehend what I do mean, we just need to compare the following interesting three concepts: secession, independence and sovereignty. Let me try to put the difference in short as follows:

    – secession needs the precondition of being legally part of one sovereign nation and being a minority nation at the periphery. Oromia has never been legally part of Ethiopia and it is neither a minority nation nor at periphery unlike Tigrai. So Oromia’s question is not a question of secession in this sense.

    – independence is the liberation of a subjugated nation from the other oppressive one, as the case we do see in the attempt of some Oromo nationals trying to emancipate the occupied Oromia from the oppressive Abyssinia.

    – sovereignity is the right of the liberated and free nation to decide on the type of arrangement it wants, like the sovereignty of the Oromo nation to decide on its future in a form of an independence, be it within or without Ethiopia.

    Thus, according to the right of the Oromo nation to its own bilisummaa and walabummaa, it is not wrong if some Oromo nationals do strive for the right of Oromo and Oromia within Ethiopia, as long as the determining factor is the result of the referendum. That is why it is so nice to see that our nationalists are bombarding tyranic Abyssinists from the three parts of our Fighter-Jet.

    This is really very scary for the enemy of the Oromo nation. Important is that all the three parts do fight the enemy, but do not attack each other. In the currently ongoing rhetorics, it is good that the OLF factions are refrainig from attacking each other. Of course, it is clear that we do read nowadays a lot of the criminal cadres of the gezhi gujile camouflaging as Oromo nationals in order to sow a discord in the Oromo liberation camp by trying to support one faction of the OLF and attack the others!

  2. Ilma oromoo  December 17, 2011 at 11:42 pm

    The main rehtoric that propeled the need to creat a freedom struggle of the oromo people was the presence of abyssinian colonisation and extreme subjugation of the oromo people, it was with this concept that nationalists came up with the objective of the Oromo people; self determination for the Oromo people, which could also include the right to remain in the system or the right to be alone. Its is not a crime for the Oromo people to choice to to suceed from tyranny, it can never discredit our struggle to tell the truth that its up to the people to decide and that is a clear reflection of democratic practice for our people.

  3. Garii  December 18, 2011 at 12:18 am

    This is a true friend of oromoo and justice.

  4. Hawwinee Barii  December 18, 2011 at 1:32 am

    It is very sad that when Oromo like:Leencoo Lataa, Dimaa Nagoo and Abba Biyyaa Abbaa Jobir disown, the legitimate quest for independence by Oromo people, a foreigner,Dr, Trever Trueman openly and without fear or favour, supported Oromo people’s quest for independence as legitimate and just.Thank you so much Dr Trever Trueman.You are a paragon of freedom and justice for the colonized, brutalized,oppressed, exploited, Oromo people.

  5. adron  December 18, 2011 at 1:41 am

    OMG: The worst journalist I have ever seen. Does he even qualify to be a journalist. But Dr. Trevor, on the other hand, has got the points straight and more clear. Dr. has answered those stupid questions of the journalist by indirectly correct them.

    The struggle of Oromo people to self-determination never stop!

  6. adron  December 18, 2011 at 1:44 am


    Go tiger. Set them straight.

    Oromo people will achieve the freedom they are entitled to. The struggle continues.

  7. Waaqgaarii Tolaa  December 18, 2011 at 4:06 am

    Thank you so much Dr Treven Trueman for standing for independence of Oromo people.As Hawwinee Sabaa said, you are our hero. I salute you.You reminded me of Albie Sache, a white South African who stood against all odds and fought apartheid as a member of ANC. He chose to abandon his kins for independence of South Africans. In his struggle for South Africans independence, Sache lost his right arm and eye by bomb hidden in his car by apartheid secrete agent in Mozaambiki. What happened to him did strengthen his resolve and later on he joined Oliver Taamboo and helped him write ANC’s constitution and actively participated in the struggle of South Africans against apartheid.In 1990, he participated in drafting independence constitution of South Africa as a member of South African Constitutional Committee. After that he served in very high legal institution of South Africa.Therefore, Dr Trever Trueman, as Albie Sache is to South Africa, you are to the Oromo people.

  8. Gadaa Visitor  December 18, 2011 at 4:56 am

    Dr. Trevor is a great human right defender and a true friend of Oromo people. The suffering of Oromo people by abusive Absynian regimes is well known to him. He answered all the questions satisfactorlly even though the fake journalist the “galtuu” has raised provacative questions. He was suposed to ask those similar fake Oromos who missed self confidence when they appear infront of their old rulers like Dima, who even run fast to expose Oromo struggle. Thank you Dr. Trevor again and again. You remain in the heart of the long suffering Oromos and those who believe freedom and diginity.

  9. Firaa  December 18, 2011 at 5:17 am

    I must appreciate and thank Dr. Trever Trueman for his devotion and commitment to justice for the Oromoo people. I have to also thank Gadaa.com for bringing to us all the news concerning Oromoo and OUR STRUGGLE for FREEDOM. WE WILL FIGHT INJUSTICE TILL WE SECURE OUR INDEPENDENT OROMIYA.

  10. Oromo2011  December 18, 2011 at 7:36 am

    It is very sad to see such stupid ‘journalist’. He is really even doesn’t speak the language very well, leave alone to know the struggle of Oromo people. What made me very offend was calling himself an Oromo. He is the dog of Absynians! We all Oromos have to target such kids if we really care for the struggle of our people.
    Thank you Dr Trueman! You deserve a great respect and appreciation from all Oromo Nation.

  11. Dhagaa Daalaattii  December 18, 2011 at 9:10 am

    Thanks Trevor!


  12. TruthMakesYouCough  December 18, 2011 at 1:36 pm

    The journalist was coughing everything Dr. Trevor was making great points. Truth makes you cough.

  13. bonaa  December 18, 2011 at 1:39 pm

    i wonder how some peoples are considering poletical alliance with these closed mineded peoples!!

  14. Abba Robsan  December 18, 2011 at 1:40 pm

    I watched Dr. Trueman with great interest. Dr. Trevor was articulate and gave fitting responses to all the interviewer’s questions. What amazed me was the naked hostility of the ESAT poster guy to the Oromo cause. He declares he an Oromo – very funny, and adds as never felt oppressed…Well, he repeatedly RECYCLED Abyssinian MOJO: Oromo elite fully participated in ruling; Oromo is a majority and do not need secession; Amhara mass did not benefit- only the elite; how about the other ethnic group? OLF has failed; and on and on. They are blind, of course to the fact on the ground. History teaches us that for every colonial system there are always: sold out (elite), dogs; lies and fabrication ( how else Amhara culture has achieved supremacy?). It is pity, really, when you see Abyssinians still recycle their tired cliches, and their ignorance of fact on the ground: Every day break brings few inch of Progress for the proud Oromo people.

  15. bonaa  December 18, 2011 at 1:44 pm

    Thank you Dr.Trevor We all appreciate and thank you for what you have done for us, you are our ”Che Guevara”!! We will never forget what you have done and doing for us.

  16. Oromoo1*  December 18, 2011 at 2:06 pm

    My fellow Oromo brothers & Sisters hey!~ don’t be mistaken he is not an Oromo he took himself as an example pretending that he is an Oromo. Even if he is, who cares if he attepmts to destroy our identity, our achievement, our existance??? Firstly, he is the worst enemy of our struggle whether he is an oromo or not. Secodly, he said “Amharas have been in power for a while.” what does it mean? isn’t it saying we were in power for a while and now crying for that again? *** They never grow up from childish! I’m wondering when some of you saying this is a journalist!!! hell no stupid stupid stupid! he cannot even qualify to interview his son.
    Look when Dr.Trueman told him the truth while he’s trying to hide everything that oromo has achieved through OLF. He’s ashamed. Thank you Dr. Trueman! We all Oromo love you and respect your great work for human rights in general & particularly for Oromo people…

  17. Abba Robsan  December 18, 2011 at 2:12 pm

    Thank you Dr.Trevor Trueman!, we are very proud of you…As you stated repeatedly, we Oromo do not have many friends in the West. But you are our 1000 right fighters.You have been exposing the fallacy of Abyssinian existence and the hypocrisy of the Western human right preach. We understand you, and respect you. Job well done! One day, the Qubee generation will recognize you!

  18. Daadhii  December 18, 2011 at 2:44 pm

    this interview will go into the books of ethiopian journalism at which the camera man can’t help but jump in to get the things moving. This is my today’s remark.

  19. Ashetee Hundee  December 18, 2011 at 3:23 pm

    I never felt degraded as an Oromo?

    Amid all the tumult gestures put out by the Abyssinian man who interviewed Dr. Trueman, it was’t too hard to notice the siren of fear that this man has for the OLF. His Habasha like reference to his Oromo identity, his pessimistic view about OLF’s lack of achievements in 35 years and this man’s dream thoughts about building a bridge among empire Ethiopia’s nation are good indicators of such fear. While listing to both to Dr. Trueman and this Abyssinian, I continued asking myself; which OLF this man was referring to, and, what could be the foundation of this man’s fear. I further wondered about his man’s sly claim of being an Oromo, about the Abyssinian school of thoughts that molded this discouraged Oromo.

    I even contemplated whether or not this man can be an Oromo?. I wished to know the birthplace that raised him without any sort of awareness about Oromians grievances. Most importantly, I thought to myself why this man had to learn about the Oromo people from Dr. Trueman if he was an Oromo and he was born and lived in empire Ethiopia. So, was this man lying about being an Oromo? What changes this man is going to bring to the nation he doubtfully recognizes? Is he going to celebrate Oromians rebellion against empire Ethiopia’s molding notion or he is dreaming to put the Oromo nation back to their captive position should his party comes to power?.

    If this man’s claims to be an Oromo is true, how come what ever bothers 40 + million Oromians doesn’t bother him?

    Above all, why does this man seem siding with the dominant cultures of the Abyssinian dynasties if he really is an Oromo?

    When he says that the OLF has produced nothing in 35 years, was the man feeling sorry for Oromians lack of freedom and wish to see Oromo people’s freedom flourishing or he is trying to discourage an Oromian from dreaming about freedom?

    What did this man do to improve Oromians 3rd citizenship status in Ethiopia, to improve their culture’s sta

  20. Joel Gudeta  December 18, 2011 at 4:26 pm

    Dr Trueman is indeed a great person who stands by the cause of the Oromos. He outlined the brutalities commited by successive Habasha governmentts. But the guy who conducted the interview did not seem to have a good command of the English language. So, would you please assign someone else with a better communication skill to interview such a great person?


    Joel G

  21. Dan R  December 18, 2011 at 5:01 pm

    The guy who conducted the interview is completely out of touch from the reality. But i thank Mr Tueman as he is a great scholar and statesman.

  22. dhufu1  December 18, 2011 at 6:17 pm

    Dr. Trevor, a true oromo hero. Hero is a person who speaks the truth when things doesn’t seem comfortable for those who has power and money. Oromo issue is totally immersed in secession issue although not a crime to separate from a brutal regime of EPRDF, it is unacceptable to oppress 35 million people just because minorities are in fear of the consequence of separation. I will never forget this great man who stands for the truth

  23. Baayisa  December 18, 2011 at 10:11 pm

    Dear’est Dr.Trueman,

    I couldn’t find a word that expresses my admiration to you and your work dedicated to NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH. Simply put, May the GOD Almighty I believe in would bless you abundantly. Here in the U.S., I have attended meetings, workshops and rallies in which you took part in one way or another. I know how much you dedicated yourslef to the Oromo cause. What makes you unique compared to people who tirelessly support society other than their own is that you remain with us, Oromos in times of suffering and trouble. I know the day will come when our suffering ends and our enemies would face justice.
    As far as the interview here, every point you raised is factual, throughly analyzed and truth. Whether it’s about the West, about Terrioism, about the Abyssinians, the Oromos and their legitimate RIGHT to govern themselves in any form or shape they prefer.
    Here is two of the things I have experienced again and again in my life talking to Abyssinian brothers and Sisters. 1. They never acknowledge Oromo has been mistreated let alone colonized. What your interviewer said is a common response you get from them. 2. Whenever your raise the Oromo issue, almost all of them will tell you, they have Oromo blood in them or they themselves are Oromos. THANKS to the sacrifice our heros and heroines paid now even non-Oromos claim Oromo. However, they say this to belittle the Oromo cause. Even if one is an Oromo by birth, if does hesitate that Oromo has never been marginalized, and never been occupied then the person has no Oromo value in it and tens of millions of Oromos never consider that person an Oromo. For the simple reason he/she does not have an Oromo value in it. PERIOD!!!
    In summary, Dr. Trueman, You’re a man of GREAT courage and integrity. We, the Oromos never give-up the struggle no matter how brutal our enemies are. I pray the day we celebrate with you and others non-Oromo international activisits like you.

  24. Ayyaanee Tolaa  December 19, 2011 at 3:32 am

    Thank you so much Dr Trever. You are one of the champions of Oromo struggle for independence. You have made yourself into the book of Oromo heroes and heroines.Dr, I wish one day, we’ll together celebrate the establishment of people’s Democratic Republic of Oromia. The march from colony to country will continue until Ethiopian colonialism is dismantled from Oromia.

  25. Sabaaf Mormaa  December 19, 2011 at 5:12 am

    i think the man should the teach our society how tell the truth!!

    Dear Dr Trevor Truman,
    I as an Oromo person i respect you alot and the way you talk forced me to say that you are the best!

    Namtichi gaafi gaafatu kun maalif sa yeeroo kumaatama ”BUT” jechaa olaa?

  26. tole97  December 19, 2011 at 9:08 am

    I see Dr. Truman as the friend of Oromo. However this person who interviewed him has no clue who he is. *** so he denies the mere existence of inequalities in Ethiopia. I will say to person, if you really an Oromo, please wake up and smell the coffee before its too late. Thank you Dr. Truman.

  27. Simee  December 19, 2011 at 3:07 pm

    Please guys , try to upload on ethiotube.net ….I want to see how Habashas are reacting there……Waaqa bless Dr. TT ! Oromos will remember you forever ….

  28. Boontuu Abdii  December 20, 2011 at 1:10 am

    I thank you so so much Dr Trever. You have hit the nail on the head. Your interview has been shaken the lies of Ethiopian colonial regime in Oromia. Their myth have been crashed in front of their eyes by truth.Their poison spitting tongues has rolled back to their throats.You have told them that there is no turning back for Oromo people to achieve their God given freedom to establish Independent democratic Republic of Oromia.Your truth left them naked and embarrassed . When this great man defends Oromo people’s right for independence,what do people like :Diimaa, Dawwit Ibsaa ,Leencoo Lataa, Abbaa Biyyaa Abbaa Joobir, etc say for denouncing OLF’s objective of realizing the aspiration of Oromo people to see their beloved country liberated from Ethiopian cannibalistic colonial regime in Oromia? Let all Oromo people say to these cowards”shame on you!”

  29. Kennaa Raagaa  December 20, 2011 at 9:12 am

    Dr. Trevor Trueman is “a true man”. I am so excited watching the interview. I am living in Oromia and know very well about the entire situation on the ground. All the historical events and the current malpractices he mentioned are so true. Thank you Dr. Trueman and God bless you forever. I also would like to gratitude the good works of GadaaTube.com and ESAT for exposing such a revealing truth to the needy always. Keep it up, we are always with you. I assure you that you have so many audiences and viewers almost 100% of Oromo people.

  30. Gammachu  December 20, 2011 at 9:16 am

    What a stupid journalist to interrview such a great internationalist as Truman. Truman was amazed at the journalist statement about Amharas being on power for a while. Yaa for a while more than 120 years is a while. He is dummy journalist. nevermind his sold menatality assumeing he is a lost Oromo , but more than that he does not know what he is asking.
    Great dear Truman.

  31. Waqatunufalmee  December 21, 2011 at 6:33 am


  32. Laga  December 21, 2011 at 8:56 am

    Dr Trevor Trueman kun nama dhugaa dubbatu kana bara kanaa ti. Rabbi isa haa’eebbisu!!! Haasaa isaatiin eenyummaa mootummaa Iti’ooppiiyaa durii fii ammaa sirriitti mul’ise. Oromoon biyya Iti’ooppiyaa keessatti akkamitti akka ilaalamaa turanii fii ilaalamaa jiranis mul’ise. Saba guddaa fii bal’aa ta’uu isaatiif mootummoota Iti’ooppiyaa biratti kan sodaatamuu fii kan hacuucamu ta’uu ibse. Dubbiin kun namicha isa haasofsiisettuu waan tole hin fakkaatu, garuu inni iyyuu barumsa argateera doktoora kana irraa.
    OROMOO FII OROMIYAAN yoo ture iyyuu Habashootaa fii Tigirootaan buluun hafee ijoollee isheen buluun waan dhiyaachaa dhufe dha. Barri garbummaa fii murtii nama biraan buluu Oromoo gabaabbateera. kan namaa hin barbaadnu kan keenya immoo hin laannu.
    Duuti diktaaterootaaf haa ta’u!!!

  33. Abdi  December 21, 2011 at 4:51 pm

    Dr. Trueman,

    Thank you for addressing the core an Oromo issue to the global. Your message is useful among Oromo people.

    God bless you and happy New Year!


  34. adron  December 23, 2011 at 2:49 am

    While the western powers are assisting Meles’s or TPLF’s plan of action to degrade and eliminate the Oromo race, to watch Dr. Trevor, who was born in that world, defending Oromo people on the anti-oromo channel (ESAT) without hesitance and fear is a miracle to all us. It is very sad that every time we turn to books or Internet to know more about our history and identity as Oromo, we commonly find the works of western and Abyssinian authors who tirelessly use derogative and Demeaning words that constantly break our spirit and sabotage our self-esteem. We all Oromo people should respect and appreciate the sacrifice Dr. Trevor has made for the cause Oromo people. Thank you Dr. trevor. Thank you!

    But I couldn’t help but say something about the journalist’s stupidity and ultimate dumbness. Basically, it wasn’t an interview. It was a war. every time Dr. Trevor throws important facts like a bomb, the journalist kept on *** on himself. His coughing was the sign of being caught naked with his lies and fake attempt to demise Oromo people’s struggle to their freedom. It also shows the journalist’s loss of the physiological, mental, and intellectual battle to Dr. Trevor. The journalist and all Abyssinian are blown off and wounded by the intellectual bombs thrown by Dr. Trevor. Truth shall prevail!

  35. Tigire Dufa  December 23, 2011 at 11:28 am

    Dr. Trueman kun utuu DNA isaa ilaalame Oromoo ta’a malee kun Faranjii miti, sababiin isaa ani nama waa’ee oromoo hubatee akkasitti waltajii irratti dubbatu qomoo ormaa keessaa argeefii dhaga’ee hin beeku. Gazeexessaan isa haasofsiise illee akka Oromoon Habashoota biratti maqaa hin taaneen waamamu illee hin geeku, garuu Dr Trueman ni beeka. Gazeexessaan sun bitamaa Nafxanyootaa ta’u danda’a yoo dhuguma Oromoo ta’e iyyuu. Akkuma Oromoota warra abbaa garaa maqaa OPDO jedhuun Oromiyaa Tigiree jala galchanii buddeena nyaataa jiran sanaa. Buddeenni isaan nyaatan sun hirmii ta’ee isaan haa fixu malee.

  36. Worku  December 25, 2011 at 12:19 am

    Oromo maal isiiniit fakaata?

    I vote for him to lead oromo.

  37. Humbana  December 25, 2011 at 12:43 am

    Indeed this is a true friend of Oromo. May you live long and prosper Dr. Trueman! We Oromos all around the world love you dearly. We wish you happy holidays. Wara barana kaan bara hegeree!

  38. Tolaa  January 3, 2012 at 6:29 pm

    Thank you Dr. Trevor for advocating for justice.
    I hope the journalist has learned a lot from you.
    May God give you a long life.

  39. qalbeessaa aloo  May 26, 2012 at 10:43 am

    I think the man should the teach our society how tell the truth!!
    Dear Dr Trevor Truman,
    I as an Oromo person i respect you alot and the way you talk forced me to say that you are the best!

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Dr. Trevor Trueman of the Oromia Support Group Discusses Human Rights Conditions in Atse Zenawi’s Ethiopia