Ms. Anna Gomez Calls out Zenawi’s Regime on Development Aid Abuse, Ogaden, Land Grab …

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Ms. Anna Gomez, a Member of Parliament of the European Union and an observer of the 2005 Ethiopian elections, which were marred by the violent aftermath, testified in the European Parliament that the Zenawi government was a Marxist-Maoist authoritarian regime that controlled all aspects of its citizens.

The hearing of the Sub-Committee on Human Rights of the European Parliament was held on March 14, 2011. At the hearing, Mr. Ben Rawlence, researcher, Human Rights Watch, presented the findings of the report, “Development without Freedom: How Aid Underwrites Repression in Ethiopia.”

The Sub-Committee has agreed on the seriousness of the issue raised in the Human Rights Watch’s report, and has ordered the European Commission to come back with data of how and where the billions of dollars in development aid have been spent in Ethiopia. It is not clear whether the European Commission plans to collect the data itself – independent of the Ethiopian regime, which many have accused of fabricating development and growth data for political reasons. For instance, the Financial Times, a respected business publication, has called the GDP data from the Zenawi government as “dubious statistics.”

The Human Rights Watch’s report outlines how development aid is politicized in Ethiopia under the Meles Zenawi government to punish dissidents and reward loyalists of the ruling party.

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One Response to "Ms. Anna Gomez Calls out Zenawi’s Regime on Development Aid Abuse, Ogaden, Land Grab …"

  1. kumsa  March 25, 2011 at 6:37 am

    I am worried about the present situation of our country. Because life is so hard and our economy too dangerous to survive.
    The cost of commodities and expense of every service rise by more %50 in 2003. Even the “teff” by itself now a day at this time rise up its price from ETB750 to ETB1000.
    So what is the solution? if people can’t survive by their own means of income. Even extra business works have not that much helping the big family.
    1. I think the government should have to find a solution and means of income for people life.
    2. And equal economic distribution of income in giving extra business work,
    3. By solving housing problem and land property
    4. And controlling towns and cities administrative system
    5. Control market and Shopping system
    as well as fro the balance economic status
    corruption must be stopped
    and illegal use of property by government authorities stopped and theymust be go to the prison house and the govt, should have to punish them.

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Ms. Anna Gomez Calls out Zenawi’s Regime on Development Aid Abuse, Ogaden, Land Grab …