REPLAY – Oromos seek justice in Ethiopia: Why is the largest nation in Ethiopia also one of the most persecuted?

REPLAY – Oromos seek justice in Ethiopia: Why is the largest nationp in Ethiopia also one of the most persecuted?

Al Jazeera’s The Stream team discuss the injustices Oromo face in Oromia and the Horn of African region.


Jawar Mohammed
Oromo rights advocate

Dr. Fido Ebba
Foreign Affairs Representative, Oromo Liberation Front

Mohammed Ademo
Journalist and Editor, OPride

“The adversity is very high; however, the determination among the Oromo people is very strong. I do believe that, sooner or later, we are going to emerge victorious.”
– Jawar Mohammed

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6 Responses to "REPLAY – Oromos seek justice in Ethiopia: Why is the largest nation in Ethiopia also one of the most persecuted?"

  1. Lammi  June 26, 2013 at 10:40 pm

    Thanks Aljazira for your courage to bring an oromo issue in light. In fact in present day Ethiopia there are a lot more hidden truth which is really amaizing and histrory will reveal the atrocities commited by the current mercnary junta.
    Thank you and all those those oromos on your interview. Remember, in Ethiopia there is no free media, no freedom of exoression of your views, no right to oppose, no right to talk and at times no right even to keep quite either. Can you believe?

  2. Birmaji  June 27, 2013 at 1:02 am

    It was really a great job to expose the suffering that our people are facing in that empire. I would like to say thank you our hero brothers. This is what all oromo should do, we should unit and target our enemy. We saw yesterday how habashas were reacting and irritated just because the voice of voiceless people aired on main stream media like Al Jazeera. Kan na ajaa’ubu ammoo dhiimi kun miidyalee isaani irratti xiyyeefannoo guddaa argatee yaada itti kennaa jiru. Oromoon garuu vidiyoodhuma kan irrattillee obbolotaa keenya kana hin galateeffatu. Maal qaba, nuuf jiraadha umuriin keessan haa dheeratu yoo jenne!

  3. gemechulove  June 27, 2013 at 3:59 am

    thankis aljezira

  4. hegeree  June 27, 2013 at 7:19 am

    our struggle should be push forward till we hand over our main goals.i wuld like to thanks our hero brother and father.keep up on!

  5. kumaa maati  July 1, 2013 at 10:57 am

    Did anyone say anything about the real and common enemies of the Oromo people on so far comments we saw on the previous interview? I didn’t see
    enough if not few!
    But I saw many unnecessary comments that look have got their
    own destructive missions targeted these heroes we praise for their carrageous actions right from the start.

    I have never expected that we negatively comment on these young men who showed us the degree of efforts they made to bring the Oromo cause to the global stage,- a promising work many of our organizations and scholars couldn’t succeed doing it, probably for so many reasons we could mention if need be. I’m not here to criticize that! I just mentioned it to show the importance and difficulty of bringing our problems on the international scenes like Al-Jeezra.

    Mind you if we write and read it day and night, unless our case and cause is elevated and treated on the stages ran by other international medium, and spoken by others like Al-Jazeera’s journalists, and the likes, for which this one seems very encouraging as everyone can guess, we won’t go very far in this world that is full of injustice like today. I don’t want to be understood wrongly; that I’m not saying it’s enough to be heard on the international arena to resolve such complicated problems like we have. What I’m saying is it is good to be heard on these medium, so that when we struggle for our rights the world knows what we are striving for, and once it is out there, nobody take it back, and somehow one day our cause may be served justly, though for that our unity and the strength we gain from that unity is the decisive factor to win our battle. Let the world know what we had in the past and lost it to whom, when, and how, and now we struggle to
    get back what we lost from the forces snatched it from us! Let them know that we are struggling for our rights, we aren’t bandits and terrorists. We aren’t minorities, but majorities, but still oppressed in the hands of the minorities in the one of the cruelest kinds of its types!

    This stage is important to do this job, and everybody else should support and contribute to it, for it isn’t easy to fight such intellectual and psydo-scholarly powers trained and organized to distort and obscure truths since their birth as imperial powers and which possibly may appear on the same stage to refute and even accuse us for mentioning these historical and political claims we make and the expositions of the that truth our heroes started to do on the same stage as such.

    So, I would suggest to all that, we make good preparation for the inevitable fight we are going to witness from our historic enemeis, which part that we expect to be played by our scholars, and for that this may be seen as the critical time when the Oromo; especially the educated ones join hands in unity to confirm to the world that the Oromo people today need justice that the world has given deaf ears to since long time, and now it should be the time when they could see that we are the powers that is suppressed and mistreated by another minority power, for a long time, and that, this time should be over, for this time is the time when the world started to critically listen to and look at our case through these
    international medium, that these young men are trying to use in a smarest ever way!
    I would like to thank the Al-Jazeera and the young generation that is making all efforts to use the platform to our advantage, and the fight back of any adversity from everywhere and any direction should be intact, and that would be the simplest thing we could do and the first and formost responsibility we should shoulder as citizens of this great people!

  6. kedir kurfessa  September 28, 2013 at 5:57 am

    Kaa hubatte ha hubachissuu Kanii hin hubatiinii haa hubatuu!

    kani kanaa jibuu haa gubatuu!!!

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REPLAY – Oromos seek justice in Ethiopia: Why is the largest nation in Ethiopia also one of the most persecuted?