Politics, Human Rights and the Quest for Freedom in the Horn of Africa

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Here are the Twitter updates from OPride.com’s Oromsis from the meeting in Minnesota. Follow Gadaa.com on Twitter @ http://twitter.com/Gadaa and OPride.com @ http://twitter.com/OPride:

Gadaa.comThe people of Horn of Africa teach us about the importance of community, Keith Ellison, #Ethiopia, #Oromo.
Gadaa.comGreat solidarity song by #Ogadeni Youth at Politics, Human Rights and the Quest for Freedom in the Horn of #Africa, #Ethiopia – Opride.com
Gadaa.comOgadeni Youth performs a traditional dance at Politics, Human Rights and the Quest for Freedom in the Horn of Africa – www.opride.com/live
Gadaa.comA women who lost 3 children in the #Ogaden-#Ethiopia conflict reports her husband has just been murdered leaving 3 other kids orphaned
Gadaa.comThe conflict b/n #Ethiopian military and students at Mizan Teferi continued for 2nd day. People were being thrown off houses, #oromostudents
Gadaa.comMeles Zenawi uses foreign aid to buy weapons and repress the country, tramp on human rights – Dr Bayan Asoba
Gadaa.comMckenzie tells the audience the most practical way to effect the US foreign policy towards #Ethiopia is to rally behind a bill.
Gadaa.comAhmed Jama, an #Ogadeni, reiterates that Ogadeni's are not #Ethiopians.
Gadaa.comMcKenzie asks attendants to sign a postcard asking the US congress to reintroduce "the Support for #Democracy and #HumanRights Act of 2010"
Gadaa.comMichele McKenzie, author of "Human Rights in Ethiopia: through the Eyes of Oromo Diaspora" spking about human rights abuses in #Ethiopia.
Gadaa.comMichele McKenzie of the advocates speaking at the Human Rights forum, happening now on OPride.com, #Ethiopia
Gadaa.comHibaq Duale of Ogaden Resolve calls on Ethiopian communities in Minnesota to come out in large numbers and protest against TPLF tomorrow @ 1
Gadaa.comThe government of #Ethiopia, under Meles Zenawi, uses #USAID to suppress dissent and violate human rights – http://opride.com/live/
Gadaa.comThe repression in the #Ogaden region is comparable to that of #Rwanda and #Darfur – Hibaq Duale, Ogaden Resolve – http://opride.com/live/
Gadaa.comHibaq Duale co-founder of @Ogaden Resolve speaking at Politics, Human Rights and the Quest for Freedom in the Horn of #Africa, #Ethiopia
Gadaa.comThe United States government should keep its promise of NO Democracy, NO aid, #Ethiopia, #Oromo, #Ogaden, #humanrights
Gadaa.comDr Bayan speaking about the history of conflict in the Horn of Africa and the ever deteriorating human rights situation in #Ethiopia
Gadaa.comDr Bayan Asoba, an Oromo activist, speaking about Oromo Human rights violation at at Politics, #HumanRights and the Quest for #Freedom.
Gadaa.comUS Congresswoman Betty #McCollum expresses support for the #humanrights forum and pledges to work with the community.
Gadaa.comThe advocates board member reading a statement from Forum US Senator from Wisconsin, Russ #Feingold, #Ethiopia, #Oromo
Gadaa.comRobin Phillips the Executive Director of Advocates for Human Rights speaking live at #HumanRights forum, #Ethiopia
Gadaa.com#Minneapolis Mayor R.T Rybak speaking live at #Politics, #Human Rights and the Quest for #Freedom in the Horn of #Africa, #Oromo, #Ethiopia

As Minnesotans attend today's forum in person, the rest will get the chance to watch the forum live from Minnesota. Starting @ 3PM local (Central Standard Time) or 4PM EST (1PM PST) or get time conversion. Live broadcast brought to you by Gadaa.com and OPride.com.


Please download the event flyer here.

Minnesota’s Horn of Africa diaspora communities, the largest in the United States, are asking us to help our country hear their voice as they try to peacefully end the horrific abuses occurring in Ethiopia and throughout the Horn of Africa.

Learn how you can help the voices for peaceful resolution be heard and how Minnesotans can help lead the way in changing U.S. foreign aid policies to support freedom and not oppressors in the Horn of Africa.

Join Congressman Keith Ellison and others for a forum discussing the human rights abuses occurring in the Horn of Africa and the impact of United States foreign aid to Ethiopia which is diverted by the Ethiopian government to practice human rights abuses to oppress political opposition.

Please download the event flyer here.

Date/Time: Saturday, April 9 – 3:00-5:00 pm
Location: Plymouth Congregational Church (1900 Nicollet Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55403)

Free and open to the public.

Sponsored by:
Ogaden-American Community of Minnesota
Oromia Human Rights and Justice Council
Plymouth Congregational Church – Global Connections Committee
Resolve Ogaden Coalition
The Advocates for Human Rights

For more information, visit:
or e-mail mmckenzie@advrights.org

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Politics, Human Rights and the Quest for Freedom in the Horn of Africa