Tadele Gemechu

Odda TV: Variety Music Show (Director/Executive Producer Roba Geleto)

Odda TV: Variety Music Show Director & Executive Producer: Roba Geleto Odda TV on Comcast & Verizon Cables in the States of Washington & Oregon (Schedules Below) Odda TV Schedules Comcast subscribers can watch the program on: Channel 21 Every Tuesday at 3:00PM Channel 11 Every Thursday at 10:00PM Channel 21 Every Saturday at 6:00PM […]

Video: OYA-UK Celebrates Oromo Olympians @ London 2012

On the conclusion of the 2012 London Olympics on August 12, the Qeerroo in London (Oromo Youth Association in the UK, OYA-UK) held a ceremony to celebrate the phenomenal achievements of Oromo Olympians. The ceremony was held in conjuction with the Men’s Marathon event. Though Oromiyaa is a stateless country in the Horn of Africa […]