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The historic Panel Discussion in Minneapolis that brought together many Oromo political, religious and academic leaders around the same table.

TIME: 1:00-7:00 PM CST
Oromos residing in Ethiopia, the Horn of Africa, in Minnesota, and around the world have profound ideas about their freedom, democracy, self-determination, peace, and human rights. Many Oromo organizations (political and non-political) have raised their voices and concerns.

Please join the OACC and guest speakers to discuss this topic and effort to understand differences and to seek consensus for the road ahead. The OACC has invited a diverse group of international, national, and local political and civic organizations for its 4th Annual International Human Rights Conference to be held March 13, 2009 at the University of Minnesota's Willey Hall (Live Coverage at Gadaa.com and OPride.com)



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"This conference will initiate a dialogue that
will finally bring about a true spirit of unity among Oromos,"

Mr. Robsan Itana, OACC Chairman

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Abduljelil Abdalla
Council of Oromo People's Liberation Front, Member of the Executive Council

Fido Ebba, Ph.D.
Oromo Liberation Front, Member of the National Council

Hassan Hussein
Oromo Liberation Front, Member of the Executive Council

Merera Gudina, Ph.D.
Oromo People's Congress and Medrek, Leader

Bekele Jirata
Oromo Federalist Democratic Movement, General Secretary

Ezekiel Gebissa, Ph.D.
Kettering University, Assistant Professor of Social Science

Asafa Jalata, Ph.D.
University of Tennessee, Associate Professor of Sociology, Global and African Studies

Gemechis Buba, Ph.D.
Oromo Evangelical Churches, Worldwide Union, President

Abrahim Abaye
Oromo Liberation Front, Member of the National Council

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