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Egypt: Refugees demonstrated in front of the UNHCR office in Cairo on May 15, 2011 to appeal for protection and rights.


Tunisia: Oromo refugees demonstrating for freedom

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Oromo refugees fleeing Zenawi's state-sponsored terrorism in Oromia are currently facing more crises in Yemen and North Africa due to the conditions in those countries. Since the military occupation of Oromia in 1991 by Zenawi's TPLF forces, thousands of Oromos have been forced to flee to neighboring countries in the region. Here are the latest news headlines on Oromo refugees in the Horn of Africa, Yemen and North Africa.

It's especially saddening for refugees to be affected by internal crises of their temporary host countries; in 2008 Mrs. Nadifo Gababa, who fled away from her home in fear of persecutions, found herself and her family internally displaced in Kenya, which was wrecked by post-election violence. Her son asked her: "Mum, were we meant to suffer all our lives?" How would have you responded to this question?


We, the undersigned, are demanding answers from UNHCR's office in Yemen whom has decided not to protect Oromo refugees. Since July 3rd, 2011, UNHCR has called out Yemen security to forcibly remove 600 Oromo refugees protesting the inhumane conditions they face with UNHCR refusing to provide adequate protection. Read More »»»

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Gadaa.comHRLHA: Frustrating Situation of Refugees in Somaliland

Gadaa.comMigrants targeted in Somaliland

Gadaa.comFresh challenges for migrants in Yemen

Gadaa.comOnce a refugee, an O.C. woman aids others in the same predicament (LA Times)

Gadaa.comNo Safe Haven: The Duplicity of East African States in the Transnational Ethiopian War on Oromo Refugees (by Qeerransoo Biyyaa)

Gadaa.comSouth Africa: Refugees sue Home Affairs

Gadaa.comEighteen Oromo immigrants die along Djibouti – Somaliland border

Gadaa.comYemen: Refugees Need Protections; Not Punishment July 6, 2011

Gadaa.comUNHCR alarmed by situation of Oromo and Eritrean refugees camping in front of its office in Sana'a July 3, 2011

Gadaa.comIyyannaa Baqattoota Oromoo Yaman – 3ffaa July 2, 2011


Gadaa.comOromo Community in New York Celebrates the World Refugee Day

Gadaa.com"Biyya Yemen keessatti, nurrallee sareetu kabajaa qaba" June 26, 2011

Gadaa.comIyyannaa Baqattoota Oromoo Yaman - 2ffaa

Gadaa.comOromo Refugees on World Refugee Day 2011 June 20, 2011

Gadaa.comIyyannaa Baqattoota Oromoo Yaman June 20, 2011

Afaan Oromoo Radio Baqattoonni 10 Qilleensa Dhabuun Ukkaamamanii Dhuman June 06, 2011


Gadaa.comThe Urgent Call from Oromo Refugees in Yemen June 06, 2011

Gadaa.com Oromo Refugees in Egypt Demonstrate in Front of UNHCR in Cairo May 16, 2011

Gadaa.comDeath on the Mediterranean May 14, 2011

Gadaa.com Oromo Refugees in Tunisia Demonstrating for Freedom May 8, 2011

Gadaa.comSingle Mom Finds Her Strength at a Refugee Camp May 8, 2011

Gadaa.comZenawi Behind the Deportation of Oromo Refugees from Somaliland? March 25, 2011

Gadaa.comOSG: Ethiopia exports more than coffee: Oromo refugees, fear and destitution in Kenya January 20, 2011


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