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Restored 1913 Afan Oromo-English, English-Afan Oromo Dictionary

Published in 1913, Bultum, Liban, Dictionary, Foot, Edwin C. - Archived on January 13th, 2013

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The following is a restored version of the Afan Oromo-English, English-Afan Oromo Dictionary, collected and compiled by Edwin C. Foot in 1913 (with assistance from Liban Bultum).

Title: An Afan Oromo-English, English-Afan Oromo Dictionary
Author: Edwin C. Foot with Assistance from Liban Bultum
Published: Dictionary, 1913
Language: Afan Oromo, English
Keywords: Language, Afan Oromo, English, Dictionary

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Note: The present-day Ethiopian Empire used to be properly known as “Abyssinia” in 1913, and up until the end of WWII.

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