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Oromo Indigenous Religion: Waaqeffannaa

Published in 2016, Aga, Bedassa, International Journal of Research and Scientific Innovation - Archived on January 18th, 2017

Title: The politics of language and representative bureaucracy in Ethiopia: the case of Federal Government
Author: Bedassa Aga (Wollega University, Oromia, Ethiopia)
Published: International Journal of Research and Scientific Innovation, Vol. III, No. IV (2016), pp. 1-8.
Language: English
Keywords: Indigenous religion, Waaqa, Waaqeffannaa, and Oromo

This paper discusses the African Traditional religion with a particular reference to the Oromo Indigenous religion, Waaqeffannaa, in Ethiopia. It aims to explore status of Waaqeffannaa religion in interreligious interaction. It also intends to introduce the reader with Waaqeffannaa’s mythology, ritual activities, and how it interrelates and shares with other African Traditional religions. Additionally, it explains some unique character of Waaqeffannaa and examines the impacts of the ethnic based colonization and its blatant action to Oromo touched values in general, and Waaqeffannaa in a particular. For further, it assesses the impacts of ethnic based discrimination under different regimes of Ethiopia, and the impact of Abrahamic religion has been discussed.

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