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"The 'G7' Betrayal at Kelly Inn"

Gadaa.comA group of no more than seven individuals (Group-7 or 'G7'), known as the BG Kemal Gelchu's Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), are accused of betraying the Kaayyoo (The Objectives) of the Oromo national liberation struggle at a meeting convened at Kelly Inn in St. Paul, MN, on January 1, 2012. According to media reports, most leaders and members of the previous larger faction, OLF-Change/Jijirama, had broken ranks with BG Kemal Gelchu's OLF in the weeks and months leading up to the January 1 meeting, as well as during and immediately after the meeting.

This page chronicles the incident, which has become to be known as "The 'G7' Betrayal at Kelly Inn" in some Oromo discussion forums, and its aftermath.

"Oromummaa is a passionate manifestation of patriotism for liberation, peace, equality and independence of Oromiyaa," Obbo Ibsaa Guutama

Gadaa.comIt was this weak state of the Oromo nation – that encouraged King Menelik of Shawa to attack Oromiyaa, specifically the regions adjacent to Shawa. Not only this, Oromo weakness also inspired him to conquer the whole Oromiyaa. In order to conquer the whole Oromiyaa, however, Menelik needed two things: material resources and manpower. For this, he needed collaboration from prominent Oromo personalities, and found the ablest and a willing collaborator in Gobana. Read More

Gadaa.comGadaa.comMany concepts, theories, and stories have been used to explain the relationship between the Oromo people and the Ethiopian state. However, none of them sheds any light on the nature of the relationship they purport to explain because they distort the reality on which the relationship was established and maintained - conquest and colonialism. Read More

"We know, and must make it known, that the OLF is seeking justice for the Oromo people. The OLF exists not to commit injustice against others, including our enemies."
- Prof. Mekuria Bulcha

Yeroon geeddaramuun meeshaharkaa jiruu fi mala gurmeessaa jijjiiruu barbaachisa; jechuun tooftaa fi tarsimoo jijjiiruu jechuu dha. Mootummooti Habashaa dadhabina jara isaan duraa sirreessuun akkaata itt hojjetan fooyyefataa dhufan. Read More

Gadaa.comGadaa.comChanging times requires changing tools of operation and management methods; in other words, changing tactics and strategies. Absiinian regimes have come down improving their modus operandi by improving on the weak points of their predecessors. They are faster in adopting new technological tools from across the seas for plundering and repression than for positive development.  Read More

"Fire up the struggle for independence," Obbo Ibsaa Guutama

In this shocking video aired on the Ginbot-7-funded* ESAT Television, Qubee (Latin Alphabet), the usage of Afaan Oromoo for self-rule and Oromiyaa are presented as part of Fascism’s plot to undermine, what the presenter calls, “Abyssinia’s great place in the world.”

Read More

News Update (7:47am GMT/Saturday, March 3, 2012): A reliable source has confirmed the departure of Obbo Amin Jundi from Group-7, the name given by some Oromo nationalists to the BG Kemal Gelchu-led "sprinter group" of the Oromo Liberation Front.

Gadaa.comMeanwhile, unconfirmed sources have revealed to Gadaa.com that Obbo Amin Jundi, previously associated with Group-7, has distanced himself from the Group; according to these unconfirmed sources, Obbo Amin Jundi skipped a Washington-DC Ginbot-7 sponsored meeting on February 19, 2012, as well as the San Jose meeting, where he was one of the keynote speakers on February 25, 2012. Some observers have already predicted that it'd be impossible for Oromo nationalists to take subservient roles given to them by Ginbot-7. It's not clear whether others in Group-7 have joined Obbo Amin Jundi in reassessing their recent decisions. Permanent Link

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"Ethiopian Satellite Television [(ESAT) is] based in Amsterdam and supported by the Ginbot 7 group." (US State Dept Report - Page 23)

Gadaa.comBy Ibsaa Guutama | Written in Dec. 2011:

OLF, as the name indicates, is an organization founded to struggle for the liberation of Oromiyaa ... read more below:

Gadaa.comGaaffii Seerawummaa Maqaa ABO Jedhamuu
Gadaa.comLegality question concerning the name OLF

The following is the front cover of the 1976 Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) Program. The 25-page Program was ratified in Finfinnee, Oromiyaa, in June 1976.

Gadaa.comStatements from the Oromo Liberation Front



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