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Simbirtuun har'a: qophii addaa (J/ Mulugeetaa Moosisaa, Dr. Baqqalaa G/Maaram fi Dr. Shuggux Galataa waa'ee araaraarratti kan haasawan) qabattee baateetti.



Oslo, Norway:

(Oslo, Norway) - Dr. Dagafa Abdisa and Mr. Hussien Ahmed of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) talk to RAB on the unification process of the two OLF factions and other issues.

(Oslo, Norway) - Continuing its coverage of the Oslo Conference, which was held on January 26, 2013, Radio Afuura Biyyaa presents its discussion with members of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF). In this edition, Dr. Galana Balcha, Mr. Gamachis Disasa, Mr. Amansis Qanate and Mr. Jirenya talk to RAB about the unification process of the two OLF factions, and many more current issues.

Gadaa.comAmajjii 26, 2013: Oslo, Norway

Gadaa.comGurraandhala 2, 2013: Australia

Gadaa.comGurraandhala 9, 2013: The Netherlands

Gadaa.comGurraandhala 16, 2013: Frankfurt, Germany

Gadaa.comGurraandhala 16, 2013: Edmenten, Albartaa

Gadaa.comGurraandhala 16, 2013: London, UK

Gadaa.comGurraandhala 16, 2013: Daalaas, TX

Gadaa.comGurraandhala 17, 2013: Washington DC

Gadaa.comGurraandhala 23, 2013: Seattle

Gadaa.comGurraandhala 23, 2013: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Gadaa.comBitootessa 02, 2013: Winnipeg, Canada

Gadaa.comBitootessa 16, 2013: Berlin, Germany

Gadaa.comBitootessa 23, 2013: Sweden/Scandinavia

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