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Academic Resource

- 2020 Open University College

- Academy for Young Oromo Scholars (AYOS)

- Ambo High School Alumni

- Black Gold - A Film about Coffee Trade


- Deeraa


- Flags of Oromia

- Jimma Miazia 27 School

- Oromia Online

- Oromia Student Union

- The Oromo Network (

- Oromo Studies Association (OSA)

- Satellite Maps of Oromiyaa

- Windows Odaa Nabee

- Wollega Adventist Academy

- Wollega University

{Documents and Articles}

- The Oromo Diaspora Narratives*

- Pastoralism Under Pressure*

- Ethiopia: Insurrection and Invasion in the Southeast*

- Ethiopia: The Secret Wars to Crush the Southeast*

- Ethiopia: Villagization, 1984-90*

- Ethiopia: The Western & Southwestern Lowlands*

- Ethiopia: Divide and Misrule: The East, 1984-91*

- Traditional institutions, multiple stakeholders and modern perspectives in common property*

- Islam, the Orthodox Church and Oromo nationalism

- HIV/AIDS in African Refugees & Immigrants Communities in MN*

- Finfinnee shall be Oromia's Capital Forever

- Edmond Keller's Papers*

- Ethiopia-Oromo Conflicts (1800's-Present)

- The Oromo People in Search of Just Peace

- Understanding the Gadaa System

- Ethiopia Through Russian Eyes

- Translocations of Affirmation: mediascapes and cultural flows among the stateless Oromo*

- Indigenous systems of conflict resolution in Oromia*

- The Spatial Imagination of Oromia: The Ethiopian State and Oromo Transnational Politics

- A Cultural Representation of Women in the Oromo Society*

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