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Gimbie Adventist Hospital: Serving the Community in Western Oromia Despite the Collapsed Health Care System in Ethiopia

The Gimbie Adventist Hospital is located in western Oromia. Despite the collapsed health care system in Ethiopia, or lack thereof, under the current and previous repressive regimes, the Gimbie Adventist Hospital serves 15,000 outpatients and 35,000 inpatients annually. Here’s a 2-part documentary about this hospital and recent activities.

Part I:

Part II:

Another documentary about the Gimbie Adventist Hospital (Footsteps of the Unknown – Trailer):

Related: In the Capital City, Finfinne – Addis Ababa, the hospitals are disease-causing facilities, not facilities where patients’ ailments are healed. Watch the following disturbing video (Viewer Discretion advised). All this while the corruptions and mismanagement of the state by the current regime are rampant:

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