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Ethiopia: ETV Releases Video of Some OLF Members Deserting the OLF Led Oromo People’s Struggle

The state-owned television station, the Ethiopian Television (ETV), has released a video showing some OLF members deserting from the Oromo people’s struggle led by the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), an organization that has been fighting to secure the Oromo people’s inalienable right to self-determination since the mid-1970’s.

Watch the video report below.


“The Oromo people have not surrendered”

Meanwhile, Mr. Lencho Bati, the spokesperson of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) Change faction, has confirmed the desertion of some of its members and military leaders in an interview he gave to the Voice of America (VOA) Horn of African Service. He added that the number of those claimed to have “surrendered” to Ethiopian authorities was much less than the “70″ reported by the Kenya’s Daily Nation. The spokesperson further explained that those few who deserted from the struggle had long been bribed by the TPLF-led Ethiopian government and had been doing TPLF-assigned “homework” inside the organization for a long time.

In the interview, Mr. Bati reiterated that “the Oromo Liberation Army is the Oromo people, and the Oromo people have not surrendered and will not surrender.” He downplayed the effect of the development on the OLF and the Oromo people’s struggle, and the development would not uplift the face of the TPLF-led Ethiopian government that has turned the whole country into a prison using its iron fist. Mr. Bati said that, while millions were being starved and others being evicted to make way for land grabbers, the news of a few men deserting from OLF would not change the political reality of the country.

Mr. Lencho Bati, Spokesperson of OLF

According to Mr. Bati, the desertion was orchestrated by TPLF after TPLF had become alarmed by recent developments suggesting that the different OLF factions were coming together to work as ‘one’ for the Oromo people’s struggle; the news would not derail the on-going effort to unite OLF factions under one Oromo organization. Taking a positive outlook of the event, Mr. Bati believed that the news would make OLF look inside the organization for correction actions and beome stronger than ever. Explaining the difference between the three OLF factions, Mr. Bati said the factions had no difference of objectives, but only on how to run the organization and the struggle.

Listen to the Interview (Amharic):

Listen to VOA Afan Oromo Interview with Mr. Lencho Bati:

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