The Guji and Lagatafo Oromo Killer Alamudi to Bring His Blood-Soaked Soccer to Minneapolis, Minnesota

By Observer Alamudi is the tycoon at the center of the 21st-century re-annexation of Oromiyaa by Abyssinian elites. He was probably the first to snatch lands from Oromo farmers near Lagatafo, in the so-called CMC area, in the mid-1990's. Since then and with the impending annexation of Lagatafo by the "Addis Ababa" Habesha government, Lagatafo is quickly becoming a de-Oromonized region within Oromia. In addition, Alamudi - together with TPLF rulers and ex-Neftegna tycoons of the Ethiopian empire - steals a "staggering 4.5-ton of gold every year" from Shakiso ores in the Guji zone of Oromiyaa. The money from this very gold has ...


HUBAACHIISAA: Kaabajamtoota Ilmaan Oromo Biyyaa Masrii …

HUBAACHIISAA: Kaabajamtoota Ilmaan Oromoo Biyyaa Masrii hundaaf akkumaa beekkamuu yeroo darbee kaabajaa guyyaa ayyaana Goototaa Oromoo kaabajuuf qophii hundaa xumurree jirraa. Guyyaa 24/4/2014 (April 24, 2014) kaabajaa ayyaana Goototaa Oromoo akka ilmaan Oromoo hundii qoodaa irraa fuudhattaan kaabajaan isiin affeerraa. Guyaaa seenaa qaabeessaa kanaa keessummota addaa addaa kan mirgaa dhaala nama ilaaluu fi dhaamsii garaa garaas wan jiruuf dirqaamaa Oromummaa keenyaa akkaa banuu dhaamsaa keenyaa. Iddoon Maktaba suuzan fuul duraa (Galma Olympic Stadium) Keessatti kabaajamaa. SA'ATII 4PM -11PMtti wan ta'eef yeroon akkaa nuf argaamtaan irraa deebinee kaabajaan isiin gaafaannaa. Gaalatomaaaa! Gadaan gadaa bilisuummaa Oromoo ha ta'uu! Injjiifannoo ummaataa Oromotii!


The Oromo Anatomy of Finfinnee (Addis Ababa)

By Tesfaye Kebede When Menelik II annexed Finfinnee (now Addis Ababa) in 1886 and made it part of his Shoan Kingdom, Finfinnee's size was only 1863.13-hectares (ha.). By 1991, after at least three successive Abyssinian regimes and almost a hundred years, the size of Finfinnee grew by almost 800% to 13,763.3-ha. By 1991, most of the Afan Oromo original names of Finfinnee sub-regions were almost forgotten through the hundred years of colonization of Oromia under the Shoan Amhara. In 1886, Finfinnee spoke Afan Oromo only as it was the sacred land of the Galan and Gulele clans of the Tulama Oromo tribe. ...


#OromoFDG2014 – Gaaffii Mirgaa Barattooti Oromoo Yuuniversitii Jimmaa Gaafataniif Deebiin Mootummaa EPREF Irraa Kenname Hidhaa fi Reebicha Ta’e

(Ebla 21, 2014 - Gabaasa Qeerroo Jimmaa) - Gaaffii Mirgaaf Deebii Hidhaa fi Ajjeechaa Keennuun aadaa Mootota Itiyophiyaati 1. Barataa Abdii Turaa mummee Seeraa waggaa 5ffaa mooraa Main Campus irraa, 2. Barataa Moo’iiboon Baqqalaa, mummee health officer waggaa 2ffaa, 3. Barataa Leejjisaa Alamayyoo muummee Water and Environmental Resource Engineering waggaa 3ffaa mooraa Saayinsii fi Technology kittoo irraa, 4. Barataa keenediin Mummee Civil Engineering waggaa 3ffaa, 5. Barataa Darragaa Abdiisaa, mummee Civil Engineering waggaa 3ffaa, 6. Barataa Dhabasaa Jaatamaa, mummee Veterinary Medicine waggaa 6ffaa mooraa Agriculture irraa. Kanneen jedhanii fi barattooti lakkoofsaa 12 ta’an kaan humnaan diqisifamanii qabamuun Wajjiira Poolisii Magaalaa Jimma ganda o5 ...

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THE NEW MASTER PLAN (MASTER CLAN KILLER) OF FINFINNEE (ADDIS ABABA): Critique and Protest Against Utopian (Nowhere) Comprehensiveness and Physical (Tabula Rasa) Determinist Master Plan

TPLF to evict Oromo from Central Oromia with aim of dividing Oromia into two By Gamsiis* Introduction The aim of this short essay is to protest and critique the newly declared Master Plan of Finfinnee (Addis Ababa), the central city of Oromia. Moreover, it is also aimed to advocate for and bolster the voice of the underrepresented Oromo communities living in around Fifinne - who are affected by this master plan.  The so called new master plan of the city of Addis Ababa (Finfinnee) is a top-down, utopian, physical determinist, a blue print production oriented plan, and filled with politically void terms, laden ...

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Safeguarding the Rights of Oromo Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Kenya

The following is a press release from the Australian Oromo Community in Victoria, Australia. ------------------------- Australian Oromo Community Association in Victoria Inc. A.B.N. 52 554 165 204 Press Release SUBJECT: Safeguarding the Rights of Oromo Refugees and Asylum Seekers The Australian Oromo Community in Victoria Australia (AOCAV), a non- profitable organisation established in 1984 to facilitate community development, preservation of Oromo culture, and promoting cross cultural awareness and harmony between the Australian-Oromo and mainstream Australians, and to serve as voice of the Oromo people, is concerned about the ongoing swoops targeting refugees and asylum seekers in various urban centres ...

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Oromo Heroes/Heroines Memorial Day: UOSG/TBOJ OLF Group-Germany

(April 12, 2014 Frankfurt am Main, Germany) - In memorization of Oromo Heroes/Heroines, the Union of Oromo Students in Germany (UOSG/TBOJ) and the Oromo community living in Hessen and München celebrated Guyyaa Gootota Oromoo on 12 April, 2014, in Frankfurt, Germany. The program was opened as per the culture of Oromos with a blessing by elders, then the chairperson of UOSG/TBOJ, Mr. Abdella Yusuf, made an opening speech. After that, the OLF/ABO anthem was sung with candlelight vigil to remember martyred Oromo Heroes/Heroines, who lost their lives while fighting for freedom, justice, democracy and development of their people and their ...


Deliberate and systematic extermination of identities of indigenous peoples of Ethiopia through land grabbing (1870 – 2014)

Jaatee M. | Land grabbing is classically known as the seizing of land by a nation, state, or organization, especially illegally or unfairly. It is recently defined as large scale acquisition of land through purchase or lease for commercial investment by foreign organizations (4). Abyssinian governments of Ethiopia are systematically used land grabbing as a tool either to eradicate completely or to reduce indigenous peoples of Ethiopia particularly Oromo and generally Southern peoples in favor of Abyssinian identities. Both micro and macro scales of land grabbing have effectively resulted in disappearance of indigenous identities over time, because in agrarian society ...


A New Spokesperson for the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF)

In a brief email sent to Oromo and Horn of African media outlets on April 21, 2014, it's been announced that Ob. Tolera Adaba is the new Spokesperson of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF). Ob. Tolera Adaba will start his role as the OLF Spokesperson on April 22, 2014. Ob. Tolera Adaba replaces Ob. Boruu Barraaqaa, who had served the OLF as a spokesperson since 2012. Ob. Boruu Barraaqaa is also a veteran of the Voice of Oromo Liberation (VOL), which is widely known by its Afan Oromo acronym - SBO.

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The Oromo Yorkshire Community Celebrates Oromo Martyrs’ Day 2014

By Ipsa Biana The meeting was opened with a 2-minute of silence and a blessing of the elders. Following the blessing, Meti, a 10-year-old girl, read a poem depicting the history of the Oromo fallen heroes and heroines during the successive Ethiopian regimes. The poem was a very moving piece, and many were not able to hold back their tears. This was followed by more poems and an accompanying drama. The community members also passionately discussed the Tigrayan People's Liberation Front (TPLF) master plan to depopulate the indigenous Oromos of Finfinne (Addis Ababa) by forcefully moving them from their land. If the ...


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