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Ethiopia: Zenawi Goes After Tewodros & Minilik, Conveniently Skips Yohannes

The reigning emperor of the Ethiopian empire, Atse Meles Zenawi, in an interview released through his media outlets, AigaForum/ETV, has gone after the records of Atse Tewodros (from Begemder/Gondar) and Atse Minilik (from Menz/Shoa), but has conveniently skipped scrutinizing the records of Atse Yohannes, who also hailed from Tigray (watch video below).

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Detailing the violent and warlord policies of Atse Tewodros and Atse Minilik, Atse Zenawi failed to mention the violent campaigns of Atse Yohannes against the Rayya Oromo from 1867 to 1877 (Rayya Oromos make up the Wallo branch of the Oromo, together with Yejju Oromos). After 10 years of resistance under Abba Waatoo, Wallo fell under Yohannes and Minilik, who later divided up Rayya-land (Oromia’s Northernmost Territory) at the Boru Meda conference in 1878. Today, a portion of the Rayya-land makes up the southern part of the State of Tigray (i.e. Debubawi Zone).

Continuing his bashing of the emperor from Gondar, without an equal treatment of the emperor from Tigray, Zenawi said the “tragic” accomplishment of Atse Tewodros was the building of a weapons factory, (which was used to destroy the Yejju Oromo base and identity in Begemder/Gondar.) Likewise, Zenawi said the accomplishment of the emperor from Shoa (Minilik) was copycatting European/“outside” technology. Atse Zenawi did not indicate why the “Chinese Model,” which he has dearly embraced to extend his tyranny and domination, should not also be called copycatting.

When it came to the explanation of the word “famine” in the said dictionary, Atse Zenawi failed to mention his own contributions in exacerbating the famine crisis in Tigray in the mid-1980’s and its politicization to acquire weapons as testified by Dr. Aregawi Berhe, who was the chairman of the TPLF at that time.

Watch the Video:


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