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Oromia-Ethiopia: OSGA Appeal for Urgent Action

Posted: Fulbaana/September 24, 2011 · Finfinne Tribune | Gadaa.com | Comments (2)

The following statement is from the Oromia Support Group in Australia (OSGA). For the pdf version of the statement, please click here.

OSGA Appeal for Urgent Action


September 22nd 2011
To: Gianni Magazzeni,
Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), Geneva, Switzerland

The Oromia Support Group Australia (OSGA) expresses its serious concern regarding those illegally kidnapped and detained at the ‘Mikelawi’ Central Investigation Centre, of guiltless Oromo civilians:

1. Zemachu Makonen (student – Adama University), kidnapped from ‘Dambi Dollo’ West Oromia, on 2nd of August 2011, taken to ‘Mikelawi’ – Central Investigation Centre, and he was brutally tortured.

2. Garbaba Gaddisa – Kidnapped on 10th of June 2011 from his work place, and taken to ‘Mikelawi’ – Central Invetigation Centre. Families and relatives are denied access to visit.

3. Gammachis Yoseef (student – Adama University), kidnapped in the same month from Nadjoo town, West Oromia, and his whereabouts remain a mystery to his families.

4. Mr Laggasa Detti (former Secretary General of Mecha-Tulama Self-help Association) kidnapped on 23rd of August while on his way to home in Ginci, place close to the capital city.

5. Mr Mulugeta Riqitu (school teacher) kidnapped and detained

6. Sisay Sarbessa (Student –Finfinne- Addis Ababa University) kidnapped and detained.

The following individuals were also kidnapped and detained in the first week of September 2011 at the same centre – ‘Mikelawi’ Investigation centre:

7. Mr. Baqqala Garba
8. Mr. Olbana Lellisa
9. Mr. Gachana Ararsa
10. Mr. Habtamu, from Ginci area
11. Mr. Abdisa Sori (from Ada’a Bargga district)
12. Mr. Sirnessa Abarra (from Ada’a Bargga district)
13. Mr. Masay Girma (student)
14. Mr. Sonbee (student)
15. Mr. Dadhi Galan (Artist)
16. Mr. Cala Hayilu (Lecturer – Adama University)
17. Mr. Abarraa Dame
18. Mr. Gaachana Ararsaa
19. Mr. Jiraa Ajjamaa
20. Mr. Darajjee Amanaa
21. Mr. Motummaa Fayyeraa
22. Mr. Baqqalaa Uurgeessa
23. Mr. Kabbadaa Daadhii
24. Mr. Habtauu (Surname not identified)
25. Mr. Abdii Soorii
26. Mr. Sonsa Abarraa
27. Mr. Alamaayyoo Tolaasaa
28. Mr. Abarraa Tasfaayee
29. Mr. Haptamu Kabbada
30. Mr. Buruk Shifara (from Elfata district)
31. Mr. Biraanuu (student – from Ginda barat district)
32. Mr. Asmaraa Tolasaa (Student )
33. Mr. Amanu Fufaa (from Gindabarat district)
34. Mr. Alamaayyo Tolasa (Student)
35. Mr. Buruk Shifarra
36. Mr. Abarra Tasfayye
37. Mr. Habtamu Kabbada
38. Mr. Biranu (from Dandi district)
39. Mr. Biqila Namomsa
40. Mr. Indaalo Babu
41. Mr. Tolasa Ayyale
42. Mr. Taddasa Gudata (from Horro Guduru – Jaardagaa Jaartee district)
43. Mr. Lammi Nagash
44. Mr. Gammada Yaadata (from Naqamte town)
45. Mr. Alamuu Gammachuu,
46. Mr. Wande Bayyana and
47. Mr. Abdi Yadata (No. 45-47 are High School teachers – from Gidda Ayana town of West Oromia)

Since the security forces kidnapped and detained them the victims’ families are denied access, and the victims were not allowed to seek any legal counsel according to the information Oromia Support Group Australia (OSGA) have received from reliable sources. In this case the government action appears arbitrary and highly questionable, and so far the situation of these innocent victims deeply concerns the OSGA. OSGA believes that the abduction of Oromo civilians from their peaceful life is beyond doubt politically motivated, therefore, would like to bring to your notice and urge for your immediate intervention, to stop the Ethiopian government from its continuation of brutal action on Oromo civilians. This action is against their constitutional rights, the right to peacefully live in their country, and totally unacceptable.

Despite ongoing appeals from human rights organisations and humanitarian societies the Ethiopian government has taken no action to stop human right abuses in the country. Instead, the regime continuously ignores all calls to adhere to international humanitarian law and human rights law. The ongoing human rights violations in Ethiopia and the government authorities’ continued disregard of obligations under international law demonstrates the dire need for action to be taken in support of the Oromo and other similar peoples in the country. This is a crucial and opportune time for your department to show sensitivity to this appeal and more importantly your commitment to democracy, human rights, and justice in the country.

Oromia Support Group Australia earnestly requests your support in ensuring an end to the crimes against humanity in Ethiopia by the government authorities on the citizens, particularly, on Oromo people. Therefore, Oromia Support Group Australia once again appeals to your office to pressure the Ethiopian government to immediately release the detainees and immediately discontinue perpetrating gross human rights violations on Oromo civilians.

Thank you for your attention to this urgent matter.

Oromia Support Group in Australia

Amnesty International,
Human Right Watch,
Foreign Embassies in Ethiopia


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  1. webo

    Sep 25, 11 at 8:19 am

    lets go and fight all oromo not just talking, U N can not do anything for oromo.

  2. Oromia oduu durii

    Sep 25, 11 at 1:51 pm

    I am one of z victim ‘ i stop my education from AAU to zis resone