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A Chronological Review of Oromian Students Movement (OSM): November 2010 – November 2011

Posted: Sadaasa/November 19, 2011 · Finfinne Tribune | Gadaa.com | Comments (2)

By Daandii Qajeelaa | November 2011


The month of November is special for Oromians. During this month, Oromians all over the globe commemorate the historical Oromian Students Movement (OSM), known as Fincila Diddaa Gabrummaa (meaning, The Revolt Against Subjugation), that was first lit on November 9, 2005 at Ambo High School, located about 80 miles west of Finfinne (Addis Ababa), and which engulfed the entire Oromian schools like a wildfire. The movement lasted nearly two years, uninterrupted, but largely unreported and unnoticed by the international media, and continued to this day, taking several different forms, the main goal being to restore freedom, justice, and democracy for the biggest, and yet most marginalized nation in Ethiopia: the Oromo. Oromians commemorate November 9 every year to keep the spirit of resistance alive. It is their hope. Hope for justice. Hope for freedom. Hope for prosperity. Hope for human dignity that any human being on our planet deserves to have. Hope for restoring the Oromo democratic heritage: the Gadaa.

Each year over the last two years, I have compiled a chronology of this movement of Oromian students: on November 12, 2009 under the title, Remembering the 2005 Peaceful Revolt Against Subjugation in Oromia, and on November 11, 2010 under the title, Revisiting Oromian Students’ Resistance Against Tyranny: 2006-2010. In this follow-up report, I will present a summary of the continued resistance of Oromian students from November 2010 through November 2011. The resistance of the students manifests itself through widespread brutal killings, disappearances, arrests, tortures, and school dismissals by the Ethiopian regime all over Oromia. Due to this fact, the report contains mainly human rights abuses perpetrated by the Ethiopian regime specifically on Oromo students.

In April 2011, the Oromian Students Movement (OSM) underwent a qualitative change. Inspired by the Arab Spring, Oromian youth all over the globe came together by forming a coordinating body for civil disobedience known as the National Youth Movement for Freedom and Democracy (NYMFD) aka Qeerroo. In Afan Oromo “Qeerroo” literally refers to an unmarried young person. It can also mean simply a young person.
(Read the First Qeerroo Manifesto in English)

There are two main sources for this report. The first part is compiled from the reports of OLF News. The second part is mainly from Qeerroo News. One may tend to throw away the claims in this report arguing that these are not independent sources. One valid counter argument to this argument is the fact that these reports are consistent with the reports given by several well respected independent human rights, governmental and non-governmental organizations, such as Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, the U.S. State Department annual reports on human rights in Ethiopia, Genocide Watch, the Human Rights League of the Horn of Africa, Oromia Support Group, and others over the years. In fact, digging deeper, one can verify that many of the reports given here are also reported by one or more of these organizations.

Another valid counter argument is the fact that the Ethiopian regime denied independent sources any movement in the country. Domestic journalists have been arrested, charged with felony and treason, and many of them fled the country for fear of persecutions. Foreign journalists have been arrested and charged. Humanitarian organizations have been denied access to many parts of the country, and even if they are allowed, it is under strict supervision and follow-up by government forces. Under such circumstances, information obtained from these so named “partisan” sources, such as OLF News and Qeerroo News becomes a useful resource to start an independent investigation. Important resource, but yet require some digging under the surface if one is interested to verify the claims independently. In most cases, in addition to the names of the victims, some additional information, such as, places of work or study, places of birth, dates of arrests, places of arrests, etc. are provided. In some cases, pictures of the victims are made available.

The report is divided into two parts:
Gadaa.comPart I is the resistance of Oromian students from Nov. ’10 to Apr. ’11: Prior to Qeerroo.
Gadaa.comPart II contains post Qeerroo youth movement: April 2011 through November 2011.

Most of these reports are given in Afan Oromo although there are many others which are in English. In the case when the reports are given in Afan Oromo, I have translated the main issue to English and provided the appropriate link for those interested to read the details. When the main source is in English, I have summarized the main points and provided the appropriate link for details. It is my hope that independent human rights, governmental and non-governmental bodies which are interested in pursuing their own investigations use this report as a useful resource and starting point.



November 2010 – April 2011

December 18, 2010:
Several Oromo students, who graduated with Bachelor’s degrees from different universities, were denied job opportunities due to the usual allegation that they had been supporters of the OLF (Oromo Liberation Front.) Among them were 400 who received their degrees in Environmental Health, 240 in Pharmacy, and 250 in Medical Laboratory. (Read more in Afan Oromo from OLF News)

December 28, 2010:
Oromo students of the Arba Minch University protested against an English teacher and a pro-government non-Oromo individual, who used a derogatory language that degraded and insulted the Oromo nation, and all Oromo students of the university stopped going to classes for several days. (Read more in Afan Oromo from OLF News)

January 07, 2011:
12 Oromo students of the Gedo Secondary School were unlawfully dismissed from school in the Western Shoa Zone, Calliya County [Woreda], for no other reason than suspicion of having anti-government ideology. All the remaining students of the school protested demanding the school administration to readmit the students to school. (Read more in Afan Oromo from OLF News)

January 12, 2011:
Oromo students of Haromaya University, Eastern Oromia, humiliated the regime by singing pro-Oromo struggle songs with enthusiasm on an occasion prepared by the regime’s cadres to celebrate the so-called “nations and nationalities day.” (Read more and Listen to the Songs in Afan Oromo from OLF News)

February 15, 2011:
Students of the Cari-Ambo Elementary and Junior High School protested against the government. When the director of the school tried to stop the students, he was hit by an unknown student by a stone on his forehead and wounded. (Read more in Afan Oromo from OLF News)

March 16, 2011:
At least three students of the Western Shoa Zone and seven other Oromo nationalists were arrested under the usual charge that they had been supporters of OLF. Among the arrested students were:
1. Tariku Debisa, from Mida Qanyi Secondary School
2. Getachew Edossa
3. Gurmessa Fufa, previously expelled from Gedo Secondary School, and then readmitted to the school.
(Read more in Afan Oromo from OLF News)

March 26, 2011:
At least 16 Oromo students of the Mada Walabu University, Southern Oromia, were permanently expelled from the university for demanding the university to change the quality of food. Whereas all the students of the university raised the same demand, the regime singled out and expelled only Oromo students. The names some of the students who have been expelled are:
1. Sa’id Mohammed
2. Belay Bekele
3. Sisay Legesse
4. Mekonnen Kebede
5. Kemal Umar
6. Yordanos Geremew
7. Milkiyas Alemayehu
8. Ashenafi Tariku
9. Negach Mengistu
10. Benya Gudata
11. Dagaaga Badhadha
12. Shewangizaw Ayele
13. Dibaba Ragasa
14. Zelalem Melaku
15. Abulu Wendimme
16. Dereje Dhugasa
(Read more in Afan Oromo from OLF News)

April 04, 2011:
Three students of the Gedo Secondary School were abducted by government forces and disappeared. They were:
1. Getachew Edossa,
2. Teshale Edossa
3. Tariku
(Read more in Afan Oromo from OLF News)



April 2011 – November 2011

April 7, 2011:
114 Oromo students of the Mizan Tepi University were wounded by live ammunition by the Federal Police when a rumor broke out that they were planning to make a protest. The police came in and rained live ammunition on Oromo students when a conflict broke out between pro-government and Oromo students, siding with the pro-government students. OSG reported that, in addition to those who were wounded, 50 other Oromo students were abducted from their bed during night, and disappeared. (Read more in English from Qeerroo News)

April 09, 2011:
The following Oromo students were abducted from their dormitories by the Ethiopian Federal Police, and their whereabouts are unknown.
1. Girma Turuna, University of Haro-Maya
2. Dachasa Wirtu Mosia, University of Haro-Maya
3. Gada Ragassa, University of Hawasa – completed his study, and on process of graduation
4. Fayisa Fufa, University of Wallaga – 3rd year
(Read more in English from OSG Australian Branch)

April 12, 2011:
Oromo students of the Haromaya University staged a peaceful protest demanding the release of their classmates who had been abducted from their dormitories. (Read more in Afan Oromo from Qeerroo News)

April 13, 2011:
More students were abducted from different universities by the Ethiopian Federal Police from their dormitories, and disappeared.
1. Tariku Bekele, University of Haromaaya.
2. Megersa Bekele, University of Haromarya
3. Fitsum Tadesse (Biyya), University of Haromaya
4. Tolesa Faraja, University of Jimmaa
5. Tufa Bacha, University of Jimmaa
6. Sanbata Dame, University of Haromayaa
7. Mirreessaa Hayleyesus Qananii, Universal University, clinical Pharmacy, 3rd year
8. Tadesse Tekaliny, Addis Ababa (Finfinne) University, Student of Journalism, 3rd year
9. Damee Olambe, Universal University Clinical Pharmacy, 2nd year
Dandi Bekele, University of Haramayaa
(Read more in Afan Oromo from Qeerroo News)

April 14, 2011:
The following teachers of Gotera campus, Addis Ababa (Finfinne), were accused of instigating students protests and arrested.
1. Alamayehu Garuma
2. Feyisa Alemneh
3. Dachasa Magarsa
(Read more in Afan Oromo from Qeerroo News)

April 15, 2011:
Oromo students continued protest in Arba Minch University demanding the right of students be respected and their classmates be released. Among their demands were:
· Release all abducted innocent Oromo students,
· Release all political prisoners arrested by the name of supporting OLF,
· The right of the Oromo people on their country should be realized.

The regime then intensified by abducting more Oromo students. Among those abducted and disappeared on this day from different universities are:
1. Sena Merera, Arba Minch University, Anthropology 3rd year – severely beaten and then taken away
2. Seyo, Awasa University, electrical Engineering, 3rd year
3. Dagim Gizaw, Awasa University, Electrical and Computer Engineering
4. Abdisa Bekele, Addis Ababa (Finfinne) University, History 4th year
5. Getu Sakata, Addis Ababa (Finfinne) University, law 5th year
6. Naga, Addis Ababa (Finfinne) University, Political Science 4th year
7. Diribsa Dante Jote, Addis Ababa (Finfinne) University.
(Read more in Afan Oromo from Qeerroo News)

April 20, 2011:
The following students of the Jimma University were abducted from their dormitories with the allegation of coordinating protest, and their whereabouts are unknown.
1. Tufa Baca, BISC 3rd year
2. Tolasa Jabana, Economics 3rd year
3. Shibiru, Law 3rd year
4. Dereje Gutu, Agriculture 1st year“
5. Shafi, Banking 2nd year
(Read More in Afan Oromo from Qeerroo News)

April 20, 2011:
The following students of the Arba Minch University were abducted from their dormitories, and their whereabouts are unknown.
1. Ashenafi Merera, Civic 3rd year
2. Tesfa, sociology 3rd year
3. Robe Dhaba, Geology
4. Warke Dibaba, English 3rd year
5. Tadese, Econmics 3rd year
6. Magarsa, Sociology 3rd year
7. Ketema, Sociology 3rd year
8. Bikila Abshalo, Economics 3rd year
9. Demere Gemeda, Civics 3rd year
10. Dhuguma Jabessa, Chemistry 3rd year
11. Tilahun Fufa, Eonomics 3rd year
12. Takele Aga, Sociology 3rd year
13. Fikiru Teshome, Irrigation Engineering
14. Asheber, Irrigation Engineering
15. Wariso Benti, Management 3rd year
16. Jemere Tolesa, Phisics 3rd year
17. Bikila Tesfaye, Irrigation Engineering 3rd year
(Read More in Afan Oromo from Qeerroo News)

April 21, 2011:
The following Oromo students were abducted from Haromaya University Campus and were taken to undisclosed location.
1. Sileshi Sori, Afan Oromo 3rd year
2. Ifa Obsi, Animal Science 3rd year
3. Berhanu, Agriculture 3rd year
(Read more in Afan Oromo from Qeerroo News)

April 22, 2011:
Six Oromo students of Arba Minch University were abducted by Ethiopian security forces and disappeared. Among the disappeared the names of whom were known are:
1. Tilahun Fufa Gutu, Economics 3rd year
2. Tesfaye Dhaba, Sociology 3rd year.
(Read more in Afan Oromo from Qeerroo News)

April 25, 2011:
Abdisa Gudeta, a 3rd year geography student of Madda Walabu University, was abducted from his dormitory and disappeared.
(Read more in Afan Oromo from Qeerroo News)

April 26, 2011:
The following Oromo students were abducted from Arba Minch University and disappeared.
1. Dhuguma Beyene, Chemistry 2nd year
2. Ketema Dhinsa, Sociology 3rd year
3. Tadese Desaleny Kistana, Economics 3rd year
4. Robe Boka, Geography 3rd year
(Read more in Afan Oromo from Qeerroo News)

April 28, 2011:
Sadiya Beshir Teressa, a 3rd year Afan Oromo female student of Haromaya University, was apprehended from the university and severely beaten by government armed forces. She was later released with severe wound on her face to a point that she couldn’t be recognized. When the administration officials were later asked why she was so beaten, they openly bragged by saying “Sadiya was beaten because she was asked to be a member of OPDO and she refused.” (Read more in Afan Oromo from Qeerroo News)

May 2, 2011:
Students of Jijjiga University, Ogaden region, staged a peaceful protest opposing the brutality of the government on the people. They were later dispersed when the so-called Agazi force of the regime fired live ammunition on the students. One student was severely wounded by a bullet.

Agazi is the federal police force specially trained to quash any opposition in Ethiopia. Agazi is responsible for most of the politically-motivated killings in Ethiopia. During the failed 2005 election, Prime Minister Meles Zenawi openly declared that this force would operate under his direct command.
(Read more in Afan Oromo from Qeerroo News)

May 14, 2011:
A statement of the formation of the “Ethiopian Youth Movement” was declared. This newly formed movement, not only repeated almost all of the issues raised by the Qeerroo manifesto, but also openly endorsed Qeerroo: The National Youth Movement for Freedom and Democracy. “The Ethiopian Youth Movement therefore fully supports the recently issued press statement of the National Oromian Youth Movement, and calls upon the removal of Meles Zenawi from power,” the statement of the Ethiopian Youth Movement said. (Read more in Afan Oromo from Qeerroo News)

May 14, 2011:
16 Oromo university and college students, who were abducted about a month earlier, were reportedly beaten in order for them to give self-incriminating evidences to the regime during interrogation. Many of them were severely hurt and were taken to St. Paul Hospital for treatment. Qeerroo News has published their names and the university they were attending, and their dates of arrests of these students.

May 15, 2011:
Students of the Fiche Preparatory School (Northern Oromia) staged a peaceful protest demanding the release of a 10-grade student Teshome Mengistu and several other students, who were arrested by the regime under the pretext that they were “preparing to instigate a revolt against the government.” The regime claimed that the students were planning to incite a protest about the land that was unlawfully taken away from the local farmers. (Read more in Afan Oromo from Qeerroo News)

May 16, 2011:
Qeerroo adopted the National Oromian Movement struggle song: Faaruu Qeerroo.

May 19, 2011:
About 1500 students of Adama University were taken to hospitals due to food poisoning. The university students protested because they believed the food poisoning was a deliberate evil deed of elements of the regime in the university to hurt the students. The food poisoning issue was also reported widely by other media outlets. (Read more in Afan Oromo from Qeerroo News)

May 21, 2011:
The students of Adama University stopped eating from the university cafeteria and went on strike. At least 20 students were arrested for inciting the protest. The protest went violent when some students smashed police cars’ windows and buildings’ glass-windows. The regime reportedly used tear gas to disperse the protest. The students also stopped going to class for several days. The former Oromian president Junedi Sado was sent to the university to calm the students, but the students reportedly humiliated him on a meeting by calling him “hattuu” (meaning, thief).
(Read more in Afan Oromo from Qeerroo News)

May 31, 2011:
Food poisoning was spread to Arba Minch University. From among 455 students, who were affected and got sick due to the poisoning, 75 of them were reportedly hospitalized. Others were denied any treatment, and in fact, prevented from getting out of the university campus. Just like in the Adama University, the students of the Arba Minch University also stopped eating the food, stopped going to class, and protested in their campus, and the local police was dispatched to the university and arrested several students. Among arrested Oromo students are:
1. Morka, Hydrology 3rd year
2. Abebu Dibaba, Female Physics 3rd year
3. Miliyon, Management 3rd year
(Read more in Afan Oromo from Qeerroo News)

June 03, 2011:
286 Oromo students of Gedo Preparatory Secondary School, West Shoa Zone, were punished by expelling them from school for two consecutive years without any legal ground for allegedly resisting the brutality of the regime on the Oromo people. These are all 9th- and 11th-grade students. Likewise 15 other Oromo students of 10th- and 12th-grade students were denied taking the respective national exams. (Read more in Afan Oromo from Qeerroo News)


June 05, 2011:
In Babo, Jarso, and Nedjo districts (woreda), West Wollega Zone, Oromian youth took down the so-called Ethiopian flag of the TPLF regime and replaced by the Oromian (OLF) flag, and the flags waved reportedly all day at several government buildings until the local police of the regime came and took them down. (Read more in English from Qeerroo News)

June 19, 2011:
At least 5 teachers and other Oromo intellectuals were arrested from different parts of Oromia under the allegation that they were connected with the Oromian Youth Movement: Qeerroo. Some of them are listed below.
1. Dr. Fanta xilahun, self-employed around “4 Kilo”, Finfinne (Addis Ababa)
2. Ketema Fufa, teacher, Jimma town, Western Oromia
3. Temesgen Irena, teacher, Enango town, West Oromia
4. Ahiman Jundi, teacher, Hirna, East Oromia
5. Jemal Ebrahim Gada, Employee of Agriculture, Goba town, Southern Oromia
(Read more in English from Qeerroo News)

June 21, 2011:
The Oromian Youth Movement: Qeerroo distributed flyers in Amharic language calling Oromians and other peoples in Ethiopia to rise up against the TPLF regime at the Hawasa stadium at the Ethiopian Premier League Championship tournament. The flyer reportedly created panick on the regime, and a large number of police presence was observed in the stadium.
(Read more in English from Qeerroo News)


June 26, 2011:
Farse Tadele Degefu, an Oromo youth female nationalist, who dedicated her life for the struggle of the Oromo people for freedom, justice and democracy, passed away by car accident. Farse was an active participant in the Oromian Youth Movement and the now banned Macha Tulama Self-help Association, and was arrested and tortured by the regimes forces several times. Farse’s birth place is Shoboka town, Western Shoa Zone. (Read more in Afan Oromo from Qeerroo News)

June 29, 2011:
In Western Shoa Zone, student Girma Nagassa and 25 other Oromo nationalists, were abducted from their homes by the Federal Police, and their whereabouts had been unknown. Student Girma Nagassa was later found to be in the notorious Maikelawi (Central) Prison and reportedly severely tortured together with another student, Ebbisa Ratessa, whose arrest was never reported by any one, and who was also reported to have been severely tortured.
(Read more in Afan Oromo from Qeerroo News)

July 03, 2011:
Food in Adama University is poisoned for the second time and more than 30 students were hospitalized. Heavy Federal Police presence at the university continued. Due to the poisoning of the food, the cafeteria of the university was said to have been closed; a sign that reads “tashigual” (meaning sealed) was posted outside the cafeteria for several days, and the students did not have anything to eat during this period. (Read more in Afan Oromo from Qeerroo News)

July 08, 2011:
Several Oromo students, who were arrested in April 2011, were charged and brought to the regime’s court in Finfinne (Addis Ababa). Qeerroo News has published the names of 22 of these victims of fabricated charges. A photocopy of one page of the charge (in Amharic language) is shown below.

July 12, 2011:
Several Oromo youth, who graduated from different universities in recent years and working at different institutions, were unlawfully abducted by the regime’s forces and disappeared. Among them some of the names and pictures are given below.
1. Gemechu Anbessa Wadessa, BA degree in Accounting + distance learner of ACCA, employee of German Leprosy and TB Relief Association, Finfinne (Addis Ababa).
2. Gemechis Garbaba Gurracho, Diploma in Auto mechanics, Law, and Theology, project manager of the Holota town NGO “Good Samaritan Training Center”.
3. Asfaw Dadhii Tufa, Athelet of ‘Menar Athletics Club’, runner of Marathon and 10,000m running championship.
4. Girma Anbessa Wadessa, graduated with distinction in road construction from “Addis Ababa Tegbare-ed” school, Project Coordinator of Yetinayet Building Construction, Finfinne (Addis Ababa).
5. Ayele Alemu Kana’a, BSC Degree in Computer Science, Self employed in System administration and computer maintenance, Finfinne (Addis Ababa).
6. Shitaye Melaku Kitila, BA degree in Accounting, internal auditor of “Industry and Urban Development”, Qilxu Karra county (Western Oromia).
7. Abinnet Hailu Gebre-Sillase, BA degree in Management, Resource manager of a private company, Finfinne (Addis Ababa).
Teferi Qajela, employee of “Oxfam UK”, Finfinne (Addis Ababa).
(Read more in Afan Oromo from Qeerroo News)

July 22, 2011:
At least 4 Oromo students of Ambo High School were abducted, and their whereabouts are unknown. They are:
1. Ifa Gari
2. Ebisa Tullu
3. Cala Tola
4. Lata Kinfu
(Read more in Afan Oromo from Qeerroo News)

July 28, 2011:
Qeerroo report from East Oromia revealed (with picture) that the TPLF regime intensified conscripting Oromo under-age children into its military by force. These Oromo children were reported to have been below the age of 16-years, and most of them were 14-years old or even younger.
(Read more in Afan Oromo from Qeerroo News)

July 29, 2011:
Qeerroo News reported from Tigray that Mekele University has opened the Afan Oromo department in order for Tigrayan children to learn Afan Oromo. Political analysts believe that the opening of Afan Oromo department in a Tigrayan university shows that the current TPLF regime has a long-term plan of ruling over the Oromo nation, and for that purpose, the regime is making preparation by training Tigrayans who can serve the regime in key positions in Oromia.
(Read more in English from Qeerroo News)

August 3, 2011:
Several Oromo university students, who had joined their families in the summer break, were reportedly abducted and disappeared. The names of some of these students are as follows.
1. Gemechis Yoseph, from Adama University
2. Abdissa Meshesha, from Adama University
3. Obse Bekele, from Adama University
4. Solomon Endalu, from Adama University
5. Kumsa, from Ambo University
6. Moyi Oljirra, from Ambo University
7. Tariku Murmur, from Haromaya University
8. Kumsa, from Haromaya University
9. Ibsa Gemeachu, from Haromaya University
10. Getu Rabira, from Hawasa University
11. Lalise Joba, from Hawasa University
12. Lemi Tasisa, from Teppi University
13. Ahmed Mohammed, from Jima University
14. Anuwar Jundi, from Jima University
15. Lemi Garoma, from Jima University
16. Akalu Kebede, from Jima University
17. Damara Kajela, from Wallaga University
18. Shitaye, from Wallaga University
19. Melka, from Arba Minch University
(Read more in English from Qeerroo News)

August 5, 2011:
Leaflets, containing message of civil disobedience, were distributed and posted at several public places in Nedjo town, Western Oromia. Some of the places where Qeerroo message were posted by underground Qeerroo cells were:
1. Markets and different shops
2. Yerosan Hotel
3. Tirunesh Hotel
4. Wakwayya Hotel
5. L/Colonel Abdissa Aga School
6. Private and Public Colleges
7. Public bus station in the city
8. Post Office
9. Government Offices
10. Commercial Bank
11. Private residence areas.
(Read more in English from Qeerroo News)

August 20, 2011:
Just like the former CUD leaders were released by begging pardon from the regime, the imprisoned Oromo students of Maikelawi Prison were asked to request for a pardon from the regime in order for them to be released. Qeerroo News reported that “The Oromo students in Maikelawi and Kaliti insisted that their movement is a pro-democracy national movement, not anti-democracy. They told the government they rather prefer to be tortured in the prison than begging the regime for pardon. The students believed that even if they released on pardon, the problem of the Oromos will stay unresolved.” (Read more in English from Qeerroo News)

August 29, 2011:
The TPLF regime reportedly conducted a massive arrest of Oromo university students, who went to their families during summer, when their universities were closed, under the pretext that they had been planning and preparing to coordinate civil disobedience in their birth places. According to Qeerroo News, the numbers of those arrested in different counties of Western Oromia are given in the table below.
(Read more in Afan Oromo from Qeerroo News)

September 3, 2011:
The following are Oromo nationalists; many of them university students, they were detained at the notorious Maikelawi prison by Federal TPLF government “Federal Anti-Terrorist Task Force” on August 02, 10, 23 and 28, 2011:
1. Zemachu Mekonin, student form Adama University
2. Gerbaba Gadisa, Oromia water resource
3. Gamachis Yosef, student form Adama university
4. Lagese Deti, from Ginci town
5. Mulugeta Riqitu, from Addis Ababa
6. Sisay Sarbessa, student from Addis Ababa University
7. Olbana Lelisa, Oromo People’s Congress
8. Gachana Ararsa, from West Shewa province
9. Habtamu, from Ginchi district
10. Abdissa Sori, from Ada’a Barga district
11. Sirnessa Abera, from Ada’a Barga district
12. Mesay Girma, driver
13. Sonbe, student
14. Dadhi Galan, singer from Bishoftu city
15. Bekele Gerba, deputy chairman of the Oromo Federal Democratic Movement (OFDM) and member of the executive committee of Medrek.
16. Chala Hailu, lecturer from Adama University
17. Asfaw Waltajji, from west Shawa
18. Biran Taddese, from west Shawa
19. Baqala Harqasa, from west Shawa
20. Gamachu Qajela, from west Shawa
21. Dhaba Gire, from west Shawa
22. Lama Motuma, from west Shawa
23. Tokuma Mitiku, from west Shawa
24. Tasfaye, from west Shawa
25. Siifan, from west Shawa
26. Daraje, from west Shawa
(Read more in English from Qeerroo News)


September 4, 2011:
Student Zemach Mekonnen was abducted from Adama University, and his whereabouts are unknown. In related news, 4 civil servants of Eastern Wollegga, Limu County [Woreda], Gelila town, were fired from their jobs under the pretext that they had incited public protest against the regime. They are:
1. Oliqa Alemu, Employee of Office of Agriculture
2. Abebe Tesso, Employee of Office of Education
3. Abebe Tolesa, Employee of Office of Finance
4. Adunya Mosisa, Employee of Office of Water.
(Read More in Afan Oromo from Qeerroo News)

September 5, 2011:
The Ethiopian Federal court sentenced 48 Oromo nationals to several years behind prison after charging them with “planning and preparing to conduct revolt against the government.” The names and number of years they are sentenced to are given below.
1. Abdurahman Bale, 12 years
2. Ibrahim Darasa, 12 years
3. Abdalla Hama, 12 years
4. Jamal Huseen, 11 years
5. Kamal Aliyyi, 11 years
6. Abdii watar, 11 years
7. Mahammad Gudda, 10 years
8. Shek Kadir Tura, 6 years
9. Ibrahim calanqo, 7 years
10. Siraj Ahmad, 7 years
11. Mahammad Abdo, 6 years
12. Ahmaddin Abrahim, 5 years
13. kadir Adam, 5 years
14. Abdurahman Husen, 5 years
15. Ahmad shek Yusuf, 5 years
16. Mahammad Haji, 4 years
17. Yusuf Callo, 4 years
18. Hassan Mahammad, 4 years
19. Said Adam, 5 years
20. Mahammad Onjobba, 5 years
21. Adnan Goshe, 5 years
22. Abdi Ali, 4 years
23. Ibrahim Mahammad Jibril, 4 years
24. Lenjisa boke, 5 years
25. Umar mahammad, 6 years
26. Jamal Hamza, 3 years
27. Sharif Umar Elemo, 3 years
28. Jamal Kadir, 3 years
29. Ahmad Najjash, 3 years
30. Zenaba Mattan, 3 years
31. Sharaf Ali, 4 years
32. Ahmad Nur Urge, 4 years
33. Nure Usman, 4 years
34. Abdi Shakul Umar, 4 years
35. Mahamud Ibrahim, 3 years
36. Mahammad Aliyyi Saido, 4 years
37. Mahammad Usma’el Matako, 3 years
38. Ibrahim Abdulle Warih, 3 years
39. Abdi Usman Adam, 4 years
40. Rahma Mahammad, 4 years
41. Faxe Amme, 4 years
42. Kokkobe Mahammad, 3 years
43. Muktar Abdi jalil, 4 years
44. Ahmad Nur Bule, 3 years
45. Kalif Mahammad, 2 years
46. Kimiya Mahammad, 3 years
47. Rabla Sharif, 2 years
48. Mahammad Umare, 2 years
(Read more in Afan Oromo from Qeerroo News)

September 7, 2011:
4 Oromo nationals were arrested from Jarte County and put in Shambu Prison, East Wollega zone, under the pretext of planning to organize civil disobedience against the regime. They are:
1. Biqila Namomsa
2. Endalew Babu
3. Tolasa Ayyele
4. Tadese Gudata

Similarly, the following 3 teachers, of Limu-Gelila, Eastern Wollega zone, who were attending summer course, were arrested at Nekemte Prison. They are:
1. Lammi Nagash
2. Gammada Yadata.

Moreover, Sanbato Mosisa, a teacher of Rift Valley College Nekemte Branch, was thrown to prison under the same pretext. (Read more in Afan Oromo from Qeerroo News)

September 9, 2011:
7 students were abducted from Gideberet town, Western Shoa zone, and thrown in to Maikelawi Prison. They are:
1. Amanu Fufa, a student of Wallo University
2. Asmara Tolasa, a student of Wallo University
3. Alamayehu Tolasa, a 12th grade student of Dandi county
4. Buruk Shifarra, from Dandi county
5. Abarra Tsfaye, from Dandi county
6. Habtamu Kebede, from Dandi county
7. Biraanuu , from Dandi county
(Read more in Afan Oromo from Qeerroo News)

September 10, 2011:
17 Oromo students and other Oromo nationalists were arrested under the pretext of organizing civil disobedience from Xuqur Hincinni county, Elfata County, and Gindeberet County, Western Shoa zone and their whereabouts are unknown. They are:
1. Abarra Dame, from Xuqur Hincinni county
2. Gachana Ararsa, from Xuqur Hincinni county
3. Jira Ajjama, from Xuqur Hincinni county
4. Darajje Amana, from Xuqur Hincinni county
5. Motumma Fayyera, from Xuqur Hincinni county
6. Baqqala Uurgessa, from Xuqur Hincinni county
7. Kebede Dadhi, from Xuqur Hincinni county
8. Habtamu, from Xuqur Hincinni county
9. Abdi Sori, from Xuqur Hincinni county
10. Sonsa Abarra, from Xuqur Hincinni county
11. Alemayehu Tolasa, from Elfata county
12. Abarraa Tasfaye, from Elfata county
13. Habtamu Kebede, from Elfata county
14. Buruk Shifara, from Elfata county
15. Biraanuu, from Gindeberet county
16. Asmaraa Tolasaa, from Gindeberet county
17. Amanu Fufaa, from Gindeberet county
(Read more in Afan Oromo from Qeerroo News)

September 21, 2011:
At least three teachers were arrested from Eastern Wollega zone, Gida Ayana County, under the allegation that they organized and incited students for peaceful protest against the regime. Among the arrested teachers are:
1. Alemu Gammachu
2. Wande Bayyana
3. Abdi Yadata
(Read more in Afan Oromo from Qeerroo News)

September 22, 2011:
Mangistu Doftore Lalisa, a teacher, was arrested and taken to unknown place in Western Wollega zone, Guliso County [Woreda], Calliya village, allegedly for inciting students to protest and for advising them to wear a cloth (dress) that had the color of OLF flag and for refusing to become a member of OPDO, the Oromo puppet organization of the ruling party. (Read more in Afan Oromo from Qeerroo News)

September 25, 2011:
A leaflet, having a message of civil disobedience, was distributed in the Gida Ayana Police Station and in the campus of a special police unit known as “Dafee Qaqqabaa” (Fetno Derash, in Amharic). Panicked by the audacity of the action, the regime started harassing the local population, particularly the youth. Two young men were arrested in connection with this incident. (Read more in Afan Oromo from Qeerroo News)

October 03, 2011:
Irreechaa (Oromo Thanksgiving) was celebrated at Hora Arsadi, Bushoftu. About 3 million Oromos, 80% of which were the youth, attended the event. The youth reportedly expressed their wishes for freedom and justice through songs, and the government forces, which were deployed in large numbers, arrested several young Oromos from the crowd. Among those who were arrested in Bushoftu, some 22 of them were released the same day after being given a warning, but the following four individuals remained in prison.
1. Qalbessa Guddisa Sime, East Shoa zone, Adama town, Kebele 13
2. Fekadu Ankafe Shaggo, West Arsi zone, Arsi Negelle twon, Basaqo village
3. Ararsa Abebe Gammada, West Shoa zone, Metta County, Warabo village
4. Gulumma Duressa, West Shoa zone, Dandi County, Saritu Dhanqu village.
(Read more in Afan Oromo from Qeerroo News)

November 2, 2011:
Eight Oromo students of the Mizan Tepi University were expelled from the university permanently, after being accused of having connection with the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) and of planning to incite civil disobedience in the country. The names, departments and birth place of the expelled students are given in the table below.
(Read more in Afan Oromo from Qeerroo News)

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  1. qero

    Nov 20, 11 at 1:25 am

    thank you so much for this nice evidence supported article. All this horrible situation happened to oromo people in one year time, What was the diaspora community, the religious community and our political organizations response at each time of point?if this also can be reported it would be a good feedback for all of us.

    I really appreciate those who brought this forward this is one way of supporting the people we came from, the people who let us get the opportunity we get today.


    Support the people!!! The true leader!!!


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    Harka fuune !

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    baleesaa hinta-u.akaataan kun ama calala-qee argama-aaraa.Wori kalaca hafarsaa taa Oromo ( olf ) tiif ka soco-a keesa jirtan
    huduu baleesaa gudaa waan gotaniif Oromo niif aradaan Oromo-oo miidhama-aa jiruu. wontikun eesa-iraa ka-a yoojetan !
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    hinbaaftu dhgaa cala-aa, namni isaanii hofofe-e haata-u malee beela iraa kaka-a tokumaa uumanii biya isaanii bilisoomsanii lufanii
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