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Oromia-Ethiopia: How TPLF Jams the Voice of Oromo Liberation (VOL/SBO)

Posted: Muddee/December 9, 2011 · Finfinne Tribune | Gadaa.com | Comments (6)


The following video/audio shows the severity of the jamming of the Voice of Oromo Liberation (VOL/SBO) by the Meles Zenawi-led TPLF regime in Ethiopia. VOL/SBO is a radio service run by the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF). The radio broadcast is in Afan Oromo, a language with the 3rd most speakers in Africa, after Swahili and Hausa.

Afan Oromo is the first language of the Oromo people, the largest nation in the Horn of Africa and Ethiopia, but a nation politically and economically marginalized, and repressed for the last 120 years in its own homeland, Oromia. Testimony to the repression is the jamming of one of the highest-rated Afan Oromo radio broadcast, VOL/SBO, by the regime occupying Oromia.

The video/audio clip was recorded on December 5, 2011 by a radio signal enthusiast based in Romania, and it was identified by a Gadaa.com contributor during a random Internet search.

In addition to VOL/SBO, the Zenawi regime also regularly jams radio services of the Voice of America (VOA) using technology purchased from China.

The jamming happens right around 1:49 …


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  1. gu

    Dec 9, 11 at 7:48 pm

    This shouldn’t surprise anybody…Meles will do everything to jam th OLF broadcasting in Oromia..

  2. arm yourself

    Dec 10, 11 at 3:01 am

    good job sbo!!

  3. Fighter-Jet

    Dec 11, 11 at 5:15 am

    No jaming can work against the Oromo liberation movement. SBO is the result of the Oromian Stubdents’ Movement. The still strong Oromian Students’ Movement (OSM) is part and parcel of the Oromo liberation movement (part of our Fighter-Jet). I think we can present our Fighter-Jet as an airkraft with the differentiated three parts of its left-wing, with its middle body and with differentiated three parts of its right-wing. The skilled pilot of the fighter-Jet is our famous mindset of bilisummaa (of freedom), the OLF. I would like to personify the three parts of the aircraft with the following prominent Oromo nationalists.

    1) The left wing (pro-‘independent Oromia’):
    – Galaasa Dilbo, who strives to achieve an independent Oromia seemingly disregarding the possible regional union with the neighbouring nations, who are now living within Ethiopia. In case this position is not against such a union, there is no clear difference with the position of Ob Leenco.
    – Daud Ibsa, who is open for both Leenco’s and Galaasa’s position as long as the Oromo people will decide per referendum.
    – Leenco Lata, who advocates a nationally independent Oromia within a regional union of free nations in and around Ethiopia.

    2) The middle body (supporting both an ‘independent Oromia’ and an ‘integrative Oromia’):
    – Fayyis Oromia and his likes, who are open for all the positions of the left and the right, as far as the determiners in this choice are the Oromo public at large per referendum. This part of the fighter-jet believes that neither an ‘independent Core Oromia’ nor an ‘integrative Cush Oromia’ is disadvantageous as long as bilisummaa of the Oromo people will be realized and further respected.

    3) The right wing (pro-‘integrative Oromia’):
    – Bulcha Dammaqsa, who wants to have an integrative Oromia in a form of an autonomous Oromian state within Ethiopian federation.
    – Marara Guddina, who once said “Oromian national autonomy within Ethiopian federation is not bad, but we don’t need to die for it”; he was considering that even Gondar and other northern parts of the empire are parts of Oromia; accordingly, he wants to realize either Nagaasso’s or Bulcha’s position per Oromo public referendum.
    – Nagaaso Gidaada, who tries to achieve through his UDJ party an integrative Oromia = the whole Ethiopia, without necessarily having an autonomous Core Oromia within Ethiopia. All individuals and institutions with such goal can be classified here.

    But, in order to accomodate the move of these different Oromo positions regarding our future type of sovereignty (walabummaa) of Oromia, Oromo nationalists have to be able to concentrate on the common denominator of all the positions, i.e on bilisummaa of the Oromo people. To comprehend what I do mean, we just need to compare the following interesting three concepts: secession, independence and sovereignty. Let me try to put the difference in short as follows:

    – secession needs the precondition of being legally part of one sovereign nation and being a minority nation at the periphery. Oromia has never been legally part of Ethiopia and it is neither a minority nation nor at periphery unlike Tigrai. So Oromia’s question is not a question of secession in this sense. This is the point, which Ob. Amin Jundi recently tried to explain to the Habesha elites.

    – independence is the liberation of an oppressed nation from the other oppressive one, as we do see in the attempt of some Oromo nationals like Ob Galaasaa trying to emancipate the occupied Oromia from the oppressive Abyssinia.

    – sovereignity is the right of the liberated and free nation to decide on the type of arrangement it wants, like the sovereignty of the Oromo nation to decide on its future, be it in a form of an independence within or without Ethiopia, per referendum; this seems to be what Oromo nationalists like Ob. Daud try to achieve.

    According to the right of the Oromo nation to its own bilisummaa and walabummaa, it is not wrong even if Ob. Amin or Gen. Kamal strives for the right of Oromo and Oromia WITHIN Ethiopia, as long as the determining factor is the result of the referendum. Thus, it is nice to see that our nationalists are bombarding tyranic Abyssinists from the three parts of our Fighter-Jet:- Gen. Kamal, Ob. Daud and Ob Galaasaa from the left wing; Ob Fayyis Oromia and co from the middle body; as well as Dr. Nagaaso, Dr. Marara and Ob Bulcha from the right wing.

    This is really very scary for the enemy of the Oromo nation. Important is that all the three parts do fight the enemy, but do not attack each other. In the currently ongoing rhetoric, I didn’t hear Ob Amin attacking the other factions of the OLF. But, it is clear that we do read nowadays a lot of Woyane criminal cadres camouflaging as Oromo in order to sow a discord among Oromo nationals by trying to support one faction of the OLF and attack the others, as well an attempt of a vice versa!

  4. Falamata

    Dec 11, 11 at 6:45 pm

    Mallifi Wayane SBO JMAS gooti? SBOn kan hojjeetta jiru ummata oromofi otto hin tane TPLF akka taa’ee ummtan keenya hubattee jira. Wayane Mallaaqa fi yeroo wanta hin baasuu hin jiru. Ollollii SBO akka ummatiin nagaan hin jerane goochaa jira. rakkina jiru yeroo amma ummatiin biyya alaa mallaaqa baasuu wanta dideefii sbaaba Jam jechuun ummata irra mallaaqa guufii malee. wanta hunabchuu qabanuu “BARA haaraa dhuffaa jira” kana itti qophaya jiru. SBOn akka gaarii biyya keessatii dhagayama jira rakkina tokko malee.


  5. obsa

    Dec 11, 11 at 10:38 pm

    Deebii Falmataaf:

    Yaroon itti oromoo gowoomsan darbee jira. Oromoo fakkaate yaada kennittullee yaada keerraa ati oromoo akka hintaane baruun hindandaa’ama. Kanaaf namni oromoon tokko illee siif gowoomfamu hinjiru. Dhaabni oromoof oromootiin dhaabate inni dhugaan ABO qofa. Period!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Hawwi sabaa.Norway

    Dec 15, 11 at 2:42 pm

    Famaata Sabaa.Ati oromoomiti garuu afaan oromoo beyta kanumafu waan akaana irra ifqusadhu