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Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) National Council Press Release

Posted: Amajjii/January 2, 2012 · Finfinne Tribune | Gadaa.com | Comments (48)

The following is a press release from the Oromo Liberation Front-Change/Jijirama (OLF-C/J).


The Oromo Liberation Front (the OLF) National Council has held its historic meeting on December 30 and 31, 2011.

The OLF National Council has examined all aspects of the Oromo peoples’ struggle; the political program of the OLF; the current conditions of the Ethiopian peoples under the dictatorship of Meles Zenewi; and the importance of working with all democratic forces in Ethiopian to end the suffering.

The OLF National Council also focused on the timely demand of working with other democratic forces in forming the new Ethiopia that will guarantee and protect the fundamental rights of all peoples in Ethiopia. The new social contract will & should be based on the free will and consent of all peoples in Ethiopia. The previous style that claims “I know for you” should be abolished and replaced with a new vision that is based on peoples’ consent and free will.

Full Statement (OromooLiberationFront.org)


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  1. Q

    Jan 2, 12 at 1:24 am

    What a joke. I am really upheld by this press release especially reading it despite the fact Oromo all over the world celebrating WBO day. One should at least expect a respect for his/her own heroes. Make no mistake that you will be destroyed like traitors s before you we shall over come

  2. Gaarii

    Jan 2, 12 at 2:29 am

    Very good move! Now our other liberation fronts who do stress an ‘independent Oromia’ as a Kaayyoo regarding walabummaa Oromia should try to refrain from opposing this move! Bi it this group of general Kamaal say Oromian self-determination WITHIN Ethiopia or otherwise, the final decision will be done by the Oromo public. Now, the slogan: ‘ALL against the EVIL Gujile’ must be our motto!

  3. Waqjiraa Gudataa

    Jan 2, 12 at 3:07 am

    The dawn of a new year is usually a time of hope and ambition, of dreams for the future and thoughts of a better life/vision. But the Oromo nation denied such anxiety by OLF-C/J, instead called for the Submission to the empire once more worse than Gobanaa Daccee’s move. As The Oromo nation never recognized the existence of OPDO as an indipendent rather the puppet of TPLF against the aspiration of the Oromo nation, ironically such kind of declarion puts OLF-C/J on the same footsteps of OPDO to serve the Ahmaras-the worest enemy of the Oromo nation.
    Then now, the momentum of trues arrived for the Oromo nation either for submission to our enemies under the OLF-C/J leadership or a collective fight for the sake of our motherland existence. Our heroes and heroines fallen to liberate Oromia by any cost for what the Oromo nation has a historical responsibilty to march for our national destiny-Independent and Walabummaa Oromia rather than dancing around the masked proposal-federative empire.
    With chilling parallels, by the true Oromo daughters and sons la lotta continua!!.

  4. Deenta

    Jan 2, 12 at 3:14 am

    The Oromo struggle is going to be won by Oromo people. We can win friends around the world, but in the end we have to do it ourselves because it is our innocent civilians who end up getting hit with the brunt of the violence.

    Ethiopian nation will continue to protect it’s colony. That’s why TPLF rejected allowing self determination even though they had not established the colony.

    I could see the approach working if only the OLF prepared for the secondary conflict coming from Amhara move to block self determination (repeating TPLF actions in the 1991 to 1992).

    We should learn from past mistakes with TPLF and EPLF as they attacked OLF, after attempts were made for sucession.

  5. Aboma

    Jan 2, 12 at 3:49 am

    This is the most stupid, probably treasonous, action.

    First, it’s claimed that the Oromo people fully support the OLF. When one says this, it’s not the OLF logo that the Oromo people support; it’s not the OLF flag that the Oromo people support. It IS the OLF objective of defending the Oromo people’s right to self-determination up-to and including independence that the Oromo people support fully.

    An OLF devoid of this very objective can not be called OLF. Maybe OFDM or OPC or MEISON are close approximations to what this OLF-C/J group is doing. Instead of redefining the very reason OLF is loved by the Oromo people, the leaders of OLF-J/C should have joined OFDM, OPC or MEISON.

    OLF = Oromo’s right to self-determination up-to and including independence. That’s why thousands sacrificed their lives; thousands are in refugee camps; thousands in foreign lands; thousands in prisons. How can a couple of guys come to the scene and erase our liberation struggle in such a manner?

  6. obsaa

    Jan 2, 12 at 4:10 am

    This press release sounds OPDO not OLF. Its vision is nothing better than OPDO’s. This group is probably Amhara version of OPDO. No hope for Oromos from this group. Oromos should be careful not to be deceived by such group.

  7. Aboma

    Jan 2, 12 at 4:28 am

    Adding to the previous comment made by me.

    On the Birth of the New Ginbot 7 Oromo Wing:

    It’s not a new thing for politicians to change their jerseys (tshirts), and wear the jerseys (tshirts) of former opponents. The Georgia State democratic governor Zell Miller changed his party affiliation from Democratic to Republican during the 2008 presidential election; he supported McCain instead of Obama.

    What’s new is for a political organization to change its objective, and wear the objective of former opponents. A Democratic Party that wants to decrease tax cuts for the rich is not a Democratic Party any longer, but a wing of the Republican Party. Likewise, a Republican Party that wants to give money to poor and middle-class families is not a Republic Party any longer, but a wing of the Democratic Party.

    Political organizations don’t change objectives and adopt the objectives of their opponents as their own. What is seen in OLF-J/C here is the birth of a new Ginbot 7 Oromo wing.

  8. Saxilaa Shanootaa Asmara

    Jan 2, 12 at 5:50 am

    Kuni Labsa Gadaati

    Jijjiiramni Oromooni fedhu kanaa miti.Garuu hedduu kani nama gaddisiisu qondaalonni waraanaa keenya hidhaa Shabiyaa fi Dachee Eritrea kessaa bayuuf jecha dhiibbaa kana dirqiini fuhdatuu isaanii yoo ta’e illee.Amajjii 1,2012 irraa kaasee Oromooni ta’ee miseensi ABO warra jijjiiramaa dhibbaa dhibbatti boojuu Eritirea harkaa bayuuni Amajjiiji guyyaa WBO akka seenaa WBO tana dura dabretti isa addaa taasisee jira .Kanaaf qabooni jijjiirama ABO Jijjiiramaa bayeef sani yoomiyyuu caalaa waada keenya haaromsinee akka qabsotti fufnu nu taasisee jira .Miseensota Shira shaneeni Asmaratti hidhamani dirqamanii labsa Gingot 7 irratti labsame carraa argataniin akka lubbuu ofii baasani kabajaani gaafanna .Jijjiiramni ABO itti fufa


  9. Dhagaa Daalattii

    Jan 2, 12 at 7:42 am

    OLF-J/C = OPDO. Please go and join OPDO and good luck!

  10. Galangalee

    Jan 2, 12 at 11:05 am

    OPDO Tigre has changed it self to Amhara OPDO. It is not suprising to hear because what they were doning is what they declare. This is good news for the Oromos since they can not either confuse the public or claim OLF. They have failed but now they died. No more existance as organization but Ginbot 7 messenger.

  11. Regassa

    Jan 2, 12 at 11:32 am

    What we need to achieve is prosperity and justice to the oromo people. There is’nt only one way to acheive these goals. This move is a very practical one in this modern world. The most properous and civilized society is not necessarly ethenically pure. Those of you who will not agree to this approach can still continue on a different front. But I congratulate the leadership for being active in learning the dynamism of the world. Take a note from the Arab Spring, if you unite forces you can topple dreaded dictators in a matter of months!

    With best regards to all of you!

  12. teshite

    Jan 2, 12 at 12:24 pm

    Negaso Gidada=OLF J/C ; Negaso Gidada move from OLF to OPDO- INDEPENDENT- KINIJIT where as OLF J/C move from OLF- Ginbot 7. This press release is not thing but copy paste of ginbot 7 political program from website. G-7 do not oppose federalism if not based on the langauge( only amharic language) OLFJ/C also do not support the structure of current federalism meaning they are agaist language federalism. therefore OLF J/C=G-7 .This moving forward or back for oromo people? This is good news for amhara(andenet).

  13. Aboma

    Jan 2, 12 at 12:56 pm

    What To Do in the Face of Ideological Fragmentation

    In the Oromo iberation movement, the ideological spits can be seen as follows:

    1) Original (1970’s): OLF stood for the right to self-determination of the Oromo people AND independence of Oromiyaa (OLF-QC now has this Objective)

    2) First ideological split (1991-1998): Some Oromo politicians dropped the clause for “AND independence of Oromiyaa” from the Original Objective and adopted only “the right to self-determination up-to and including independence” as an Objective (OLF-Shane now has this Objective)

    3) Second ideological split (2008-2011): Some Oromo politicians dropped the clause “the right to self-determination up-to and including independence” and adopted “democratizing the new Federal Ethiopia” as an Objective (OLF-Change now has this Objective)

    Guess what my fellow Oromo brothers and sisters,

    This ideological fragmentation will continue well into the future. In the a very short period, we’ll witness OLF-Change splitting again. How? The Amhara Neftegna group will start demanding the OLF-Change group is for “Ethnic Federalism.”

    Keep in mind, OLF-Change did not tell us what kind of Federalism they were for. That means, they made it purposely vague not to upset their Amhara Neftegna Ginbot 7 handlers. When they reach the river where they’ll decide to clarify what “Federalism” they are up for, they will then split since some Oromos will still want the so-called “Ethnic Federalism” (this is WITH OROMIA) while others will still obey their Ginbot 7 masters and choose “geographical Federalism” (that is WITHOUT OROMIA).

    It’s, therefore, not difficult that OLF-Change is built on a shaky foundation from the get-go.

    What’s the solution to such ideological fragmentation?

    The best solution is to go back to the Original Objective (Kaayyoo) of OLF – ” the right to self-determination of the Oromo people AND independence of Oromiyaa.” That is the only way OLF and the Oromo people’s struggle for freedom will be saved

  14. Qii

    Jan 2, 12 at 1:56 pm

    Actually this jijjirama group seems to have left their mother organization the OPDO just to advance and expand the objectives of the OPDO by going to splinting and weakening the already bickering OLF and or coming back to its mother organization the OPDO by other means and through the back door. It seems that Hailu Gonfaa is just dancing in the rain and making declarations in broken Amharic rather than speaking his beautiful mother language in a rather fluent manner all the way to the Ethiopian majority. What is bothering these Oromos folks!

  15. Alex

    Jan 2, 12 at 1:58 pm

    Haha the one common theam in these comments is Hate. Hate for Amhara and Tigrai ppls.

  16. teshite

    Jan 2, 12 at 2:23 pm

    In my opion true ethnic federalism is the only vaible solution for oromo and other groups. The current pseudo federalism governed by oromo speaking habash is no more vaible. The move of OLF J/C from its original objective is good news for habash bad news for oromo,b/c if they are successful there is no oromia and only ethiopia ,may be geographic federalism is possible which will be ruled by habash speaking people.

  17. Firdissa

    Jan 2, 12 at 5:40 pm

    So you’re telling us to you back and think like we did 4 decades ago? That was all too different situation. There is a lot of change since then. What is it in the ethinically pure oromiya we looking for, dicreminating the non-oromo, or half-oromo? Get back to your senses, we can never stop change, and OLF is no exception. There is nothing to be saved here. The only thing we are going to save by not acting is the dictators. OLF has been sleeping for decades and now appears to wake up to the realigy under the current leadership. Do not try to put it into comma again.


  18. Firaa

    Jan 2, 12 at 6:35 pm

    Shame on you guys!
    To all confused or have misunderstood or are stubbornly ignoring the legitimate quest for equality and freedom,
    (1). Any legitimate political organization, claiming on one hand that it stands for the very cause of the people, and at the same time denouncing their very quest for freedom, should go thoroughly through its program and try to show the real commitments it takes to represent them/the people.
    (2). To you guys, who are preaching democracy and justice for the Ethiopian people and at the same time do not want to consider or denounce the legitimate quest for freedom of the people, are saying to these same PEOPLE, “I KNOW FOR YOU” and know that THIS WILL NEVER GET YOU ANYWHERE. Because, these people know what they want; it’s LOVE, JUSTICE and FREEDOM which has been imbedded in their blood for centuries .

    Long Live FREEDOM!!!

  19. sal

    Jan 2, 12 at 7:42 pm

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  20. sal

    Jan 2, 12 at 7:55 pm

    The separatist objective was never a viable option before in the minds of the Oromo masses, and it was dead the last 10 years and buried the last 6 years. O.L.F realised the Oromo people were not with it except a few pretenders in Minnisota. If the leadership is to spend its time and energy for the betterment of the Oromo people, its better off by acting within Ethiopia under the current political space. It can morph itself to become a development oriented group presenting a competing and alterante vision than E.P.R.D.F while keeping a wing that is involved in the arms struggle abroad together with other Ethiopian groups, or it can continue as it had been the last 30 years, stagnant and decaying. Its seems O.L.F is taking the right path.

    Funny thing is for me to see some individuals who refused aknowledge their Ethiopian-ness now fall in line and start acting Ethiopian. Talk about herd mentality.

  21. Teshite

    Jan 2, 12 at 8:01 pm

    Response to firdissa
    This is not change,just completly abonding OLF objectives.

  22. sal

    Jan 2, 12 at 8:09 pm

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  23. Keelloo

    Jan 2, 12 at 9:12 pm

    Hailu Gonfa says oromo have no historical ground to seek indepences from Ethiopia (listen to ESAT interview at Jijirama website). I asure everyone this man never finished his high school, let alone lecturing on oromo history. Someone please send him copies of Professors Assefa Jalata, Mohamed Hassen, Mekuria Bulcha, Asmarom Legesse (the great Eritrean Professor) and Ob. Ibsa Gutama, among others. The only problem is the soldiers can not read English at all and someone has to sit with them and translate the books into afaan oromo (or their favorite Amharic). No doubt oromo Generals are trained by habashas to shot and kill in order to promote their ideologies, but none of them actually finished a high school so as to qualify to teach the world about oromo history. Oromo nationals please join me in calling on the above oromo scholars to take the political leadership of OLF so that defecting soldiers and their masters stop messing with oromo history.

  24. Lammii

    Jan 2, 12 at 9:29 pm

    Kamaal and his likes should liberate themselves first. How can a person who doesnot even write, read and speak Afaan Oromoo properly be guardian of Oromo identity?

    They should read Oromo history properly.

  25. Fikre

    Jan 3, 12 at 12:04 am

    As a progressive Amhara who accepts ethnic federalism and as Ginbot 7 sympathizer, I really do not understand the views of some of the OLF faction that see independence as a solution. Have you guys really thought it through what that really means and what the implications are? I really doubt it! The oromo case is thousand times more complex than the Eritrean case. It is not as if after Oromia becomes independent the state of Ethiopia continue functioning as in the case of Eritrean independence. Without Oromia there will almost be impossible to have a functioning Ethiopian state but without giving a convincing answer to what will be the fate of the rest of Ethiopia after the independence of Oromia, it is simply an impossible task to dream about an independent Oromia. Because you are not only fighting against the incumbent regim but also almost every Ethiopian, including many Oromos.

    And when one is not out of touch with reality, one sees how difficult the task is, when one thinks of the Ethiopian state suddenly loosing Addis Ababa, the center and heart of what the modern Ethiopia is all about. How should Ethiopia function as a state after losing its political and economic center? Have you really though about it? You don’t care? But as long as the question of the state of Ethiopia after the independence of Oromia is not answered, it will be almost an impossible task to have independent Oromia. Remember, Eritreans would have never got their independence with out the cooperation of Ethiopians, never! Do you really think Eritreans would have the support for their independence if it was equal to the end of the state of Ethiopia? I’m not talking about who is right or wrong. I’m talking about the pragmatic, practical and achievable side of the idea of independent Oromia. Think about it! You can not expect any one that calls itself Ethiopian to destroy the state of Ethiopia including losing its capital center, just to make the dream of Oromia come true. Come on!

  26. Fikre (continued)

    Jan 3, 12 at 12:20 am

    Whether we like it or not, the question of Oromia automatically raises the question of Ethiopia. Whether one is for independence or autonomy in the federal system, one can not properly answer the question of Oromia without answering the question of the state of Ethiopia. Ogaden and Eritrea are another matter because the state of Ethiopia can function without these regions. But the question of Oromia can not be solved without equally giving answer to the fate of Ethiopia. So, I can not speak for the Oromo people, but in my view, it is correct when some Oromos want to solve the problem of the Oromo people within the context of Ethiopia. It is just the best, achievable and pragmatic solution. Even if independence somehow possible, the state of Ethiopia will need many decades of transitional period to build a functioning state without Oromia and this can only be achieved with the cooperation and engament of Ethiopian democratic forces and not by isolation.

  27. Hawwinee Barii

    Jan 3, 12 at 2:08 am

    Waan ati barreessite kun, akka ati ABO’n maal akka ta’e hin beekne garsiisa. Yoo hin beektu ta’e dhiisi malee, Ummata Oromoo afaan faajjessuuf hin tattaafatin. Gannoota 10 dabreef ummata Oromoo afaan fajjessitanii kunoo ammaan tana isin irratti baramee saaxilamtan. Shanee Gumeeii, The right to self determination up to and including independence” kan jedhuuf akka qabsaawu issaa fidde. Bara 2004 as Kora Sabaa geggeeffatanii sagantaa siyaasaa haaraa baafattanii?Itti fuftee Oromoo afaan fajjeessuu yoo barbaaddeef itti hin milkooftu;garuu dhugaa baruu yoo feete sagantaa siyaasaa Shanee Gumee kan bara 2004 akka ati jette kana hin jedhu.Sagantaa siyaasaa, qabxii 1, 2 fi 3 an inni jedhu: Hundee akeeka qabsoo kanaa, mirga hiree murteeffannaa ummata Oromoo guutuutti kabachiisuu dha” jedha.Kana keessa up to and including independence kan jedhu eessa jira. Yoo dhugaa baruu feete, dhugaa Shanee kana fakkaata. Itti fuftee Oromoo afaanfajjeessuu fedha qabda yoo ta’e ammoo hin milkooftu. Sagantaa Shanee Gumii fi labsiin ammaan tana jijjijirammi baase illee addaddummaa hin qabu. Sagantaa siyaasaa shanee kan bara 2004, qabxii 10ffaa irraa eegalii dubbisi. Ani illee akkuma kee Shaneedhaan afaan fajja’een waaqi ammaan tana na baraare. Kanaaf, obboleessa kiyya bayyanadhuu ifa argi.Kan shanee Gumii balaaleffachuu male, QC-ABO ti malee Shanee Gumii ta’uu hin malle. Yeroo Qinjititti seentan jijjiirama waliin qaama tokko akka turtan hin dagatin. Mallasaatti , Qes Ittafaa Gobaanaa kan ergate isin ta’uu hin dagatin. Sababa isin dursaniif ykn ammoo hinaaffaaf jijjiirama yoo balaaleffattan malee akeekaan isaan waliin Shanee Gumii tokkuma. Irraa akkan si deebi’u yoo feete, sagantaan siyaasaa Shanee Gumii fi Jijjiiramaa tokko ta’uu sagantaa siyaasaa shanee gumii, qabxii 1, 2. 3, 10 dhaqii dubbisi. Walumaan shanee keessa waan turreef, sagantaa shanee kana walumaan beekna. Ganni haaressi kun, ganna itti Ummaata Oromoo afaan faajjjessuu dhaabnu akka ta’un hawwii kiyya.

  28. Corre Kaloo

    Jan 3, 12 at 3:31 am

    Brihanu Nega’s OLF can not represent Oromo people’s intrest. Go and eat you injeera with your oppressors

  29. yaadasaa

    Jan 3, 12 at 5:51 am

    This abortive journey was started a long time ago. But Oromoos who respect the original vision of OLF, those who value the precious Oromoo heroes and heroines lives lost, those who believe in Orommumma, time and times all kept on warning us, and informing us what this defeatist wing of OLF had been conspiring right from the beginning. But most of the innocent Oromo citizens did not believed. Some even acted as though there was no real difference, but merely different expression of varied Oromoo personalities. But there was/is a real difference between those who were exchanging sheer quackeries of surrendering the struggle of the Nation of Oromia to the enemy, and those who unflinchingly continued to sacrifice their lives on the battle fields for their Nation. Therefore, it was clear by then, and now even more clearer as where these defeatists were taking the struggle of the Nation of Oromia.

    It was April 2009 when Obboo Leenjiso Horo wrote the following message, but it was taken just lightly:
    “Liberating Oromiya: If not now, when? If not us, who?
    Much has been talked; much has been discussed about independence. In the struggle against colonial occupation, the terms independence and liberation are used interchangeably. And so is, here too. Independence cannot come in itself, or by itself or by begging for it, or by penning ones hopes on some external intermediaries or mediators. And it is neither a gift from the Heavenly Kingdom, nor it is a gift by the goodwill of the worldly kingdoms or rulers. Independence is a fruit of bitter struggle. Long ago, the Oromo nationalists understood this to be a self-evident truth that the independence of Oromiya rests on their shoulder, on their willingness and capacity to fight a bitter fight. With this understanding, four decades ago in 1970s, these nationalists echoing a philosophical version of, a 12th century moral philosopher, Rabbi Hillel’s words, asked themselves two fundamental questions- liberating Oromiya: If

  30. Teshite

    Jan 3, 12 at 8:30 am

    yaadasaa ,In your opinion what is vaible solution to our problem? the conflict b/n OLF factions is just power, there is difference in objective.

  31. Keelloo

    Jan 3, 12 at 9:18 am

    The answer to your question very simple. The state of Ethiopia was formed as an expansion to Abysinia by forcefully annexing independent states. You and the rest of world know the legal borders of the country Abysinia whose capital was Gonder. Finfinne was annexed by in 1880s Abysinain King Minilik who massacred 50% of the oromo population in the process of expanding his Empire. Therefore, it is only just and logical that with liberation of Oromia, Finifinne can no longer be the capital of Abysinia which should choose her capital wherever she wants in her legitimate borders. Oromos have absolutely no problem at all if Abysinia retains the name Ethiopia after withdrawing from Oromo land.

  32. Dadi

    Jan 3, 12 at 9:48 am

    i don’t believe it; OLF makes great historical mistake.now we Oromo people stands against the enemy of Oromo people Birihanu’s Nega group. this group looks like OPDO.What is the different between OPDO and this group

  33. Fikre III

    Jan 3, 12 at 9:49 am

    I think the question of the independence of Oromia should be asked in the right perspective. The real problem is not whether Oromia can function without Ethiopia and be independent of Ethiopia. The real question is the other way around, i.e. can Ethiopia function without Oromia? Can Ethiopia be independent of Oromia? This is the real issue that hinders the dream of independent Oromia and that needs to be addressed by those who want to see an independent Oromia. Do you want to see an independent Oromia? Then help Ethiopia become independent of Oromia. As long as Ethiopia is dependent on Oromia there will be no independent Oromia. Only if Ethiopia becomes independent of Oromia can an independent Oromia become reality. Those of you who want to see an independent Oromia should also work for a functioning and independent Ethiopian state that is no more dependent on Oromia. Lets frist help Ethiopia become independent of Oromia. How? For example by letting its center, Addis Ababa, inside Ethiopia or by other means. Oromia can function even without Finfine but Ethiopia can not. So the first step for independence in my view is to help Ethiopia create an independent state that is no more dependent on Oromia.

  34. Firdissa

    Jan 3, 12 at 10:08 am

    I do respect our ancestors struggle and sacrifice. But I am sure they did not mean to sit there looking useless and loser. It is upto the new generation to bring their aspiration to the current state of affairs and do what is good for our Oromo people. What is it that OLF did since 1991 after being kiked out by the Meles dictatorship? Answer: sit like a fool and weep! And some of us here still want to weep over the miraclous arrival of ethnic Oromia. Instead fasten your belts and join the fight against the dictator which is bleeding everyone. If you would bless this courageous decision and quicken the freedom and economic prosperity of the Oromo you have done what is expected of the generation.


  35. Tunnee

    Jan 3, 12 at 12:39 pm

    Nothing surprises me, as I haven’t heard or read any new developments. The Generals have decided on the final mission of the three OLF factional leaders. They decided on the already changed OLF programme in which the core part of the programme” Independent Oromiyaa”, was dismissed; before the Generals had come to Asmara and joined them. Perhaps, the only fallacy I could see here is that, this decision is taken in the absence of Shane and QC leaders. QC’s claim of being the guardian of Kaayyoo Ganamaa is equally pretentious and misleading. Could this decision help the Generals come out of Isayas Afeworki’s prison house and make them Dr. Berhanu Nega’s Seal of Spear? I doubt. Thus, the decision will remain in ESAT Amharic news and in VOA Amharic service archive.

    Unless the Oromos drop the “divine” name Ethiopia out of their memory, they continue to relegate Oromiyaa to the divine slavery and ultimately lead the Oromos to extinction. Throughout history, Oromos have had only one country, Oromiyaa, the land of the rule of law and land of diversified beauty clothed by Oromummaa. Hence, because of historical fallacy, we cannot claim the divine Ethiopia as belonging to us. It was and is the land of the rule of Siyume Igzihabeher which sharply contradicts the venerated, elected Abbaa Gadaa, iwho, if found to be guilty, can be uprooted and be sued.

    May Waaqa help us save from those who are running to be “SIYUME IGZHABEHER” upon us. We continue to fight them to the last point.

  36. Buqqisaa cubbuu

    Jan 3, 12 at 1:56 pm

    Ajaa’iba hawwinee duraanuu hawwii qofa taate maal siin jenna ekeraa awwaala dhabde eessaa nuuf farsita amma takka qocaatu bakkaan isin gaha jettaa? Beeymagan tun sumarratti haa ooltu

  37. anonymous

    Jan 3, 12 at 2:08 pm

    Kello stop disrespecting your fellow Oromo, if you are one of us. Speaking English is not a yard stick to measure once scholarly work or IQ. There are so many a African villagers who speak better English than you or people you mention purely because they happened to be under British Colony. Take Kenyans for instance. There are so many Oromo peasants who are naturally gifted to be leaders and can easily qualify to lead Oromo struggle. By the way schooling doesn’t give the IQ or the bravery you don’t have at birth, it only enrich the gift that you are born with. So, much about education, we have seen it where the likes of Negasu Gidaada ended up, or the likes of Lenco Lata ended up – being out smarted by TIGRE peasants.

    A fool is always a fool, learned or not. A coward is always a coward learned or not. That said, I wish you stop taking nonsense and see a better picture. Today, TIGRAY is a free country by default, although they did not declare it as such. How about that?. can you see that picture for Oromia?. Imagine that Oromia is free ( liberated), say your dream came true. What can you do with the rest of your neighbors?. Don’t you take interest and active role in their internal politics? Create your own puppets (friendly neighboring nations or states, to be politically correct)? Or are you simply sitting idle until another insurrection hatches in your neighbor and disturb the peace and tranquility your country enjoy? or are you going to erect the Berlin type wall around Oromia?. At any rate, if you want to keep Oromia’s interest (i.e.,free Oromia) you have to interfere with the affairs of other neighboring nations. That makes Oromia a superpower of the empire or horn, only to keep Oromia independent state. One way or the other, whether you like it or not, you are going to end up being an Empire.If you don’t want Oromia to take that position or role, Oromia doesn’t deserve to be Independent Country. How about that? Have you looked at these scenarios?.

  38. kekule

    Jan 3, 12 at 2:52 pm

    good leadership is not about goining school for 20 years but about having natural gift. For most education is just a piece of paper. Historically,most of the great leaders of this world do not have PHD or MS degrees. So we do not have to rely solely on schooling.

  39. Fikre

    Jan 3, 12 at 4:15 pm

    @ Keelloo,

    You are really missing my point. You are talking about history but I’m talking about reality of today! No state was created by holly people. It is all politics and wars. The question is not how Ethiopia was created but since it is a reality, how can Oromia be independent and at the same time the stete of Ethiopia can function properly. I’m not talking about naming a capital city, I’m talking about having a functioning state in all aspects i.e. political, economy, infrastructure, military, communication whatever, name it. As of today, nothing can function in Ethiopia properly without Oromia. To have some wonderful political dreams is one thing but to actually implement it by taking the actual realities of today is totally a different matter. As long as the equation is true that says the creation of independent Oromia = the destruction of Ethiopia, I don’t know how an independent Oromia can become a reality. An independent Oromia can be practically achievable only when the equation is changed i.e. the creation of independent Oromia ? the destruction of Ethiopia. And everyone who want to see an independent Oromia should help change the equation.

    What is needed is not repeating again and again some century old controversial history but practical and real solution for today. That is where the pro independent camp lack in my view.

  40. Netsanet

    Jan 3, 12 at 9:35 pm

    The issues are Cramp and Garbage: HOW? Here are the answers.
    1. In the current announcement it was indicated as if Oromo struggle was not supportive of working with other nationalities, but now OLF change this strategy. However, if you review any OLF faction’s objective/mission you will see that ..”….and to FORM, where possible, A POLITICAL UNION WITH OTHER NATIONS on the basis of equality, respect for mutual interests and the principle of voluntary associations’. WAKE UP AMIN!!

    2. The announcement claim that ”OLF drops SECESSION, embraces Ethiopian unity”. However, Amin Judi clarified in his recent talk that their political agenda (OLF) had never pursued secession. Furthermore, Dr Nuro clearly explained the same facts to Abebe Gelaw in his interview during the recent meeting. WAKE UP KEMAL

    3. If someone check the news on ze-Habessh, one can easily see that how much they are desperate enough to erase the crime committed by Aste Minilik and Hailesellasie. Actually, I believe that there should be a way to normalize crimes happened in any society, but it should come actions from criminal and people who are also depressed. WAKE UP DR. NURO

    4. I am surprised how far they can go and try to tell to Oromo people that their centuries struggle was not told the reality. Ofcouse oromo was not fighting for Unity, nothing is hidden, it is clearer than the water you drink!!!. WAKE UP EVERY BODY
    The conclusion is that they want to make the Oromo people responsible for the time it has been spend in the struggle without any result. And yet they want to get a credit for their ancestor mistakes. Shamelessly, they need unity. LAYMAN CANNOT SWALLOW THE LAYMAN APPROACH!! Go ahead with your UNITY, Oromo will go on for EQUALITY!!

  41. Jimma

    Jan 4, 12 at 12:34 am

    Some of the racist Oromia speakers always reflect their deep hate speech like Abyssina, minilke, bla bla…. To be honest, let us speak the real history of Ethiopia since 1915
    The expansion of Oromo in the late 116 and 1917th has resulted the Oromization of Shoa, wollo and Aresi and all high lands in the middle and north West part of the country. That time Oromo were powerful and were able to defeat and remove Amhara and retreat back to North SHoa, and separate this trade and social wayst to South like Kaffa, and Gurage.
    In the 19th century, Tewdros and Minilike comes to power no to vanish Oromo, but to establish a centralized government which comprise all people in the land. This ideal impossible to be achieved without war and distruction in any place by any means. So what is the historic ground to say Oromo was colonized by AbyssiniaN?? and as a fact, now 50% of Ethiopian in either of their family has Oromo blood, so how could it be true an Independen Oromia, and Ethiopia without Oromia?? I don’t care about language, blood or *** politics but I am on the front line to fight for any successesionist whatever it is. I want to assure you that I am oromo in my half blood, but it is almost a century old though, a barbaric way of natinalizim and identity by blood. You can even acquire a citizenship in USA after 5 years, in a country totally different from you orginality.
    Just use your mind to think about technology, democracy and development and avoid hate, blood, ethnicity and *** moronic awkward history interpretation. Long Live Ethiopia!!!

  42. Gemeda

    Jan 4, 12 at 4:25 am

    Do not mix up Gimbot7 (weynane in exile) with Amhara. Birhanu Nega is a looser friend of Bereket Simon and Meles. He is also gurage and sympataizer of Isayas Afewerqi.

    OLF-Gigirema made a good move, but they should accept One United Ethiopia and One Flag (Green-Yellow-Red) with out any preconditions.

  43. kekule

    Jan 4, 12 at 11:11 am

    “now 50% of Ethiopian in either of their family has Oromo blood, so how could it be true an Independen Oromia, and Ethiopia without Oromia??”
    Mr jimma from where you get this 50%, still you can be oromia citizin by naturalization and Amhara citizin by birth. We will give you all the citizinship right except you can be president of oromia, but you have to learn the language. If you do not understand english you not get job even in USA. In oromia oromo language will be manadatory to work soon. So try to update you knowledge and do not resist change. Be on the right side of history and do not always dream the past, which is never come back again.

  44. Jimma

    Jan 4, 12 at 4:24 pm

    Akkas gootani?. Yaa ummata oromo, yeroo heddu “Jimma” jedhee yaada koo kennaa ture. Amma kanan argaa jiru, maqaa “Jimma”n yaada kennaa jiru. Gar tokkoon waan nama kofalchiisudha. Gar tokkoon waan nama aarsudha. Ummata dogogorsuf kan ka’an fakaata. Ani barataadha. Hordoofe hindanda’u. Yeroon hinjiru. Yaadi koos bekamaadha. Irra dedebi’u hin barbaachisu. Maqaa namaa ballessuf bukken akkana godhu. Mirga qabu maqaa kana baafachufi kan fedhe jechu. Beeka akkana godhu garu. Safun hinjiru. KKKKK.

  45. Kutu

    Jan 5, 12 at 11:25 am

    Rabbi si haa baleessu Kamal Galchuu, Durg, Wayanee, OPDO, OLF,JIjiirama,finally G7 dhaaba Amhara, when will you stop betraying everyone and defecting from every ideology, only to fulfil your vested interests.

    Oromo its not a jocking matter any more we are in a grave danger and we have been infiltrated by our enemies more than ever.

    Now before its too late, now today I call all your Oromo nationalist friends and discuss how we can save our people from from getting back to the minilik camp, where Oromo can no longer use his language, no more Oromia under the geographical federalism and compelete distruction of our culture and identity. Maaloo amahari bineensa nama nyaatuudhaa Kamal Galchii jara kana dhiisi siinis si ajeessu, we love u kamal atis Oromoodha garaa dhuma kee dadhabde maleessa. Stop this bulshit and not its about time we act and stop u from getting us into another curse and worst blunder!!

    Oromo haasaa dhiisi act from today save Oromo and Oromia!!!

  46. falmata

    Jan 5, 12 at 12:48 pm

    I see your point Fikre,
    Interesting point but finding a solution to the problem you clearly articluated is not beyond our capacity if we put our heads and resources together, but it needs to be added to our to do list right from today.
    first of all Ethiopia is not going to start from scratch. From what I am hearing Gondor has made many progress in the last few years and is now one of the top cities in Ehtiopia. All needs to be done is build on that, expand its infrastructire and bring to a functioning capital city of Ethiopia. I actually think Independent state of Oromia has a moral obligation to help build a sister country Ethiopia.

  47. Mo'aa

    Jan 7, 12 at 8:19 am

    Kamal’s group explicitly announcing an ‘International self-determination’ as its goal is not wrong in principle! They have right just like the God-given right of the Dhugaasa’s faction to persue its goal of ‘External self-determination’. Of course Daud’s group being open for both types of self-determination and stressing a REFERENDUM on the two options is a conciliatory position. The last decission on the issue must be left for the Oromo public at large! I think what angered Jawar and the other Oromo nationals, who are opposing the move of the General is the Euphoria and the premature celebration of the Abesha camp! The fool Abeshas just tried to hide their own giving up of the Centeralism position and their accepting of the nation-based federation, which they vehemently used to oppose. Actually the position now taken by the Kamal’s group is not new for the OLF, but the move of the Abesha camp to this position of accepting the ‘federal republic of Ethiopia’ or the Internal self determination is new! Simply put the Oromo camp is the one who won in the negotiation between the Kamal’s group and the G-7, it is not a victory for Abesha camp!!

  48. Deenta

    Jan 8, 12 at 2:56 am

    I don’t necessarily agree that Kamal’s group won over Abesha. We could say that if Ginbot 7 agreed to call the new federalized country Oromia (or Federal Republic of Kush), but not Ethiopia. Abesha politicians (most) are crooked. They are notorious for appearing sympathetic but at the end of the day being destructive. It is their indigenous tendency to be Feudalistic. They still regard Menelik II with high regard.
    Oromo cannot rely on Abyssinians to support us. We just have to work on our indigenous systems in order to reach our objectives. Have a read of Dr Assefa’s book, Contending Nationalism of Oromia and Ethiopia. In it, Dr Assefa recommends establishing a Gumi Oromiyya. Menilik II understood that Oromo Gadaa was the reason why it was so difficult to defeat Oromo. It took assistance from England and modern weapons combined with actions by Gobana. To this day, efforts are made to prevent Oromo to establish GADAA for all of Oromia. This is why OPDO target Oromo students particularly when they ask where Gadaa Oromo is.