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Abdul Aman aka Zigla Dinho of Madda Walaabu FC (OSFNA) Joins Seattle Sounders FC (Major League Soccer – MLS)

Abdul Aman aka Zigla of Madda Walaabu FC (an Oromo Sports Federation of North American/OSFNA team from Seattle, Washington) has been drafted by the Seattle Sounders FC (a Major League Soccer/MLS team). Zigla had also played for the Huskies, the University of Washington team in Seattle, as well as his high school team.

Coverage by Seattle Press:
Sounders FC pick up five new players (Seattle Times)
Seattle selects 4 in MLS supplemental draft (Seattle Post Intelligencer)

Here are some videos from past Zigla’s performances

At the OSFNA 2011 Tournament:

(Video by

Zigla @ UWA – Huskies:

Zigla @ High School:


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1 Comment

  1. Dadardinho:

    January 20, 2012 @ 4:25 am

    OSFNA website sucks, please take over that site. I feel embarrassed everytime I go there to see some updates. They have the same stuff from like 3 years ago, including pictures and everything. Thanks Gadaa for running professional website and making us proud.