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Oromia-Ethiopia: OPride Reports At Least 4 Oromiyaan Civilians Dead in Hassasa

According to, at least four Oromiyaan civilians died and up to eight were wounded in Hassasa town, Oromiyaa, on April 27, 2012, when Ethiopian security forces fired shots at Muslim activists demanding the state stop interfering in religious affairs.

The administrative center of the Gedeb county in Arsi, Oromiyaa, Hassasa is reportedly one of the hotbeds of revolt against Ethiopian authorities, or “the Ambo of the Southeast,” according to OPride. Ambo is a town in central Oromiyaa; in the Oromo struggle against subjugation, Ambo is known for its fierce resistance against the TPLF military force, which has been occupying Oromiyaa since 1991.

In addition to the ongoing interference in the affairs of the Muslim community, the colonial regime of Atse Meles Zenawi has also interfered with Waaqeffannaa, the indigenous Oromo religion, by banning it on political grounds, according to a recent US State Department’s report on religious freedom in Ethiopia.

For the full story on the Hassasa incident, read more on


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  1. yusuf:

    April 29, 2012 @ 3:52 am

    the dead reach to 7