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Source Alleges Group-7 in Canada to Lay the Groundwork for Takeover of OSFNA by Ethiopian Sports Federation

Posted: Caamsaa/May 4, 2012 · Finfinne Tribune | Gadaa.com | Comments (10)

According to EthioMedia, a delegate of Group-7 (the recently created “new OLF”) will hold a meeting with its Ethiopian fans in the capital city of Canada, Ottawa, over the weekend (May 5, 2012).

Part of the mission of the delegation of Group-7 to Ottawa, Canada, according to an unconfirmed source from Toronto, is to lay the groundwork for the takeover of the Oromo Sports Federation in North America (OSFNA) by an Ethiopian Sports Federation. According to this source, OSFNA had been deliberately weakened and made irrelevant over the last three years – attracting less and less number of people each year – as “part and parcel” of the ultimate alleged takeover of OSFNA by an Ethiopian Sports Federation.

Gadaa.com has contacted OSFNA management to verify if the above serious allegations are being undertaken with OSFNA’s knowledge; Gadaa.com will post OSFNA’s response as soon as it becomes available. The source in Toronto said “OSFNA management has no knowledge of the takeover plan for OSFNA,” but it had changed its traditional dates of the tournament from end of July to beginning of July (to be specific, June 30 – July 7, 2012).

It’s to be noted that it was only a group of 7 individuals, who conspired, without the knowledge of the larger OLF-J group, to change the Kaayyoo of the Oromo struggle on January 1, 2012 (WBO’s Day) with an announcement at Kelly Inn in St. Paul, Minnesota. That a similar decision could be made regarding the OSFNA takeover, without OSFNA’s knowledge, can not be ruled out.

In the recent The Washington Post story, a representative of Group-7, Obbo Taha Tuko, had expressed dissatisfaction with the existence of “youth groups for Oromo college students, Oromo cultural festivals and Oromo Singles, a dating Web site.” The change, being advocated by Group-7, is coming, not only to the politics of the Oromo, but also the daily life of the Oromo: “This could mean big changes and small, both in politics and daily life,” (The Washington Post)

OSFNA – the Past, Current and Future
According to OSFNA’s website, OSFNA was founded in 1996 – with the first tournament held in Toronto, Canada; the participating teams were Rissa of Minnesota, Madaa Walabuu of Seattle, Oromia of Toronto, Odaa of Scarborough, Barisaa of Atlanta, Georgia, and Bakalcha of Ottawa, Canada. Over the last 16 years, OSFNA has become the reflection of Oromo society in the Diaspora (exile) – attracting all Oromos, regardless of religion, region and political beliefs.

One observer, who was asked by Gadaa.com about the serious allegations of OSFNA takeover, said, “OSFNA is a people’s organization; the Oromo community all over the world, especially, in North America, must save this organization from humiliation and collapse now. I have faith in the OSFNA management that they will not allow any takeover of OSFNA by an outside group.”

OSFNA, in addition to holding the annual soccer tournament, is also a venue for the major Oromo community events of the year, such as family and friends get-togethers, a pageant show, music shows by major Oromo artists as well as civic meetings by Oromo political organizations and the Oromo Studies Association (OSA). Moreover, a number of vendors come out to the OSFNA soccer field to sell their goods and services to the festival attendants. In short, OSFNA holds a paramount place in the Oromo life, and arguably, the only place in the world where Oromummaa is celebrated in freedom with the attendance of thousands of festival goers. The alleged takeover of OSFNA by any group that does not represent Oromummaa will have a devastating effect on the Oromo nation.


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  1. Anoole

    May 4, 12 at 9:43 am

    Pls! Gadaa.com stop stop propoganda. Nobody can take OSFANA from Oromo. We better than that . You should work with Amahara too . The truth is , They are the 2nd largerst poeplation in next to Oromo. Lieave the New OLF alone. Ples!

  2. Oromtiti22

    May 4, 12 at 10:49 am

    Daba your brainless ***. just to let you know Oromo people will never unity with habasha no matter what. if we didnt do 100 years ago what make you think we do now…GET LIFE!

  3. Daniel

    May 4, 12 at 11:12 am

    Dear brothers this is politics ,so come what may Oromo is Oromo and Ginbot 7 is G7.
    This is not back home where u can always blame the ruling party as they can do whatever. This is US and CANADA where
    U can show who u are and how strong u are. Please don’t say “someone is Gonna do this and that”. OLF has more than 40 years struggle history which should I expect to be the toughest even more than TPLF. We have to open our eyes and ears to play the twenty first century politics in which tricks and tactics have the biggest role. We should be scary to the others on politics trick games not only with gun fight. So generally this should not be our headache than building our unity which our enemies are trying to breakthrough.

  4. obsaa

    May 4, 12 at 11:55 am

    Let everday who want to join habeshas go;we donot care. But real and proud oromos will never form alliance with habeshas on any matter[political, social, business,…].

  5. mortar

    May 4, 12 at 12:00 pm

    Daba your name sounds oromo but your comment smells habesha. It is clear that you are pretending to be an oromo where as you are a neftegna.

  6. sabboona

    May 4, 12 at 12:38 pm

    This is not gona happen in front of the eyes Oromo poeples. Oromo wakeup look our enemys are working days and nights to distroy Oromummaa. Let us strengthen our unity defend Oromo and Oromia.

  7. Gutama

    May 4, 12 at 1:09 pm

    Take over OSFNA? I don’t think so. OSFNA is belongs to young generations who are working hard to promote their culture, unity among oromos above all to free Oromia. I personally believe unity of Ethiopia, but oromo should be free before unity. Those people who are weakening the oromos are greedy and want to pursue their own interst, they are no better than galtuus. Those oromos who want to unite Ethiopia, should unite and free oromos first. Its up to oromos to decide not few greedy poloticians.I hope and pray to God that the young generation will take over from these bunch of corrupt oromo traitors.

  8. Isayas Goerge

    May 4, 12 at 4:40 pm

    As to my opinion ,it is not as such important,
    to ask unity. oromo is popular , it is not oromo who ask for help.
    may be others can ask oromo for help.
    Further more 21st politics , means every body is aware of that. if you are thinking like that ,your enemy is also thinking same.
    no one is more or less. it is one to one.your tactics is cheated. PLEAS GO STREET. ONLY TWO WAYS. DEATH ORLIFE. Frist of all you have to accept, is it justice or not ,what i am doing? is it realy? oromo is affected? yes or no?
    is oromo want to hart other society or just to protect: his resource ,to vote for his right , to empowering oromo?is it realy oromo want to hart other society ? I donot think so. as to me oromo is intermingled with other society also living with other tribes in oromiya land. But this popular society`s existance in ethiopia is now days practically denied,and hated by other tribes.this happens due to the consequetive governments porpoganda against oromo people? may be tribs can live togethr?yes.nobroblem.
    governments problem? YES!

  9. Fouad

    May 5, 12 at 12:21 am

    This is a ridiculous news. This is a tactic to devide the Oromos and is a political game. Word of cautious for the Oromos, please stand strong with one another and do not let such a useless news to get into our community. OFSNA is found by the Oromos and will stay an entity of Oromo as long as the organization lives. We have to learn how to not lisent to garbage news and move forward with our work of expanding OFSNA for our young Oromo generations.

  10. Biftu Bari

    May 5, 12 at 10:49 am

    OMG, i hope this not true. if anyone is interested they can go to ethiopian. THIS is FOR OROMO BY OROMO. if OSFNA will co-sponsare anything ethiopian related topic or issue we will protest and do everything in our power to make sure they will never succeed. if OSFNA have any connection or talks with G7 they should be accountable for this relation. OSFNA is not prolitical organization, thus they should not get involved in politics. we are not ethiopian, we are oromia thus i dont want hear anything that is related to habash or ethiopian