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The Latest Edition of Ogina Arrives at the Digital Newsstand

The following is a statement announcing the release of the latest edition of Ogina, a webzine (web-based (maga)zine) featuring art, literature, interviews, and criticism that relate, directly or indirectly, to the experiences of Oromo in Diaspora.

Graphics: Ogina

The editorial staff of Ogina: Oromo Arts in Diaspora is pleased to announce the release of its sixth issue. This new issue includes a variety of excellent and original creative cultural work by Oromo people and friends of Oromo people from all over the world. The special feature on Roba Bulga includes not only clips from his movie “Jeans and Marto” but also the video of an interview between him and professor Steven Thomas, and two of Roba’s poems — one in English, one in Afan Oromo. The issue also includes essays on Oromo wedding poetry, the Addoyyee institution, and the mainstream media’s representation of the Red Terror.

The Ogina staff also announce that they are looking for new editorial staff members to help with the next issue. If you are interested in supporting Ogina, please e-mail

For more info about Ogina, please refer to:


Ogina Editorial Staff


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