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Labsa Waloo ULFO fi GQM-ABO | Joint Statement of ULFO and UAM-OLF

Posted: Waxabajjii/June 21, 2013 · Finfinne Tribune | Gadaa.com | Comments (12)


United Liberation Forces of Oromiyaa (ULFO)
United Activists and Members of the Oromo Liberation Front (UAM-OLF)

June 16, 2013

Joint Statement

Deeply concerned about the escalating state terrorism that the TPLF led regime of Ethiopia has been lately perpetrating on the people of Oromiyaa and the present precarious state of the Oromo national liberation struggle, the United Liberation Forces of Oromiyaa (ULFO) and the United Activists and Members of the Oromo Liberation Front (UAM-OLF) initiated joint sessions meant to assess the extent and implication of the TPLF all-rounded attacks on the Oromo people and explore ways and means that could help unite the Oromo liberation organizations and put the struggle on the right trajectory– one that reassures the salvation of the Oromo people from the wanton destruction by the TPLF.

We, ULFO and UAM-OLF, held a series of meetings and discussed a range of issues. The salient issues that were given a special focus in the discussion include: (1) The heinous crimes of the TPLF-led regime and the present state of the Oromo nation, (2) the growing public apathy and cynicism on the unity of purpose among Oromo liberation forces, and (3) major bottlenecks that are exceedingly restricting the development of the Oromo liberation struggle, and (4) redress mechanisms that can extricate the struggle from recurring setbacks. After extensive deliberation on the issues, the following joint statement has been released:

Duly taking a stock of the crimes of the TPLF-led regime of Ethiopia has committed on the Oromo people and their implications on the present political, economic, and social conditions of the Oromo nation, ULFO and UAM-OLF have stated that the regime:

• Has made the situation of the nation in all spheres of life quite abysmal and it is relentlessly working to even further deteriorate their situation; relentlessly working to even further deteriorate their situation;

• Has completely marginalized the Oromos from having any stake in the political affairs of their nation by further shrinking even the token political space it has accorded its own proxy organization – the OPDO;

• Has strangulated the economic life line of the Oromo so much so that an abject poverty has overwhelmed the people to unprecedented degree;

• Has evicted the Oromo people from their ancestral land, from both urban centers and rural areas, at an alarming rate and leased or sold their land to trans- national corporations;

• Has repeatedly fomented inter-ethnic conflicts that took heavy tolls on human life and property of Oromo communities; for instance, the recent conflict that displaced the Oromos of Anniyyaa, Jaarsoo, and Mi’eessoo districts in Eastern Hararge is a case in point.

• Has escalated environmental degradation in Oromiya (in some cases by deliberately destroying a rare natural forest stock in Oromiya) like the one recently decimated in Illuu Abbaaboora Zone – the UNESCO- Registered Yayu Coffee Forest Biosphere Reserve;

• Has arrested the economic and social development of Oromiya by massively incarcerating the most productive demographic group throughout Oromiya and by terrorizing the bulk of the population and distracting them from engaging in development activities;

• Has caused hundreds of thousands to flee their country and suffer in foreign lands, particularly in the neighbouring countries and in the Middle East, where survival for many proved to be utterly difficult;

• Has generally targeted and declared on the Oromo people a silent war of ethnic cleansing that the international community seems to have failed to notice;

We condemn in stern terms the TPLF-led regime of Ethiopia for all crimes it has committed on the people of Oromiya. We call upon the world community to heed to appeals of the Oromo people and act in a morally responsible manner.

Having reflected on the wanton aggression of the Ethiopian regime on the Oromo, ULFO and UAM-OLF have cogently recognized that the Oromo nation would not have been in such a dire state had the Oromo political forces put their political powerhouse in order. In light of this glaring fact, we would like to call upon all stakeholders to work towards the evolution of a untied and an effectively organized and led Oromo national liberation struggle.

Recognizing the basis of cynicism of the Oromo public on the unity of the Oromo political organizations, ULFO and UAM-OLF have called upon:

• All independent Oromo political organizations to match their words with concrete deeds and earn the trust of the Oromo public;

• All organized Oromo civil societies (social organizations, religious institutions, business communities, academic associations, community organizations etc.) both at home and abroad to constructively engage all political forces to seriously and demonstratively work towards unity;

• The broad Oromo public, as the stakeholder in the political affairs of the nation, to significantly elevate its active engagement in the national liberation struggle and bring about the much desired outcome of the struggle- the liberation of Oromiya;

• The Oromo intellectuals not to remain aloof at this critical juncture when the nation desperately looks for profound solutions for its critical problems from its critical mass – the learned ones;

• All who level critics from the sideline on Oromo liberation forces of all stripes to redirect their energy and positively contribute to the national cause by directly involving in an organized political engagement and offer pragmatic solutions to the admittedly frustrating state of the Oromo liberation struggle.

Understanding that the road-block that has impeded the progress of the Oromo national struggle so far is the lack of genuine political will to fundamentally and collectively address the prevailing political gridlock of the nation, we appeal to all Oromo political forces to give a somber thought to this burning issue and prepare for an open political engagement that ultimately help effectively contain the challenge of our time.

ULFO and UAM-OLF on their part have committed themselves and come up with a mechanism that can redress the issue of unity of purpose among the Oromo liberation forces and eventually put the struggle on a better footing. Cognizant of the fact that all other forces are currently working along the same line, ULFO and UAM-OLF have commended all for such a noble effort and demanded that attempts along unification of forces be carried out in a more expeditious and coherent manner.


United Liberation Forces of Oromiyaa (ULFO)
United Activists and Members of the Oromo Liberation Front (UAM-OLF)

Tokkummaa Humnoota Bilisumma Oromiyaa (THBO)
Gurmuu Qabsaawota fi Miseensota Adda Bilisummaa Oromoo (GQM-ABO)

Waxabajjii 16, 2013


Mootummaan Itoophiyaa kan Adda Bilisummaa Ummata Tigraayin (ABUT hkn TPLF) dursamu shoorarkeessummaa isaa caalatti itti fufuudhan gidiraan inni ummata Oromoo irraan si’ana gahaa jiru haalan yaaddessaa waan ta’eef dabalees, haalli qabsoon bilisummaa saba Oromoo yeroo ammaa keessa hulluuqaa jiru har-malee hoorsaa ta’uu isaarraan kan ka’e, Tokkummaan Humnoota Bilisummaa Oromiyaa (THBO) fii Gurmuun Qabsaawota fi Miseensota Adda Bilisummaa Oromoo (GQM-ABO) haallan sardaa ta’an kanaaf yaada furmaataa soquudhaf walgahii marii godhanne. Kana irraa ka’uudhanis, tokkummaan jaarmyoolee bilisummaa Oromoo akkaata itti mirkanaahuu danda’u, darbees fala qabsoo saba Oromoo sirneessee ummata Oromoo badii diini irran ga’aa jiru irraa hanqisuu malu irratti yaada wal-jijjiiruf yaalii goone.

Nuti, THBO fi GQM-ABO, haaluma kanaan bu’ura bal’aa ta’an irratti yeroo adda addaa walgahuudhan marii gaggeeffannee jirra. Bu’uroota mariin irratti godhame keessaa kan ijoo ta’an: (1) Balaa mootummaan ABUTin dursamu saba Oromoo irraan gahaa jiruu fi haalli ummanni keenyaa itti jiru, (2) tokkummaa jaarmyoolee bilisummaa Oromiyaa fi qabsaawotaa akka barbaachisaa ta’etti itituu dhabuu irraan kan ka’e, waayeen tokkummaa ummata keessatti nuffissiissaa fi abdii kutachiisaa ta’a dhufu isaa, (3) rakkoolee qabsoo bilisummaa korkodanii qaban, fii (4) malaa fii fala rakkoo deddiibi’ee qabsoo bilisummaa saba Oromoo gaadi’u keessa baasan fa’a. Gadi fageenyan qabxiileewwan kana irratti erga mari’anne booda, labsa waloo kana baasnee jirra.

Mootummaan ABUT (Tigree) balaa inni saba Oromoo irratti dhaqabsiisaa jiru siyaasaa, diinagdee, fii hawaasumaa ummata keenya irratti dhiibba inni qabu sirnaan toohachuudhan, gocha mootumichaa THBO fii GQM-ABO akka armaan gadiitti addeessanii jiru:

• Haala jireenya saba Oromoo guutuudhumatti balleessaa jira; caalattuu barbadeessudhaaf halkanii- guyyaa irratti dalagaa jira;

• Ummata Oromoo dhimma siyaasa biyya isaa ilaalu irratti qooda akka hin-qabaanne taasisee jira; inumaahu dirree siyaasaa dhiphoo, kan jaarmya maqaa Oromootin ijaaree maxxannee isaa godhateef hayyameef illee mulquudhan saba Oromoo siyaasa irraa guutumatti moggaatti baasee jira;

• Karaa diinagdeetin, jireenyaa Oromoo hudhuudhan guutun saba keenyaa akka hiyyummaa gara- hinqabneef saaxilamu godhee jira;

• Ummata Oromoo, baadiyyaa fii magaala irraa, qe’ee abaabayyuu fii akaakayyuu isaaniirraa humnaan buqqisee lafa isaanii tujjaaroota biyyota alaati (kan wara saba isaani rakkoo nyaataa irra baraaruuf dachii qonnaa adamsanii) fii kanneen biyya keessaaf (kan akka soorayyiiwwan Tigroota fi kittillayyoota isaanii fa’aaf) kireessee jira; gariis bu’aa hangana hin-jedhamneen lafa saba keenyaa gurgurachaa jira.

• Ummatoota bara kumaatamaaf ollumma fii obbolummaan waliin jiraachaa turan walitti buusee lubbuu namaa fii qabeenya Oromoo barbadeessee jira: Fakkeenyaaf, dhiheenya kana Oromoon Anniyaa shira kanaan lafa abaabayyuu isaarraa buqqifamee jira; akkasumattillee, lolli kana fakkaatu Mi’eesso fii ona Jaarsoo keessatti lubbuu nama hedduu galaafateera;

• Haala naannawaa Oromiyaa irrattis jeequmsaa uumaa jira. Oromiyaa keessa bakka gariitti inumaahuu beekaa bosona fii daggala uumaa barbadeessaa jira. Ilu Abbaa Booraa keessati daggala Mootummoota Tokkoomen (UNESCOn) galmeeffame, bosona bunaa kan Yayyuu barbadeessuun gidiraa ABUTn Oromiyaarrattu hojjate keessa tokko;

• Dargaggeeyyii Oromiyaa kan misoomaan biyya guddisu malan mana hidhaatti naquudhan, guddina diinagdee fii hawaasummaa haalan qancarsee jira; guutumatti ummata shoorarkeessudhan misoomaa irraatti qaamaa-qalbii guutudhaan akka hin-bobbaane sakaalee guddina biyyaa hanqisaa jira;

• Ummata shoorarkeessee kum-dhibbootaan qe’ee isaaniirraa akka bu’qanii, biyya ambaa, biyyoota ollaa fii Arabatti baqatan; baqattoonni akkanaas akka jiruu hadhooftudhaaf saaxilaman, gariin isaani ammoo laga lixanii dhihan qurxummii tahuudhaan akka dhuman godhe jira;

• Duula waraanaa kan duguugiinsa shanyii dhoysatti Oromotti bobbaasee jira; dulla kana osuma arganuu biyyoonni addunyaa ijaafii gurra cufatanii irraa cal’isanii jiru.

Mootummaa Itoophiyaa kan ABUTiin hogganamu, yakka inni ummata Oromiyaa irratti hojjachaa jiru kana maraafu cimsinee balaaleeffanna. Hawaasni addunyaatiis iyyannoo ummata Oromoo kana dhagayanii haala hamilee fii itti gaafatama-qabeessa taheen akka dirmatan yaamicha goonaaf.

Weeyrara ABUT guddaa herreguun nama dhibu kana THBOn fii GQM-ABO duubatti mil’atanii xiinxaluudhan, osoo humnootni siyaasaa Oromoo mana isaanii qulqulleessanii qindoominan hojjatanii haalli badaan abdii nama kutachiisu kan armaan olitti ibsame ummata Oromoo irra akka hin geenye hubannee jirra. Dhugaa akka aduutti mul’atu kana hubachuudhaan, humnootni siyaasa Oromoo tokkummaa fii qindoominaan akka hojjatan yaadachiisuu feena.

Tokkummaa jaarmayoota siyaasaa irratti shakkii fii mamii ummanni Oromo qabu hubachuudhaan THBO fii GQM-ABOn yaamicha asii gadii godhu:

• Jaarmyoonni walaba tahan hundi waan afaanii fii xalayaadhaan jechaa turan hunda hojiidhaan mirkaneessanii ummata irraa amantii akka horatan;

• Jaarmayoonni Civikii Oromoo (jaarmayoonni hawaasummaa, kan amantii, kan daldalaa, kan barnootaa fii qorannoo akkasumas kanneen kana fakkaatan) biyyaa fii biyya ambaa jiran hundi jaarmyoota siyaasaa Oromoo karaa ijaaraa ta’een dhiibanii tokkummaan isaanii shafisaan akka mirkanaawu irratti akka hojjatan;

• Ummani bal’aan Oromoo, abbichi haajaa siyaasaa Oromiyaa, qabsoo keessatti qooda fudhannaa isaa daran olkaasudhan, projektii ofii kan biyya dhugoomfachu, kan Oromiyaa bilisoomsuu irratti akka bal’innaan bobba’u;

• Hayyoonni Oromoo haala hatattamaa kan yeroo ammaa sabni Oromoo keessa jiruuf furmaata soquuf ogummaa qaban hundi Oromiyaan yoomiyuu caala akka isaanitti dhimmamtu qalbeefachuudhan, osoo rakkoo jirtu arganii akka nama hinagareetti bira darbuu hkn miliquu dhiisanii, akka rakkoo saba keenya mudateef furmaata barbaadan;

• Namoonni moggaa taa’aanii jarmyoota siyaasa Oromoo karaa ijaara hintaanen qeeqan hundi, jarmyoota irraa ala ta’uu dhiisanii keeysa galanii qooda fudhachuudhaan rakkoo obsa fixachiiftuu qabsoon
Oromoo keessa jirtu kanaaf furmaata akka laatan.

Rakkoo qabsoo bilisummaa Oromoo haga ammaa qabate kanaaf furmaata bu’uraa arguufin kan dadhabameef tattaafin haqa-qabeessa kanaan dura waani hir’ateefi. Waloodhaan rakkoo dhalateef yeroodhan furmaata soquu dhabuun kuni deebisee qabsoo bilisummaa Oromiyaa baay’eee gara duubaa harkisee jira. Haala kana mara hubachuudhaan jaarmyoonni siyaasaa Oromoo xiyyeeffannaa guddaa laataniifii, rakkoo balbeltuu amma biyya keenya harkaa qabduuf, osoo yeroon hin dabarre jarjarsaadhan furmaata waloo akka laatan iyyanna.

Gama isaaniitiin THBO fii GQM-ABO yaada furmaataa kan rakkoo tanaaf qaban gumaachuuf qophaawoodha. Furmaatni kuniis kan qabsoo bilisummaa Oromiyaa karaa qaceelaa taraarameef irratti deebisu taha. Jaarmyoonni bilisummaa Oromoo kanneen biraatiis karuma kanarratti hojjachaa jiraachuu isaanii hubachuudhan, THBO fii GQM-ABO tattaafii ijaaraa akkasii eebisaa, furmaani waayee tokkummaa jaarmyoota bilisummaa Oromoo dhugoomsu haala shafisaa fi qindoominaan akka waloodhan irratti hojatan kabajaadhan hunda gaafanna.

Tokkummaan Humna!

Tokkummaa Humnoota Bilisummaa Oromiyaa (THBO)
Gurmuu Qabsaawota fii Miseensota Adda Bilisummaa Oromo (GQM-ABO)


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  1. Dhugaa

    Jun 21, 13 at 6:02 am

    Silaa qaanii hin beektanii biyyuma Faranjii keessa taa’aatii takka ibsa takka labsa baasaa.Ibsa irratti ibsi labsa irratti labsi diina biyya keenya irraa hin baasu. Kanaaf would you please shut up and eat your junk food. Gootota Intarneetaa mee maaloo xiqqoodhuma qaanawaa.
    Goototni Oromoo wareegamaniiru kaan mana hidhaa jiru kaan ammoo funyaan diinaa jala ta’anii qabsaawaa jiru isin ammoo biyya Ameeriikaa keessa niitii keessan haammattanii ciistanii ibsaa fi labsaan mataa nu naannesitu. Wayyaaneen ammoo Oromiyaa haammattee jirti. Once again please shut up ! Oromo people knows who is doing the right thing & who is not. Do not waste your time on writing such nonsense thing which is made no any harm to our enemy.

    Hubannaa keessaniif galatoomaa.

  2. owwaaree

    Jun 21, 13 at 7:13 am

    THBO FI GQM-ABO jettanii raajii dha maaloo ibsa baasuun yeroo nurraa hin gubiinaa dhiiratu biyya nurraa fudhate dhiirummaan haa deebifatnu, numa jirraaf interneta irratti ol baanee nama tokkoof lamaan waa barreessuun kun oromoof waa hin bahu, dhaabni kun lamaanuu eenyu akka tahe oromoon numa beeka, kanaaf maaloo yoo dandeessan nama qabsootti jirutti of dabalaa yoo tahuu baate ibsuma ofii hin jirre tokko baasaa ooluu fi yeroo namaa gubuun oromoo irratti cubbuu hojjechuu irra adda hin jiru. yookaan dhiisaa jireenya keessan jiraadhaa namni qabsoo kana gaggeessuu fi isa dhukkubsu haa ooffatu.

  3. lellistuu Haqaa

    Jun 21, 13 at 10:14 am

    Ibsii fi labsi waraqaa irratti hafuu hin qabdu. Aboo jireenyi nutti hadhoofte. Qabsoo dirreetti nu bobbaasaa! Teenyee dhumuu mannaa lollee dhumuu wayyaa !!!!

  4. Moortaar

    Jun 21, 13 at 12:54 pm

    Jaarmiyaaleen kun lachuu galatoomaa. Qabsoo bilisummaa Oromoo dura gufuun taa’uu heddu. Gufuu kana kan kaa’u Habashootaa fi Oromoota bilchina siyaasaa hinqabne warra Habashaa jala akka saree eegee kurkursaa kaatani dha. Daawwaan/Falli kanaa unuma Oromoota keessaa madduu qaba. Akkuma dur qabsaa’aa turretti utuu hintaane kalaqa adda addaa bara waliin adeemu fayyadamuu qabna. Haata’u garuu bara wajjin kaayyoo jijjirrachuu hinqabnu. Gabaabumatti waanti ani tuquu barbaadu:

    1. Dhimmoota ummata Oromoo tokko godhan addaan baafnee haabeeknu(biyya takka(Oromiyaa) waliin qabaachuu, Afaan Oromoo waliin qabaachuu, sirna jabaa ittiin boonnu (Gadaa) waliin qabaachuu, akkaata yaadaa (psychological make up) takka qabaachuu, kkf). Ilaalcha siyyasaan adda addummaa qabaannu illee dhimmoota oromummaa irratti waliin hojjechuuf “consensus” irra ga’uu qabna. Dhimmoota gargar taane irratti immoo walii obsuun guyyaa diina ofirraa kufisne ummanni akka dhaaba barbaade filatu irratti waliigaluu.

    2. Media jabaa ummata Oromoo tokko tokkoo bira salphaatti ga’uu danda’u ijaaruu; haala itti tajaajila nama hawwatu dhiheessu irratti yaaduu; ogeessota horuu

    3. Waraana jabaa qabaachuu: Ilmaan Oromoo hunduu meeshaa waraanaa hidhachuus baatan ogummaa waraanaa iddoo iddoo jirutti barsiisuu; iddoo mijataa ta’etti hidhachiisuu; warri hidhatan bilchina siyaasaa dhaabuun ummata akka hinmiine siyaasaan bilcheessuu; haala itti meeshaalee waraanaa dhoksaan Oromiyaa keessatti hojjechuu dandeenyu itti yaaduu; meeshaalee waraanaa maallaqa nama hinbaasifne kan akka ibiddaaa fayyadamuun qabeenya diinaa jajjabaa mancaasuu kisaaraa irraan ga’uu

    4. Diinagdee malee lola adeemsisuun, aadaa guddisuun, miidiyaa fayyadamuun, kkf hindandaa’amu waan ta’eef haala itti Oromonni walitti dhufnee kaampaanii jajjabaa qabaachuu dandeenyu irratti hojjechuu

  5. Abdata

    Jun 21, 13 at 7:41 pm

    Who are these groups? Where are they from? What are they performing? What did they achieve so far? This sub-group is based in one of the coffee shops in foreign land.

  6. tokkumman humna

    Jun 21, 13 at 7:41 pm

    qabson ummata oromoo dubattii debi’ee jira, jechun namni qabsa’uu tokkoo biyyaa kessaa ta’eti qabsoon isaa galma gessii.

  7. Teshome

    Jun 21, 13 at 8:22 pm

    Hundaa duraa ibsaa keessanif gaalatoma.itti aansuun gaafa hiribaa keessaa kaatan argufu baayyeen jaarjare.bara baran rakkoo ummataa oromoo irraati rawwatu fi ibsaa baasu malee sochiin sin qabataman fudhatan hin jiru jechuun ni danda’ama.isin oso gamoo warra adii jala fiigdan oduu fuunantan naaftanyan kun impayerati deebise ijaruuf isin dursee jira.qabsoo bilisummaaf godhamu qawween yoo ta’e male interneti waan hin argamne kana irrati yeroo hin fixina. Kan darbee irraa baradha.waranaa moora QBO cimsuun furmaa hundaa duraati.kanaf misensoo horachu irrati hojadha.isin ummata barbada arga malee ummatni isin barbada dhaama.u hin qabu.

  8. Waqjiraa Gudataa

    Jun 22, 13 at 12:27 am

    Endless promises is only as against our destiny,
    I was having strong trust & proud of ULFO, but this time I am getting the other way : to say the least I am loosing my trust always a nation as a waiter for indefinite ?. We do understand our own problems- lack of determination as a collective action influenced by such statements to diverge the popular uprising. Such statements did not help us rather it helped our enemies to re- organise themselves . It is for such betrayal the ODF lost trust among the Oromo nation. In any standard there is no comparison between ODF and ULFO, but our loved ULFO must do more for a concrate action when our national interest being threatened by the very weak the TPLF minority regime. Nowadays our friends are asking us what went wrong with us who failed to protect the Oromiyaan national interest while our nationals from Tunsia- Egypt occupying revolutionary streets and international community for legal protection. The Tigreans too suffered too much before came to Finfinnee palace to loot the Oromyaan national asset. If such national humiliation and anger can not push us for collective uprising when can we react?. Now the Tigreans are rewriting the history of the empire in denying the Ahmara in their style, our policy makers release a senseless statement. Before the Oromos disappear from our land , we must do from every corner and we have to stop waiting from our leadership .

  9. Salphina

    Jun 22, 13 at 12:52 am

    It is fun! Qabsoon oromoo Ibsa waloon galma ga’aa jirti. Guys don’t make the Oromo people too stupid. “Stupidity never Ends

  10. robaa

    Jun 22, 13 at 7:34 am

    west time go forward please don’t go back world ibsa ibsa 2001 to 2013 ibsa kayoo

  11. Muhammad The Sadacha Macha

    Jun 23, 13 at 5:30 am

    Enough of these ”released statements”…when are WE, as a nation, going to unite and liberate our homeland?? Only a matter of time, before they want the whole Oromia and then what?!

  12. Ambo_o

    Jun 25, 13 at 1:48 pm

    Yoo rabbi ! amma iyyuu waraqaa katabuun hin dhiifnee? Nuti amma isin eegaa kan jirru lafa oromoo bilisa baastanii oduu gammachiisaa nu dhageessiftu jennee otoo teenyu isni ammas internetii irraa bookkisaa jirtu! saf Safuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!
    dhiiroo hin qaanoftanii? Biyya faranjii kana yoo dhiiftanii gara bosonaatti deemtanii diina nu fixaa jiru ajjeeftu? Rabbi isin haa fixu!!! Garuu osoo oduu dhiiftanii maal ta’a laata!

    Kana booda nu sobuu hin dandeessani, ka dur nu sobdan isin gaha!