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UPDATED – Seattle’s Madda Walaabuu FC Clinches the OSFNA 2013 Championship Title – #OromoWeek in Minneapolis

After winning the Championship match against Twin Cities’ Dirre Dawaa FC on Saturday, July 6, 2013, Seattle’s Madda Walaabuu FC has clinched its second OSFNA Championship title. The last time Seattle’s Madda Walaabuu FC grabbed the OSFNA Championship title was back in 2007 – and just like this year’s Championship match, it won the final match against Twin Cities’ Dirre Dawaa FC in 2007.

Since the 2008 OSFNA Soccer Tournament, this is the first time for a non-Minnesotan football club to take the OSFNA Championship title – ending Minnesota’s five-year winning streak.
Seattle’s Madda Walaabuu FC – Champion of the OSFNA 2013 Soccer Tournament
(Photos: FinfinneeTube & @DiasporicLife)

In the other match between OROMIA’S All-Stars and SOMALIA’S All-Stars, OROMIA’s team lost to Somalia with a disappointing score of 0:2.

Seattle’s Madda Walaabuu FC:

Final Day Update:

Seattle’s Madda Walaabuu will face Twin Cities’ Uttaa Wayyuu in the OSFNA 2013 Soccer Tournament Semifinal today at 6PM; the other two teams which advanced to the Semifinal, Dirre Dawaa and Oromo United, will have their match today at 8PM.

The winners of the two matches will see each other tomorrow (July 6th) at the Championships game at 7PM.

In addition to the Final OSFNA 2013 match, OROMIA’s International Team (OROMIA’S ALL-STARS) will have a match with the SOMALIA’S ALL-STARS Team tomorrow at 5PM.

The third place game will be at 3PM tomorrow (July 6th).


Semifinals Update:

The group round of the OSFNA 2013 Soccer Tournament was wrapped up yesterday with victories going to the football clubs of Finfinnee, Dirre Dawaa, Oromia 11 Stars, T.T.L. and O.U. Gold.

First and second place winners of each of the four groups have advanced to the Quarterfinal Matches, which will be held today on July 4th starting at 2PM. The Quarterfinal Matches will have only two out-of-town clubs – Madda Walaabuu of Seattle, Washington, and Abdi Sabaa of Denver, Colorado – which will face each other at the 6PM game today. Twin Cities’ football clubs will face each other in the other three matches: Oromia 11 Stars Vs. Oromo United at 2PM, Dirre Dawaa Vs. O.U. Gold at 4PM, and T.T.L. Vs. Utta Wayyuu at 8PM.

Winners of the Quarterfinal matches will advance to the Saturday July 5th Semifinal games at 6PM & 8PM.

Video: #OromoWeek 2013 at the Soccer Field (Photos by @BigZpro/OPride)


3rd and 4th Days Update:

Here are the results from yesterday’s 3rd and 4th Days of the OSFNA 2013 Soccer Tournament (see below the UNOFFICIAL score/schedule/standings table).

Correction: the score of Leencaa vs. O.U. Gold from the match on June 30th was reported erroneously yesterday. The score has been corrected per the change made on Please note the below table of scores/schedule/standings is UNOFFICIAL; visit for the OFFICIAL updates/changes to the schedule/scores.

More Photos from the Soccer Field (OPride @ Facebook)
Photo: TTL Stars vs. Oromo United (O.U.) – July 1, 2013 (Source: @buchu09)


2nd Day Update:

Here are the results from yesterday’s 2nd Day of the OSFNA 2013 Soccer Tournament (see below the score/schedule/standings table).

View Photos Here from the OSFNA 2013 and the 2013 Oromo Sports and Cultural Festival in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota (

The Tournament will continue today, July 1, with matches between Utaa Wayyuu vs. Bilisummaa at 3:30PM, Leencaa vs. Rissa at 5PM, Madda-Walaabuu vs. Oromo United at 6:30PM, and O.U. Gold vs. T.T.L. at 8PM.


Opening Day Scoreboard: OSFNA 2013 (#OromoWeek in Minneapolis, MN)

The 2013 Oromo Sports Federation in North America (OSFNA) Soccer Tournament kicked off on Saturday, June 29, in the Twin Cities, Minnesota, where the week of June 29-July 6, 2013 had been declared as #OromoWeek by the Mayors of Minneapolis and St. Paul. A total of 15 football clubs from the Twin Cities (Minnesota), Seattle (Washington), Portland (Oregon), Denver (Colorado), Washington (DC) and Toronto (Canada) will participate in the OSFNA 2013 Tournament. The first round of the Tournament (the group stage) will last through July 3rd. The knockout stage will begin on July 4th.

The opening game of the 2013 OSFNA Soccer Tournament was played between Seattle’s Madda-Walaabuu FC and Minnesota’s T.T.L. (Ten Thousands/10K Lakes) Stars FC. According to the OSFNA website, Madda-Walaabuu won the game with a score of 6:1 against T.T.L. Stars.
Photo: Oromia United vs. Finfinnee FC (Source: @BigZpro – Twitter/OPride)

The second game of the OSFNA 2013 opening day was played between Minnesota’s Oromo United FC and Minnesota’s Finfinnee FC; Oromo United won the game with a score of 4:2.
Photo: Oromia 11 Stars FC vs. Abdi Sabaa FC (Source: @asalamk – Twitter)

The third match of the opening day was between the Defending Champions, Oromia 11 Stars FC of Minnesota, and Denver’s (Colorado’s) Abdi Sabaa FC; the Defending Champions won the game with a score of 2:1.

Tomorrow, Sunday, June 30, 2013, the following five matches will be held in the first round of OSFNA 2013 Soccer Tournament; show up at the stadium in Washburn High School to root for your team.


3:30PM – 4:50PM — T.T.L. VS RISSA




UNOFFICIAL – Group Standings – First Round of Tournament

Rank Team Played W D L Goals Difference Points
1 Oromia 11 Stars 2 2 0 0 7:1 +6 6
2 Abdi Sabaa 2 1 0 1 5:3 +2 3
3 Qeransa 2 0 0 2 1:9 -8 0
1 Madda-Walaabu 3 3 0 0 11:1 +10 9
2 Oromo United 3 2 0 1 6:5 +1 6
3 Finfinnee 3 1 0 2 5:8 -3 3
4 T.T.L. Stars 3 0 0 3 3:11 -8 0
1 Dirre Dawaa 3 2 1 0 9:0 +9 7
2 Utaa Wayyuu 3 2 1 0 3:0 +8 7
3 Oromia Toronoto 3 1 0 2 3:11 -8 3
4 Bilisummaa 3 0 0 3 0:9 -9 0
1 Ten Thousand Lakes 3 3 0 0 15:1 +14 9
2 Oromo United Gold 3 2 0 1 19:3 +16 6
3 Rissa 3 1 0 2 1:14 -13 3
4 Leencaa DC 3 0 0 3 0:17 -17 0

Saturday – June 29, 2013

  Madda-Walaabu     6:1     T.T.L. Stars

  Oromo United          4:2          Finfinnee

  Oromia 11 Stars       2:1          Abdi Sabaa

Sunday – June 30, 2013

  Leencaa                 0:11     Oromo United Gold

  Ten Thousand Lakes   7:0         Rissa

  Dirre Dawaa                3:0         Bilisummaa

  Oromia                  0:5         Utaa Wayyuu

  Finfinnee                 0:3         Madda-Walaabu

Monday – July 1, 2013

  Qeransa                 1:4     Abdi Sabaa

  T.T.L. Stars            1:2         Oromo United

  Oromia                  3:0         Bilisummaa

  Dirre Dawaa          0:0         Utaa Wayyuu

Tuesday – July 2, 2013

  Utaa Wayyuu         3:0           Bilisummaa

  Leencaa                  0:1         Rissa

  Madda-Walaabu     2:0        Oromo United

  Oromo United Gold    1:3   Ten Thousand Lakes

Wednesday – July 3, 2013

  Finfinnee                  3:1     T.T.L. Stars

  Dirre Dawaa             6:0         Oromia

  Qeransa                  0:5         Oromia 11 Stars

  Ten Thousand Lakes     5:0         Leencaa

  Rissa                 0:7         Oromo United Gold

Thursday – July 4, 2013

  Oromia 11 Stars            2PM     Oromo United

  Dirre Dawaa            4PM         O.U. Gold

  Madda-Walaabu       6PM        Abdi Sabaa

  Ten Thousand Lakes     8PM         Utta Wayyuu

Friday – July 5, 2013

Saturday – July 6, 2013 (FINAL)



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