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To Abe Tokichaw, Don’t Be a Poster Child of the Ethnocidal Policy of #Ethiopia against the #Oromo

Posted: Waxabajjii/June 30, 2013 · Finfinne Tribune | Gadaa.com | Comments (7)

On Abe Tokichaw’s ‘Meglecha’ (N.B. Abe Tokichaw is a satirist on the Neftegna TV station, ESAT – and has recently been airing his opinions about the #Oromo struggle and #Ethiopia in the form of a ‘Meglecha’ – read it here.)

Abe Tokichaw,

The important thing is you have realized that knowing only a phrase/word of Afan Oromo (which you called Oromigna) is/was part of the oppression. I do not know any Amhara in Ethiopia who knows ONLY a phrase/word of Amharic. Thus, from this, it is clear that, while your Amhara friend is all equipped with his own national language, you, his Oromo friend, are only learning your friend’s national language, but not your own national language, which is Afan Oromo (Oromigna).

The fact your knowledge of Afan Oromo is limited to a phrase/word is no accident, but a deliberate policy of the successive Ethiopian regimes, which have denied Oromos the right to speak and write in Afan Oromo. Your lack of Afan Oromo is, therefore, the success story of “Ethiopianism” – you, Abe Tokichaw, are indeed the poster child of the ethnocidal policy of the successive Ethiopian regimes against the Oromo.

‘Ethnocide’ is the genocide against an ethnic group’s social fabric (its identity, its culture, its language, its peoplehood and its nationhood). In other words, ethnocide kills the person’s identity, and not the person. What has been killed in you is the Oromo language, the Oromo culture and the Oromo worldview, and these have been replaced in you with the language, culture and worldview of what they call “Ethiopia” aka the Amhara language, the Amhara/Tigray culture and the Amhara/Tigray worldview.

That means, your illness (i.e. oppression) in Ethiopia is not the same as the illness (i.e. oppression) of your Amhara friend. Your Amhara friend does not have to fight and die to preserve his language or culture because those have already been accepted as the “Ethiopian state’s” language and culture, but Oromos do need to fight and die to survive their language and culture. In other words, your illness is “national oppression,” but his illness is oppression because he is poor (maybe, in that case, it is a “class oppression”). Because you may also be poor like many of us, this “class oppression” is a shared oppression between you and your Amhara friend.

So, as you are giving support to your Amhara friend to help him and yourself fight the “class oppression” (which is a shared illness), I am definitely sure you are also asking your Amhara friend to help you heal your illness (i.e. your “national oppression” – since the fact you only know a phrase/word of Afan Oromo is no accident, but a deliberate policy of the past and current Ethiopian governments).

One such area for your Amhara friend to help you is to make Afan Oromo one of the official languages of the federal government — which is something you already support (crossing my fingers that you do support this policy proposal). Have you asked your Amhara friend to help you on this struggle? Have you written or aired your satire lobbying your Amhara friend for this position?

This will be beneficial to a future “Abe Tokichaw” (your children or grand/great-grand children) – that they know full Afan Oromo and will not be driving around in #Oromia with no knowledge of Afaan Oromoo (language) or Aadaa Oromoo (culture) or Seenaa Oromoo (history).

From the Editor’s Notebook


P.S. – Abe Tokichaw, being Oromo should be about IQ of Oromo-ness, not just DNA of Oromo-ness. In this, I mean, your IQ (knowledge) about Oromo history (Seenaa), language (Afaan), culture (Aadaa) and struggle (Qabsoo) goes a long way instead of just relying on your DNA to claim Oromo-ness. Your Oromo-ness is NOT just something given to you during birth, but something that will need to be nurtured in you after birth as well. It’s not too late for you to reclaim and nurture your Oromo-ness; there are countless Oromo freedom fighters who know a phrase/word of Afan Oromo just like you – they have died for the cause, and have been tortured inhumanly and imprisoned as they fight to get rid of the system that is forcing their national Oromo language, culture and worldview to go extinct.


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  1. Birra

    Jul 1, 13 at 12:26 am

    This “Abe Tokichew” soaks himself into a politics he has no knowledge of. Because he is a satirist, the poor “Abe Tokichew” fooled himself into believing that he can be an opinion leader. This is what characterizes many habeshas. That’s pity!

    My message to remnants of the old regime:

    Oromos have already stood on your necks and heads and sealed off your nose and mouth so that you can’t even breathe. Now you have turned to alternative hole and probably that’s why your words smell bad. Please, you Habeshas, don’t litter websites with your stupid propaganda.

    To: “Abe Tokichew”:

    If you are an Oromo, you are poisoned by Habesha propaganda, so you have to go and find medication as soon as possible.

    I’m Oromo First!

  2. Obsa Injifata

    Jul 1, 13 at 7:37 am

    Habeshized Oromos are acting as Amharas even more than Amharas them selves. They are more Catholic than the pope. As the author of this article put it properly, the nature of Oromo struggle is different from that of Habeshas. We are struggling against ethnocide. They have no ethnocide risk. They have already built a system that is in favor of their ethnicity, language and culture. They have nothing to worry about that. So their focus is only on citzenship issues, democracy, etc. But our struggle has 2 major goals : 1) self determination first 2) democracy and other issues second

  3. Abdii

    Jul 1, 13 at 2:00 pm


    Habesh and their sympathizers are people who cannot talk or even think what is acceptable to the mass. The culture and nature of these people is just trying to put their words ahead of their mind. That’s why, it is completely impossible to talk and compromise with them on any given issue. The habesh are people who fear the Oromos more than anything in this world. They are the most arrogant and least confident people on earth. They claim to be “the best” but, the reality shows that they are actually the opposit.
    Abe Tokichaw, namni jedhamu kun immoo nama karaa irratti guddate (street boy) yoo ta’u nama abbaa fi haati isaa seeraan aadaa fi eenyummaa isaa barsiisanii guddisan miti. Abe Tokichaw and his likes are people who have identity crisis. They are more dangerous than the so called “pure neftegnas”.

  4. Guutuu

    Jul 1, 13 at 10:14 pm

    I am Oromo and Oromo second. Since 1991 I have never subscribed to the fake identity of Ethiopianism. This is one achievement of Oromo struggle for me personally. I will never negotiate to become Ethiopian, as Leenco Lataa said sometime age.

  5. Waqjiraa Gudataa

    Jul 2, 13 at 12:26 am

    Galatoomi Gadaa.com,
    For your historical response to our historical enemy-the Neftegnas who always have no courage in a direct confrontation with the Oromo nation, but instead delivering a hateful propaganda against the Oromo by Oromo mask. This time, the case is Abe Tokichaw/ serve tu-servant/ at 21st century, the ONLY Oromo/if really shares an Oromo blood/ who remained victimised a brainwashed by debteras. Let for daily bread or dreaming for a temporary credit, he is always an enemy for the neftegnas for being an Oromo. As it seems he is too ignorant for his own history whereby the animosity between Oromo and Neftegna is beyond repaire. Do the Jews forget their Holocaust?, the same is true for Oromos too who lost more than 5.000.000 men, women and children.
    Or what about a recent memory in 1989 when Gen. Demisse Bulto was killed and beheaded while he was serving the ahmara regime, but an Oromo is always an enemy for the ahmara elite, hence A. Tokichaw is in a very deep dream for personal interest in delivering Oromophobia from his masters. At 21st century let alone the voiceless neftegnas, any power on earth cannot impose on any nation to identify themselves by myth including Oromos. Stream Al Jazeera witnessed the Oromiyaan Identity declaration: the best teamed up by one of the father of the OLF Dr.Fido Ebba, the Qubee generations: Jawar and Ademo as an Oromos with clear message for international community and our foes, while galtus like Abe Tokichaw serving the enemies.Thanks to God, today millions of Oromo daughters and sons by true sense of Oromummaa are firing up the struggle for the liberation of Oromiyaa.
    I am Oromo!!

  6. Tola

    Jul 2, 13 at 2:29 am

    What we need to know is, about 95% of Oromo children born in Finfinnee are completely lost and brainwashed by the poisonous rhetoric of the Habesh. I, once heard a young man whose father is an Oromo saying he wanted to change his dad’s name from “Gemeda” to some Amhara name. He told me that was due to the bullying from Habesh kids when he was in school. He still feels stigmatized by the words from those kids. The case of Abebe Tola is what he has been taught by the street masters of Finfinnee who spend all day talking nonsense. They target Oromo kids and bully them until thay make sure that he loses his value of Oromoness. For Abe and the likes, being on the side of the neftegnas is being on the side of true Ethiopians. But, the reality is completely different and opposite. Oromos are the backbone of the Ethiopian empire. Oromos generate more than 60% of the nations GDP. Without Oromos, the empire is just like a bunch of monks, bar ladies, street beggars, and some corrupt politicians.

  7. Burisso Oda

    Jul 2, 13 at 5:31 pm

    Group right is created by consensus of individuals with the freedom to chose including the Oromo question. We have seen time and again, when group right replaces individual right it is open for abuse and failture. I respect individuals like Abe, they stand tall in the bush of ethniocenterists. I read into your face, if you get what ever you are looking for be sure with your own dogma It will be a matter of time before a new agenda replace culture, language and histrory to pepetuate division, good luck