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Korri Gamtaa Kutaalee ABO Godiina Awurooppaa Milikiin Xumurame!

Kora Waxabajjii 28-29 kan miseensa fi ummata irraatti argamudha haala qabsoo bilisummaa Oromoo, haala siyaasaa adduunyaa, xinxala baalaa kan latan Miseensa Shanee Gumii fi I/G Jaarmiyaa fi Siyaasaa ABO J/ Abba Caalaa Lataa, MSG Dr. Dagafa Abdissa, akkasumas miseensoota gumii sabaa ABO biyyaa Awurooppaa jiratn qooda irraa fhudhatan yoo ta’u koraa haalii qabsoon bilisummaa Oromoon gaggeefammu irraatti gilalame fi miseensooni dhaaba gaaffii fi yaada furmata irraatti latan ture.akkasumas ummani Oromoo nannoo Oslo jiratn haala qabsoo Oromoo ABOn hoogannamu irraa jiru, dhimma araaraa dhaabota bilisummaa fi walabummaa Oromiyaa gaggeessan giddutti demma jiru irraatti gaaffii fi deebii baalaan latame yoo ta’u sagantaa bashannaann aadaa Oromoo kan sirbitoonii beekamoon irraa qooda fudhatan nagaa fi milkiin xumurame jira.









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  1. beekam dursan:

    July 3, 2013 @ 2:25 pm

    we are fade up of the ABO’s issue.our oromo people has been suffering in Ethiopia for decades ,hoping ABo can bring them some revolution which relieves them from colonization,but no out come so pls stop and do your bussines there.let us live our life.

  2. Gada Milki:

    July 14, 2013 @ 5:26 pm

    Oromoota kora kaan irratii argaman akkataa fi haalii kori kun itti gageefamee hubanno gahaa ta’e waan arganeef raga bahu dandeenyaa. korii kan egamee caalaa haala walhubano fi waligaltee kan xumuramee akka ta’e hin mansiisuu. ABOn akkasumatii itti fufee
    ummata keenyaa akka gabrumaa jalaa baasuu abdii caalaa nutti horee jiraa. Jabaadhaa nu jabeessa jennaa!