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African [Oromo] exhibit finds home at American Swedish Institute

The Exhibition will be on view until August 25, 2013 with special programs on August 18th for “Oromo Cultural Awareness Afternoon,” and August 21st for “Dressing Swedish: A Designer’s Perspective,” a Talk by Laurie Jacobi – mark your calendar accordingly.


by Nikki Tundel, Minnesota Public Radio | July 10, 2013
Photo: “Dressing Oromo, Dressing Swedish” Exhibition on View at the American Swedish Institute (Minneapolis, MN) (MPR Photo)

ST. PAUL, Minn. — When it comes to African art exhibits, for many people, the American Swedish Institute in Minneapolis likely would not be the first venue that jumps to mind.

But the hub for Scandinavian culture is temporarily broadening its scope to include clothes and artifacts of the Oromo, the largest ethnic group in Ethiopia.

The institute has converted its lower level into a showroom of immigrant fashion — long pleated skirts, pressed white bonnets and lots of floral embroidery. Just beyond the classic Scandinavian attire are flowing cotton robes and colorful, one-shouldered ensembles, the kind that call for a climate far from northern Europe.

Read the Full Story (MPR)

- More Details on the Event: Wear Your Culture: Dressing Swedish, Dressing Oromo at the American Swedish Institute in Minneapolis (July 6 to Aug. 25)


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