Comments (1) Atileetiin Oromoo Beekamaan Biyya Ingilizii Keessatti Fiigicha Mo’atee Alaabaa ABO Balaliisuun Eenyummaa Oromoo Beeksise





( – Adoolessa 14, 2013) – Ilamaan Oromoo bakka jiranitti diddaa gabrummaa agarsiisuu qabsoo wal irraa hin cintne gaggeessaa jiraachuun beekamaa dha. Qeerroon Bilisummaa biyya keessatti, Dargaggootii fi hawaasi Oromoo biyya alaa irraan faajjii fi alaabaa Oromoo ol qabanii aduunyaatti beeksisuu fi diddaa farra Wayyaanee gaggeessuu irratti qooda ol-aanaa taphataa jiru.

Gaafa Adoolessa 14, 2013 Qophii fiigichoo magaalaa Leeds, Biyya UK, “Run For All Leeds 10 Kilometers,” Jedhamee beekamu irratti Atleetni Oromoo Beekamaan maqaan isaa Guddinaa Dabalee jedhamu mo’atee seenaa atileeti kessatti yeroo jalqabaaf alaabaa ABO ol kaasudhaan gammachuu isaa ibsatee jira.

Akkasumaas Atleet Guddinaan ilmaan Oromootaan baga gammaddani qabsoo fi kaayyootti jabaadha jechuun dhaamsa isaa dabasee jiraachuu gabaasaan Londonii irraa nu gahe addeessa.



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1 Comment

  1. Bilisa:

    July 16, 2013 @ 3:20 pm

    The ongoing campaign of Ethiopiawinet (Ethiopian nationalism) to dilute Oromummaa (Oromo nationalism) is a futile exercise. If the territorial integrity of the union is chosen to be kept intact by the Oromo people, then we need to move on and struggle to realize the following five important virtues: 1) Democracy, including national self-determination, to be the future rule of the political game in the federation/union; 2) Afaan Oromo to be the primary working language of the federal government; 3) Freedom from the hegemonist Woyane and from any sort of national domination; 4) Odaa to be the central part of the flag for the union; 5) Great-Oromia (land of the braves) to be the name of the future true federation, replacing Ethiopia (land of the burnt face). Only the fulfillment of these five parameters can be the possible guarantee for the future long-lasting multinational federation. If the other nations, including the Abyssinians, fail to accept this demand and/or offer, the further push for an independent republic of the Core-Oromia is inevitable. It is up to them to choose an integrative Great-Oromia in order to avoid the disintegration of the union, which will be caused by an eventual independent Core-Oromia.