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Can the Oromo speak for themselves? Ethiopianists say no

by Ayyaantuu Tibeessoo |

Oromo rights advocates and Ethiopian activists quarreled over Al Jazeera’s decision to address the plight of Oromo people during its flagship social media show, The Stream earlier this week.

The network’s announcement of the show, “Oromo seek justice in Ethiopia” on Monday evening drew a lot of applause, opposition, accusations, counter accusations, and denouncements on various social media networks.

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1 Comment

  1. Abdii:

    July 18, 2013 @ 1:13 pm

    Ayantu, galata guddaa qabda barreeffama ergaa guddaa of keessaa qabu kana dhiheessuu keetiif.
    We, the Oromo people, need to wake up! Our enemies, the habeshas, are trying to keep us in a closed door of their dirty empire. We need to demonstrate to the world that these savage and evil people are against us in every aspect of humanity. Their Oromo phobia is based on their historical backgrounds in which they grow up being taught about the enmity b/n them and Oromos. Most importantly, their fear and hatred comes from their lack of self confidence. They know very well that they can never come close to us when it comes to the reality on the ground. For example, they are bunch of cowards so that they can’t beat us in battle and they are only good on computer keyboards and media.
    It is time for the Oromo people to think twice. The sons of neftegnas will never accept us the way we need. That is because they are our enemies. The fact is we dont need their approval for our struggle. Our qubee generation will crush their savage empire in a very near future.