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Ob. Jawar Mohammed on the Ongoing Assaults on Immigrants in the Gulf States … “We Must Take Back Our Homeland to End the Oromo National Homelessness”

Posted: Sadaasa/November 14, 2013 · Finfinne Tribune | Gadaa.com | Comments (36)

From Ob. Jawar Mohammed’s Facebook page …


“We could ask foreign powers and do-gooders to throw us blankets to survive the cold, and leftover food to get by. But, we will still be back to the same destitution the next day or the one after. The only and lasting solution to this humiliating national homelessness is to take back our homeland. “
– Ob. Jawar Mohammed on how to end the Oromo national homelessness (i.e. the global Oromo refugee crisis)


The savage mobocratic attack on our people in Saudi Arabia is the culmination of the horrific stories of abuses we have been hearing over the last several years. From Alem Dachasa’s heartwrenching death in Lebanon in 2012 to the weekly news of maids killed by their employers in almost all Gulf countries to the mass-scale attacks perpetrated by the Saudi police and mobs, we are observing a worsening of the situation for our people in the region.

There appears to be three factors at play leading to this escalation. First, particularly in the Saudi case, instead of taking responsibilities for the extravagant waste of resources and unproductive economic policies that have resulted in the growing rate of unemployment, the Saudi government and media have been spreading blames on migrants taking away jobs. Consequently, the Saudi public has come to associate their economic hardship with ‘invasion of foreigners’ as their media like to frame the issue. Second, due to oppressive regimes that rule through exclusivist and exploitative economic conditions, the number of our refugees crossing the Red Sea has skyrocketed. The UNCHR reports show that between 100,000-120,000 refugees enter Yemen every year. Most, if not all, of these refugees aim their final destination to be Saudi Arabia. Third, that part of the world is still stuck in medieval racist views. Even before the latest xenophobic campaigns, they have been known for being cruel towards African migrants, particularly. I have heard endless tales of horrific racist rants and physical attacks against maids and laborers by their employers, the police and ordinary folks on the street. In fact, I can attest from experience that even the ‘most enlightened’ of them: diplomats, businessmen, students and princes still have a shockingly Darwinian view of humanity. The racism in that part of the world cannot be denied or excused. Its ugly face and nasty brutality are out there in full display. The latest racist outburst is nothing but a public display of what they have been subjecting our brothers and sisters in seclusion in their houses.

I anticipate each of these three factors to get worse in the near future. The social and political upheaval in the region following the Arab Spring, and the expected downward spiral of the economy are likely to further fuel xenophobia as regimes will continue to rely on externalizing internal these problems to remain in power. Sadly, I cannot foresee lots of practical solutions. For instance, the humanitarian approach (advocacy and refugee service type) is unlikely to work because the Saudis just do not have room for civil societies. A person I know tried to set up a shelter for the battered maids, but he spent over a year trying to get some sort of permit to no avail. One official actually told him in plain language that they had no law for such a permit. He then decided to host some of the worst affected in house he rented. An employer of one of the battered women, the very person who brutalized her, found out the place after extracting confession by torturing her friend. He then brought the police, which raided the place, arrested the Good Samaritan, returned some of the women to their tormenting employers and deported the rest. Even during the latest crisis, an elderly person who has lived there for over 40 years and supposedly well known to the authorities, went to appeal to the government to stop the violence. Instead of heeding to his plea, he was beaten up by the officials, arrested and awaiting deportation (despite having all the legal papers).

The other alternative, and perhaps more effective way, of helping them would have been the diplomatic channel. After the beheading of an Indonesian woman few years back, Jakarta responded strongly by threatening to severe economic and political ties. The Saudis gave in to the pressure, releasing hundreds of Indonesians from detentions. During the recent attack on migrants, Indonesians are said to be the least affected. However, when we come to the Ethiopian government, we are observing a reaction that borders endorsing the Saudi policy of mass violence. The foreign ministry and its diplomats downplayed the severity by blaming on social media’s exaggeration; they even tried to justify the crackdown saying the targets are only illegal immigrants. Notwithstanding the fact that the attack did not make such differentiation, whether they went there legally or illegally, a government has a solemn duty to stand up and defend its citizens, particularly when they come under attack by foreigners. Then, why is the Ethiopian government cozying up to the Saudis instead of siding with the victims?

This could be attributed to multitude of factors. First, over last year, the relationship between the Ethiopian regime and the Saudi-based immigrants has deteriorated. Triggered by the protest over violations of religious freedom, the immigrant community stood firm against the regime – refusing to buy and disrupting the so-called Abbay Bond sell. Hence, it’s understandable that the regime has little love for them. In fact, the regime stands to benefit from destabilization of such resourceful and near-to-home Diaspora that is increasingly falling into the opposition’s side. This is what’s consular officers have been signaling to elders who went to speak with them. Second, we shall recall the report that the Ethiopian rulers have reached an agreement with the Saudi government to send 45,000 maids ‘legally.’ Hence, the displacement of the rebellious ‘illegals’ will make room for the new ones who – because they will be recruited, vetted monitored by the regime’s agencies while in Saudi – are less likely to stand against it.

Finally, the vast majority of these brutalized refugees are Oromos (it is estimated that over half a million Oromo refugees reside in the Gulf States). The severity of the refugee crisis the Oromo nation is facing — from North Africa to South Africa, Kenya and the Middle East — is indicative of the severity of the repression and exploitation going on in our country. The past colonizers reduced our people to servitude. Back then, our people at least remained on their land even though they were robbed of most of their production. Today, our people are dispossessed of even that plot of land as the occupiers are giving it to their own and selling it to foreigners. Millions are internally displaced and have become urban squatters. Hundreds of thousands flee every year to escape political persecution and save their family from starvation by risking certain death while crossing the Red Sea and the African deserts. Put simply, as a nation, we have become homeless. No amount of humanitarian outreach and lobbying foreign charity can solve this problem for us. We could ask foreign powers and do-gooders to throw us blankets to survive the cold, and leftover food to get by. But, we will still be back to the same destitution the next day or the one after. The only and lasting solution to this humiliating national homelessness is to take back our homeland. This fact must sink.

– Ob. Jawar Mohammed


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  1. abafira abagidi

    Nov 14, 13 at 12:43 pm

    It is a brilliant analysis. Not only the violation of human rights. Also your understanding of the The geopolitics . In Middle East. But the whole point.our brother and sister are dying. What can we do? In my view. Call your local alderman. Call your senator. Explain what’s going on in Saudi Arabia Second. Raise your voice up. Make Rally in your in your city maybe somebody will hear you

  2. Ganamee

    Nov 14, 13 at 2:32 pm

    Thank you Obb Jowhar!!
    It is just a commonsense to find a solution within OROMIYAA.

    “We could ask foreign powers and do-gooders to throw us blankets to survive the cold, and leftover food to get by. But, we will still be back to the same destitution the next day or the one after. The only and lasting solution to this humiliating national homelessness is to take back our homeland. “

  3. Oromo + Amhara = Ethio

    Nov 14, 13 at 2:42 pm

    Dear Jawar, which homeland are you wishing to take back???? Madagascar or Oromia? This all suffering is because of stupid guys like you. You are ready to be a tool for TPLF evils than considering Oromos are in Wollo or in Addis Ababa because they are respected Ethiopians. Do not be idiot! Work towards UNITY and the BIGGER picture of Ethiopia than the NON – EXISTING state of Oromia.

    There is no pure Oromo or pure Amhara, we are mixed and intermerried people with the identity called ETHIOPIANS. Jawar GAAWA, by the way, how much you take from the TPLF gangs for you divide and destroy Ethiopians?

    • dhufu

      Nov 14, 13 at 10:10 pm

      Don’t worry, we have already know what we have as “Golden Years” of Ethiopian unity.
      Wallo was purposely left in hunger by HIM the 50’5 60’5, Mengistu repeated the same. We know also How Minilik ordered the killing of millions and slave trade fellow human being for gun.
      Which Ethiopia are you talking about? The current Ethiopia belongs to Tigre through TPLF while the previous one was Amaras through the monarchy, why should I fight for your hegemony.

    • Garii

      Nov 14, 13 at 10:21 pm

      instead of arguing your side as usual the settlers always curse persons. you the Qubattuu, if you are Amiche, you have a right to consider your self as Your F..Ethiopia but you have no right to impose on us. If you are mixed it is your parents bed-room issue not Oromos national politics

    • Abdii

      Nov 15, 13 at 12:38 am

      You sound like a defeated, nonsense neftegna leftover! Your time is over. This kind of idiocy will never take you anywhere. F*** your Imiye Ethiopia! Your fake Ethiopia is going to disintegrate like all past empires. You are trash individual who can only utter dirty ideas. Jawar speaks and millions listen to him. But, neftegnas will never set their feet in Oromia again! Neftegnas were created by Europeans and that is why they couldn’t survive on their own. After the British left them, they couldn’t even feed themselves. Neftegnas need to evolve to the level of human beings.

    • Amsico

      Nov 15, 13 at 12:48 am

      Stop your harassment with your wild comment, unwise & lack ethical standard….do you think that readers & Oromo are unaware of your rudimentary mathematics, which your ancestors had used 100years ago to bully Oromo & other nations? You are still employing the same….lol. What a silly man you are!

    • Gonfaa

      Nov 15, 13 at 2:24 am

      Hi whatever you called yourself, first of all every thing what you wrote here is nonsense this implies that you are not only neftegna but an arrogant and stupid, idiot neftegna. if you want be unity seeker, you need to format your dirty mind and install with a better idea

    • shano

      Nov 15, 13 at 3:15 am

      There is nothing called Oromo+Amara, what about the rest of nations who live in Ethiopia which the nick name of Abasinia. if Oromo came from Madagascar, don’t wory Madagascar is African land but where are you from. Some times yourself claimed you are originated from solomon. so Solomon is not African, surely he is from middle east, so you go back to israel. As your flasha did in eightth.

    • deder

      Dec 1, 13 at 3:20 am

      we are not Ethiopian and we are not mix I have no amhara blood in me and know about you, but how much did amhara gangs pay you to talk all this trash on Oromo website you sale out.

  4. Jaagama

    Nov 14, 13 at 5:00 pm

    Thanks Jawar for putting the focus in the right perspective. First and foremost we Oromos are robbed of our homeland. The rest is a byproduct of it. The first thing any sensible Oromo should ask for and fight for is his homeland where he could be himself.
    Jaagama Jibat

  5. Oromiyaa

    Nov 14, 13 at 7:08 pm

    that’s true ,Sir!

  6. GT

    Nov 14, 13 at 8:12 pm


    I heard your talks and read your writings. You are a very smart person and appreciate all your comments. I am half Oromo and half Amhara. I understand all the perspectives you are based on but when it comes to a solution we have to realistic.

    The politics of ethnic segregation in the last 3 to 4 decade did not benefit the Oromos or any other ethnic group. What we got is people from other ethnic groups changing their names to Kumma or Abadula and continue to govern the oromos.

    I think it is time to have a better strategy and goal for success. I do not think it is realistic to have a divided nation, this will only prolong the suffering of all Ethiopians and as one of the commentators mentioned we have lived together for so long, most of us can’t even tell where we belong.

    Jawar, it is time to advocate for ONE ETHIOPIA with individual freedom. If we can achieve this goal, I will assure you that we will have a free Oromo, a free Amhara, a free Tigrian etc..

    • Gonfa

      Nov 15, 13 at 2:05 am

      Hi GT,

      I think you are still in the superiority complex of neftegna. first you need to get out of that shell to understand the whole point what Jawar mentioned.

    • Anoole

      Nov 15, 13 at 3:56 am

      It isn’t about Half Oromo, half Amhara, It is about all people respect. Oromo and other People never never respect, They lost their identity , culture, Their gadaa system , What kind of ethiopia you talking, Ethiopia never represent Oromo people. trust me

  7. proud oromo texan

    Nov 14, 13 at 8:26 pm


    you should be ashamed of yourself. First of all learn a manner and then give your opinion without insulting anyone personally. By making personal attack on obo jawar you don’t get your views to be heard by others. I you are actually half oromo like you are claiming to be, you should not be insult obo jawar, because he is your brother. Instead you should be voicing your opinion intellectually like obo jawar is doing. Otherwise please don’t right garbage here. Thanks

    By the way i am only 25% oromo, 50% Irish, and 25% somalian

  8. Dursa

    Nov 14, 13 at 9:58 pm

    GT. you brought up a very good point. we can all talk about one Ethiopia, but no action. I think before we talk about the unity or Oneness, we need to respect each other for who we are. Amhara as an Amhara. Oromo as an Oromo. Tigre as a Tigre. We need to accept the reality that someone will call themselves Oromo first then may be Ethiopia if he get the respect he expected. Sorry, no respect, no oneness.

  9. Sirreessaa

    Nov 14, 13 at 10:08 pm

    Jawar thank you for a brilliant analysis. It is really a sad situation that is going to have a lasting stigma on the rilation between our people and the Saudis as a nation.

    This will be difficult to forget.

    The other people commenting here are dicussing issues that do not belong here. Now we want to focus on the issue of our people being attacked so brutally in a foreign country while they are totally innocent and defenceless. I am sure we do not remain so defencless for a long time.

    Only shortly I would like to say to those sheding their tears for ethliopia – it is too late now. The Amahara had more than a hundred years att their disposal to make a country out of the empire created by Emperor Minilik. To the contrary non amharas have been alienated and kept in the cold.
    Now time has come for them to demand their rights back. All the fals tears you shed cannot stop this.
    Just accept the fact and live with it if you can. In fact the demand of the colized peoples of the empire for their freedom is a result of the apprthaid system that they were subjected to by the Amahara. It is not tribalism.It racizm. We have to get rid of it once and för all.


  10. Bariisoo

    Nov 14, 13 at 10:29 pm

    Those habeshans who day and night frustrated by the shadow of Juwar repeating the same songs again again.do they have eyes to see Europeans, do they have minds to read the history of the world and understand.unity comes not because you need it but you should facilitate conditions for unity through wishes not through imposition and forces.Europe is not united because of British or Frenches or Germans strong arm but through their hard working and developemnts in all spheres.In the name of Ethiopian unity those Habeshans shit on us, still shit on us.Oromo society crisis externally and internally at climax.OROMO WAKE UP TO ACT IN UNISON TO SAVE YOUR citzens; TO RESTORE YOUR DIGNITY AND RESPECT:how on earth those women dressed humilate our brothers and sisters.action,action,action to save our people and land

  11. naji

    Nov 14, 13 at 10:36 pm


  12. Doori

    Nov 14, 13 at 11:00 pm

    To mr oromo+ amahr = Ethio. you are hurry for insulting, you write oromo Amhara but you didn’t said Ethiopia . You write Ethio! That much your mental missed? If you like Ethiopia , think about majorette of suffering in Ethiopia
    To talk like u 1. Your self 2.your children
    3.Your family 4. your Community help them to be honest

    Any how we are humans , may be you are educted loser and joulies on Jawar .
    We love any Ethiopian nation more than any one but to tell u the truth , you be come deaf .
    The issue of Arab is good to see how Arab have stupid behaviors, some Ethiopian fulish think, Arab like a god

  13. Namarraa

    Nov 15, 13 at 12:14 am

    In the last 150 yrs, the Northern decedents have no respect for other Ethiopians. They have said more than they should said or ought to say. One thing about them is they have not learned from their mistakes that were committed by their ancestors. For many years they have defined the word “Ethiopia”, Ethiopia nationalism, patriotism and etc. Through in the eyes of Amhara, Amharanya speaking and so on that including people’s right, citizenships, language and culture… but one thing they have not thought or learned is and have failed what is the reality in Ethiopia? How did it build, and who built it. Ethiopia is a diverse nation and it will remain in that way. Amhara have tried to assimilate Ethiopian people into their culture just like France and other Europeans but it failed and we have seen the result. Now, in Ethiopia, people hate amahara politic and their politicians because their old ideology that they want to impose on people of Ethiopia. I call that “apartheid act”. They are the one that cause of Eretria session; soon other will follow unless people who called themselves “Amhara” accept the diversity of Ethiopia. Individual right as well as group right otherwise, Ethiopia has changed forever and it will continue dividing because you are the one creating problems. If you insult Jawar, you are not only insulting Jowar but you are also insulting Oromo people, and we are watching.

  14. Barbadeessaa Diinaa

    Nov 15, 13 at 3:31 am

    Oromo + Amhara = Ethio
    I have a simple question for this fool individual, which mathematics equation have you applied to solve the “Oromo+Amahara=Ethio”??? Unbelievable! This is simply shows your stupide brainless thought. Never ever dream to make Oromo + amahra = ehtio. Believe me this is your fool dream, but never this equation get solved the way you think. What about the rest of the people who lives in that part of the world like Somali, Afar, Tigre, Gurage, and so on???? You are trying to advance your stupide Minilik, Hileselase and Mengistu’s deceased body political regime and false history. Unfortunately that political spectrum has gone. Since when, these distinct ethnics groups are became the same? Amhara and Oromo are both different never been the same and they will never be the same. Stupide, brainless and act like a chilled.
    This person assaulting individual who tries to state and analyse what is currently happening to the Oromo people. He must stop the way he/she act towards others; I think this particular creating racism within our people. Must stop his/her bad attitude respond the above article and the writer of the article. As a reader I totally disappointed the way he express his point.

  15. jamal

    Nov 15, 13 at 4:35 am

    as war wab jawar thank you again I heard your talks and read your writings. You are a very smart person and appreciate all your comments.insha allah allah will help our people every where they are soon or later may allah reword you with jannah.

  16. Wayyeessaa

    Nov 15, 13 at 7:03 am

    Jawaar Mohammad said exactly what I, and many other Oromoos, have been saying for years: “The only and lasting solution to this humiliating national homelessness [and colonialism] is to take back our homeland. This fact must sink.” Taking back our motherland’ involves waging a war of liberation. We need to support OLF in its struggle to free Oromiyaa out of Abyssinian colonialism. Let us put our money and effort where our mouth is and intensify the struggle.

  17. kitila

    Nov 15, 13 at 8:09 am

    Hello my dear brothers, let us come to the point of getting back our home land OROMIYA. All we need is action. Let the Crow crows and the eagle performs his duty. Let Oromo brothers and sisters stand together and do the work. I encourage you all to learn from the past not to divided among ourselves for any single reason.

  18. Jaarso

    Nov 15, 13 at 8:25 am

    Dear Jawar, well said about the violation of human rights of African refugees, overwhelmingly from Oromia, by the Saudi Arabian government.You have clearly pinpointed the root cause for miraid problems Oromos are facing in theirown country, Oromia as well as in alien countries wherever they take refuge.
    Also you have intelligently proposed “the only and lasting solution to this humiliating national homelessness is to take back our homeland” Oromia. I know you have been touring and still touring the World wherever Oromo refugees resettled carrying the slogan “Oromia First”.So far so good,Oromo diaspora Oromos responded positively for your refreshed resistance/statement against “Ethiopia First” of the Neftenyas.Guddadhuu!,adda fi mirga argadhuu!
    Lastly I strongly urge you and other Qeerroos to focus on helping to mobilize all walks of Oromos “…to take back our homeland”,independent Great Oromia.

  19. Jaagama

    Nov 15, 13 at 12:06 pm

    Dear GT and the like;
    The one simple issue that my fellow Ethiopian neighbors do not want to accept is freedom of association. It is part and parcel of all democratic questions like freedom of expression, belief, movement and individual rights. Do not repeat whatever Birhanu Nega and co stated. They are dead wrong when they wanted to divorce individual freedom from freedom of association. Please read the UN declaration on human rights. Oromos are asking their inalienable right to freedom they naturally deserve. They are of course expected to respect the rights of minorities.
    Nagaan jiradha
    Jaagama Jibate

  20. megersa

    Nov 15, 13 at 4:49 pm

    You are always narrow mind who indirectly serve tplf. You are stupid, lier. You will dream the non existing country that will never be created.

  21. obo

    Nov 15, 13 at 4:52 pm

    Jawar Mohammed,why you always think inferiority? is this the technic of your non existing picture?

    • Toleera

      Nov 15, 13 at 9:14 pm

      Dear Mr. Megersa and the so called “Obo” which I do not know what this person wants to call himself. You better learn how to use qubee Afaan Oromo before you attempt to use it for sabotage. Once up on a time there was no a country called Ethiopia then it existed. We do not know whether it will be exist tomorrow or not. As every other thing, a country can be born, grow, die or fall down and sometimes it will rise. Oromiya was collapsed and it is its time to rise again. I know it is not easy to leave us alone but it has to.

  22. the Oromian bateleur

    Nov 15, 13 at 5:44 pm

    The chronic diseases from which Ethiopia is suffering till today have been planted and deep rooted by the Amharas ruling class or Neftegnas a century ago. The TPLF of today cannot heal it simply, except living with it till the time of Salvation comes. The Amharas sing the songs of ” UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL “, they know the benefit of this false “Unity “, while the Oromos know the so called ” Unity ” has destroyed and killed them. The Amharas afraid to ” Fall “, while the Oromos have ” Fallen ” already and are struggling to raise up again. So, the time of using ” Ethiopia ” as a shield or or barrow has gone forever. Those who do that are deceiving themselves and wasting their time on reclessness.

  23. The warrior

    Nov 15, 13 at 9:16 pm

    Alarming article for those understanding the meaning of Homeland,
    A homeland (rel. country of origin and native land) is the concept of the place (cultural geography) with which an ethnic group holds a long history and a deep cultural association —the country in which a particular national identity began. that is Oromumma, Oromo, Oromia.

  24. Guyyoo

    Nov 15, 13 at 9:31 pm

    Long live to oromo elites like Obbo Jawar and death to conquerors. Abyssinians please stop and leave us. We do not have any common things with you except you killed us and robed wealth of our father land Oromia

  25. Jiruu Barii

    Nov 16, 13 at 5:07 am

    Stick to this stand Jawar. Taking back our homeland is the only option left for the Oromo. You have tried your best to work with Abyssinia elites but in it didn’t work. It is better if you stick to what your seniors have already established as a known fact. The colonized and the colonizers cannot work together. It is good you finally realized it.

  26. Martha

    Nov 23, 13 at 12:30 am

    Please do not call me Ethiopia
    Because Ethiopia comes from a Greek word
    which means ‘sunburned’ or ‘burnt face’.
    It’s a curse.