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POSTPONED: Emerging Oromo Academics and Professionals Summit – February 21-23, Atlanta, Georgia

Posted: Muddee/December 10, 2013 · Finfinne Tribune | Gadaa.com | Comments (19)

UPDATED on January 7, 2014 with a statement from the Oromo Professionals Network:


As you are all aware, the “Emerging Oromo Leaders Summit” was planned to take place from February 21 to February 23, 2014, in Atlanta, GA. However, since the announcement of this summit, we have been getting several requests daily from potential attendees asking us to postpone the summit to a later date. Among the reasons given, shared by almost everyone, was that there wasn’t enough time given to plan on attending this summit.

After careful deliberation, the organizing committee believes it is in the best interest of everyone, if this summit is postponed to another date. The new date and place will be announced by the planning committee as soon as the logistical work has been completed. For this, it is with great regret that we inform all of you who were planning to attend the summit this coming February, that the event will be postponed to a date yet to be determined and announced very soon. Those who have already registered don’t need to register again when we announce the new dates and venue.

Thank you all,

The organizing committee


The following is a press release from the Oromo Professionals Network.

As a nation, the Oromo people are at historical transition between the gallant and revolutionary generation of the 70s and the rising leaders of the “Qubee Generation,” who are energized to shoulder the responsibility of advancing the Oromo succession.

To carry out this generational inauguration collectively and competently, the time currently calls for a national and international gathering of rising Oromo leaders. Hence, an interactive 3-day conference will bring together emerging leaders from diverse and contemporary fields to critically respond to themes of Oromo history, current community status and the future goals anticipated for emerging Oromo leaders of the future. The objectives of the conference are threefold:

Gadaa.comActively facilitate personal and professional interactions among emerging Oromo leaders;

Gadaa.comDevelop common understanding on the main issues concerning the Oromo;

Gadaa.comDevise practical strategies that effectively coordinate and execute new and ongoing initiatives.

Rising community leaders, advocates and professionals are welcome to apply to the summit as participants or presenters. International attendees are particularly encouraged to apply.

This conference will be held in Atlanta, Georgia, from Friday, February 21st, to Sunday, February 23rd, 2014. The venue will be Hilton Hotel, located in the heart of downtown Atlanta and within walking distance of some of the best attractions in the city, including the Georgia Aquarium, CNN Center and the Georgia World Congress Center.

* Registrations for attendance must be submitted before January 5, 2014. For more information, contact us via apply@oromoprofessionals.com or visit our website: OromoProfessionals.com


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  1. Accomodative

    Dec 10, 13 at 6:09 pm

    I hope the professionals from all spectrum of the Oromo political ideologies will come together; they should be accomodative of the ODF and the OLF moves:

    —–OLF’s Independent Republic of Oromia and ODF’s Integrative State of Oromia are Two Faces of the Freedom Coin!—–

    Both our smart foes and stu’pid friends tried to contradict these two types of post-freedom sovereignty so that the Oromo nationalists could fight each other on such pseudo-conflict. In reality both objectives are two good alternatives, out of which the Oromo people will choose in due time. Now, both camps need to cooperate on the struggle for the common denominator, i.e for freedom. The Anti-Oromo Abyssinian colonizers usually try to atagonize the Oromo forces and tell us that the ODF and the OLF are enemies to each other; but where is the contradiction between the ODF and the OLF? Both are operating on the same line: achieving ODF’s objective is part and parcel of OLF’s objective. As far as I am concerned, there are two political lines now fighting against the currently ruling Tigrean hegemonists: the ODF-OLF line leading to multinational federation as a very good prelude to an independent Golden Oromia and the UDJ-G7 line wanting to foster multi-regional federation as a prelude to an integrated New Ethiopia (de facto Great Oromia). I think, at the moment, most of the politicians in both camps (ODF-OLF line and UDJ-G7 line) are typical V-minded people, who do antagonize, moralize and emotionalize the minor differences between the two lines of thought. I hope they will be transformed to the Y-minded constructive personalities in due time.

    To make both a genuine national independence of Oromoland (Golden Oromia) and/or a regionl integration of Great Oromia (integrative state of Oromia) become a reality and to help the struggle for freedom be successful, certain questions must be answered. For instance: despite the fact that the two groups (the ODF-OLF line and the UDJ-G7 line) in the Ethiopian empire are under a very dire situation now, why did they fail not to foster an alliance of the liberation forces (alliance of both lines)? One brilliant Oromo intellectual once raised a nice question: “how can we overcome the mentality of the 19th century?” The answer to this question can be: the only way for us to overcome this mentality is by embracing the 21st century mentality of democracy. The 19th century mentality of brute force and mischieve, under which few of the Oromo elites and most of the Habesha elites in the Ethiopian empire are suffering, is the backward mentality of the dictators (of the V-minded politicians); whereas the 21st century mentality is that of the democrats (of the Y-minded politicians), who do believe in human and national freedom to self-determination. For what do both the letters V and Y stand here? Who are these V- or Y-minded politicians?

    To understand the V-minded politicians, let’s just imagine a big letter V and try to visualize that at the bottom junction of the letter are the Woyane dictators keeping the status quo of Tigrean hegemony; at the left top of the letter are the dictatorial ODF-OLF line; and at the right top are the dictatorial UDJ-G7 line. If we look at the way how these three forces deal with each other, they just do want to achieve their respective goals unconditionally: the Tigrean hegemonists want to keep their domination at any cost, the dictatorial ODF-OLF line tries to achieve multi-national federation and/or independence at any cost as well as the dictatorial UDJ-G7 line also wants to achieve a multi-regional federation and/or integration at any cost. Especially, the unconditional positions of the two lines, i.e that of the ODF-OLF line and that of the UDJ-G7 line, who are antagonizing each other and continiously barking at each other, is a trillion dollar lottery, which the ruling Tigrean elites are enjoying now by further dividing and polarizing these two opposition camps, because of the fact that both of them as dictators (V-politicians) can not forge a challenging alliance against the Woyane!

    To see who the Y-minded politicians (the democrats in the two opposition camps) are, let’s just try to imagine a very big letter Y and try to distinguish four points on the letter (the bottom tip, the middle junction, the left top, and the right top). Then let’s imagine that the bottom tip is the status-quo of Ethiopian politics, where both the ODF-OLF line and the UDJ-G7 line are under the tyranny of the Woyane; the middle junction is a point for freedom of the Ethiopian nations from the tyranny (the common goal of both lines); the left top is the point of multi-national federation and/or independence; and the right top is the point for multi-regional federation and/or integration. Then let’s imagine that this letter Y is a route of the liberation journy for both lines from the tyranny or from their present common situation, towards their short term goal (common goal of freedom) and their respective long term goals (diverging respective goals of multi-national federation leading to independence or multi-regional federation leading to integration). Can we imagine that the democrats of these two lines do have a possibility to move from the bottom tip (point of tyranny) to the middle junction (point of freedom) together? This is our common route for the journey towards this common converging short term goal of freedom. Then after will come the two diverging routes towards the two different and diverging long term goals of the two lines: the left top = multi-national federtion as a prelude to independence (the long term goal of the ODF-OLF line) and right top = multi-regional federation as a prelude to integration (the long term goal of the UDJ-G7 line).

    Now if we could imagine this letter Y very well, it is not hard to comprehend that we need the alliance of the two lines to move from the status-quo of tyranny to the point of freedom, not to move together to the right top or together to the left top. After achieving our freedom together, it is upto the public to decide per referendum which direction to move further: to the left top or to the right top. If the majority will choose to move to the right top, then our common long term goal will be similar to that of the UDJ-G7 line, i.e a multi-regional federation as a prelude to the integrated Great Oromia / New Ethiopia. Otherwise, if the majority will choose to move to the left top, no Habesha dictator can hinder the public from achieving the multi-national federation, which is a very good prelude to Golden Oromian independence.

    The main thing which irritates some of the pro-OLF nationalists and make them suspect the motive of the ODFites is the name Ethiopia. Actually the name Ethiopia is more appropriate for Cush (Oromo) than for Habesh (who claim to be from Semetic origin). The name Ethiopia, despite its original meaning (land of the burnt face), has got a positive connotation due to its association with the biblical Cush and due to the myths built around the name by the Europeans. But the name is contaminated and spoiled by the Abyssinians, who stole the name and misused it: they made the name Ethiopia be equivalent to the land of Habesh, not that of Cush; they told a fiction that the Oromo is newcomer to this Cushland; they systematically marginalized all Cush nations from the political center; they demonized the Cushitic cultural heritage like the Waaqeeffaynna, Odaa, the Cushitic tricolor (black-red-white) and replaced them with the Habesh elements; they made the name Ethiopia be the same to their system of domination in the form of monarchy and theocracy of the Orthodox; they purposely oppressed the Cushitic languages, specially Afaan Oromo and prevented them from being the working languages of the whole country; in the contrary, they imposed their Semetic Amharinya on all the Cushitic nations; today Ethiopiawinet in reallity means Habeshinet, not Kushinet as it in fact had to be; …etc

    When we look at the above maneuvers from the Habesh side, it is really very legitimate, when the Oromo in particular and all the Cushitic nations in general reject this name Ethiopia and Ethiopiawinet. If Ethiopia should survive in the future, it has to regain its TRUE Ethiopia nature (being Cush) and has to be devoid of the Habesh elements (Pseudo-Ethiopia). That means, the future NEW Ethiopia should be: equivalent to the land of Cush (the future True Ethiopia), not land of Habesh (the present Pseudo-Ethiopia); with Oromo as the political center and political majority; with all the Cushitic nations be the main participants in the political center; with the Cushitic cultural heritage (Waaqeffannaa, brw-flag, …etc) be the main elements of the True Ethiopia; with no domination of Amharinya and Orthodoxy; with Afaan Oromo and other cushitic languages be the primary working languges of the whole country; equivalent to Kushinet (True Ethiopiawinet), not to Habeshinet (Pseudo-Ethiopiawinet); …etc. If these things may not happen so that the New and True Ethiopia will be de facto Great Oromia, we, the Oromo, will give the Pseudo-Ethiopia a good-bye kiss and move for our independent Golden Oromia unconditionally! So the future alternatives are either an independent Golden Oromia or an integrative Great Oromia. Till this will be clear, the Oromo people have got a very legitimate reason to reject the Ethiopian identity. Above all, the Habesh regime intentionally targeted the Oromo nation and doing the worst state terror in the name of Ethiopia on this noble people, so that the name Ethiopia is very negatively associated in the hearts and minds of the Oromo: for instance we can look into the currently released list of prisoners in the empire to observe how the Abyssinian rulers are systematically targetting the Oromo.

    This reality persuades us to put a priority in fighing our real and potential enemies. Right timing is very important especially for the pro-indepndence Oromo in trying to define our foe and friend regarding who can work with whom, when, against whom. I think the pro-independence forces need this logical differentiation and know the right TIMING! They have to look at the following three stations in their journey:

    – first station is the time-now, where the struggle is between the Tigrean Hegemonist force and the three groups of Freedom fighters (pro-independence, pro-federation and pro-unity)

    – second station is the time after freedom from the hegemonist force, when there will be a conflict between the Ethiopianists/Great Oromiansts (pro-unity) and the Golden Oromianists (pro-federation and pro-independence). This conflict can be solved through consensus or democracy (referendum) or force.

    – third station is the time after getting a victory over the Ethiopianists through one of the three methods, when we will decide on the conflict of objectives betweeen the pro-federation and the pro-independece forces (hopefully through either concensus or referendum). Surely the decision will be in favour of an independence.

    If we just consider this right timing, it is absurd on the side of the pro-independence fighters to call or label now the pro-federation and pro-unity forces as an enemy. The only enemy now is actually the hegemonist Woyane. The pro-unity Ethiopianists (Great Oromianists) can be an enemy of the pro-independence forces only at the second station, if they refuse consensus or referendum and opt for force to achieve their goal. The pro-federation forces can be an enemy to the pro-independence forces only at the third station, only if they also refuse consensus or referendum and use force to achieve their objective. So, let’s have a right TIMING to differentiate foe and friend at the respective stations! It is true that we all are trying to get a solution for the existing political conflict in the Ethiopian empire. In summary, there are three possible ways:

    – consensus of the polity, so that all the stake holder political groups try to come to consensus on one of the three existing political arrangments (on independence or federation or integration). This is almost impossible as we saw it in the alliance building process up to now.

    – democracy as a rule of political game, so that the decision for one of the three arrangements can be done per public verdict (referendum). This is a possible way, if we are mature enough and feel responsible for the future stability.

    – force as an option, like what we did till now, which is the irresponsible way of solving the conflict for it costs much and brings us back to square zero; unfortunately it is the yet existing way of solving conflicts in Africa in general and in Ethiopia in particular.

    We know that there are now four political camps in the empire: 1. the hegemonists, who are now ruling; 2. the integrationists, who want to get rid of the present “ethnic” federation to foster a geography-based federal arrangement; 3. the federalists, who try to make the existing federal arrangement be genuine or true and; 4. the independencists, who strive to achieve an independent nation state like an independent republic of Oromia. In parallel to the three stations mentioned above, the struggle to solve the conflict also has got three phases:

    – in the first phase now, the three freedom camps (pro-independence, pro-federation and pro-integration) are fighting against the hegemonists. The method to be used is force, because of the fact that the ruling hegemonists are not open for either consensus or democracy. Surely the freedom camps will win.

    – in the second phase, the struggle will be: the two national sovereignity camps (pro-independence and pro-federation) vs the integrationists. The methods to be applied are most probabaly either democracy or force, because of the fact that trying to have a consensus has repeatedly failed. Here, I think the victory will be for the sovereignty camps.

    – in the third phase, there will be a competition between the independencists and the federalists. The method to be used will surely be democracy (referendum). The result can be, for instance, in Oromia’s case: an independent republic of Oromia or an integrative state of Oromia. Who will be the winner can be seen in due time.

    So, now let’s concentrate on fighting against the hegemonist Woyane in unison and solve the existing conflict in the empire phase by phase or step by step. To that end we have to use all possible methods to help the three camps of freedom fighters come together and cooperate against the common enemy – the ruling fascist and racist regime. If we fail to help such alliance of purpose between the the three camps of freedom fighters, we have to be ready to bear the consequence of being ruled by the hegemonists for the next one century. For now, as I have repeatedly wrote, the best lottery, which the Woyane regime got to rule the whole empire for the coming possible many years is the conflict between the national sovereignty bloc (pro-independence and pro-federation) and the pro-integration camp. It is very easy to instigate and inflame any sort of conflict between these groups as seen till now. Woyane cadres (the foot soldiers) were/are very busy to saw a discord and to produce a conflict also among the different pro-integration organizations themselves and among several pro-independence and pro-federation groups. They pretend as if they are supporters of one side and curse the other side, especially being camouflaged as pro-independence and/or as pro-integration and vilify the opposite side. Unknowingly, some genuine anti-Woyane individuals and organizations already fell into this trap, and indirectly did bidding of the Woyane cadres. May Rabbi/Waaqa help these genuine freedom fighters not to do the bidding voluntarily without being paid a penny!


  2. hawwinee barii

    Dec 11, 13 at 2:58 pm

    This is really laughable. Except for opportunists, defeatists, puppets of foreign interest and revisionist to thwart Oromian indepence struggle that have been waged by OLF and other Oromian independence Organizations, Oromian independence leadership can not emerge from the capital cities of America and Europe. It can not emerge from cybercafe and hamburger devourers. It can not emerge from those who do not have the experience of Oromian independence struggle. It can not neither emerge from paper tigers and empty talkers like Juwar Mahaammad. Oromian independence leadership that is now leading our struggle emerged in the forest and mountains of Oromia. It emerged from the bullet and fires of independence struggle. It has not emerged from books and talks. It emerged from bitter struggle and sacrifices. Every one who want to join Oromian independence leadership must first go to the mountain and forest of Oromia, become a member of platoon in Oromo Liberation Army, live the bitter life of the struggle, know how to be lead and lead in a harsh environment, show his or her loyalty the cause of Oromian independence. They must proof their bravery in the battle field not on the pulpit with microphone. Those who want to talk about becoming Oromo leader, before throwing a stone at the enemy, leave alone firing a bullet at it are delusional. We have fire tested leaders of Oromian independence struggle like: Daawwit Ibsaa, Galaasaa Dilboo, Bultum Biyyoo, Abbaa Caalaa Lataa, Dhugaasaa Bakakkoo etc. Any one who want to become Oromian independence leader must proof himself or herself in the battle field as Oromo leadership theories require like these gallant Oromians. People like Juwaar Mahammad are sabotaging Oromo effort from focusing on building and strengthening the icon of Oromian independence i.e the OLF. Juwar is obstructionist and a saboteur. What Oromos should ask themselves is that, who is funding his expenses? The worst and strategic spy on Oromian independence struggle and OLF today is Juwaar Mahammad. If Oromo people can not vindicate me today about Juwar, they will in the future.

  3. you and me

    Dec 11, 13 at 10:35 pm

    Mr. Barii,
    Your negative comment about these young generations including Juwar seems that you are still in era of dig down trench to attack one another. Brother, I do not know what is your point and what you would like to achieve. I thought my people(Oromo) are grown out of that quagmire and stumble block. Unfortunately, there still remnant like yourself best and boasted on reverberation on the philosophy of attacking own kins than the enemy.If Minilikii had done divided and makes them attack each other and ruled over them to this date though he has died a century ago, you still under his legacy and slavery, then you are just resurrecting his philosophy and the notion of divide and rule.In that respect, you are doing awesome some job for free and I do not know what you have achieved but you tell me what is your gain in that respect.

    This has been the case for the last 4 decades or so and no where to go except stepping on the same spot for decades to come.

    I am not really want to attack any one for his personal belief or opinion for that matter, I am just saying that negativity has been always pulling down our nation and will continue to do so.

    Let us assume those who are tested are now getting old and I do not know who you grooming to replace them unless they will continue to be on “leadership” until they break the record like Mugabe(90+) or die while they leading( If any at the moment). Good for them dear. I am not opposing your tested” leaders by fire”, I am just saying, we all know the truth, the truth that you can not hide, we are not moving an inch at this moment but becomes a stagnant pond.

    Brother, if you do not have energy and commitment like such leaders; Juwar, Toltu, Abdii Fixee,Mohammed ademo, Tigst Gammee, Girma Tadesse etc.)or not have something positive to say, please at least do them favor by just let them do what they can do for their nation than campaigning on them for nothing.

    If you afraid that they are threat to your perceived and delusional leadership, then be it so, the best and bright should lead such nation to glory than to become a stagnant pond.

    Please do not waste ur time uttering back and forth, do not worth my time, this final.

    Nagaa siif yaa kennu garaa kiyya.

  4. Bonni

    Dec 12, 13 at 3:16 am

    Hawwinee Barii,

    Yes, it is obvious that the Oromo struggle is so complicated and not going as fast as we wish. External and internal conditions were not and are not favorable to achieve our goal as our expectation. But slowly we are moving forward and never stop till freedom achieved.Our enemy is working day and night to weaken and divide us using every possible means. By region, religion, political party etc. In the last 20 years they have done all possible means to weaken and destroy the liberation struggle core OLF. However, they were not successful and they will never see this happen.

    You mentioned the name of our gallant and dedicated heroes like Dawid Ibssa, Galasaa Dilboo, Abaa Caala Lataa, Dhugaasaa Bakakoo, Bultum Biyoo etc. We also do love and respect these individuals and other previous heroes and heroines who determined and still fighting for Oromo cause. We also do have respect for our young Qubee generation like Jawar Mohammed and others who are currently doing their best to unit our people in Diaspora to support the on going struggle. Especially, Jawar is growing everyday just in front of our eyes and he is a very determined and dedicated young Oromo politician who has a bright mind for our cause. The enemy targeted him, and world wide campaign is going on aganist him now. Your comments on Jawar sounds like part of those enemy campaign except that it appreciates some of our heroes in OLF. That is the way the enemy divide us. You can oppose his ideas and forward constructive criticism but you cannot label him as an obstructionist and a saboteur,this is not what we expect from any nationalist. This is completely destructive and sounds like helping enemy camps.We believe what we see than what you are trying to tell us

    Finally,I want to ask all Oromo people and different Oromo political organisations, not to fight one another, instead let us focus on our common goal. We should learn from our past mistakes and trash all views that helps the enemy and divide our people on minor issues.

  5. Hawwinee Barii

    Dec 13, 13 at 3:41 pm


    Thanks for your brotherly advice. But, on the issue of Juwaar Mahaammad, time will definitely vindicate me. Remember the “duula bilisummaa fi walqixxummaa,” wayyaanee of 1990. It was a very good slogan but never meant the same for Oromo people. You can doubt me today about Juwaar but just have patience what it will turn out to be.

  6. Hawwinee Barii

    Dec 13, 13 at 3:45 pm

    You and me,

    Do not expect OLF to tell you whom it is grooming and its leadership succession plan. However, what is certain is that OLF will not groom its future leaders in the capital cities of America and Europe but in the battle field.

  7. Qaqaba

    Dec 14, 13 at 7:48 am

    @Hawinne Barii,

    Unfortunately my lithmus test to know who is genuinely for oromo cause has become first listen to what habasha say about that individual and their man is most likely not mine and vice versa. That why I was not impressed by Jawar because he was close to habashas until he went on Al Jazeera and declared to the world his true national identity his historic words ” I am Oromo First”.
    Those words did not impress me by themselves at the time because I would expect every self respecting oromo would give the same answer the question raised by Al Jazeera. Rather it was the subsequent media onslaught on him by habasha gangs because simply for his mention of his national identity. His words not only hit their nerves hard but immediately lead to what oromos had been waiting for decades, the unprecedented oromo unity under orommumma. Until that day I seriously doubted that there is someone who calls himself oromo and unite oromos worldwide at the same time.

    The young student listened to the peoples voice, became their voice and did what OLF leadership failed to do in 40 years. Your doubt of him shows your are just one of those who are the cause of oromo disunity by failing to see the big picture and always focus on individuals and power instead.

    Your are insulting our intelligence if you think that millions of oromos blindly support Jawar’s approach out of ignorance.

    He went on international media and showed not only his face, but united oromos behind a principle, turned of our enemies in turmoil. Show us what you did, obbo Barii? Why are you interested who financed him? Were you asked or forced to contribute?

    Oromo support for young leaders doesn’t mean the persons you mentioned have no roles to promote QBO. they courageously did their part but they (I guess you, too) are all too old, and from different era, failed to produce charismatic leaders, and live in foreign countries, too. We are extremely lucky to have at least ideologically one such leader.

    If this massive oromo support for Jawar scares you, you may be one of the following: a power monger, an enemy agent, or a fool. None of these can reverse the oromo unity under orommummaa.

    My advice, if you want oromo support do something objective for them and show them. Insulting people who did this and jealously are none of them.

    • MYS

      Dec 17, 13 at 6:09 am

      Hi Qaqaba,

      You tell them like it is. The 60’s power mongers are scared to death as they are losing the money they were collecting from Oromos especially across USA is being diverted to a more worthy group. OLF has contributed its part when it had genuine leaders not today’s pretenders and money-grabers wondering in the streets of major US cities.

      Jawar and Oromo first deserves whatever support they get from Oromos simply for what they contributed to Oromo unity so far not to mention what they can in the future.

      Sorry, the time has passed for whichever OLF group to get easy money for they don’t even report how/for what they spend it. Give the young generation a chance to lead and take a break and enjoy whatever you embezzled so far.

      Jawar may or may not be an answer for Oromo causes; but, he wouldn’t do any worse than any of the current OLF leaders if they can be called leaders at all.

  8. bulbulla

    Dec 14, 13 at 3:34 pm

    Jawar Mohammed is one of the power hungred oromo individuals in this world. He and the so called Jawar’S co-“qubee generation” are the worest opportunists and diaspora puppets to collect money in the name of Oromo young leaders, “Qubee generation” and “Oromo first/others second”, “global community engagement in America(DC,NY,Atlanta,MN,ML and all orher USA cities”, “new-Jawar’s media builders”, etc, in America and canada. To announse himself, first Jawar Mohammed went to Habasha meeting and started to be a nice muslim and Habasha guy, but soon realize that the correct and easiest way to collect money is just by declairing himself “Oromo first”. This is to fool many innocent oromos who can easly explioted to this modern rising mafia group in oromo community. Why Jawar claim himself new leader and new generation? Jawar allrady declaire himself as a new and young oromo leader, just like North-Korea’s socialist part leader Kim Jong-Un. Oromo leadership problem can not be solved by egocentric individuals, like Jawar. Mr Jawar, you have to put down first your over ambitious and gridy cowboy dream beføre you became new leader! “Kentu lifat, alech habasha”?

  9. hawwinee barii

    Dec 14, 13 at 9:09 pm

    qaqaba, mee juwaar opdo turuu fi dhiisuu isaa fi akkamitti biyya hindii dhaqee achi irraa usa akka dhaqe research geggeessi. kan har’ arran tana sochii isaa hundaaf maallaqa baasan eennu akka ta’an researxh foshi

  10. dantaa

    Dec 14, 13 at 9:29 pm

    yaa marqaa si afuufuun siliqimsuufii. maqamman “leader” jattu tun eessaa dhufte?. namni biyya ambaa kana teysatti dhaaba adda addaa bixxiluu barate akkamiin gaggeessa qabsoo tahuu dandahasaa? akka warqee tan ibiddaan qorame odoo jiruu ganda keessa yaatuun mara “leader” ifiin jatti?

  11. Qaqaba

    Dec 15, 13 at 1:00 am

    To begin with, I have never heard Jawar say he is a “leader” of oromos. We, the people are the ones who are impressed by his charismatic leadership quality and massively endorsing and pushing Jawar and the new generation of oromo leaders like Adii Fixee and Mohamed Ademo to lead as they did in one month what generations of oromo leaders, including OLF FAILED to do, i.e. UNITE the people under one national, unifying concept orommummaa.

    This is exactly what enemies of the oromo people fear the most but what oromo people have been calling for decades. Now that this fundamental question is answered at least by diaspora oromos, there are still remnants (like Accomodative = Fayis oromia of ODF) who obviously lost source of their income and trust to the new movement.

    Obbo Hawinne Barii, if Jawar was in India or elsewhere or was once OPDO member why should that concern me today as long as he did no crime and remains true to the peoples cause.

    I suspect you are already falling victim to habasha’s ongoing media campaign against the young oromo activist. There is nothing they have not said about Jawar, from faking videos to claiming he’s trying to convert oromos muslims, working for Egypt, etc. All their arguments have the singular goal of dividing oromos and it is unfortunate that you are one of their victims. Stay tuned, Jawar and oromo youth will launch the biggest oromo media in a short time, to give you the opportunity to criticize them.

    I am not a muslim, but I would rather be a good muslim rather than live under the only remaining Apartheid State on African soil, wayanes Ethiopia.

    As I said before if you have legitimate political issue, I urge you to come out of your cell, show your face with your head up, and tell us your story and leave the rest to oromos.

    I disagree with the argument that Jawar was not tested in the bush so he can’t lead a nation. I have not heard of Barack Obama firing a single bullet but he essentially leads the planet, though the comparison is not perfect. Ultimately, the community of nations, especially US administration can not escape responsibility for opposing one type of apartheid SA while tolerating another apartheid in Ethiopia (the Tigre fascist regime) which is perhaps 100 fold worse than apartheid SA.

  12. Maalhaabaasuuf Dhamaraasu

    Dec 15, 13 at 6:25 pm

    The call seems logical and and appropriate to bring together the Oromo academics and professionals if to consolidate and empower the existing Oromo Studies Association and also looks divisive and a grave mistake if masterminded to weaken the sole Oromo academics association that at its beginning and to form another in the name qube generation, this grave mistake that paralyses even oromumma and and rather degenerate Oromo nationalism and leads to opportunistic desire that at last shames this talented out spoken young Oromo, O/Jawar and brings his demise to light. let all take a moment and think over before rushing to applauding.


  13. Jirru

    Dec 18, 13 at 8:56 am

    I am an oromo and a professional: I am a professor of economics and I have strong support for these young generation leaders. I am glad that they are carrying the “oromo first” banner all over the place.

    The problem is that they display some sort of exclusivity. I was young in 1991, I am 42 now and feeling too old to register for this upcoming meeting. They emphasis on the “qube generation” is a bit intimidating.

    I believe they have to become clear about who is invited at this meeting, age-wise.

  14. Kitaabaa

    Dec 18, 13 at 11:34 pm

    “Rising community leaders, advocates and professionals are welcome to apply to the summit as participants or presenters. International attendees are particularly encouraged to apply.”

    I don’t see any age limit or exclusiveness here. As long as you can eat you are never too old for anything, especially for QBO. Don’t fear to be sent back if you have gray hairs like me.

    After all as an economist you can be a good resource and contributor, and are specifically invited. This how I read it.

    On the other hand, I agree with emphasis on the youth because they are the ones who should be on the drivers seat on matters that affect the nation for long, not to imply that the older generation has no role to play. If QBO is to be successful a generational change at leadership is mandatory. I am surprised that someone at 42 considers himself “old”, though.

  15. No Shortcut to QBO!

    Dec 21, 13 at 11:05 am

    Dear Qaqaba,

    I see some ‘Gandee’ attitude in your comments. Most of the people behind this movement are those looser who were purged from OLF due to inefficiency and ‘gandeessituu’ like the ‘Jijjiiramas’. They think that they got an opportunity to manipulate and come to their clanbased interwoven power mongering.

    Foon lakkawi jannan rajiijiin takka jehe gowwan jedhumotiree. You mention Abdi Fiixee, Mohammad Ademo as future leaders. What a joke. We know where these individuals belong to now. What their agenda is as far as Ethiopian issue is concerned. And who is behaind them. Some of these so-called ‘young generation’ are those who are behind individuals, not behind Principle or program. Abdi and Mohammed have been working with the failed ODF and were advocating for the democratization of Ethiopia. Surprisingly, most of them have been living their normal life and didn’t have any idea about the misery of our people in Oromia even though they came from Oromia/Ethiopia. They have been recruited through friends and acquaintances.

    Most of them are for showup. As, Hawwine said, leadership recruitment for QBO can’t be openly from the West. They should be tested in the field by the bitterness of Qabsoo if they really want to contibute to QBO! Unless they are for the democratization! NO shortcut to Bilisumma, brothres.

  16. deder

    Jan 1, 14 at 12:23 pm

    look ahead people and there is people on here comment portending to be oromo but don’t lets those ignorant fools get us down OROMO 1ST 4EVER.

  17. Zerihun

    Jan 8, 14 at 12:47 pm

    Dear all,

    Don’t be discouraged with some of our brothers and sisters who are dwelling on non-profitable things as they are unable to see about tomorrow. We need to brace them with their weakness and shape them gradually until they reach their destiny. I am feeling that this generation is on a right track to discharge its responsibility in a more organised and collective manner than crying and feeling pain individually. God bless Oromia and Qube generation.

  18. The fact

    Jan 9, 14 at 8:57 pm

    My point is that, if someone are try to do anything for Oromumma, why agnes if you are Oromo.
    As some people has said, Oromo enemy have used all mechanize-am to divided Oromo camp. And they are still
    Doing it today. I think insulting any Oromo movement if you are unoromo are indirectly caring the habash wish
    To divided us. Even if you do not support it, you must stay back from critics. Do what ever you can in your part to organization
    That you support. The First Oromo engagement movement is not samething I am cheering for but, I am not agnest if they are willing to done anything for our cause. The young generation has any obligation to take the strougle forward from my perspective I did not see what this guys are doing wrong, I never hear or see when this guys criticize any organization. Why are we going after them.