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English Translation of the EthioMedia-Hosted Recent Amharic Piece by Prof. Getachew Haile

Posted: Guraandhala/February 25, 2014 · Finfinne Tribune | Gadaa.com | Comments (22)

Editor’s Note: The following is the English translation of an article first written in Amharic by a certain professor by the name Getachew Haile on the website EthioMedia.com, where all the fake and senile anti-Oromo professors have called home in recent months. Hidden behind a local vernacular (Amharic, in this case), hate propaganda, disguised as academic articles and directed at the Oromo people, frequently appears on EthioMedia.com, thus Prof. Getachew Haile’s article is not a first on EthioMedia.com, nor that this is the first anti-Oromo piece by Prof. Getachew Haile. Regardless, in order to expose the ongoing hate propaganda on the Oromo people to the world, Gadaa.com has decided to publish the following English translation of Prof. Getachew Haile’s Amharic article in its entirety.

Dear Readers, the ideology brought up herein by Prof. Getachew Haile used to be the overt state ideology of the Ethiopian empire up until February 1974 – exactly 40 years to the date; with the ongoing struggles of the nations and nationalities, including the largest nation – the Oromo, in the Ethiopian empire, this Ethiopianist/Nefxegna ideology will soon see its final demise, and a morning star will rise in the Horn of Africa. All Oromo nationalists must fight back this Nefxegna ideology in order to protect the gains of the people’s 40-years of struggle, and bring the final victory to the people’s struggle.


Translation by Girma B. Gutema

Author’s Note: Here is the English version of Professor Getachew Haile’s recent piece. I did the translation with high curiosity, but I can’t promise to assure you perfect accuracy and precision.


Peace and Reconciliation as Life Flavors [By Professor Getachew Haile]

While reading a study, which you might have also read, I found one assertion that says, if people face hunger in a country rich in natural resources, it must be because the people have low IQ. I had to throw it away thinking that the study lacked depth and objectivity. A plethora of evidences shows that Ethiopia is a rich country in natural resources. The sheer size of its land that can be cultivated without even fertilizer is enormous. The country’s rivers flow, in excess, to all directions – crossing borders and making Ethiopia a water tower to neighboring countries. Take a listen to what Professor Seyoum Gelaye, a leading researcher on the area, had to say on this during his recent interview with SBS radio.

If the above assertion holds true, what would be at the stake is going to be the IQ of Ethiopians. Is it really because of low IQ of its people that Ethiopia still remained in hunger and poverty? I do not think so! The author of the said study must revise it as appropriate. Otherwise, he is telling us that “if one goes hungry while looking at bread behind a glass counter in a shop, the IQ of the man must be low.” Apparently, this is not the case as the hungry man can’t get the bread whatsoever high IQ he might have.

Indeed, no one denies the positive correlation between one’s IQ and quality of his/her life, though this is not always the case. Look at many Ethiopians, for instance, who unleashed their potentials once a slim of opportunity unlocked for them. They are making enormous contributions as researchers and professors across top universities in Africa, America and Europe. The same success stories can be told for Ethiopians in trade and commerce, we can count many millionaires.

No way! An in-depth investigation needs to be carried out as to how Ethiopia, a country with rich natural resources and wise people, goes hungry. In fact, as indicated by Professor Seyoum, the main factor for the country’s hunger has to do with the wrong land ownership and administration system of the country. The slogan “land to the tiller” ended up giving “land to the ruler.” Woyane took all the farmers’ land. Earlier, the number of feudal lords, to whom the roasted chicken had to be brought home, were few, but now that constitutes the whole “nations and nationalities” that farmers have to suffer to satisfy them all. The other problem is that the country is divided into regions along ethnic lines that no one is able to freely move from one region to another and cultivate land as much as he can. Today, the entire bodies of Ethiopia are not entirely for Ethiopians.

Historians tell us that our diversity has really hurt us a lot in the past. The fact that we are Christians and Muslims, Oromos and non-Oromos with failed system to accommodate our differences substantially degraded us. On the contrary, had we spoken one language, followed one religion and cherished one culture, we would not have stagnated in backwardness for centuries. The devastating impacts of our religious diversity can be seen from the demolition of the Axumite civilization by Yodit Gudit and the burning of the Amhara civilization by the invading Muslim forces of Ahmed Gragn. Perhaps, these civilizations were able to keep the country in pace with the rest of the world by the time, but they were demolished and we remained stagnated at where we were by then even to this date. Our knowledge about these two civilizations had to entirely rely on few written documents that survived the fire. Ethiopia hasn’t yet fully revived from “Ahmed Gragn’s tenderness,” a chilling devastation of Muslim forces on Christian Ethiopia. Even though the human and material costs of this invasion are infinite, what I always regret is rather the loss of some of the oldest church scriptures, only whose titles have remained with us today.

The Muslims had no reason to devour Christians except for their Jihad. The Christians established and ran the country’s government. Some tribes, like Somalis and Yifates, living in some remote parts of the country accepted Islam, and they were also allowed to govern themselves while in the Ethiopian state. Even when we see it today, what better options were available for the imperial government than this? The main objective of the Jihad war waged on the Christians was to convert them all to Islam thereby administering them under the Sharia law. The Muslims never thought of taking up only government power and let the Christians rule themselves.

The devastation that the Oromos brought to Ethiopia had to do with their massive migration that led to their occupation of the country’s central land mass. Thanks to historians like Aba Bahrey, Teklesilassie Tino and Tekleyesus Wakjira, the massive destructions that the Oromo migration caused to the Ethiopian civilization have been, by and large, documented. Following a little breathing time and space after the invasion of the Muslim forces, the Oromos came and wrecked everything, literally everything of the country’s civilization that survived from Muslims’ cruelest chaos. Establishing themselves under Gadaa, a totalitarian gang mafia military system, they slaughtered everyone from farmer to trader, from teacher to researcher – all the way to every peaceful member of the community. It was pity. With the sheer forces of their number, the Oromos ruined everything and flooded their cattle onto the farmlands and made churches the daycare fences of their calves. According to their long held tradition, their community member won’t shave his head before killing a Christian. Their devastation had to extend even to Showa, Gojam, Amhara (today’s Wollo) and all the way to Gonder.

After all that destruction, the Muslims initially considered replacing Ethiopia’s writing systems with their own. Yet, as the Oromos were cattle herders, they had no system of writings to replace it with. On the other hand, they assimilated parts of the invaded people and reduced the rest to slavery. If we had to erect monuments in places where the Muslims and the Oromos annihilated humans, the country would have turned into a mere museum of monumental blocks. In addition to killings, cutting genitalia had been rampant in their tradition as it can be illustrated by poems and other literary pieces retained to this date. Instead of neglecting such evil deeds of the past and moving on, creating fictitious yet horrific stories of crimes as if committed by the soldiers of Ras Gobena Dache would help no one, if not to fool the already fooled. Fiction story can never be history.

The Ethiopian kings had no problem whoever came and settle in their territories, especially if the land is unoccupied. The problems with the Oromo migrants were that instead of settling on free and unoccupied places, they had such barbaric tendencies of taking away lands that others developed by demolishing everything on it. On top of that, after occupying the central land mass of the country, they started refusing to pay taxes to the central government. So by this time, what other options were available for the central government to deal with these people?

The disease of the past relapsed
In this era we live in, when I see, on YouTube, Muslims burning churches and Oromos throwing humans off cliff, it reminds me of a verbal analogy that people say when something bad comes all over again in their lives. It goes “hello everyone, won’t one be cured of sickness; did I get relapse of my past disease?” A relapsed disease is always fatal. It kills everybody. One can only kill while being killed.

No one knows what happens in the meantime. For instance, we all know that protestant Christians from Wollaga were leading the Oromo violence. Now this leadership role has been taken over by Muslim Oromos who claim to constitute 40% of the whole Oromo population. They might have exaggerated it but yet, there is no doubt that their number exceeds that of the Protestants. The irony is that the struggle as led by Protestant Christians against Orthodox Christian government of Ethiopia refusing to be governed by Fitihanegest is going to be hijacked by those who want to declare sharia as the law of the land. On a coincidental line of argument, we saw in history that Egyptian Christians trapped themselves into an endless regret by helping the Arabian Muslim takeover of their country in refusal of the hegemony by the Melekan Christians.

The way out:
1. As I clearly indicated above, the destruction that the Muslims and Oromos caused to Ethiopia has been boldly encrypted on the pages of history books. Yet, peace and reconciliation are desperately needed, and hence without deleting and denying this history, we can find way out of the current ignorance and destitution that we are immersed in. The first step would be that the Oromos and Muslims should seek apologies from the Ethiopian people for all those destructions their fathers and forefathers caused to Ethiopia. Instead of continuing with the destructive pathway of their fathers and forefathers thereby sustaining the destructions, they have to turn apologetic so soonest. There shouldn’t be any complaint about the writers of their destructive acts in history as these writers constitute people among their own clans or religion. Muslim writers like Shihab Edin Arab Faqih and Amhara-Oromos like Aba Bahrey, Teklesillassie Tino, Teklemariam Waqjira wrote accounts of this history. Those who say “debteras won’t write our history” might not have known who these writers were. The complete list of other historians on this subject matter is given in my book on the writings of Aba Bahrey together with other documents on the Oromo.

2. The second measure has to do exclusively with the Oromos. It’s known that emperor Minilik and Ras Gobana Dache worked hard to bring together and unite the rather dispersed Oromo tribes and clans who waged war on one another. Oromos should therefore dedicate a day and celebrate this. Since the two leaders didn’t achieve that over a single day, today’s Oromos can decide which day to celebrate on their Caffee. But one thing should be part of the annual celebration as a matter of must: putting dread flowers under the monument of king Minilk. Moreover, as no one has so far erected Monument for Ras Gobena, Oromos should select a gracious public square where a monument can be erected for him thereby commissioning its construction so soon.

3. The third measure should be transforming themselves from primitive to modern people. Primitive people think in a scale of a village and they consider people from other villages as their enemies. Modern people on the other hand consider themselves as global citizens. In the thoughts of a modern man, coming from this village or speaking that language is a matter of mere social coincidence that shouldn’t be valued at all. We cannot expect primitive people to transcend to modern and global citizens in a matter short period of time. That isn’t our interest either, at least for the time being. But one thing is for sure: to lead a peaceful and prosperous life in this modern era, such a transformation is a must in the democratic world.

As per my observation, the relations that ethnic nationalists have with democracy are trapped in between love and hate. The basic essence of democracy is respecting human right. Everybody except dictators and their supporters accept this, and in fact ethnic nationalist are in love with democracy on this point. But are only individuals or both individuals and groups who are entitled to human rights? If ‘yes’ is for the former not the later, ethnic nationalist reject democracy. They hate it. Right basically belongs to an individual. However, it doesn’t mean that groups don’t have rights. If they have the capacity, they have the right to develop their language and culture. When they get together to do this, government ensures their security. Establishing an ethnic-based political party in one country would however mean denying shared interest with other ethnic communities of that country. At the bottom rock of establishing a political party lays a basic objective of ensuring and enhancing economic beneficence of an individual and that has nothing to do with getting organized on ethnic lines, be it Gurage, Gumuz or Guji. However, members of any ethnic community may predominantly vote for one party or another in a bid to ensure their collective interest. In a democratic system, that is the way for ethnic nationalists to benefit their constituencies.



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  1. boona

    Feb 25, 14 at 6:38 pm

    I am speechless. To think of such hateful article to come from a professor is mind boggling. Many of our learned people have been warning us for a long time that Neftegna poltics cannot be remedied. They told us that Neftegna poltics have too be buried several feet under the ground to live as peaceful people with our neighbors. But this is too much even for a gullible person. I refuse to be treated like a trash by this sick octogenarian, Getache Haile. There is one way out my fellow Oromos. Organize yourself to liberate our generation and the coming generation from Neftegnas. Join hands. This is a wake up call. As a student at Addis Ababa University, I always knew that Getachew Haile was a racist person. There were others, too. As an Oromo it is not hard to pick them up from the crowd. They were the icons of Amhara poltics. Now it has gotten to my skin. I will do what it takes to break our link with the establishment. Wake up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  2. Abbaa Boora

    Feb 25, 14 at 8:58 pm

    Thank you ob. Girma for the translation! Many oromos, including myself can no longer read the amharic script and your translation is highly welcome.

    I am not surprised about what professor Getachew or all other descendants of nafxagna settlers on oromoland write because there is nothing new in it, except his demand that oromos annually celebrate Minilik by putting dread flowers under his monument.

    Apparently he is showing his frustration by ongoing oromo determination to demolish that statue of the African Hitler from their soil once and for all. I only hope that Getachew will live long enough to see with eyes the “dread flowers” oromos put under the monument and how they celebrate this annually, God willing.

    The rest of the article is garbage and doesn’t deserve any comment from me.

  3. Habtamu

    Feb 25, 14 at 10:08 pm

    Seriously who is this old dog barking.he is so ignorant,rude and deillusional how on earth he dares to judge 40 million ppl.he puts us in one basket and spits from his rotten mind.he thinks he stand for one Ethiopia by belittling others than Amhara never seen such a contradictory idea in my life.but why should I waste my precious time commenting on this ego inflated & illiterate article… The so called prof I don’t wanna write or call ur name wake up from ur day dream what u said never gonna happen only in ur coo coo land.you are not worth my time… U piece of shit.

  4. Deedee

    Feb 25, 14 at 10:08 pm

    The old Amhara kings had this idea that the whole of the horn of African belongs to them, and so all other religions and cultures were not allowed to exist ever unless they became ruled by them. Unfortunately the great Somali Muslim Ahmed Gragn did not agree, and saw no reason why his people had to pay geber to the lazy Amharas who kept invading and pillaging the cites of the Ifat. Adal and Hadiya sultanates. I mean these Amharas were not even capable of building cities at that time. Ahmed Gragn led a revolt and a counter invasion against the aggressive and selfish Amharas who were subjugating the Agaw and the Jews in Begemeder. He was shocked at the number of people who joined and supported him in the the Amhara empire-he had no idea how much the Amhara king was hated. Even Geladious, the king who finally defeated Ahmed Gragn with help from the Portugese admitted and was stunned at the number of his subjects who had defected to islam. . He wanted to implement the death sentence for all defectors but said “if I execute every one who defected to Ahmed Gragn and converted to Islam, there will be no one left but me in my kingdom”. Ahmed Gragn did little damage to the Amhara empire physically, cause besides few stone carved churches, there really was not much there to begin with. His effect was more psychological than physical. All of Ethiopia’s ancient churches are still intact. Did the priests wait for ahmed gragn to burn their artifacts? Ofcourse not, those were easily moved. If you want to know who endangered all the ancient manuscripts, it is the priests themselves who until today still steal and sell them to the highest bidder. Go ask any priest today.

    As for the Oromos, well this mighty ancient people who worshipped Waka paid little attention to the aggressive Amharas who kept invading and expanding into the south. They were not impressed or intimidated. Who says Oromos have no right to settle where they want not just in “Ethiopia”, but also Kenya to? I don’t hear kenyans complain about the Borana Oromo, just selfish Amharas complain. Is migrating the right of just Amharas? Where did Amaharas come from before they moved to Shoa, Gonder,
    Gojam and Wollo anyway? All ancient people migrated as their populations grew, and the Oromo were mostly peaceful with their brilliant system of adopting the weaker nations they came across. Amharas were never peaceful to anyone, their ideology held contempt for competing civilizations and religions-somebody had to stop them in their tracks, and what Ahmed Gragn started the Oromo completed. What did the Oromos destroy? What have amharas built anyway of significance? (Every palace and bridge was built by the portugese btw). If they were so destructive how come the church in debre lebanos is still there.? Where are the ruins of the cities that were supposedly destroyed by the Oromos or Muslims? How come there are still amharas in shoa even though there are surrounded by Oromos ? If anything, Oromos were too trusting, and easily manipulated because they did not have a religious ideology that protected them from tolitarian ideology of the Amhara as written in the kebre negest.

    Despite decades of oppression, when the dergue govt fell and there was a time when there was no govt, there was no mass killing at a national scale in Ethiopia agains the Amharas. How come th

    So now what? Amharas need to make peace with the people of the horn of africa, frankly everyone is tired to them. They even manage to alienate their Orthodox cousins in Eritrea and Tigray-this is how bad they are.

    I see no voice of reason among the amharas, instead of getting better, they are becoming more intolerant. My fear is that they are driving everyone else to extremism as well for self-protection.

  5. Deedee

    Feb 25, 14 at 10:18 pm

    To add from my earlier statement, Despite decades of oppression, the Oromos and other nations in Ethiopia such as the Tigray and Sidama and Afar , Somalis did not attack the Amharas at a mass scale when the dergue fail because all these other non-amhara nations of Ethiopia are peaceful at heart, and it is against their nature. Amharas should understand this, and come to their senses, give up their arrogance and live in peace with the various people of the horn of africa.

  6. Qaanqee Qubee

    Feb 25, 14 at 11:14 pm

    Thank you obbo Girma B. Gutema and Gadaa.com,

    Is that all that ‘Dr.’ Getachew Haile has reserved & kept as secret for so long? I am really happy to read the best fiction from Habeshas’ best man. It is surprising to see the logic, reasoning, persuasive & convincing neutral references he had used to come up with such silly piece!

    My fellow Oromos, take a time and think as to how Debteras had been fooling us and the world for over 130 years! Their GIGO is n more heart breaking.

    Look at the logic of the illogical Debtera. By the way did he take Logic course in University? At the introductory part he said, “Establishing themselves under Gadaa, a totalitarian gang mafia military system, they slaughtered everyone from farmer to trader, from teacher to researcher – all the way to every peaceful member of the community. It was pity. With the sheer forces of their number, the Oromos ruined everything and flooded their cattle onto the farmlands and made churches the daycare fences of their calves.” Even though he tried to negatively describe the strength of the Gadaa System, he unknowingly admitted how this system empowered Oromo and enabled Oromo to easily crash its adversaries. However, this fake ‘Dr.’ writes another completely opposite solution/idea in his “The way out:” He shamelessly states that, “… It’s known that emperor Minilik and Ras Gobana Dache worked hard to bring together and unite the rather dispersed Oromo tribes and clans who waged war on one another. Oromos should therefore dedicate a day and celebrate this…”

    What a mess? Lost Habeshas! Habeshas are acting like drowned unskilled sailor that makes all futile attempts to save his life.
    He denounces and undermines Oromo and their strong Gadaa system for the war victory they scored on his relatives; on the other hand he, in an attempt to conceal/hide Minilik’s (Habesha System’s) crimes and genocide, just makes Oromo a weak and dispersed people that Minilik and his surrogates brought together. The fact, however, is that Oromo were more united and powerful due to Gadaa system before the invasion of Minilik, but started losing unity and coordination after invasion and the beginning of habeshas interference in the internal affairs of the Oromo clans like the war between Galaan and Abichu.

    The other fallacy in his argument is put this way, “Historians tell us that our diversity has really hurt us a lot in the past. The fact that we are Christians and Muslims, Oromos and non-Oromos with failed system to accommodate our differences substantially degraded us. On the contrary, had we spoken one language, followed one religion and cherished one culture, we would not have stagnated in backwardness for centuries…”

    Which diversity he is talking about? Hadn’t they been claiming one country, one religion, one language and one everything until 1991? Are they not still denying the existence of nations and nationalities in the Ethiopian empire? Did they not try for more than 130 years under the fake and backward Amhara/Habesha led unitary government? Was 130 years not enough time to modernize the empire? The problem was not the existence of diversity within the empire, ‘Dr.’ Getachew! The reason for the backwardness of the empire originates from its formation. Amharas were there just to loot the natural resources and land/properties of the colonized people. Ethiopia is an EMPIRE state! With the help of internal and external factors, your relatives controlled and became rulers/governors of the land they didn’t imagine to own. Then using our natural resources, your fathers arranged everything for you and your likes to go to the West for higher education that has enabled you write such fictions and hate filled junks on Oromo and other oppressed peoples that would rather deserve respect and admiration for carrying, sustaining and neutralizing such poisonous groups like you belong to!

  7. boona

    Feb 25, 14 at 11:17 pm

    We also need Afaan Oromo translation of Getachew’s article. We need it guys.

  8. Tola

    Feb 25, 14 at 11:27 pm

    Thank you Gutema, it is so sad to read such a garbage from “Prof Halie ” I mean from chilada baboon of mount Dashen. I do not think human race with such a thinking exist in 21st century. I can not understand why they are so scared and jealous about Oromo. I feel we are moving forward on high gear. Thank you qubee generation.

  9. Joel

    Feb 26, 14 at 12:27 am

    Hi There!

    Wow! It is with a great sense of dismay and outrage that I finished reading this rubbish article authored by a senile Debtera. This dude is deliberately trying to humiliate and emasculate the people of Oromo in general and the popular Gadaa system in particular. One thing must be clear: Debteras are always Debteras. Whether they are educated in Oxford, Princeton or Harvard, they just don’t change. They are the most backward people on planet Earth. Even though they are western educated in the 21st century, they have this 16th century Debtera mentality. The Debteras has contracted a mysteries disease called – Oromophobia.

    Thank you for translating to English.




    Feb 26, 14 at 12:39 am

    He calls himself a professor, actually a professor of peace, laughter. Do not be surprised. Read on I will tell you about him. He is one of the grandchildren of the Ethiopian Hitler Minilik. He seems angry with the fact that his granddads aristocracy is revealed to the world, and he is trying to retaliate. Then he went to his computer started writing all his feelings. All he knows and can do is insulting and creating fictitious history and fictitious historian. He was highly inspired most probably he was drunk that day. But do not forget he is a professor as well. He wishes he is. I can see from his ‘knowledge’ of Ethiopian history. I said his because according to this man Oromo speaking people led by Wallaga Protestants invaded Amhara during the Gondar era; destroyed people and resources; made Amhara their slaves and servants. He claimed that this history was written by Oromo individuals 500 years ago. This professor who can only write in Amharic language, who is most probably from Amharic speaking people, said Minilik united the Oromo people too. He continued writing and said Gadaa system was a system of war. The confused professor said the war of Grang Ahmed was Oromos war. It is fortunate that for him that only few Oromos read his Amharic new Ethiopian history from Minilik’s grave. I am one of the unlucky Oromos who have suffered a lot to learn Amharic. I wish I did not learn this unworthy language. The language that is associated with criminal gangs, the language related to group who claims but, has no faith.
    Let me ask you something dear “professor”
    I hope he can read English, if you cannot people ask for translation.
    1. You said Oromo invaded and destroyed Amhara, Gondar. Are you sure you read Ethiopian History? Was there any era called Gonder era?
    2. You said Wallaga Protestants led the war against you. Did you know that Protestantism come to horn of Africa way far before the war you writing?
    3. You said Oromo made Amhara slaves and servants. Did you ever read the book called ‘Fiker iske Meqaber’. You might not know about Ethiopian history though.
    4. You said gada is a system of war. Do you know that Gada is probably the first democracy public administration system on Earth?
    5. You gave you article ‘Selam na Irqi’. Why you did not you put the correct quotation mark (¡)? This is because you added gallons of fuel to the already flames. Unfortunately you lost the target. You nearly said finishing the Oromo is the first step. Why do you fear to say that?

    I invite you to read this short but nice article linked at the end of this page. It will give you a nice shot of what we think about you and the like. I am sure many of my brothers and sisters will clearly tell you who you are. I am not historian but I know Ethiopian history better than you. You should not dare to meddle in some one’s profession even though you call yourself a professor. If this writing is what you call in your language ‘Nuzaze’, your nuzaze (last word) is accepted as a nonsense talk, useless and harmless murmur and you are free to go the place where you art reading for yourself. Dear professor, there are lots of things you do not know about yourself, about your country, let alone about Oromo. Unfortunately you are too old to learn after this. My personal advise; your days are counted and you better shot up.

    Salpho soqolatte Soqolaa gargaaru!
    Odaa Gadaa.

  11. tola

    Feb 26, 14 at 6:43 am

    He is a through and through racist, who always dreams of past “glory” of his clan.

    His article containing futile narrations as well as that of his equal called Larebo, the other so called Professor would not hold water. In fact such negatively loaded utterances will result in more hate, conflict and most of all spur us, the Oromo forwards to struggle with enthusiasm, dedication and determination.

    These creatures are still not awake and not aware of the fact that we have made miles and miles of strides forward. There is NO RETURN!


  12. Alemu

    Feb 26, 14 at 8:20 am

    This rants show how much this people are frustrated. Specially these two years are bad for them because Oromos are registering upper scores to dwarf their hate propaganda. We will see many miseducated Ethiopianists like Getachew ranting about Oromo on their social media but we should be certain to tell the truth about their deeds.
    Getachew is Amhara supremacist who thinks like his fore fathers even in 21 century

  13. Ganamo

    Feb 26, 14 at 9:04 am

    I doubt this individual is sound state of mind. May be this aged man is developing some sort of symptoms that is compromising his ability to think properly. His article is illogical and with full of conflicting ideas. He must be insane, racist supremacist who claims to be human right advocate. The translation of this article has to be widely circulated so that the world knows some Ethiopian right groups are indeed racist supremacist in Rights mask.

  14. Dabala

    Feb 26, 14 at 7:55 pm

    This is just one more example for the fact that oromos are attacked as a whole nation by naftagna extremeists. whether they are azmaris or professors it is the same old story. This article by Getachew reemphasizes the urgent need for oromos to create united front against these terrorists in our country in order to deny them sunshine in Finfinnee. They must be deported, never to put their feet in oromia again!

  15. Baayisa

    Feb 26, 14 at 8:20 pm

    I met professor Getachew once and it didn’t take me long to realize the hate he bears for people other than Amhara in that empire known as “Ethiopia”. For him if you are not Amhara AND (not or) Orthodox you’re second citizen in that country. He hates the Tigrayans too. From my conversation with him, I gathered the only reason he hates the Tigresi is because they snatched a power place from his Amhara dynasty.

    Not long before my encounter with him, at a social gathering with fellow Oromians, we were talking politics of our region when a friend said “if people like Getachew Haile were to be in any position, in that empire, our existence as Oromos would be close to extinction” she said. It was very interesting to me because she encountered what I have encountered. At the time I use to live in one of the mid-west states and she lived in another mid-western state 600 miles away from where I lived. He came to the university she attended at the time, where she had the unfortunate moment to meet and converse with this mentally defiant (for the wrong reason) person.

    To be honest with you all, now that I read his article, I was neither surprised nor alarmed. I wasn’t surprised because as I said above, I knew him in terms of his ideology when it comes to non-Amhara people. I wasn’t alarmed, because he is no position today and he will never be in one for the rest of his life to make a dent in our quest for freedom. I rather feel sorry for him because his ideology is hate and supremacy driven; that kind of mentality is poisonous and nowadays as long as he follows the politics of the Ethiopian empire, whether he likes it or not, he would come across views and practices that are extremely against his school of thought and that would make him loose sleep every single night because he is being devoured internally by the poison in his mind.

    As for the history lesson he tries to “teach” his like-minded hate-mongers, we careless! This is not history as it happened. It is history as it is fabricated several decades ago. If they (the hate-mongers] happen to read my comment here, I suggest to them to read a book written by Martial De Salviac, a French missionary, who lived in today’s Ethiopia in the late 1800. For those who cannot read French this book is translated to English “An Ancient People Great African Nation”. I’m recommending this book because Dr. Getachew alleges that books written by others (non-Abyssinians in the Empire) are fictions. What would he and his like-minded arrogant, ignorant, … people would say about this author who is neutral and writes his personal accounts regarding Abyssinians and Oromos (now Oromians)?

  16. boona

    Feb 26, 14 at 9:00 pm

    It is also important to note that Getachew’s people are well organized and are preparing for their next move. We are not seeing corresponding actions from the subject people.


  17. Guutuu-5:

    Feb 27, 14 at 12:32 am

    Mr Girma really thank you for your perfect translation, Abisiniyans they never change a mind estil they love minlk legasi look Dr Getachw Hayele,pr Aleme Eshete and Tekele yeshaw estil they had backward mentality every single mnet they thinking down . We have to carful this egnorant persons. My Oromo people ready to go for our real freedom.

  18. Abbaa Boora

    Feb 27, 14 at 4:04 am

    This document should serve a historic reminder for all oromos where our past disunity on meaningless differences on minor issues while neglecting, disregarding or even naively trusting and creating friendships with naftagna settlers in oromia has led us to. It’s a wake-up call.

    In the past descendents of naftagna settlers in Oromia used to at least keep to themselves some of the ugly feelings they had in their hearts about oromos. Now it is open war. They say just anything they think, and never think before they say it. It doesn’t matter whether they are shoeshiners or professors, they have no sense for reason and civility. How can one engage in any kind of dialogue with the most primitive folks who even dare to question your IQ?

    On the positive side, they once again helped consolidate oromo unity, the unintended effect of their rants. Only a year ago this time oromo unity was at best unpredictable. Naftagna’s campaign against the word “oromo” being heard on world stage changed that for ever. At that time, they hoped that they would target one oromo national for merely identifying himself as oromo and isolate him from the rest. That failed disastrously and they were devastated by the result they collected. All those anti-oromo videos and, petitions and patriotic songs and even threats of physical attack against the oromo individual nationals failed.

    Now, the naftegna elite officially declared the cyberwar this time on all oromos because they know the outcome is the same defeat. Their mouse-piece musician didn’t help much, so the “learned” scholars and journalists stepped in the media campaign against their host nation as the last resort.

    This shows the naftagna elite’s compete desperation, hopelessness and confirmation of his defeat as he can’t stand the test of reason and truth.

  19. Magartu

    Feb 27, 14 at 10:58 pm

    @ Boona,

    Thank you for the link.

    I love Dr. Asafa’s article which is very valid even now as I write, especially the 10 point recommendations are a must read for all oromos!

    Naftagna agents led by 21st century’s Minilik warrior laareeboo are waging war against this iconic oromo scholar (actually against all oromos) as well. I think he wants to excel mainstream naftagnas by attacking oromos.


    They are biting every thing around them that sounds or looks oromo because they know they can never win against truth. This is their last resort. There is no option for oromos other than stay on the path of truth and defend themselves!

  20. Markus

    Feb 28, 14 at 1:04 am

    I was reading these anti-Oromo articles on Ethiomedia recently. Each time, I was so shocked with the level of hate I was reading that I had to get my jaw off the floor after finishing reading.

    Now, why is Ethiomedia publishing such articles? Ethiomedia is a website owned by a former TPLF. The survival of TPLF or Tigrean rule in Ethiopia can be assured only if the two massive forces in the country, Oromo and Amhara, are locked in a situation where they have to watch out each other. TPLF’s propaganda is that the Oromos want independence thereby disintegrating the country once and for all and the Amhara’s want a unitary rule where the old repressive system is brought back. While these two big nations are at “war” against each other, Tigreans amass a lot of wealth by robbing Amhara, Oromia and SNNPR. The mission of Ethiomedia is replacing the current Tigrean rulers with other Tigrean rulers. It is not about democracy or rule of law or justice.

    As far as I can see it at the moment, extremist Amharas are only talking. They are severely wounded by TPLF and they cannot even respond when TPLF sells their land and insults them. They are extremely powerless. As a result Oromos should not really put their primary focus on these extremists. They should keep an eye on them and put a strategy to deal with them if they recur. However, Oromos should really turn their focus on TPLF which is currently killing them, jailing them. robbing their natural resources. A large number of Tigres became rich in less than a decade by selling resources which come from Oromia and SNNPR. I cannot imagine an exodus of educated and young people to the level comparable to the exodus of Oromo intellectuals and youth in the last 21 years. TPLF’s solders went into the towns and jungles of Oromia and killed and jailed and tortured young, vocal Oromos in the last 21 years. A large number of Oromos were massacred under the disguise of OLF by TPLF in the last 21 years. At the moment the real problem to Oromos are not extremist Amharas, it is TPLF.

    Oromos should create alliance with the people of SNNPR and focus their attention in dismantling the minority Tigrean rule in Ethiopia or at least in Oromia. My biggest dream is for Oromos to take centre stage in Ethiopian politics and play a very significant role in day to day decisions. Oromos will win by dominating, not by isolating. I feel that yesterday is done and the only thing we can do about it is learn from it. But we can shape tomorrow by acting today. Lets not dwell too much on past history and some non-sense historians. Lets act today and bring the change we want our children inherit!!

  21. Goonaa Jiillee

    Mar 18, 14 at 9:38 pm

    In some of the conversations I had with Ato Getachew Haile, on December 3, 1971, I fully understood that he was and is an outrageous racist. I approached in front of the Old Social science building while he was walking to the cafeteria inside the building (in the lower level). As he was a long acquaintance, and a friend of my uncle in the campus, I greeted him saying, “Selaam Gash Getachew!” He answered, “Selam!” Where is Ato RB now?” I answered, “May be he is at work in his office.” Then I told him that Yonas Admasu gave me a grade of “A” for my Amharic précis. Ato Getachew answered, “Inneazzih qoshashoch le irrenyaa hullu “A” yisetalu, baktoch nachew.” I did not believe my ears. I told my friend, Dheressa Qixxee and another guy, Abdate Guutamaa (kiiled by the PMCA-Dargue). They laughed telling me that I was naive and idiot to befriend him and tell him my personal issues. Later on when the university was closed for Xmas vacation, a week later I met him at Shiraagaa Hotel Cafeteria. He called by his finger; even though I was morally wounded by what he said to me in my earlier conversation, I approached him. He invited to sit down. With him was the late Amsalu Aklilu (department head, Inst. Language studies). With no reverence for that senior man and for ones own conscience, he stated, “Bezzih aamat, bizu irrenyoch campus gebbuu, ayidelam?” I just apologized and walked away, as any coward. The third time we met at Lideta, in the compound of High Court. He was accompanying his gendarmerie relative from Arsi who cam to the high court seeking a case against a local bailiff who failed to evict peasants from his land in Arsi where he grew up until the Italian advent to dismantle the Dark Empire, even though they were fascists. He turned back to his lawyer Ato Tekeba, said, ” Be tiyyit kaalteneddu, innezzih ye Arusii Gaalloch ke mereetee alineqaneqqim aalu.” Later on when I grew up I studied about him, and I was told by people of his contemporary, that he was evicted from Arsi during the Italian occupation when there was a reprieve for Oromos, who were able to complain about his families’ savage acts against native Arsi Oromo people. One thing surprised me about him; he is half Oromo by blood but a fascist neftenya by deeds all his life. Remember what he did when he joined the civilian Shango orchestrated by the Dargue, until the land proclamation issued adversely affected him and he took a dangerous position that brought him in conflict with his government