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Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC) Sounds Alarm about the Ongoing Land-Grab in Oromia; Condemns the Ethiopian Govt’s Land Policy Being Enforced in Oromia Without Oromo’s Participation as Plan to Ignite Violence between Oromo Farmers and Investors

Posted: Ebla/April 15, 2014 · Finfinne Tribune | Gadaa.com | Comments (7)

The Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC) has sounded its sternest alarm about the ongoing land-grab activities in Oromia, especially the plan regarding the Oromian towns surrounding Finfinnee, in a statement released on April 14, 2014. OFC issued the statement at the conclusion of its meeting in Finfinnee on April 13, 2014.

In the statement, OFC also condemned the Ethiopian government’s Land Policy, which is being enforced in Oromia without Oromo’s participation, as a plan that will ignite violence between Oromo farmers and investors. Furthermore, OFC reminded the Ethiopian government about the Special Interests of Oromia in Addis Ababa (Finfinnee), which has not been implemented so far, per the Constitution.

The statement in two languages: Afan Oromo and Amharic, is published below.

Photo: OFC Meeting in Finfinnee, April 13, 2014 (OFC)

Photo: OFC Meeting in Finfinnee, April 13, 2014 (OFC)

Photo: OFC Meeting in Finfinnee, April 13, 2014 (OFC)




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  1. Abbaa Boora

    Apr 16, 14 at 1:17 am

    This is what happens when you fail to treat cancer early on. It spreads to other organs and kills you!!
    Now chemotherapy will no longer work. The only option is to surgically remove the tumor from Finfinnee.
    It is hard like any surgery but it is possible and life saving.

  2. tolcha

    Apr 16, 14 at 4:12 am

    No, rather it is the chemotherapy that works for the cancer that spread, sir! How can you remove a metastasized cancer. It haslaready formed neovascularization(OPDO) and so on. The only option is massive chemotherapy Qerro Uprising in each locality of every remote villages of Oromia. Can we do that? No, agai. Why? Because, it is not feasible, because, there is no leader that sacrifices himself/herself at this point to lead the struggle. I agree with you on one point, i.e., action. From recent hero I heard and saw the picture, was Legesse Wagi, that is my hero, man! It is rare to get such heros, unless a desperate case arises. I think,from what I am observing, the youngs are very active. They need a guide, leader, counsellor and above all some one with excellent virtue of courage, who doesn’t go backward despite….. perseverence!

  3. Abbaa Boora

    Apr 16, 14 at 9:09 pm

    Every cancer is different. Of course surgery is not enough in many cases. It must be followed by chemotherapy. But I don’t think metastasis is the major problems here, as yet. But when the tumor is threatening to engulf its neighbors Sabata , Aqaqi and Holota it is almost too late for removal of the original tumor,but it is still possible.

    Nowadays, I see less and less difference between most OPDO members and the rest of oromo organizations as everyone seems to be fighting for the right of the oromo people in their land. Don’t get me wrong, there are of course OPDOs who are completely loyal to fascist Wayane bosses in the leadership. These are becoming very marginalized and exposed. You can check how frustrated they are when they speak. That’s is why neovascurisation is becoming less of a problem these days.

    We have reached a dead end. There is no other way than depose wayane if oromos want to survive.
    The ultimate goal of the Querro uprising is directed at removing the tumor from Finfinnee. Can we do that? YES, WE CAN!!! YES, WE CAN!!!
    How? We have a just cause, we have and are determined to give what it takes to get our rights back in our homeland. No leader is as important as this concept. If you think a leader must be some one from DC you are probably wrong. The youth know their leaders, even if we may not know! Pessimism and fear mongering no longer work.

    Therefore, at this point in time no amount of chemotherapy works unless you have a magic bullet that also kills the huge tumor in the heart of Finfinnee at once without killing the patient. Any treatment must be directed towards this first. As long as there are wayanes in Finfinee no Oromos should expect to bear and raise children in Oromoland forever. Either we survive or we perish!

    This is the reason all civilized humanity must SUPPORT the pursing to remove the apartheid wayanee government from Finfinnee. As I argued before, it is primarily the mistake of oromo leaders to have trusted and allowed the tumor enter Finfinnee in the first place. But once it has entered, it again the mistake of oromo leaders to lock own army into camps and run away leaving the fighters in harms way. After 1992, it is again the mistake of oromo leaders not to have reorganized and build their own army.
    In 2005, when mostly amahras almost uprooted wayanes from Finfinne the oromo leaders again trusted Meles and oromos did not participate in the uprising that could have removed wayane for ever. The Americans have played a major role by harboring a dictatorial regime for more than two decades. Here, they are definitely on the WRONG SIDE OF HISTORY!

    It is the collective price of those mistakes of our leaders this generation or oromos has to pay for now.

    Oromos must work with anyone on the planet whose aim is to removal of wayane from Finfinnee and reclaim their land. Otherwise death is certain. In particular, reasonable Amharas (non-neo-Minilks) and the people of the southern nations must work hand in hand with oromos to finally bring peace to the country. The oromo must take the lead to remove the tumor from Finfinnee by organizing sustained massive uprisings all over the country similar to Arab Spring. There will be bloodshed, but that is what freedom demands and victory is CERTAIN!

  4. tolcha

    Apr 17, 14 at 6:19 am

    Are you referring debulking surgery or ” cudata” kind of removal the mass of Tigres that are harboured in Arat killo. Well, that is courageous move. I am not undermining the Qerros, but what I am saying is, is it really doable? or just simply an emotional thing that has been going on for half a century. I mean, when one side of uprising strts the rest is sleeping and vice versa, this shows that lack of coordination and talking to eachother for the purpose of…. Mass movement without a leader, is like sheeps without a shepherd. Again, I am not discouraging any Oromo movements,as I am always for the good outcome of oromo struggle. A year ago, when people were killed in Assassa and kofele which the South east of Oromia, the west side didn’t show any kind of movement. Again, now when something wrong happens around Sheger, the east is hibernating. How do you see this? What strategy do you use to make that all Oromos talk, think, do, the same languge when it comes to demanding their right?

  5. saartu

    Apr 17, 14 at 6:08 pm

    I agree with my fellow oromo who mentioned with out strong oromo leader is like a sheep with out a shapered , so we need strong leader so that we can fight this TPLF vires and god willing we shall eradicate them

  6. Abbaa Boora

    Apr 17, 14 at 8:56 pm

    Again, I beg you to REMOVE PESSIMISM from your brain even before doing anything!! Please, please!!

    Don’t regard wayane bandits as some invincible supermen! You may have heard Ambo gara galgala (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jzt6nUY9ZDQ). This is not for nothing but dedicated to unarmed Ambo WOMEN who routed bandits. Imagine other places fought like Ambo did. As I said the mistake was primarily ours (specifically the then OLF leaders) for trusting them and courting bandits into our cities.

    But we can’t live by blaming past mistakes and do nothing when genocide is taking place on our people. Don’t look for east or west to do something before you do something (but I trust you are working very hard because I know in person!). We are facing the same genocide all over. We must Do something very specific in our locals. I propose help WBO and Qeerro in anyway we can. The days of division are completely over and irrelevant. We want to survive as people and cannot afford to blame each other while the hyenas are eating us. Those who are unwilling to unite are only cowards who are afraid to lead, because leadership means assuming responsibility. Don’t underestimate the power of OMN (thank you Jawar and colleagues!!) which is the direct product of our struggle.

    ONLY YOU, TOLCHA, and me and other Oromos are responsible for the fate or Oromia! No bandit born in Badme has the right to tell us the borders of Finfinne, Ambo, Gedo, or Sabata, drive us from our home into exile or treated us like a dog, UNLESS we permit them to do so.

    When wayane bandits invaded Finfinne all they had was barabassa (sandals) and AK7!! Now those same bandits made themselves billionaires and owners of 50 story buildings and Factories on your home by killing or chasing you away and looting your resources! The gang have now even greater ambition of expanding the open day robbery to oromo children’s milk, declaring genocide on our children. Expansion of Finfinnee means directly taking the milk away from children thereby exposing them to malnutrition and death. An oromo mother can not expect to bear and raise a healthy child without milk. Oromos must create an environment where the child is raised healthy before bearing a child.

    That is why we should be ready to sacrifice your self for our own freedom and raise our children in peace, i. e. OVERCOME any notion of FEAR to carry AK47s when it come to our freedom in our home. Any death in defense of your children and country is an honor reserved to the few. That is why every oromos should die an honorable death defending his country and family than as slave in their own homes. We have not invaded another country, we have not violated the right of other peoples, we have no link to any form of terrors. Our right is more than violated! Our country is being gang raped in our watch and is our responsibility to free her! Tolcha should administer Finfinnee, not some uninvited bandits who don’t even speak your language! We abandoned our homes for fear and it has been taken over by termites and rats! Whom to blame?

  7. Abbaa Boora

    Apr 17, 14 at 9:48 pm

    …and regarding the cancer in Finfinnee, I think it is a very special one whose unusual characteristics we should exploit. The secondary tumors (OPDO leaders) are dependent on the main tumor and will not survive if you remove the main tumor from the heart. This is good news! Heart surgery may come either by massive conversion of millions of civilians on Finfinee until the regime falls or by a more bloody and longer armed struggle. I prefer the SUSTAINED and violent form of the first option, taking lessons from south Africa and Arab spring, although situations are not the same. I am absolutely sure that oromo people alone can bring down wayane to ts knees either way, although it is not designed or expected to be a picnic to 4 kilo!
    But once oromos start everyone with grievance of wayane will join and the regime will crumble! They key is never leave until they see wayanes surrender to the people, and not repeat the mistake of 2005.

    The history of Agazi shows their tanks have no fear or shame to run over unarmed civilians.But this is what we have to pay for freedom. We give some of our precious children in order to save the rest. That is also what they did. In the end the people shall be victorious as the rigime can never overrun 40 million people, even if no external interention occurs. I have no grain of doubt in my mind that wayane will be routed and no dog born in their province will see sunlight in oromo land!