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Oromia: Seeking Contributors – Hamba Habalee Cittee

The following is a notice from supports’s efforts to revive the Gadaa-based Oromo civilization.

Bishaan jige haga dhaqqaban ol-qaban jedhan jenneeti, HAMBAA HABALEE CITTEE faana dhayuu bane. Sa’aa Abbaan Gaafa cabse, Ormii Ija baasa/baysa – hawwiin hojii hin taatu, ol-ka’aa nu kaasaa.

THE Oromo language, part of the northern Cushitic branch of African language families, is the third most widely spoken language in Africa. Although it had miraculously survived a century of repression, it remains the least developed in a written form. The Oromo tradition is orally transmitted. That is why, it is often said, “every time an Oromo elder dies, a library is lost.”

Today’s technology offers abundant opportunities to turn that around and integrate Afaan Oromo into technology. What’s more, the growing number of Oromo Diaspora stands to lose some of those oral traditions. Hamba is our small effort to fill that gap. We hope to collect and preserve the rich Oromo proverbs, riddles, folktales, traditional hymns, and etc. We are inspired to embark on this road because we believe there is more to life than survival. The creative arts and literature, in all their variety and facets, bestow on social life more profound meanings.

THe Oromo people occupy a vast landmass and overtime have developed various dialects. By offering an online, interactive platform, hopes to reach out to Oromos from all corners of the vast Oromo country to help us collect the bits and pieces (nuggets) of the great Oromo civilization that was once on the verge of extinction. This effort, however token, aspires to hasten our journey on the current road towards the revival, rebirth, and rejuvenation of the great Gadaa-based Oromo civilization, not in its outdated form, but perhaps in its adaptive, dynamic, and eternal dimension. The goal is to reconstruct and resurrect that giant Oromo edifice of folk wisdom, one block at a time.

We will feature weekly mammaaksa (proverbs), hiibboo (riddles), words of the day and all other literary pieces based on readers’ contributions. We are already inundated by submitted materials. Send us all that you have, join Team as an editor, a contributor, a reporter or even make up your own title.

The pioneer Oromo artist, Dr. Ali Birra, admirably sang about Afaan Oromo as follows:

Galma Aada keenyaa, Eegaa Seenaa Keenyaa
Kallachaa Tokkummaa, Hundee Bilisummaa
Afaan Oromoo, Hundee Oromummaa
Gurratti mi’aawa, Yaa’an Sagalee Kee
Cirracha Bishaanii, Baay’inni Jecha Kee
Kan Rafee Dammaysa, Weedduu fi Walaloon Kee
Lakkaawamee Hin Dhumu, Hiibboo fi Mammaaksi Kee
Mee Nu Marti Itti Haa Yaadnu
Ilmaan Haa Barsiifnuu
Ittin Haa Guddifnuu
Wal Haa Yaadachiifnuu, Jechoota Adda Addaa
Ittiin Haa Barannuu, Siyaasaa fi Herrega

We could not have said it any better. But since he sang that song nearly two decades ago, there remains much to be done – to collect, preserve, integrate Afaan Oromo to the modern technology and standardize it. Heeding Dr. Ali Birra’s advice, we hereby dedicate this page to all the giants that came before us – upon whose shoulders we stand AND proudly say “I am Oromo – and I am Proud of it!”


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  1. Abdii Boruu:

    November 17, 2010 @ 6:44 am fi,

    Yaada baay’ee baay’ee gaarii kana dhiyeessuu fi Afaan Oromoo guddisuu fi dagaagsuu dhaaf tattaaffii godhuu keessaniif galannii keessani galii yaada kanaa fi guddinna Afaan keenyaa haa ta’u. Yaada yeroo baay’ee sammuu kiyya keessatti deddeebi’ee uumame; fi akkamitti Afaan keenya sooressa kana guddisuu, babal’isuu, dagaagsuu fi waaltessuu akka dandeenyu waanan yaadaa tureef, yaadni boonsaan kun amma dhalachuu fi hojiirra ooluuf deemuun gammachuu guddaa naa kenne. Tarkaanfii gaarii waan ta’eef, akka yaada’umatti hin hafne; akka hojiirra oolee bu’aa tokko fidu jabaadhaa isiniin jechuun barbaada.

    Wanti isin jalqabuuf yaaddan kunis bakkee namoonni beekumsa ofii itti kennani fi wal irraayis barachuu danda’an akka ta’u, warri beekumsa adda addaa qabdan asirratti akka hirmaatan carraa kanaan dhaamsa Oromummaa dabarsuun barbaada. Guddinni Afaani fi aadaa keenyaa qaama qabsoo bilisummaa akka ta’es hundi keenyaa hubannee; waayee kana illee akka qabsootti ilaaluu qabna. Guddinni Afaan keenyaa bu’ura waan hundaa ti. Akkuma weellisaan keenyas jedhe, Afaan keenya hundee Oromummaa ti. Hundeen kun yoo cime ammoo, wanti hunduu kanarratti waan ijaaramuuf, wanti asirratti ijaaramus akkasuma cimaa ta’a jechuu dha.

    Akkuma Faranjoonni “late but not too late” jedhan, waayeen guddisuu Afaan keenyaa kunis turu illee ammas waan baay’ee hin turreef; hamma dandeenye, karaa dandeenyeen qooda keenya gumaachuu fi gahee nurraa eegamus taphachuu dhaaf yaada boonsaa kana akka dirqamaatitti illee ilaaluu qabna. Yoo nuyi Afaan keenya guddisuu dhaaf tattaaffii hin goone, eenyutu nuuf guddasa jennee teenyee eegna? Yeroon waayee kanatti gadi fageenyaan itti yaadan fi ciminaan irratti hojjetanis amma ta’uu qaba. Wanti biraa illee yoo hafe, otuu Afaan keenyaan barreessine fi wanta Afaan keenyaan barreeffamanis hundaa dubbifnee, Afaan kana guddisuu illee yoo baate, akka inni hin dagatamne godha jedheen amana. Wanti tokko hammuma irraa fagaachaa deeman dagatamuu fi achumaanis hirraanfatamuu illee danda’a jechuu dha. Kanaaf hundi keenyaa waayee kanatti yaaduu qabna.


  2. Tokkee:

    November 17, 2010 @ 7:08 am

    Baay’isee nama gammachiisa. Itti jabaadhaa! Nutis isin faana jirra!!

  3. Hidda Mukaa:

    November 17, 2010 @ 9:53 am

    This is great idea and the person or group who took this initiative should be appreciated. Not only appreciation but must be supported. I know most of us like to say that is good idea, but we always far from doing something tangible like Dr. Ali or the person who posted this report/ initiative. In fact, change makers are very few in any society or history. In short let’s do something visible and contribute all what we can. For example donating even small kind of money if it would help to gather information from our origin Oromia, or writing what we know. But it should have proper accountability. Specially we are not always good with money management. So let’s be doers than Sayers, as it goes “ofii qalee hin laatu, iddoo qalamee hin fagaatu!”, what I mean is “beena sin faana jirra” by itself is not enough.


  4. Abdiiwaaqi:

    November 18, 2010 @ 3:26 am

    Warra OrPride !

    Yaadaa fi jalqaba gaariidha. Yaaddoo isinitti dhagayame nuuf qooduu fi waan gochuu qabnu nuuf akeekuu keessaniif hedduu galatoomaa !

    Maal maal irratti akka hojjetamuu qabu mee nuuf akeekaa ! Isa booda hanga dandeettii fi beekumsa keenyaa irratti akka hirmaannuuf !

    Nagaa wajjin

  5. jemal kassim Ganno:

    November 19, 2010 @ 7:58 am

    yadni kee hedduu gariidha maliratti akka si gargaru barbadaa
    mata mataanis akka hawasaatilee gargaarsa akkami nuuf barressa @emaila namoota qabadani kanaan

  6. Oromsis Adula:

    November 20, 2010 @ 11:58 am

    Dura dursoo yaada kana maxxansuu keessannif galata argadha. Akkasuma namooni hanga amma yaada keessaan laatan hundi ulfaadha – wayyamaa. Saniitti ansuun, gabaabaatti, projektii kana tin’insuufi guddisuuf; Mammaaksa, Hiibboo, Oduu-durii, Ateetee Haawotaa, Faaruu Loonii, weedduu/weelluu, geerarsa fi walaloo aadaa Oromoo calaqisu, gama email keenya nu erga. Gaaffii yoo qabaatanis toraa email sanan nu qunamu dandeettu.

    Aadaan Oromoo haa lalisuu!
    Oromsiis Adulaatti

  7. Boruu Barraaqaa:

    November 21, 2010 @ 2:47 pm

    Obbo Oromsis, qooda tattaaffii kana fakkaatuuf galata guddaa qabdan. Akka odeessaatti waanin isinii qooduu danda’u tokko tu jira. Waan akka Mammaaksa, Hiibboo, Oduu-durii, Ateetee Haawotaa, Faaruu Loonii, weedduu/weelluu, geerarsa fi walaloo aadaa Oromoo calaqisu kana namoota keenya biyya keessaa irraa salphaatti argattu jedheen yaada. Qaamni ‘Biiroo Aadaa fi Beeksisa Oromiyaa’ jedhamu kitaabota akkasii kana jildii jildiidhaan maxxansiisee manneen barnootaatti raabsaa akka ture qubaan qaba. Namoonni keenya biyya keessaa gatii salphaadhaan bitanii isiniif gumaachuu ni danda’u jedheen abdadha. Tattaaffiin keessan gama kanaas akka itti fufu abdiin qaba. Jabaadhaa!
    Boruu Barraaqaa