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Like Ethiopia, Tunisians Deafened with GDP Propaganda

Posted: Amajjii/January 21, 2011 · Finfinne Tribune | Gadaa.com | Comments

The following video from Al Jazeera (dated December 26, 2010) reveals that the old Tunisian government used to deafen Tunisians with the “GDP” (gross domestic product) propaganda and how Tunisia was being transformed into a paradise before the ongoing popular revolution.

Peoples in Ethiopia are also bombarded, each second of their daily lives, with the same GDP propaganda and how Ethiopia is going to “transform” into a paradise in five or less years. Paradise for whom? … for the Zine El Abidine Ben Ali and Leila Trabelsi of Ethiopia (Meles Zenawi and Azeb Mesfin)?


As it’s been already confirmed in Tunisia, GDP does not stand for gross domestic product, it stands for the GRAND DECEPTION PROPAGANDA. When Tunisians woke up and realized that “GDP” had been all along a deceptive scheme that was making top members of the ruling party filthy rich while leaving the poor poorer, they have stopped at nothing, but fight for their freedom and for the removal of the so-called dominant ruling party from the government.

In Ethiopia, “GDP” is a scheme to transfer previously publicly-owned properties and farmlands, and the rich natural resources in Oromia and elsewhere in Ethiopia into the hands of the few, the well-connected corrupt TPLF junta members. As the greedy and corrupt TPLF oligarchs transfer the resources into their hands, GDP counts up; and the poor gets poorer. Read more about the GDP deception in Ethiopia.

“GDP” does not bring freedom and stability, only political solutions do bring freedom and peace.

Compare also the similar GDP growth rates of Ethiopia and Tunisia (see graph below). It has been all deception in Tunisia; it is all deception in Ethiopia.

The idea of GDP growth is based on a “trickle down” approach, i.e. as Meles, Azeb and their close business affiliates get richer as a result of the GDP growth, some leftovers will trickle down to the poverty-stricken peoples in Ethiopia. In realty, nothing trickles down, peoples in Ethiopia are rather becoming poorer as Meles and Azeb get richer.

The “trickle down” approach has recently failed in Tunisia, where GDP growth had been taken by the former government as a major indicator of the development of Tunisia. As the ongoing Tunisian popular revolution shows, GDP growth is only an indicator of the increase in the wealth of the rich and the powerful, not related to people-centered development, which only comes when political solutions bring freedom and peace.

A Tunisian opposition leader on the above video says,

“These protests – they were organic; it’s a social burst against the failures of the government in place, which is claiming that it’s got more than 5% increase in GDP each year, and that it’s claiming it’s a paradise, but these solid development and these solid gains in terms of the economy, where are they?”

“Where are the so-called solid economic gains?” is the question being asked now by millions struggling to make ends meet in Zenawi’s Ethiopia.


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