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Ethiopia: Wind of Change Blowing from North Africa

Posted: Amajjii/January 25, 2011 · Finfinne Tribune | Gadaa.com | Comments (20)

The following is a press release from the Solidarity Movement for a New Ethiopia (SMNE). In relation to the press release, we at Gadaa.com request ESAT to broaden its reach by including other major languages, such as Afaan Oromoo, Tigrigna, Somali and English, so that messages of liberty, fraternity and equality can reach millions in Ethiopia. We also urge all political actors in Ethiopia to be vigilant as the regime in power in Ethiopia will exploit any difference to pit one against the other as it’s doing now between small traders and consumers, both of whom have not seen each other as “enemies” of one another until Mr. Meles Zenawi categorized small traders as “public enemies #1” on January 6, 2011. Keep in mind also the regime provokes ethnic-based internet, campus and border fights whenever the regime is under stress and is looking for diversion.


Will Ethiopians Join in the People’s Movement for Change as It Blows from North Africa?

January 22, 2011

All eyes are on Tunisia right now following the startling news of the peoples’ uprising that ousted their iron-fisted president, Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, after being in power for twenty-three years. It has sent shockwaves of fear to other strongmen throughout Africa, the Middle East and the world; all who are rightfully worried that their own subjugated people will similarly rise up against them.

In Africa, these winds of change that started blowing from Tunisia in North Africa will now blow to the South to countries like Zimbabwe and from countries like Mauritania in the West to Ethiopia in the East. Tragically, this is a continent where the majority of its people are held hostage by dictators, like Meles Zenawi of Ethiopia, and their cronies, both domestic and foreign, who rob them of their lives, well being and futures while ravishing their resources. Yet, once the wind starts it is hard to stop. It has already started stirring up the seeds of discontent in places like Albania, Egypt, Algeria and Mauritania. It is only a matter of time before it reaches to Ethiopia.

Meles Zenawi, the strongman of Ethiopia, already is reacting to this ominous message – that despite his tight grip on the people, as well as “having friends” in important places, that even he and his apartheid regime could be overthrown by the power of the people – as almost already happened in 2005! That must be why he is so desperately trying to block the “wind” of information about Tunisia from blowing into the cities, towns and villages of Ethiopia for it could inspire Ethiopians to head for Meskel Square! It is only a matter of time, but before that happens, we in the Solidarity Movement for a New Ethiopia (SMNE) believe we Ethiopians must take charge of the sails of our boat; carefully using the wind to propel us forward in the direction we want to go.

In other words, we Ethiopians should not simply wait for an unpredictable explosion of desperation in the country, but if we want peaceful and sustainable change, we should be carefully preparing and equipping ourselves now so as to prevent chaos, violence or destruction in Ethiopia that could sabotage our future hopes. Part of that is supporting those in key positions who are developing necessary tools of change. These key change-agents need our support now – like Ethiopian Satellite Television (ESAT) – who is bringing TV coverage to Ethiopians. News of how Ben Ali was driven out of office through the grassroots uprising of the people could be a great source of inspiration and renewed determination were Ethiopians given access to it.

Tunisians and Ethiopians have much in common; both living under long-standing dictatorships known for brutality and corruption. Far before the people took to the streets in Tunis, anger had been seething right under the surface of this repressed society. To their credit, violence was minimal and Tunisians want the world to know they are a civil society. Hardening conditions of daily life set off the response, but the foundation of discontent was already in place and the people had been working together.

In Ethiopia right now, similar conditions also exist that could explode unpredictably as Ethiopians are becoming more desperate than ever due to soaring food prices – increasing 60% in the last six months according to the BBC. Inflation has risen nearly 15% and certain commodities are becoming harder to find in the market. Meles has started a “war” with businesses and small market sellers; blaming them for the rising prices and forcing artificial caps on certain food goods regardless of the costs. Some businesses have closed their doors in response. Should something unexpected trigger an explosion – and should Ethiopians not be ready for it – the resulting chaos could put all hopes for a better future at risk. We must be prepared!

Although every situation is unique, there are some lessons we Ethiopians might learn from these recent events in Tunisia. If Ethiopians want to mobilize a grassroots movement, capable of bringing sustainable freedom, justice, respect for civil and human rights, civility, reconciliation and prosperity to our mother-country, we in the SMNE believe there are some basic components for success that we must first put into place. One is communication, a second is organization and a third is cooperation; all undergirded with firmly-held principles that uphold the worth, rights and well being of all our citizens.

1. Communication:
Communication; including access to truthful information, is of extreme importance. Rising dissatisfaction with lack of opportunity and high unemployment created fertile ground in Tunisia, but it was the use of the media and new technologies like Facebook and Twitter – despite efforts to block it – that helped spread information, organize the movement and mobilize the people to come out in protest. Meles is succeeding in many ways now because of a forced news blackout. There is no alternative to the government-controlled media, which blocks information, communication and instead promotes propaganda. This makes it all the more important for Ethiopians to support the development of the media and technology essential to facilitate communication.

· Ethiopian Satellite Television (ESAT):
ESAT, which in English means fire – could be a source of light, energy and warmth to Ethiopians purposely kept cold and in the dark by this regime; instead exposing what is actually going on, not only in the world, but even in other parts of the country. For that reason, we in the SMNE have endorsed their recent appeal for financial support, as we have also done in the past. We hope Ethiopians will give generously because a free and independent news media – not politically-controlled and not used as a propaganda machine – is an essential stepping stone to building a new Ethiopia. We have personally talked to some of the executive leaders involved at ESAT and know the sacrifices, personal financing they have committed and the long hours of work they have put into this. ESAT could potentially reach all over Ethiopia to those who now have TV access or who, if they could afford it, would get it if there was a fair, truthful and balanced source of information available. It would be a shame to the millions of us in the Diaspora if it failed only for lack of money.

· Radio, Newspapers, Facebook, Twitter, Paltalk, Websites and other media:
For the same reason, we also encourage Ethiopians to support the development and continuation of communication tools like radio, newspapers, Internet websites, the use of new Internet technologies like Facebook, Twitter, Skype, E-mails, Paltalk and other new and expanding ways to communicate.

· Phone Calls and Emails: Do not underestimate the power of thousands of phone calls going out to family members and friends throughout the country; providing news, ideas, direction and encouragement to those in Ethiopia.

2. Organization:
Secondly, organization of this movement must go beyond simply getting the public to protest in the streets. In Tunisia, within days, Ben Ali was gone, but a vacuum of leadership was left. The challenge now before the people of Tunisia is how to ensure a safe transition is made to a more democratic and well-functioning government; capable of continuing services and ensuring security and order.

In Ethiopia, there are many issues to think through if we are to see an authoritarian, one-party, one-ethnic group dominated government replaced by a more genuinely democratic government; representative of the broad diversity of Ethiopians. It will likely require transitional leadership. Without careful preparation and planning, we will not have such a transitional government ready to assume such leadership. Such planning is an important strategic goal; however, in addition to being prepared, we also know that there are many resources among Ethiopians, even in the EPRDF, within the country.

We have personally heard from many of these from a variety of different areas of responsibility within the EPRDF system – from government offices to the security forces to the military to the courts. These individuals are trying to live in a repressive society, but they are not true supporters of the EPRDF; instead just waiting for the right time to join with a viable movement of the people for freedom and justice. They can be of help. Just like in Tunisia, first the military and now the security forces have joined the people in saying they have had ENOUGH of dictatorship and corruption!

3. Cooperation:
Those nations which have freedom now did not do it alone, but cooperated with other individuals and groups, around shared values and goals, in bringing about a movement of, for and by the people. Many of us in the Diaspora are blessed to be living in freedom; paid for by those who came before us. Freedom in Ethiopia will not be free, but will only come with a price. We cannot expect others to “pay more” or care about it more than we do ourselves; nor should be expect all the sacrifice and work to be done by a few.

Ethiopians have learned a dysfunctional dependency on others – leading to a victim mentality. This is not who God made us Ethiopians to be. He has blessed us with all the abilities we need and given us a beautiful and resource-rich land. We were not always so passive; and therefore, we do not have to continue seeing ourselves as helpless. We cannot simply complain or blame others while doing little ourselves. Gaining our freedom will require much from us and not only from one group, working alone.

Everyone within the map of Ethiopia should see themselves as Ethiopian; not as a tribe. It should not be a movement for the benefit of one ethnic group; but instead, a cooperative effort for the benefit of all groups. One-tribe domination or one-family domination, like we have now, or as we have had in the past, is a threat to the survival of our nation. Even our nationality should not make us forget the humanity of our neighbors across our borders; but should instead, help us develop greater regional, continental and global respect, harmony and cooperation. What we seek in Ethiopia must be started within the hearts and minds of each of us.

For us within the SMNE, we will continue to work on a strategy to strengthen the movement, to mobilize the people and to prepare for the future; in cooperation with others. We will do whatever we can with the resources we have available; realizing we could move more quickly or more effectively with more resources. We in the SMNE have received much encouragement from Ethiopians; for example, people say to us, “I’m standing behind you,” or “Keep doing what you are doing,” or “Never give up;” but then, sometimes forget that we could “do better” or “stand stronger” through tangible action or support. Encouragement is wonderful, but if you are capable of helping as well, please do both!

Right now, will you make a commitment to support ESAT http://www.ethsat.com/ on a monthly basis of even $20 a month as well as consider supporting those other media groups or organizations that you believe are making a difference?

We know that it is a matter of time before there is a “revolution” for the “liberation” of humanity in Ethiopia; replacing a sordid history of “liberation of ethnicity” for one’s own family, village or tribe. As we revere God and follow His ways of living rightly among each other, it will bring a new Ethiopia where we recognize how each of us is created by a Holy God. Only then will we come out of our small, self-serving ethnic boxes into a freer, more civil, more compassionate, more peaceful and more well-functioning Ethiopia; for “no one ethnic group or tribe will be free until we are all free!” These are principles worth fighting for!

Do you feel the breeze of change yet? ===================================
Please do not hesitate to e-mail your comments to Mr. Obang Metho, Executive Director of the SMNE, at: obang@solidaritymovement.org . You can click at the following link http://www.solidaritymovement.net/index.cfm and filling out the required fields to be adds on our mailing lists or to subscribe or to suggest material for inclusion. For a full archive and other resources, see http://www.solidaritymovement.org/. You can also join us on the Facebook page.



SMNE Solidarity (Previously released and featured on Gadaa.com 4/6/09):

Obbo Hunde Dhugassa on ESAT (Previously released on 5/16/10):


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  1. Barii

    Jan 25, 11 at 9:09 pm

    Ethiopia’s political landscape and political problem are very different from the realities of Tunisia. Popular revolt and removing the TPLF/EPRDF regime from power alone do not end the long running political crisis in Ethiopia. The political crisis in Ethiopia desperately needs fundamental change in a number of factors and calls for involvement of feuding stakeholders with completely different agenda.

    If what happened in Tunisia suddenly happens in Ethiopia, it will end in a disaster unless the after effects of the revolt are clearly set and planned for ahead. Ethiopia’s political tragedy is much more complex than that of Tunisia, and complex problems require comprehensive solutions.

  2. Ajaa'iba

    Jan 25, 11 at 9:19 pm

    Good idea. but, in my opinion there are many priorities to be full filled. Ethiopian politics is tangled. Before taking the revolution let us think about that country. Too many problems, too many political differences, too many nations or as some like to name it too many tribes and so on. So Just because of the dictator Meles we don’t want to go to Somalia like lawless county. who is going to be in charge , what type of political administration would estabilished? so let us think this things and put something on ground then go forward. I don’t have doubt this dictator will go. But by only tapling Meles our problem would not be solved.

  3. Dammaqsaa

    Jan 26, 11 at 4:55 am

    Nice comment from Gadaa.com! The regime has already started to divide the freedom fighters as those who want “the revolution for liberation of ethinicity” Vs those who demand “the revolution for liberation of humanity”! The cadres are busy in producing articles and opinions supporting United Ethiopia against Independent Oromia as well as supporting Independent Oromia against United Ethiopia! The dividing and polarizing machine is very diligent just to hinder the cooperation of the revolutionaries from all sectors of the society! All the anti-Weyane forces need to vigilantly watch and walk!!

  4. Beeki

    Jan 26, 11 at 7:01 am

    Ato Obang Metho,
    it is not a time to sing about neither “Ayoo Oromia” nor “Imiye Ethiopia”, the two songs were used by Weyane cadres to divide the freedom fighters in to two blocs and make them fight each other, instead of getting rid of the fascists in Finfinne palace! So your classification: “revolution for liberation of ethinicity” Vs “revolution for liberation of humanity” is the other way of doing the same thing. Is it by default or by design??

  5. Bo Bo

    Jan 26, 11 at 7:22 am

    Minimum agenda, minimum alliance, minimum consensus and one step forwards in unity within diversity. Removing PM for life Zenawi’s endlessly impoverishing authoritarian divide and rule dictatorship in unity within diversity is one important step forwards. But it is not going to be the perfect end leading to a perfect social, political and good governance just in one single strike in one single night or day.

    All opposition groups need to come to their senses in a new unity/alliance within diversity, suppressing their sectarian direct and hidden slogans and agendas of “My or No Way” day and night sweating instead concentrating on the honest negotiations based on the slogan, “I Win-You-Win” statesman/woman new approach in order to provide a stable, viable, sustainable, credible and transformational visionary unified leadership. Even after the change, Ethiopians need not only one more further change but many changes in order to sharpen, smoothen and develop a sustainable just society of equal citizens for which Ethiopians may even be a true model society or system. We have to remember that change is a dynamic process NOT a static perfect state of nature that is being or come to be. Controlled and managed change is what is necessary regardless of its imperfections. The coming change needs to be seen as a stepping stone to other changes and that only life. “YES WE CAN!” needs to be the attitude.

    For example, change from the Italian occupation to that of Haile sellasie’s rule, from Haile Sellassie to Mengistu’s rule, from Mengistu’s rule to EPRDF’s rule have each opened some elements of understanding about the possibilities of incremental change possibilitiesbut fell absolutely short of minimum expectations and each came/coming to its dead end as a natural order of the inevitable progressing social change.

    From the times of the several thousand years classical revolutionary struggles of the Judea/Palestinian ZEALOTS and SICIRI freedom fighters against the then brutal occupation and BAD GOVERNANCE of the Roman Empire, division among the freedom fighters was the single most killing factor even a thousand times much more than the fake omnipotent brutal rulers.

    Brutality only increases the fighting spirits of the resistance if the resistance leadership provides competent and none contradictory unified transformational visionary leadership based on trust and cause. Prime minister for life Mr. Zenawi is proactively doing his home home work of dividing and shredding the opposition in to their smallest constituent helpless parts, so why not the opposition proactively keep on building unities and alliances on constant bases and even with much more vigorous energy unless they want to be losers and render Zenawi a winner(99.6%) :)

  6. Change

    Jan 26, 11 at 8:45 am

    Bo Bo,
    very good take! Now it is the time for all-inclusive alliance of all freedom fighters from different camps, like that of AFD, to be formed and lead the revolution. Weyane will go tomorrow or after tomorrow, but such alliance is necessary to foster both the temporary solution after this revolution of change and the future lasting solution after multiple and repeated changes!

  7. Eeyyee

    Jan 26, 11 at 9:00 am

    Dear All,
    This is the exact time to use what soever methods to remove the brutal regime of Wayane, one tribe exploitation over 79 nations and nationalities in Ethiopia. Nothing prevent us to the Tunisian method, as it is a nural way that the people of Ethiopia totally feded up of everyday fabricated propoganda of Wayane to divide solidarity of freedom fighters. Collaborators on this forum should not use old words that scratches the wound of tribes in Ethiopia. But all should come into terms and unity for one goal and purpose i.e giving freedom to all people in Ethiopia to choose and decide their own ways naturally. That is phase one. In phase two we start building people’s interest around the table naturally not artificially. So this is not the time to mix up phase two into phase one as Wayane is using this strategy to confuse and divide the the solidarity of freedom fighters. Don’t be surprised by the dividing and ruling strategy, everyday fabricated propoganda of Wayane as all these approaches they has been using to exercise their dectatership and brutal ruling life!

    Get up from daymare and walk forward for freedom!

  8. Goolee Birraa

    Jan 26, 11 at 9:00 am

    26. 01. 11

    The message of Mr. Barii is very important. Empire Ethiopia is very, very different from Tunisia or for that matter from Egypt or Morocco. How can an Oromo or a Somali man/woman can march hand in hands with those feudal (I mean in their political stands) Amhara or Tigrean together? The one for liberation and freedom and the other for the bondage of slavery? If you want to march with the Oromos, Somalis, Sidamas, Kafichos, Walayitas, Nuers, Anyauks, Bartas, Kambats etc. first you must recognize the full-rights of these peoples, without any conditions. I mean with their full-rights, these peoples and only these peoples can vote like the Southern Sudanese people to be independent or to be with the Abyssinians!

    Even these people at the so called “ESAT” are still broadcast in Amharic only as they were in Haile Sillase’s times! Where are Af Somali, Afaan Oromoo and the others? There is no movement of these people on the right direction! Dearm your Tunisia and as you used to call us “Wayyanes”, please ride on! Anyhow, if the case of Tunisia will arrive at Finfinnee or not the days of Wayyane fascists are numbered! No one can run away from the great volcano of Oromos and their oppressed brothers!

    Goolee Birraa

  9. Free

    Jan 26, 11 at 10:01 am

    Aite Goole,
    You asked: “How can an Oromo or a Somali man/woman can march hand in hands with those feudal (I mean in their political stands) Amhara or Tigrean together? The one for liberation and freedom and the other for the bondage of slavery?” Is this your question or your wish? May be, to your nightmare, they can march hand in hands against the fascists for the sake of their common FREEDOM! Is this scary to you?

  10. Eeyyee

    Jan 26, 11 at 10:44 am

    Dear all,


  11. Barii

    Jan 26, 11 at 11:33 am

    Some discussants just jump to unnecessary conclusion. No sensible person opposes a united front that stand against the TPLF/EPRDF regime. We’re stating there is no such organized and united front. Unity needs a solid ground to stand on. Unity needs compromise. Under the current political situation, there is no united front that can lead the like of random revolution that ensued in Tunisia.

    Ethiopia is not Tunisia if we only have a gut to admit the ugly politics of the Ethiopian Empire. Historical records attest that random revolutions tend to fall in the wrong hands. Ethiopia itself is an excellent example for that. Ethiopia’s political problems need more than a regime change. There is a fundamental difference in the very way of defining Ethiopia even among those who believe in united Ethiopia. Things flow in a logical order. First things first. Instead of wishing random revolution for Ethiopia, people political elements should muster a courage to focus on solving the fundamental political problem of the Ethiopian Empire. They should focus more on searching for a sustainable solution than a random revolution. Given the current situation, random revolution will fall into the hand of the wrong people once again.

  12. Goolee Birraa

    Jan 26, 11 at 11:47 am

    Dear Mr. Free,

    Did you read my message carefully? Please, Mr. Free why don’t you be free to recongize the rights of these nations first? Then, I will be the first one to march with you hand in hands for the common goal. The Oromo people and their brothers in the South want first , that those Abyssinian democrats recognize their full-rights. Mr. Free is it so difficult to recognize somebody’s legitimate rights? Did you read Mr. Barii’s message? Even if we march together without any clearly put common programme “it will end in a disaster” as Mr. Barii said. Otherwise a deep Boolla will waits for us. By “us” I mean you and me. Please, don’t ignore the danger ahead if we are not agree now on our future. Our future will be brighter if we agree on that future now !

    Mr. Beeki, is it really these songs of “aayyoo Oromiyaa” and “immiyyee Xoobbiyaa” the songs of Wayyanes? The Wayyanes never sing such songs! “Aayyoo Oromiyaa” is the great song of the Oromo people. “Immiyyee Xoobbiyaa” is the great song of those Amhara elites who want to put us back, at the backyards of 1890s or 1980s. Obboleesso waliif gallee?

    Goolee Birraa

  13. Eeyyee

    Jan 26, 11 at 1:16 pm

    Dear Goolee Birraa,

    It is Eeeyyee who wrote not Free. I understand the danger and I know the former similar situation but we need to be “big magnet to attract small magnets to pull down Wayane” If we are unable to be big magnet it is better not to try and repeat the same mistakes. I wish this also works for the worries of Barii.
    Thus, we need to prepare a ground to build”BIG MAGNET FIRST IN OUR SELVES BEFORE WE TRY TO ATTRACT SMALL ONES”

  14. Doorsisa

    Jan 26, 11 at 2:11 pm

    Barii fi Goolee,
    why should you worry too much about the situation after the revolution? Is this scaring tactic different from what Weyane cadres are doing? They come to Oromo forum and tell us the “worse will come = Amhara will take over and there will never be the reality of Ayyo Oromia”, if you push for the revolution; and then they go to Amhara forum and tell them “take care, the worse will come = OLF can take over and it will be the end of Imiyee Ethiopia”, if you make a revolution. Both Ayyo Oromia and Imiye Ethiopia are taken hostage by Weyane. When ever Oromo is stronger, Weyane threaten with the possibility of dismantling Oromia; and when ever Amhara is stronger, they threaten with dismembering Ethiopia! Is what you are doing here different??

  15. Olqabaa Hundumaa

    Jan 26, 11 at 3:48 pm

    Folks: even opinions and worries like that of Goolee needs to be explained with respect and reason. Only nurturing mutual respect and mutual trust will move us forwards.

    “He who wants a rose must respect the thorn.” Persian proverb :)

  16. Idaa Bara baasaa

    Jan 26, 11 at 5:04 pm

    Hi all,

    The wind of liberty is blowing across the globe. Let’s drive out the tirany regime and claim our liberty and and our home land from wayane junta. As there is no liberty with out prise, lets prepare ourselves and our people to pay the price needed to be liberated. It is not a time to talk but a it is a time to act. I think every concerned citizen should be comitted to organize, march, and re-take the rights of being a full citizen.

  17. Barii

    Jan 26, 11 at 5:18 pm


    You’re comparing apples and oranges. If it makes you happy and fulfilled by misrepresenting what we stated, so be it. Enjoy your dues.

  18. obsa

    Jan 27, 11 at 11:23 pm

    The removal of TPLF government is ievitable. But what follows that is unpredictable. It may lead us into more chious. So, the three camps:unity only, unity i n diversity and dibversity only, must reach on some consensus to struggle for common agenda.

  19. Dhugaa

    Jan 28, 11 at 3:25 am

    I think what Doorsis said is fact! Your approach is the same to the scare tactic used by Weyane cadres. Unfortunately the pro-independence freedom fighters (Oromo, Ogaden, Sidama..etc) and the pro-unity freedom fighters (Amhara, Gurage, Harari..etc) are still mistrusting each other. Both want to secure the direction of the move after FREEDOM from Weyane (after revolution). The first bloc wants no reversal of the already achieved victories towards national independence (self-determination), whereas the second bloc wants to be sure that the empire stays intact and possiblly the process will be reversed to the unitary country! The cry of Obang is the same to what we are hearing from G-7 leaders and their supporters! Weyane *** use this opportunity and threaten both camps of the freedom fighters: if the first camp be stronger, they threaten with the rhetoric that for instance ‘Oromia will be dismantled’; and if the second camp will be stronger, they threaten with another rhetoric ‘Ethiopia will be dismembered’! If the revolution should happen, the two camps of the freedom fighters should be bold enough to take risk of losing their ideals after the revolution: the first bloc should be ready to lose for instance Oromia, Ogadenia.. and the second camp should be ready to risk Ethiopia!! Otherwise, in short, Weyane is really lucky, there will never be any revolution and getting rid of Weyane through election or armed struggle is minimal! Shouldn’t we be ready to be ruled by Weyane for the next one century??

  20. Compromise

    Jan 29, 11 at 8:16 am

    Weyane’s Scare Tactics to Hinder a Revolution from Coming to Ethiopia

    Weyane cadres are very busy to hinder the revolution from taking place in the Ethiopian empire by using the fact that the peoples of the empire are not homogeneous, but different (the colonized and the colonizer), as an instrument of division and polarization. If the scare tactics hinder the revolution, the only option we the colonized people do have is the anti-colonial armed struggle, even though it is a very difficult job, given the little support we do have from the international community. For the revolution possibilly not to take place, unfortunately also the pro-independence freedom fighters (the Oromo, Ogaden, Sidama..etc liberation forces) and the pro-unity freedom fighters (the Amhara, Gurage, Harari..etc patriotic forces) are still mistrusting each other.

    Both want to secure the direction of the move after FREEDOM from Weyane (secure the result after the revolution). The first bloc wants no reversal of the already achieved victory of a limited cultural autonomy on the way towards national independence (self-determination), whereas the second bloc wants to be sure that the empire stays intact and possiblly the process will be reversed back to the unitary country. The cry of Obang Metho, Eskindir Nega, Robale Ababiya..etc is the same to what we are hearing from G-7 leaders like Andargachew Tsige and their supporters. Where does for instance the lamenting of Eskinder belong? To the wish of Weyanes or to the fear of the pro-unity freedom fighters?

    But, why should these people worry too much about the situation after the revolution? Is the caution regarding the unity of the empire, which is lamented by the pro-unity freedom fighters, different from the scare tactics used by the Weyane cadres? The *** (Weyane cadres) go to Oromo forums and tell us the “worse will come = Amhara will take over and there will never be the reality of Aayyo Oromia, if you push for the revolution”; and then they go to Amhara forums and tell them “take care, the worse will come = OLF can take over and it will be the end of Imiyee Ethiopia, if you make a revolution”. Both Aayyo Oromia and Imiye Ethiopia are actually taken hostage by the Weyane. Whenever Oromo force is stronger, Weyane threaten with the possibility of dismantling Oromia; and whenever Amhara force is stronger, they threaten with dismembering Ethiopia!

    Weyane *** use the opportunity of such division among the opposition to threaten both camps of the freedom fighters. If the revolution should happen, the two camps of the freedom fighters need to be bold enough to take risk of losing their ideals after the revolution and live with a possible compromise solution: the first bloc should be ready to lose for instance Oromia, Ogadenia.. and the second camp should be ready to risk Ethiopia! Otherwise, in short, Weyane is really lucky, there will never be any revolution; and getting rid of Weyane through election or armed struggle is of course minimal. Shouldn’t we then be ready to be ruled by Weyane for the next one century? In short the scare tactics, which the Weyane cadres nowadays are using in forums and paltalks are:

    – “if revolution happens, Amharas can take over and dismantle Oromia”
    – “if revolution happens, Oromos will be in power and dismember Ethiopia”
    – “if revolution happens, Weyane army is not like Tunisia’s army, but will massacre the civillians”
    – “if revolution happens, there can be a mayhem against the Tigreans, like that of Ruwanda”
    – “if revolution happens, there will be absolute chaos and civil war among different ethnies”

    Are the freedom fighters from both blocs (from pro-independence freedom fighters and from pro-unity freedom fightrers) ready to tacle this scare tactics of Weyane? Can they agree on the middle grouund: FREEDOM and REFERENDUM (on self-determination of citizens and nations)? Those freedom fighters, who just sing about the UNCONDITIONAL Independence of nations must cool down and accept the public verdict, as well as those freedom fighters who now cry for UNCONDITIONAL Unity also should learn to be moderates and accept the public verdict. That means both camps must agree on first to get FREEDOM from Weyane fascists and racists, and then democratically decide for either Independence or Unity per REFERENDUM. That means, only democratic independence or democratric unity (independence or unity based on public verdict) can be a lasting solution. We like it or not, all peoples in that region are interdependent, be it they decide for political Independence or for political Union. The WILL of the peoples in the empire/region is what matters at the end!