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Oromo Community in Melbourne, Australia, Invites You to Vision in Action

Established in 1984 by the first Oromo pioneers who migrated to Australia as refugees under the resettlement program, the Australian Oromo Community Association in Victoria develops strong networks to support the Oromo people in Australia and in their home country. They strive to improve the human rights situation for the Oromo people by lobbying, organizing peaceful rallies and promoting awareness across the wider community. They are now planning their next annual visit to Canberra to appeal for financial support and for formal recognition of Oromia as an independent region. With rich community networks, local knowledge, a culture of managing conflicts through arbitration and unparalleled dedication and commitment, the Australian Oromo Community in Victoria employs innovative approaches to the protection of human rights of the Oromo people. Connect at Vision in Action.

CONNECT with Victorian refugee and migrant community groups.

LEARN about their work to defend human rights and promote peace in their countries of origin.

ACT to support their initiatives.


Dr. Helen Szoke
Commissioner, The Vicorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission

Akoch Acuei Manhiem
Director of The Sudanese Lost Boys Association of Australia

Chris Roche
Director of Development Effectiveness, Oxfam Australia

Denise Cauchi
Director of Humanitarian Crisis Hub


Australian Oromo Community Association in Victoria


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1 Comment

  1. KOFALE1:

    March 3, 2011 @ 7:14 pm

    Ee Oromoon bakka jirtuu isin argaa jirti isinillee faarsaa jirti isiniinis boonaa jirti akka hooggana jabaafi hawaasa naamussa qabu kana qabnutti gammannee nuu jiraadhaa fakkeenna keessan kana community biyya biraa jirtuullee isin irraa baayyee barachuu qabdi jedhee worri fakkeenna nuu taatan ammoo ulfaadhaa bulaa horaa turaa dagaagaa. jabinna keessan kana ammoo tiffadhaa bulfadhaa isiniin jedha oromoon. baayyee isin jaalanneerra.