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Oromia/Ethiopia: An Earnest Call to Oromo Artists: Help Raayyaa Oromo Music Revive and Survive

Posted: Bitootessa/March 19, 2011 · Finfinne Tribune | Gadaa.com | Comments (36)

By Fayyis Oromia*


It is a fact on the ground that Raayyaa Oromo are the inhabitants of the presently distant northern tip of Oromia. We can leave the history of those, who are further north to Raayyaa, to the interested historians to study and help us know, whether they are really non-Oromo. But, we are sure that the Raayyaa and the Azebuu are part and parcel of the Oromo nation even though they seem to have lost their language, Afaan Oromo, and adopted Tigrinya or Amharic. Their history is well recorded, at least since the late nineteenth century, at which time they were, for the first time, compelled by the Abyssinian warlord, Yohannes-IV, to leave their own and learn alien culture and language.

The Raayyaa Oromo, with the Yejju Oromo, are the northernmost groups of the Oromo people, and they are part of the Wallo Oromo clan. Despite their historic resistance against the dominance, as we can read in any literature on Ethiopian history, in which the Raayyaa Oromo’s revolt is mentioned as the first revolt against Emperor H-Sillasie’s rule as early as the late 1920’s, and as the predecessor of the Bale Oromo revolt, Raayyaa Oromo’s ties with the rest of the Oromo have weakened due to years of wars in that part of the region.

To my understanding of the history of that region, the pre-Axumite inhabitants of the area were Kushites; even people around Axum were Waaqeffataa; and today we do see certain elements of these ancient traditions in the culture and music of the Abyssinians. Just as an example, the rhythm of the Tigrinya drum beat is from the rhythm of the Dibbee Qaalluu, which is still used in some Galma of Waaqeffannaa in some parts of Oromia. This same drum beat is a little bit modified and further used in the Orthodox church, the Christian denomination, which is full of many elements from the Qaalluu institution. There are many other things which do show that Raayyaa and Azebuu people were also part and parcel of the Oromo liberation movement. We can read a summary of the resistance or that of the revolt exercised by these people in short as chronologically reported here: http://gadaa.com/oduu/2644/2010/02/28/documentary-on-the-raya-azebo-oromo-of-oromias-northernmost-territory/ [Read below also]

I decided to write this short opinion, not to elaborate the history of Raayyaa people, but to encourage our artists to revive the music of this Oromo clan, which needs our attention at this particular moment. We have heard other parts of Wallo Afaan Oromo music with the “Amharinya rhythm;” we also heard few Afaan Oromo music with the “Soddoo Gurage rhythm, Somali rhythm, Afar rhythm, Harari rhythm, Sidama rhythm and even with Sudan rhythm.” Why not yet Afaan Oromo music with “Tigirnya rhythm”? As I said, some of us used to hear such music of this rhythm with “Tigrinya drum beat” in some Galma of Waaqeffannaa in Oromia.

I would like to encourage our artists to concentrate on Raayyaa Oromo music in order to help this Oromo clan culturally survive. As already mentioned above, we know the Raayyaa and the Azebuu people are simply the Tigrinya-speaking clan/gosa from Wallo Oromo, who need our support to re-learn their language of origin (Afaan Oromo). So, Oromo artists, please accept my call and start to sing Raayyaa music with “Tigrinya rhythm, including their way of dance.” I know that the present crime done by the Weyane fascists to the Oromo and the current dominance of the Tigrean elites over the Oromo people are very big inhibitions since we do associate the “Tigrinya rhythm” with the Tigrean colonizers. But, I am almost sure that the musical beat, melody and rhythm are not from Tigrean origin, but from Oromo’s root, from the Galma Waaqeffannaa in Oromia, which our forefathers used to enjoy for thousands of years and which the Axumites just could keep for themselves.

So, I want to motivate our artists to break the taboo, just as Obbo Dawite Mekonnen recently did by breaking the taboo of our Sabboontota (patriotic) Oromo artists, as he sang in Amharainya. The main thing is the message of the song to hit its purpose, not only the package (only the type of dance or the language) used to convey the message. The same is true for the step to be taken in starting to sing Afaan Oromo music in Raayyaa rhythm, which we, until now, left for Tigreans, as if it belongs to only them. Just as the Soddoo Oromo music was ours and now became an additional blessing to the Oromo nation, so do the Raayyaa Oromo music belongs to us. I hope Obbo Dawite will break the taboo again, or someone else from our artists will take over this duty. Come on friends, if singing in Afaan Oromo with North American rap rhythm is not a cultural hindrance, how can singing with North Oromian drum beat be a taboo? Just imagine how more an enrichment it would have been for the Oromo people, if the following music was in Afaan Oromo:

Raya “Azebo”:

Raya “Kobo”:

May Rabbi/Waaqa help our artists take this initiative and help the Raayyaa Oromo music revive and survive!


* Fayyis Oromia can be reached at fayyis@yahoo.de.

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1928 Oromo peasants and nomads in Yejju, Raya or Wajerat districts of present southern Tigray and northern Wallo revolted against the rule of Haile Selassie and refused to pay the heavy taxes imposed on them.  The government dispatched troops to put down the revolt.  The peasants with few arms they possessed were able to defeat the troops and capture a large quantity of arms and ammunition.  Additional arms were obtained by the nomads from the Red Sea coast in Tajura.
1929 The Oromo fighters of the revolt in Yejju and Raya controlled a large part of their area and closed the trade route that connected Dasee, the capital of Wallo, to the south.  In a battle with the government forces in October 1929, the Oromo fighters captured 2,000 rifles and 12,000 cartridges.
1930 Tafari Makonnen, throne name Haile Sellassie I, Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah, Elect of God and Emperor of Ethiopia, succeeded Zawditu to the throne.
1930 A large government force, led by the war minister, Mulugeta, arrived in Yejju and Raya regions.  The Oromo fighters put up stiff resistance.  The Oromo resistance was finally put down, although temporarily, mainly by the use of airplanes.  It was the first time airplanes were ever used in a war in the Empire.
1931 The first constitution of Ethiopia was introduced.  In this document the term "Abyssinia" was dropped in favor of "Ethiopia," thereby defining Abyssinians and all the colonized peoples as "Ethiopians."
1935/1936 Oromo of Raya and Qobbo were fighting Haile Selassie’s army.  At one point, on April 3, 1936 near Ashange Lake, they almost trapped Haile Selassie himself fleeing from the Italians.  He never put his feet in this area again after that.  During the same period, the Oromo guerrillas attacked the retreating Ethiopian army led by Ras Mulugeta and inflicted heavy casualties.  They revenged his earlier (1930) aerial attack on them by killing his son; he himself narrowly escaped.  One of the reasons for the attack was, the Ethiopian army on its way to the war had looted the property of the Oromo communities.  
1943 The Oromo uprising in Raya was temporarily suppressed with the assistance of the British Royal Air Force stationed in Aden.  Many of the leaders of the Oromo movement were also implicated in the Woyane revolt in Tigray in 1943.
1947/1948 The Raya Oromo rose up in arms again.  Again after they had liberated a large area of their land, the movement was stopped when the British Royal Air Force in Aden, at the request of the Ethiopian regime, bombed the Oromo guerrilla positions.


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  1. Laalooyye

    Mar 19, 11 at 1:59 pm

    If an Oromo song of Soddoo Oromo with “Guraginya rhythm” is an enrichment for us, why not the Raayya Oromo song with “Tigrinya drum”? It is interesting to listen that the other part of Wallo’s music in Amharinya is dominated by Qarruuyee, whereas the Raayya music in Tigrinya is dominated by Gumaayye; both gummaaye and qarruye being from Oromo origin. Just as they do sing the Shagooyee of Hararghe and the Qaruuyyee of Wallo, our artists slowly need to learn how to sing Gumaayyee of Raayyaa! YES! We want to hear Gumaayyee in its original form (in Afaan Oromo). Its forged version (in both the Amharinya and Tigrinya) is simply a tactic of the colonizers to kill the Oromo base of Raayyaa. So, dear Oromo artists, it is your duty to bring things back in order: Gumaayyee belongs to Afaan Oromo culture, lyric and music; PERIOD! Why not, we surely will hear a lot of Gumaayyee and Laalee-gumaa in Oromo lyrics in the future for they are purely Oromo origin. Not only Gumaayye, Qaarruyye and Shaggooyyee, but also Laaloyye belongs to Oromo. We hope that our artists in the future will be not only the experts in Qaarruyyee and Shaggooyye, but also they will surely start to be trained in singing Gumaayye and Laaloyye!

  2. Raya Oromo-Tigreans, Where Are You?

    Mar 19, 11 at 3:37 pm

    Raya Oromo-Tigreans, where are you when TPLF and Zenawi are harassing and killing your brothers and sisters in south Oromia?

    How long are you going to be silent and pretend you know nothing, you hear nothing, you see nothing! … Your time to speak up against the harassment and killing of south Oromia is now … just look at this news: http://gadaa.com/oduu/8421/2011/03/19/oromiaethiopia-desperate-action-of-tplf-regime-to-silence-oromo-olf/

    TPLF and Zenawi used you as famine victims to amass millions of dollars. Your fathers and mothers were forced to walk all the way to Sudan border during the 1984-85 famine so TPLF and Zenawi could show the famine to Western journalists. TPLF and Zenawi only forced Raya Oromo-Tigreans to walk miles (kilometers) under such harsh conditions so Zenawi could earn money from your misery and suffering. Zenawi got millions of dollars from the famine; now they’re using the weapons purchased using that money to harass and kill your brothers and sisters in south Oromia.

    About the Raya Oromo-Tigreans being forced to walk to Sudan border, listen to the VOA interview with Aregawi Berhe and Aregash Berhe here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nu4zVlsK3j0 … 13,000 Raya Oromo-Tigreans died according to this interview … (listen especially around at 4:20 minute where Aregash Berhe says those traveled to Sudan border started in Raya)

  3. Aboma

    Mar 19, 11 at 4:38 pm

    Fayyis, thank you for the great timely piece.

    According to my history courses, Raayaa Oromo were separated from the Wallo Oromo with the Boru Meda agreement of 1878. In 1878 Yohannes-IV of Tigray and Minilik of Shoa agreed on two items:

    1) The first is Yohannes-IV (who was the Emperor at the time) recognized Minilik as a legitimate heir to the Abyssinian throne (monarchy). Minilik begged Yohannes-IV until he was confirmed as the legitimate heir. Tigreans regret this decision of Yohannes-IV to this day; the rivalry between Tigrean and Amhara elites rekindled after this time; once Minilik was confirmed as the Emperor with the death of Yohannes-IV; he turned his back on Tigray and destroyed Tigray, and Haile-Sellassie followed the same campaign against Tigray.

    2) The second agreement at Boru Meda in 1878 was the separation of Raayyaa Oromo from Wallo Oromo; this was done to kill the third rival to the throne (to the monarchy) from Wallo Oromo. And, in 1991/1992 Raayyaa Oromo were further divided into Kobo and Azebo by Tigrean warlords in TPLF in order to kill their sentiment towards Oromo. Kobo was included in the Amhara region; Azebo became part of Tigray. In short, Tigrean warlords in TPLF did not want the whole Raayyaa either in Tigray or Amhara so Raayyaa wouldn’t become a force to reckon with. So, the TPLF warlords divided them into two.

    It’s also a great fact to remember that the Amhara-led domination (which essentially started since the Boru Meda agreement in 1878) in the empire lasted until 1991 when the alliance of Tigrean and Oromo freedom fighters bring an end to that domination. Of course, we do know that the brief domination of northern Wallo and Yejju Oromos in Abyssinia-proper came to an end by the alliance of Tigrean and Amhara warlords (Yohannis and Minilik/Tewodros). We’ll see if an alliance of Amhara and Oromo freedom fighters bring an end to the status quo colonization of Tigrean warlords in the Ethiopian empire. Definitely, such an alliance of Oromo and Amhara freedom fighters should usher in freedom and democracy, instead of continue on the path of dominating one another.

  4. Laalee-gumaa

    Mar 19, 11 at 4:46 pm

    I am sure the time for Raayyaa Oromo to revolt again will come. Woyane has settled many Tigrean from other area in Raya, almost the same number to that of the native Raayyaa people in the district of Raya and Azebo in the last 20 years, just in an attempt to dilute the real identity of Oromo there. This will fire back when the time comes; till then we need to encourage them to stay strong and be connected to their relatives in the south Oromia!

  5. Gumaayyee

    Mar 19, 11 at 5:05 pm

    Obbo Aboma,
    very good insight; your comment reveals the evil action of the Abyssinian warlords taken against the Raya Oromo, who survived this machination. That is why both the Oromo artists and the Oromo activists (politicians) should help this most victimized part of the Oromo and Oromia!

  6. Qurxaa

    Mar 19, 11 at 6:02 pm

    This Raayyaa-Oromoo-Tigrean dance shows some original traits of Aadaa Oromoo which is clearly seen on their dressing style, smearing butter,dancing in group holding sticks above their heads. However, the dance is purely in Afaan Tigre, which gives strong social meaniings to the Tigreans, playing an imperative role in identifying the Raayaas with the Tigreans rather than with Oromos who express themselves in Afaan Oronoo in every situation. No question, I enjoy listening to the music,watching the dance but the social intimacy I can share with the dancers is marginally located. If muscians like Dawit Mokonnen break the “taboo” and embaked on dancing in Afaan Amaaraa, Dawit and many Amaras or Amaranised Oromos or Guragenised Oromos can certainly enjoy sharing with him a very good social intimacy but they cannot cultivate a spirit of political intimacy with each other.

  7. Mormitu

    Mar 20, 11 at 5:27 am

    Obbo Qurxaa,
    just as Obbo Ali Bira, who sang in Harari is not Hararinized or as he sang in Arabic, but not yet Arabanized, so also Obbo Dawite singing in Amharinya doesn’t make him as if he is Amharanized and as if he is less sabboona Oromo than you seem to claim; just check your philosophy and theory, if you ever have one at all! Regarding Raayyaa Oromo, just rehearse their move and way of life regardless of the alien language they adopted; nothing makes them to be less Oromo than your own clan!

  8. Raayyicha

    Mar 20, 11 at 5:42 am

    YES gumaayyee, laalooyye and laale-gumaa are pure Oromo, just like qaruuyye and shaggooyye; we only need to bring them back to Afaan Oromo! Here are more from RAAYYAA in both Amharinya and Tigrinya; we can imagine how it would have been, if these all are in an original Afaan Raayyaa (Afaan Oromo)! We hope our artists will be creative and vigilant to help it back to the origin, but now enjoy:










  9. Azebo

    Mar 20, 11 at 8:15 am

    you tried to distinguish between political intimacy and social intimacy; that is good. Don’t you think that Raya Oromo need our both political and social intimacy? What makes you not to have these two intimacies with this most brutalized Oromo clan? Just for the fact that they lost their original language, Afaan Oromo? If you are a concerned and a genuine Oromo, this will even make you to have more intimacy with them, but do not encourage you to distance yourself from them. They need our intimacy and support to come out of this situation. It is not their fault to be there, but it is their geographical location which exposed them to be on a recieving end. So, don’t talk such cheap philosophy, but try to be pragmatic!

  10. Uumaa

    Mar 20, 11 at 8:45 am

    I wonder who will be the first Oromo artist to break the taboo and I am eagerly waiting for the first Afaan Oromo song of laalee-gumaa, gumaayye and laalooyye. This is simply a wonderful initiation to implant such holy fruits in the fertile minds of our creative Oromo musical artists!

  11. Gumaa

    Mar 20, 11 at 10:30 am

    What a majic word: GUMAA (no death penality for murderers)! It is what Oromo people used to practice since a time of memorial, but the other part of the world is still struggling to learn and implement it! Even the so called the develooped world such as USA didn’t still learn what gumaa means and for what it stands. Our neighbours, the Abyssinians, may could able to sing gumaa, but they never practiced it; only the Oromo, including the Raayyaa Oromo, know what gumaa really means and its noble value! I also just want to hear our artists starting to sing this holy value in Afaan Oromo, PERIOD!

  12. Jima

    Mar 20, 11 at 10:32 am

    Hi Oromos,

    Yoo seeran hojatan angootti siqani kan jiran Rayyadha. Jarri kun afaanuma isaani dubatu. ‘Key position’ military kessa qabu. Gamni achuma keessa qindeefatee angoo irra bahu danda’a. Ati afaan isaani yaa gudatu yaaddu. Biyya bulchuf carraa guddaa harka isaani jira. kan nurraa eegami qabsoo isa alaa jabeessudha. Gaafa jabaate, humni oromo inni diina keessa jiru fincilee baha. Sun, carraa guddaa uuma. akkana. kaan biyya ambaa ta’aani walumaanu hojachuu jibbu. Mataa wal cabsuuf kaatu.

  13. Gorsituu

    Mar 20, 11 at 11:37 am

    can you concentrate on the positive aspect of the Oromo struggle for bilisummaa, instead of lamenting about the “failure” of the Oromo in diaspora? Or is it your tactical move just to spit the NEGATIVES you want to spread among Oromo community for the sake of producing conflicts and discords?!

  14. Raayyaa-Rap

    Mar 20, 11 at 1:16 pm

    Here is a MIX of gumaayye with rap for the young Raayya Oromo generation; enjoy and implement it in Afaan Raayaa (Afaan Oromo): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cqku3EcRk5o

  15. Jima

    Mar 20, 11 at 8:36 pm

    Hi Gorsitu,

    Maal jechu barbaadetti???. Waanuma jiru dubachaan jira bar. “Revolution” dhufuuf adeemu keessa bu’aa gudda akka argannu humni Oromoo jabaatu malee hin jiru. Bu’aan argamee illee dhabmu danda’a. Kana furuuf, xiinnaa guudda osoo hin jedhiin, gurmuun oromoo jiru waliin hojachuu akka qabu yeroo kamiyyu caala yeroo murteessa keessa jirra. Maaltu gurmuu oromoo hunda irraa eegama?. Waamicha tumsa oromoo akka ijaaramu debi keennuudha. Wal dorgomiin bakka jirutii, qabsoo saba biroos bukkeetti ilaalun barbaachisaadha. Qabsoon Oromoon akkamitti adeema jira, kana saboota biroos akkamitti adeemaa jira jenne yeroo hunda hubachuufi hordooffii cimmaa fi murtii barbbachisaa ta‘an yerootti fudhachuun murteessaadha. Waamicha qabsoo oromoo humnnessuf gurmuleen oromoo maal hojachaa jiru amma?. Kan har‘a waliin hin hojaane, barbaachisummaa gurmuu maalif?. Waamichaa kanaaf deebi kennameera??.

    Ummata walitti qabneetti akka humna taanu, dandeettifi humna qabnu hundaa walitti yaa qindeesinu. Angoo diina harka jiru irratti nuti asitti wal jibbu hin qabnu. “Pace“qabsoo saboota bira wajjiin yaa adeemnu. Yemu waliin hojachuu irraa dubatti harkifannu fi wal morkinu tokko fudhachuu hin danda’a. Kun haqa lafa jirudha. Tumsa har‘aa malee boru miti. Kana osuma beeknu, maal waamichaa humna oromoo jabeessuf hojatamu, ababaan fedhe yaa waamu, deebi maalif hin keennamne??. Waamichi kun enyuff?: Tokko ABO-Shanee fi tokkoo ABO-QCf. Waliin hojachuu irra bu‘aa hin argamu???. Yoo jabaatne qofaa, yoo waliin hojatne qofaa waan gaari tokko arguu akka dandeenyu ifaadha. Dubatti jechuun maalif???. Hamma waliin hojatnu, humni qabsoon sabootni bira kan keenya yaa dursu?. Moo nukeessa ta’aani saboota biraati ykn dinaaf hojatama???. How do we concentrate on other issues when this necessity is not yet finalized????.

    Hoganna ABO-QC keessa Obbo Galaasaa Dilboo ji’oota darban keesaa xinnaa gudda osoo hin jedhiin gurmuuun oromoo walitti dhufee humna taana jedhanii dubatan. Kuni soba miti,http://www.bilisummaa.com/btapha/index.php?action=playgame&gameid=2274. Eegaa yoo kana ta’e waanta dubatti isaani qabe maalinni????. Kunoo ji’a sadi ool ta’eera. Moo wal dorgommii ABO QC fi ULFO diju ta’u qaba????. Har’a kan gurmuu kaan waliin hin hojatne yoom eega??. Waggaa digdama booda, humna ta’u dadhabuun, dadhabbi guddaa miti???.

    Akka ilaalcha kiyaatti, ABO-QC fi ULFO waliin hojachuu waanuma yaadan natti hin fakaatu. Kun immo maal umma jira yoo naan jette, ABO Shaneen tumsa oromoo akka ‘necessity’ osoo hin ta’iin akka ‘option’ ilaalan gochaa jira. Kanarra kan ka’e, ‘tumsa oromo’ dursa kennu osoo hin ta’iin tumsa saboota biraatti adeemaa jiru. Waamichi isaani tumsa oromoof osoo hin ta’in, tumsa saboota bira ta’aa jira. “Gap” akka ummamu kan karaa banaa jiru ABO QC dha. Ummatni wanta kanaa furmaata barbaadu qaba. Hoganni kamiyyu waayyee dhunfaa dursa kennu danda’a. Ummatni gorsaafi qabsoo keenya “fragmnetd struggle” akka hin taane, warra saboota biraatti kaatanis warra dubatti jechaa jiraninis gahe jechuu qaba. Qabsoon ummata “majority” degersa fi gargarsa hin argnane bu’aa hin eegamu. Tumsa oromo akka “option” ilaalufi tumsaa oromoof dubatti jechuun sabichaafi miti. Qabsoo saboota biroo bukkeetti ilaalani tarkaaniffi barbabchisaa ta’e yerootti fudhatamu qaba.

  16. Gorsituu

    Mar 21, 11 at 2:04 am

    waan gaarii barreesite; tokkummaan mooraa QBO suuta-suutaan dhufaa jirti. Waggaa lama dura dhaaba torba qabna ture; amma gara sadiitti walitti dhufaani jiru (OLF-QC, ULFO fi OLF-SG). Yoo Rabbi jedhe isaan kunis walitti dhufu ta’a, ABO cimaa tokko duwwa ijaaruuf; nuti kana irratti hojjechuu qabna. Furmaatni jiru, dadhabbi isaaniif isaan balaalefachuu otuu hin taane, isaan jajjabeesuu fi hamma dandeenye akka gara tokkummaatti dhufan isaan gargaaruu qabna. Jabaadhu, galatoomi!!

  17. Jabina

    Mar 21, 11 at 5:46 am

    Obbo Jima,
    don’t worry; we are observing an amazing development! Even Obbo Yaadasaa started to think, write and talk POSITIVE; the most “pro-walabummaa” ULFO started to congradulate the “pro-only-bilisummaa” OLF! The future is for the formation of the only ONE strong and efficient liberation front (OLF), for which we struggled years long! Enjoy the following short comment from ULFO:

    “With a heartfelt gratitude, we in the United Liberation Forces of Oromiyaa (ULFO) would like to congratulate our brothers in the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) for their courageous move to unify their organization. At this time when Oromiyaa is facing a gathering danger from its enemies, it is incumbent upon each and every Oromo organization to unite and work forcefully for the liberation of Oromiyaa. The OLF’s move to leave the era of senseless factionalism and embark upon unity is commendable. ULFO sees this move as a first step in the direction of future journey to unify all Oromo forces so they can stand against the enemy in unison. ULFO has always believed that Unity among the Oromo forces is the surest way to victory against our enemies. In fact ULFO is itself a unified entity of previously separate Oromo organizations. OLF’s reunification is, therefore, directly in par with ULFO’s call for unity. We hereby congratulate the OLF for taking these steps. Now that the OLF has taken the necessary steps to reconcile and reunify its factions, ULFO shall peruse the next step, exploring ways to work with the unified OLF to fasten the liberation of Oromiyaa. In this regard, ULFO’s “Call of Time for the Oromo Political forces and the People of Oromiyaa” stand.

    Unity is Strength! Oromiyaa Shall be Free! “: http://www.ulfo.org/March18_2011_ULFO_ON_OLF_REUNIFICATION.html

  18. Walloyye

    Mar 21, 11 at 6:11 am

    “…The Walloo Oromo, who are the northernmost group, and live predominantly in the Oromia Zone of the Amhara Region, as far north as Lake Ashenge, and are also found in the southern Raya Azebo woreda in the Tigray Region include:
    – Warra Baboo
    – Warra Illu
    – Warra Himanoo
    – Warra Qallu
    – Warra Qoboo
    – Warra Rayyaa
    – Warra Wayyuu
    – Warra Yejju
    The Wollo Oromo (particularly the Raya Oromo and Yejju Oromo) were early Oromo holders of power among the increasingly mixed Ethiopian state. The later north-to-south movement of central power in Ethiopia led to Oromos in Shewa holding power in Ethiopia together with the Shewan Amhara…”

  19. Maggallee

    Mar 21, 11 at 6:31 am

    Here is a nice Wallo Oromo dance with amharinya lyric of the Maggalaa from Dasee dressed in typical Oromo tricolor: black, red and white (gurraacha, diima, adii)! Enjoy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Clx8XOfbA5E

  20. Aango

    Mar 21, 11 at 6:43 am

    Raya…. and Jima,
    do you know any Raya Oromo in a key position under Woyane rule? I am sure that Woyane never trust this people from the Southern Tigrai, that is why the main key posts are occupied by only the norther Tigrayans from Adwa, Shire and Axum!

  21. Tokkummaa

    Mar 21, 11 at 7:36 am

    Hi Jima,
    your concern regarding the tokkummaa of Oromo nationalists is very legitimate, but the trend we are now seeing is really encouraging. The formation of OFC at home was really good; the current common situation of OFC and OPDO being in the same boat (both being victims of Weyane) is nice development. The merging of ULFO members was the right step to the right direction. The re-funification of OLF-SG is sensational; now we hope that both the OLF-QC and ULFO will join the tokkumma, so that we will have only ONE effective and efficient OLF. The recent change of the rhetoric from the two (QC and ULFO) regarding the OLF-SG to positive is what makes it promising. Of course parallel to the formation of this imperative tokkummaa of Oromo liberation forces, we also need the optional tumsa with Other democratic forces against the nama-nyaataa Woyane and I hope this also will be materalized! So don’t worry, be happy!!

  22. Qaalluu

    Mar 21, 11 at 9:03 am

    Imagine also if this gummaayye song was in Afaan Oromo! So our activists and artists, it is not enough to cry about how the Abyssinians are working hard to assimilate Raayyaa Oromo, but we need to be dilighent to bring them back to their root of Afaan Raayyaa (Afaan Oromo) music with this precious Dibbee Qaalluu, which we just left for the others up to now. Enjoy here the most modern gummaayye: http://www.ethiopian.tv/ethiopian-music-yohannes-gebre-egziabher-raya-ada/

  23. Waaqeffataa

    Mar 22, 11 at 5:21 am

    There is a wise saying of the Oromo Waaqeffataa; “every good thing, which was lost, belongs to the Oromo!” It is fact that this Gadaa nation is the root and the stem of all peoples in the Horn. The so called Sudan rhythm (that of Beja), Agew rhythm, Abyssinian rhythm (that of the Amharinya and Tigirinya speaking Kushites), Somali rhythm, Afar rhythm, Sidama rhythm, Gurage rhythm…etc are the “lost good things” of the Oromo. It is really nice to try to revive the Raayyaa’s laalee-gumaa, gummaayye and laalooyye! It of course asks a big creativity and good will of our both political activists and traditional aritists!

  24. Humna

    Mar 22, 11 at 10:28 am

    If this move of riviving Raayyaa Oromo culture helps us, the Oromo nation, be more powerful, it is a good call! CONSENSUS democracy of Gadaa was the past good tradition; using FORCE as a means to come to power and profit is the present rule of the game in politics; an endless rhetoric about the liberal democracy, which actually includes REFERENDUM, can be good for the future, but now people in the empire particularly are not yet adequately developed to excercise it! So, let’s go on and try to make OLF the necessary force of the Oromo, just to make us powerful in order to attain and keep our interest!

  25. Boruu Barraaqaa

    Mar 22, 11 at 2:06 pm

    Thank you Fayyis and Gadaa.com for bringing this issue here. I am very happy when literally talented people like you renew this concern, which I tried in my documentary some four years ago on Eritrean Television (Gaaddisa Dhugaa programm) You can listen to my narration in the documentary. I am also working on some lyrics about this great tribe Raya and Azabo, which will be sang very soon by one of our beloved young star singers. Hope we will work together to energize and renew the old Raya Oromo nationalism in the long term program.

  26. Fayyis

    Mar 25, 11 at 6:46 am

    Obbo Boruu Barraaqaa,
    thanks for your initiative four years ago; you made us to ponder and think over the real issue. I am happy that you are motivated to contribute your part further and I hope our artists will also do their role; jabaadhu!

    Hi ALL,
    galatooma for your nice inputs; we need such knowlegdes to counteract the Abyssinians’ campaign of further assimilating Wollo Oromo in general and Raayyaa in particular, who already lost most part of their original Oromo culture and value! I invite you all a very good message I got per e-mail as posted below:

    “***I just read your interesting article under the subject. Thank you for bringing such a great issue to the forefront. I always appreciate your deep knowledge and way of analysis and wish you be close to me so that to have friendly conversation/ do business with you.

    As you well know, Wello is one of the biggest northern most sub-tribe of Oromo. The size of Wello may be greater than the combined number of Abyssinian and they occupy relatively the fertile lands of Northern Ethiopia. Up until now, I never hear any learned Habesha or Western denying the Oromoness of Wello as such. But now devided among Amhra and Tigreans and on the direction of loosing their Oromo identity. As you said Wello songs are dominated high grievance -always crying for “Gumma’- blood compensation or retaliation.

    The part of Ethiopian history that is classified as ‘Zemene-Mesafint’ basically refers to the time of Muslim Weloo Oromo domination/rule of Abyssinia. During this time they used to dominate the political and economic life of Gondar and Debre-Tabor. Behind the political ascendancy of Tewodros lies deep hatered towards Islam & Galla. The idea of Christian Island Abyssinia, but not Christian Island Ethiopia, defined by Tewodros’s British chamberlain Mr. plowden referring Christian Abyssinia surrounded by the Egyptian-Sudan condominium to the North-West, Ottoman Turks to the North East and Wello from South and South East.

    Wello’s first major defeat happened to Empress Menen and then King Ali of Yejju at the battles of Gondar, Debre-Tabor and Aykel despite being in-law. Tewodros then conducted five successive major wiping out wars against Wello Oromos before settling in Meqdela fortress of Wello land, rather than Gondar Town.The following famous letter of Tewodros to Queen Victoria of England ascetains the political ideology of Abyssinia.

    “By the power of god I am well. My fathers, the emperors, having forgotten the creator, he handed over their kingdom to the Gallas and the Turks. But god created me, lifted me out of the dust, and restored this empire to my rule. He endowed me with power and enabled me to stand in the place of my fathers. By this power I drove away the Gallas. As for the Turks I have told them to leave the land of my ancestors. They refuse. I am now going to wrestle with them. Mr. Plowden and my late Grand chamberlain, the Englishman bell, used to tell me that there is a great Christian Queen, who loves all Christians. When they said to me this: “we are able to make you known to her and to establish friendship between you,” then in those times I was very glad. I gave them my love, thinking that I had found your majesty’s goodwill”.

    From that time on Wello became the first victim of Oromo by successive brutal regimes. Yohannes also followed the footsteps of Tewodros and devastated Wello conducting well-oroganized campaigns againist the Wello Oromo after the fomous one month long conference of Boru-Meda like TPLF campaign after the MLLT confence. The ideology of these conferences still remains relevant to current Ethiopian politics. Here is list of major wars conducted against Wello.

    1. Batlle of Debre-Tabor, Gondar and Iykel in which the Yejju dynasty is devastated
    2. Battle of Tenta
    3. Balltle of Shoa againt Wello

    In these battles hundreds of thousands massaxcred and 300,000 forced to convert to false Abyssinian political chrstianity, millions dislocated both internally and to other countries.

    4. Battle of Sagalee protesting Islam-Oromo King Iyasu’s political favour of Oromo and Islam. 80,000 people died followed by long campaign that reduced serviving Wello to Gabbar.
    5. The battle of supress Raya-Azebo revolt in which thousands died
    6. Massacre of revenge for Yejju-Azebo allying with Italians during the occopation, etc.

    The Bottom line here is the first and major Oromo victim and that “Gumma” songs are dominated by song of grievance calling Oromos for revenging the atrocities committed and reclaiming their true identity to overcome the over all social, political, religious, economical fabric of serving Wello Oromos has been disturbed as a result of all the atrocities committed againist them.

    In the census, the population of Tigrean and Amhara has increased mainly due to Wello effect. The other factor that increased Abyssinian population being similar forced conversion, especially those of millions of freed slaves***”

  27. Artist

    Mar 26, 11 at 4:58 am

    We hope all our artists have got the call and the message! If people like obbo Boruu Barraaqaa are ready to write the lyric, then it is up to the artists to use their talent and sing the precious songs of Raya: the laalee-gumaa, the gummaayye and the laalooyye! Of course they need the help of our convinced political activists to be motivated! Haa jabaannu!!

  28. Qottoo

    Mar 30, 11 at 3:59 am

    “……The hardest tumble a man can make is to fall over his own bluff. ~Ambrose Bierce

    Those whole lie to themselves and say “Raya is purely from Amhara and Tigray” are playing a useless game. If you look at the video above you can clearly see a connection between oromo Wallo and Rayaa. Wallo doesnt mean Amhara. Wallo is a very diverse place that constitues people of Argoba, Agaw, Afar, Amhara, Oromo, and Tigrean. So where do you think the connection between Amhara and Raya come from? Maybe because Amharic is the offical working language you thought that anybody who speaks it is related to or is Amhara? Silly Wayanee and Naftaanya let us analyze! Rayaa shall we?

    1) First off Rayya are heavily muslim something they share with Wallo Oromos.
    2) The way of living is done almost exclusively done through a form of agro-pastrolism. The ORGINAL OROMO WAY OF LIVING!Tell me what Amhara or Tigrean practice pastrolism?
    3.) Raya speak Tigrenya through Oromo like accent.
    4.) Raya culture is warrior culture just like OROMOS! Rayas carry sticks with them in traditional dance just like almost ALL OROMOS do, as well as dance in a form of Oromo dhicicaa (stopping) similar to how the Oromo Harar dance but blended in with Tigrean dance.
    5.)Raya traditional clothes seems like a mixture of Oromo Wallo and Tigrean but mainly influenced from Wallo Oromo or even Harar Oromo.
    6.) In places of Oromiyaa like Jimma, Rayya is peoples name like Abba Rayya and is a name of a subclan of Oromos in Bale called Rayaitu. I hope you dont forget the Oromo lion Wako Gutu? He was a memeber of that clan Rayaitu!

    With all these evidences how can someone deny Raya were orginal Oromos? If you ask me one cannot! They only knowlingly lie to prevent the real truth from getting out. They want to keep secret that Raya, Yejju, and Wallo Oromo were victims of a barbaric ethnic campaign of fake kings like Yohnannes and Tewdoros. In those events that happended that was the start of Rayaas forgetting their Oromo heritage. It wasn’t only Rayaa but Yejju as well and some clans of Wallo Oromo like Warra Himano and Warra Wuha. Rayya have to wake up and realize who they are! It is true what they say.

    “If you loose your mother tonge, you loose who you are”. Oromo proverb!…….”

  29. Onne

    Apr 1, 11 at 4:10 am

    Raayyaa of course, if not our Heart, is part of our Body, but surely not only in our Shirt: http://www.ethiopianreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=26835 That is why our artists should wake up and sing about part of our body, as they do about Wallo and other parts of Oromia!

  30. Compromise

    Apr 11, 11 at 10:39 am

    YES, reviving Raayyaa music is part of attaining and maintaining Oromo national liberty and national unity; the way to it being the unconditional removal of Woyane fascists, for which the working together of the anti-Woyane Amhara and Oromo forces is important. For these forces to work together, they have to have one common goal of compromise. As far as the Ethiopian empire is concerned, the right step to the right direction now is to rise up in unison, if we want to move from dictatorship to democracy, which is actually possible only in the decolonized nations, who are suffering under dictatorship of the rulers from their own respective nations. Even though I don’t think that liberation through democratization is so effective in empires like Ethiopia, where nations are fighting firstly for collective national liberation and then secondly for individual citizens’ liberty, we can take the unique situation of the Ethiopian empire into consideration and try to find a unique solution, such as a public uprising in unison (revolution)! Here is the necessity of reconciling the difference between the two opposition blocs against Woyane regime: the Amhara pro-integration bloc struggles for only ‘individual liberty’, whereas the Oromo pro-independence bloc fights for both ‘collective liberation and individual liberty’! This suggests that the struggle of the Amhara bloc (for individual liberty) can be considered as part of the struggle of the Oromo bloc (which includes individual liberty to collective liberation). Unless there is a sort of such compromise between these two opposition blocs to cooperate and coordinate their actions against the Woyane fascists, it is very easy for the Woyane to play the divisive political game by balancing the two blocs, beating them turn by turn as it did till now and by further making the two neutralize each other.

    Oromo nation is the one who loses nothing, when Woyane loses everything through the possible revolution and especially if both freedom and democracy be realized in that country in the future, whatever the future type of sovereignity as a result will be: independent Oromia, true ethnic Federation or unitary Ethiopia. But, I think an independent Oromia in an integrated Ethiopia (collective national liberation including individual personal liberty) is the possible compromise solution for the hitherto face-off between the pro-independence Oromo forces and the pro-integration Amhara forces, so that they can work together to help the expected revolution erupt and to get rid of the fascist and racist Woyane. As far as the Oromo are concerned, I hope all Oromo patriots in all Oromo political organizations will agree with each other in the future and act in tandem to struggle for Oromian independence and Oromian unity, also taking into consideration the the necessary unity of the region at the following levels:

    – at Finfinne level: to attain and maintain that Finfinne be the cultural, economic and political center of Oromo and Oromia; to be build as a core of our Oromo nation, that means Finfinne is like our Oromo heart; and to promote it be the center of all the other levels of unity; i.e the capital city of the unity at the level of Oromia, level of Ethiopia, level of the Horn and level of Africa.

    – at Oromian level: in addition to having Finfinne as a core, to attain and maintain our national liberty and national unity in a form of Oromian independence and Oromian integration unconditionally, because Oromia is like our Oromo body.

    – at Ethiopian level: after securing Oromian independence and Oromian unity, we do have no problem with a possible Ethiopian union, which can be considered as our Oromo inner clothing, like a shirt, which we can put on or take off based on our political will and our necessity.

    – at the Horn level: a union, which will be based and build on an independent and an integrated Oromia, will be just advantageous for Oromia in particular, and for the Horn region in general, which is our Oromo middle clothing, like a coat.

    – at African level: a federation/union with Finfinne as its capital or with Oromia as a center of African politics is simply a glory for Oromia, which is like our Oromo overcoat.

    Last but not least, a compromise solution is not an optimal (best) solution. It is always a temporary solution till one will be in a position to demand the optimal result. That is why ‘Oromian autonomy within Ethiopian union’ (true ethnic federation = independent Oromia within integtrated Ethiopia = Oromia-Ethiopia = national self-determination with multi-national democracy = self-rule with shared rule = internal self-determination =…etc) is only a temporary solution for the Oromo question, as a prelude to the optimal solution, i.e a prelude to the referendum on: ‘Oromian autonomy within Ethiopian union’ vs ‘Oromian independence within African union’. A lasting and optimal solution is only the one, for which the Oromo majority will vote during the public verdict. The Oromo people have nothing to lose if we can decide per referendum in the future, be it for ‘independent Oromia’ or for ‘ethnic Ferderation’ or for ‘unitary Ethiopia’, as long as we can and will achieve both freedom and democracy. So, our future common values and virtues are these two concepts (freedom and democracy), for which we can have an all-inclusive alliance against the fascist and racist Woyane. I do believe that our colonizers (Abyssinian ruling class) also will be compelled in due time to learn accepting and respecting this vision as their own long term goal. Hopefully, the popular mass of both the Amhara and the Tigrai also will slowly start to struggle for the self-determination of their own respective nations in order to then forge the lasting commonly advantageous union of independent nations in the Horn region, based on the public verdict of all the stakeholders.

    – Can Overcoming the ‘Amhara Elites Vs Oromo Elites’ Face-off Help the Possible Revolution in Ethiopia Erupt? ( http://www.ethiopianreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=26834 )

    – My last advice for the suffering Amharas and Oromos! ( http://www.ethiopianreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=9169 )

    – G-7 and OLF discussing on UNITY: enjoy! ( http://www.ethiopianreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=11552 )

    – Oromian National Liberty & Ethiopian Regional Unity!( http://www.ethiopianreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=11614 )

    – ALL against one EVIL: current slogan of the opposition! ( http://www.ethiopianreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=9071 )

    – Why was it easy for Meles’ regime to rule over Ethiopians? ( http://www.ethiopianreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=16186 )

    – Independent Oromia in Integrated Ethiopia: fact or fancy? ( http://www.ethiopianreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=1735 )

  31. Warraaqaa

    Apr 12, 11 at 10:48 am

    Reviving Raayyaa music is part and parcel of our struggle for bilisummaa in unison! We like it or not, the Oromo people in particular and all the affected nations of the empire in general, do have no other alternative to fighting in unison against the nama-nyaataa Woyane regime. All Oromo nationalists in the political spectrum of the Oromo organizations, as described below, must now build a formal or informal tokkummaa and tumsa to push together for their common ground, i.e for bilisummaa from Woyane fascism. After achieving this bilisummaa from fascism, they will have in the future a chance to compete against each other and to advocate for their respective versions of the desired Oromo national sovereignity, on which the Oromo public will decide per referendum:

    – the far-left, like the UDJ struggling for a unitary Ethiopia with Oromo leadership,
    – the middle-left, like the OPDO, who tries to keep the status quo of a limited Oromian cultural autonomy,
    – the central-middle, like the OFC striving for a complete Oromian autonomy within Ethiopian union, i.e for a pre-walabummaa union,
    – the middle-right, like the ULFO fighting for an Oromian independence/for a walabummaa, and
    – the far-right, like the OLF pushing further for Oromian union, i.e for a union of the Horn region, where all Oromo clans do live, that means pushing further for a post-walabummaa union.

    So, let’s all Oromo nationalists in all walk of life wake up and be united for the common noble cause of bilisummaa from the fascists and racists as a common denominator. If we can realize this freedom from fascists and then foster democratic rights in that empire/country, the Oromo nation will not have any disadvantage, what ever type of national sovereignity we will have based on the Oromo public verdict, be it ‘independent Oromia’ or ‘true Federation’ or ‘unitary Ethiopia’. That is why the OLF in particular and all the Oromo liberation froces in general should take a lead in the upcoming imminent revolution, without being distracted by the attention diversion maneuver of the Woyane.

    But the question is: can we give the above mentioned five Oromo parties the original Gadaa names, for instance: UDJ = Birimaji; OPDO = Horata; OFC = Bichile; ULFO = Duulo; OLF = Robale? Otherwise looking at their respective explicit vision and just taking in to consideration the liberation journey according to the famous metaphor (the journey from Djibouti/from Garbummaa to Finfinne/to an optimal Bilisummaa):
    – UDJ wants to bring back the status of an ‘Erased Oromia’ from the world map = a backward move to Djibouti,
    – OPDO wants to maintain the present ‘Occupied Oromia’ by Woyane occupation force = a life in Ayesha, the desert town at the border of Djibouti,
    – OFC strives a forward move to ‘Autonomous Oromia’ = a move to Diredhawa,
    – ULFO fights for a further move to ‘Independent Oromia’ = further move to Adaama, and
    – OLF struggles for an optimal form of bilisummaa beyond an independence, i.e for a ‘United Oromia’ in the Horn = a final journey to Finfinne.

    Accordingly, we can see that UDJ’s struggle for an individual liberty of citzens is good, but its attempt to erase Oromia must be checked; OPDO is good only to hinder this attempt of erasing Oromia, but its tendency to maintain the occupied status of Oromia can not be accepted; the moves of OFC, ULFO and OLF are just complementary, if they are wise enough to synchronize their move and work in tandem to promote our liberation journey first to Diredhawa, then to Adaama and finally to Finfinne without creating an artificial conflict as they sometimes seem to do. But now as already said, we have to give a priority to getting rid of the fascist and racist Woyane regime by any means possible, including the revolution.

    Of course, the current diaspora Oromo uprising may help the revolution at home erupt. But, as far as I am concerned, I am a private Oromo nationalist, who is now “living in Ayesha” (a desert town at the border to Djibouti = a metaphor depicting the political status quo of the Oromo). I actually want to move to Finfinne (a metaphor for an independent and a united Oromia). Let’s not forget the fact that UDJ, G-7 and the likes do want to realize the ‘erased Oromia’ by opposing the possible true Killil-federation (the same political status to that of the past Ethiopian regimes); they simply want to forge a Derg-type of Ethiopa, which is equivalent to a move back to Djibouti/to a complete slavery. Sure is that I will never take a drive with them from Ayesha back to Djibouti. Also let’s just think about the OPDO, who wants to give me a car lift to make a tour only in Ayesha (keeping the status quo), but never wants to help me move a single killometer towards Finfinne. Then, what is the use of driving with OPDO? Nothing! But we can look at the OFC, who wants to help me move forward to Diredhawa (an autonomous Oromia within an Ethiopian union) and we can see ULFO, who wants to bring me further to Adaama (an independent Oromia within an African union). Should I reject their help? Never! I surely will take a ride with them to both Diredhawa and Adaama. After being in Adaama, it is up to me to ask for further car lift to Finfinne (an example for not only an independent Oromia, but also for a united Oromia in the Horn region).

    That is the reason for the fact that it is the time for ALL freedom fighters from all walk of life to rise up in unison against the fascists, racists and tyrants (against the Woyane regime). After getting this freedom from tyranny, the Oromo popular verdict to decide on the type of sovereignity we want to have will be excercised, which can lead us to one of the following: to UDJ’s ‘Erased Oromia’, to OPDO’s ‘Occupied Oromia’, to OFC’s ‘Autonomous Oromia’, to ULFO’s ‘Independent Oromia’ or to OLF’s ‘United Oromia’. But now, the common denominator for all these movements is the ‘freedom from Woyane’s Tyranny’, on which all of them need to cooperate. That is why the present tendency to demonstrate against the tyrants together is a very good start. Let’s ALL march together against this Evil regime.

    I think this is a very nice step of a revolution to be taken, which is in the right direction as far as Oromo cause is concerned. No question that the upcoming third revolution will erupt as expected. During the first revolution in 1974, the revolutionaries had three main agenda: ‘land to the tiller’, ‘self-rule of nations’ and ‘democratic human rights’. The first demand (land to the tiller) was/is at least formally accepted since the first revolution, but not yet implemented; the second one (self-rule of nations) is also formally respected since the second revolution of 1991, but also it is not yet implemented. Now we do hope that these two agenda will be surely implemented and the third one (democratic human rights) will also be added after the success of the expected and the upcoming third revolution. Of course OLF can take the lead in this third revolution as it did during the last two revolutions.

  32. Warraaqaa

    Apr 13, 11 at 4:06 am

    The political spectrum I used here is not based on a class ideology (communism vs capitalism), but the spectrum of the Oromo parties based on their view regarding the national liberation movement of the Oromo people. Here, the far-left doesn’t mean an extremist communist fascist, but it does mean the WORSE approach to the liberation struggle than that of the others; whereas the far-right means the BEST approach and the best solution to the national problem, it doesn’t imply the meaning of an extremist capitalist aparthied type of nationalism! We used to apply this type of spectrum here in Oromo forum, that is why I didn’t explain. Accordingly, UDJ is worse than the others, OPDO is the bad party, OFC the good, ULFO the better and OLF the best. Enjoy a related article from Fayyis Oromia here: http://gadaa.com/oduu/3580/2010/05/12/oromo-tokkummaa-via-the-olf-mindset-in-the-bad-opdo-the-good-ofc-the-better-ulfo-and-the-best-afd/

  33. Walqabna

    Apr 21, 11 at 8:04 am

    Where are the students from the Ethiopian nationalists’ camp, while Oromian students are revolting? The following short take is a response to the recent Gadaa.com’s editorial ( http://gadaa.com/oduu/8995/2011/04/19/adios-oromai-zenawis-ethiopia/ ): The fact that Oromo students are fighting against the ruling tormentors in the name of all the victimized Ethiopians is a very fair move expected from a rational Oromo activists. This reflected a conciliatory and moderate move or view of the Oromo people. Oromo politicians, as ethno-nationalists as they are, did their best to make the necessary compromise to struggle together with Ethiopian nationalists. I think the mistrust and the resistance against the necessary compromise is stronger in the Ethiopian nationlaists’ camp, not in the Oromian nationalists’ camp. The fact that Oromo students are now sacrificing their life to start the REVOLUTION against the tyrant regime, with little (NO) support from the students of the Ethiopian nationalists’ camp, is the proof on the ground! I think it is necessary that Oromo people be more self-reliant and push the struggle being united among ourselves. When we are strong enough, the Ethiopian nationalists’ camp will be obliged to seek the compromise position.

    That is why OLF should be inclusive of both the Oromo independist nationals & the Oromo unionist nationals, so that it be a stronger Oromo national liberation movement! I don’t think that any liberation front to that matter, OLF specifically, can be purely independist, but there is always the unionist wing in them. It was so in SPLM of South Sudan (where John Garang was a unionist), the same was true in EPLF of Eritrea; and even TPLF of Tigrai had both wings (independists and unionists). We know that till the TPLF leaders were sure to have power in Finfinne, the independist wing was strong; now as long as they are in power, the unionist wing (the de facto colonialist wing) marchs in a fore front. If these liberation fronts, representing the nations who are demographical minority and geographical periphery, do have such unionist parts, we can imagine how the unionist wing in OLF can be stronger than theirs, because Oromo nation is neither a minority nor a periphery in the Ethiopian empire!

    So, it is already programmed that OLF can have members from both wings (independists and unionists). I think these two wings in OLF do have now a common agenda, i.e FREEDOM from Woyane’s colony and tyranny; after this freedom phase, the two wings can compete in a very peaceful way to get the majority vote for their respective lasting solution (Oromian independence or Ethiopian union) during the second phase of sovereignity, where the Oromo popular will can be excercised per referendum! That is why fighting on this issue now (during the first phase of the struggle for freedom from colony/domination/fascism) is a futile excercise for Oromo nationalists.

    Only the fool national liberation fronts do want to be a purist (exclusively either independist or unionist) organization! The smart ones are so INCLUSIVE of both the independist and unionist nationals, as long as both national groups are struggling for freedom from colony/domination/exploitation/slavery/oppression/suppression/tyranny! I don’t know why OLF should be such a fool to be exclusive of one group in favour of the other, instead of being so inclusive, stronger and integrative national liberation movement!

  34. Jabeessi

    Apr 22, 11 at 3:34 am

    Raayyaa Oromo dancing ISHKUM-ISHKUM: http://www.ethiopianreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=27484 This must be a nice inspiration for Oromo artists to revivie Afaan Oromo music of Raayyaa!!

  35. Hafshaala

    Apr 25, 11 at 8:34 am

    Reviving Raayyaa Oromo music is part and parcel of liberating ALL oppressed peoples from Woyane’s subjugation! We like it or not, the spirit of AFD is resurrecting and reviving, which is really excellent! Meles Zenawi’s political acrobat as well put by Gadaa.com here will never prevent such an all-inclusive alliance from being a reality: http://gadaa.com/oduu/9059/2011/04/22/zenawis-ethiopia-hegemony-of-separatists-turned-article-39ers-turned-chauvinists/ Interestingly Zenawi has already dispatched his cadres in three directions (as independentists to Ethno-nationalists’ camp, as federalists in his Woyane camp and as unitarists in Ethio-nationalists’ camp):

    – in Amhara (in Ethio-nationalists’) forums and paltalks to preach a ‘Unitary Ethiopia’ and to demonize the Ethno-nationalists, specially to blame the Ogaden and the Oromo liberation forces;
    – in Tegaru forums and paltalks to act as the popes of Ethnic federation (braging about §39) just in order to curse the Amhara unitarists as “chauvinists” and the Oromo independentists as “secessionists”;
    – in Oromo forums and paltalks to function as hardliner supporters of an ‘Indepnendent Oromia’ just to denigrate and to insult the Ethio-nationalists’ (the Amhara) camp.

    At the moment, the card of the ‘Tigrean independence’, which Zenawi used to preach as he was a rebel, has no more value, as long as Woyane is in power. Even if the Woyane cadres try to use this card, no one is scared of it; even the pro-unity Amharas do say: “go to hell and declare your independence”! This card of course will be important when Woyane starts to see that its power in Finfinne palace is in danger! Till then Woyane purposely advocates an UNCONDITIONAL ‘Independent Oromia’ to the Oromo, so that the Oromo people be cornered only at this position, not to be flexible. Woyane knows very well that this position has got a lot of enemies (not only the unitarist Amhara, but also the Western regimes). With the same logic, Woyane preaches to Amhara nationalists how important a ‘Unitary Ethiopia’ is, for this position produces enemity of all oppressed nations including the Oromo towards the Amhara. That means Woyane’s best cards now are these two diametrically opposite positions: ‘unconditional independent Oromia’ and ‘unconditional unitary Ethiopia’, of course beside its continous song about Woyane’s ethnic federation per force (about its de facto Tigrean hegemony)!

    But now the question is: how long will both the Ethio-nationalists’ camp of the Amhara and the Ethno-nationalists’ bloc of the Oromo allow Woyane to play with them as such and beat them turn by turn? Are they less intelligent than the Woyane not to outsmart this fascist and racist regime? Time will show us for how long Woyane will play this game of pure political acrobat, presenting itself as either radical independentists or as the only federalists or as radical unitarists (chauvinists), actually its ONLY motive being to keep the Tigrean Hegemony at any cost!

  36. Hafshaala

    Apr 26, 11 at 11:36 am

    We have to be able to differentiate Woyane political acrobatists, who try to camouflage as one of the opposition groups, from the genuine independentist Oromo, federalist South and unitarist Amhara. To know this difference, what matters is not the position of their guts, but more the direction of their guns. Woyane cadres do direct their guns (verbal bullets) on pro-unitary Amhara nationals and on pro-independence Oromo nationalists, whereas the genuine opposition from these two camps nowadays consequently and consiously try to direct their guns ONLY up on the currently tormenting enemy (the Woyane). Woyane cadres shoot continously at these genuine Amhara and Oromo groups, whereas the genuine pro-independence Oromo and the genuine pro-unitary Amhara nationals do try to tolerate all the opposition political groups with their different tactics and strategies in struggling for FREEDOM from the Woyane’s fascism. So we just need to check the direction of their guns in order to differenitate the camouflaged Woyane cadres talking about an ‘independent Oromia’ and a ‘unitary Ethiopia’ from both the genuine opposition blocs advocating these two same agenda respectively.