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Qeerroo Oromiyaa: Freedom, Liberty and Democracy Shall Prevail!

Posted: Ebla/April 12, 2011 · Finfinne Tribune | Gadaa.com | Comments (11)

The following is a press release from the National Youth Movement for Freedom and Democracy (NYMFD) – Sochii Dargaggoota Biyyoolessaa, Bilisummaa fi Dimokraasiif (SDBBD). The statement is in Afaan Oromoo and English.


Bilisummaa, Walabummaa fi Dimokiraasiin ni Mo’ata!

Email: Qeerroo2011@gmail.com
Facebook: Qeerroo Bilisummaa
Website: http://qeerroo.wordpress.com

Warraaqsi Itoophiyaa keessatti mandi?uuf jiru fakkii warraqsota biyyoota Kaaba Afrikaa, kan akka Tunisia, Egypt fi biyyoota Giddu-galeessa Bahaa ti. Sochiin ummataa godinaa kanneen keessatti eegalame ergaa seena-qabeessa tahe addunyaa hubachiise. Haalli keessa jirru yeroo itti dimokirasii fi sagaleen ummataa bulchiinsa abbaa irrootaa fi sirna cunqursaa siyaasaa isaan gaggeessan irratti ol-aantummaa argate tahuu mirkaneesse. Haa tahu malee hundeen dhibdee sochii warraaqsa nuti gaggeessinu fi wareegamni nu gaafatu warren kan irraa addummaa qabaata.

Nuti bartootni Oromoo fi bartootni saboota miidhaa bittaa jala jirruu ummata Itoophiyaas tahe hawaasa addunyaatti quca warraaqsaa qabsiisuu keenya kunoo ifatti labsineerra. Seenaa wareegama bartoota Oromoo dhiheenya taasisameef bakka guddaa kennaa nutis wareegama bilisummaa baasuuf murteessanne. Bara baraan gabrummaa keessa jiraachuu irra bilisummaaf utuu falmannuu, wareegama seena-qabeessa taheef kufuu filanne. Ummatootni Ittophiyaa keessaas yaamicha keenya dhagahanii, miidhaa, cunqursaa fi gabrummaa of irraa dhabamsiisanii, bilisummaa, walabummaa fi sirna dimokiraasii haqaa dhugoomsatanii biyya isaanii keessa kabajaan jiraachuuf goca bilisummaa bakka hundatti akka qabsisanii qalbii fi onnee guutuun akka nu waliin hiriiran guddisnee abdanna.

Read the Full Statement (Qeerroo.wordpress.com)


Freedom, Liberty and Democracy Shall Prevail!

This revolution in Ethiopia has obviously been inspired by the Tunisian, Egyptian and other on going revolutions in North Africa and the Middle East. Popular movements in the region have sent a historically vital global message, namely, that it is time for democracy and sovereignty of peoples to prevail over dictatorial rules and despotic political systems in the region. However, the substantive elements that cause and nourish our revolution remain specific and home grown.

Hereby, we Oromo and all other oppressed peoples students declare to the world and the Ethiopian peoples that we are committed to be first in torching the revolution. Given the recent history of Oromo students’ movement, we are cognizant of the price of freedom. We are determined to die in freedom than living in slavery. We are confident that soon the remaining Ethiopian peoples would follow us in upholding the torch of the revolution so that their oppression, suffering and slavery end here and now and give way, once and for all, for liberty, freedom and democracy to prevail.

Read the Full Statement (Qeerroo.wordpress.com)


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  1. Daandii Qajeelaa

    Apr 12, 11 at 8:20 am

    Wow! Jabaadhaa qeerro! Guca warraaqsaa qabsiisaa! Bilisummaa fi dimookraasii dhugoomsaa! Sirna gabroomfataa fi abbaa irree dhabamsiisaa!

  2. Warraaqaa

    Apr 12, 11 at 10:24 am

    Qeerroo Oromiyaa,
    galatoomi very much! This is a very nice step in the right direction! We like it or not, the Oromo people in particular and all the affected nations of the empire in general, do have no other alternative to fighting in unison against this nama-nyaataa regime. All Oromo nationalists in the political spectrum of the Oromo organizations, as described below, must now build a formal or informal tokkummaa and tumsa to push together for their common ground, i.e for bilisummaa from Woyane fascism. After achieving this bilisummaa from fascism, they will have in the future a chance to compete against each other and to advocate for their respective versions of the desired Oromo national sovereignity, on which the Oromo public will decide per referendum:

    – the far-left, like the UDJ struggling for a unitary Ethiopia with Oromo leadership,
    – the middle-left, like the OPDO, who tries to keep the status quo of a limited Oromian cultural autonomy,
    – the central-middle, like the OFC striving for a complete Oromian autonomy within Ethiopian union, i.e for a pre-walabummaa union,
    – the middle-right, like the ULFO fighting for an Oromian independence/for a walabummaa, and
    – the far-right, like the OLF pushing further for Oromian union, i.e for a union of the Horn region, where all Oromo clans do live, that means pushing further for a post-walabummaa union.

    So, let’s all Oromo nationalists in all walk of life wake up and be united for the common noble cause of bilisummaa from the fascists and racists as a common denominator. If we can realize this freedom from fascists and then foster democratic rights in that empire/country, the Oromo nation will not have any disadvantage, what ever type of national sovereignity we will have based on the Oromo public verdict, be it ‘independent Oromia’ or ‘true Federation’ or ‘unitary Ethiopia’. That is why the OLF in particular and all the Oromo liberation froces in general should take a lead in the upcoming imminent revolution, without being distracted by the attention diversion maneuver of the Woyane.

    But the question is: can we give the above mentioned five Oromo parties the original Gadaa names, for instance: UDJ = Birimaji; OPDO = Horata; OFC = Bichile; ULFO = Duulo; OLF = Robale? Otherwise looking at their respective explicit vision and just taking in to consideration the liberation journey according to the famous metaphor (the journey from Djibouti/from Garbummaa to Finfinne/to an optimal Bilisummaa):
    – UDJ wants to bring back the status of an ‘Erased Oromia’ from the world map = a backward move to Djibouti,
    – OPDO wants to maintain the present ‘Occupied Oromia’ by Woyane occupation force = a life in Ayesha, the desert town at the border of Djibouti,
    – OFC strives a forward move to ‘Autonomous Oromia’ = a move to Diredhawa,
    – ULFO fights for a further move to ‘Independent Oromia’ = further move to Adaama, and
    – OLF struggles for an optimal form of bilisummaa beyond an independence, i.e for a ‘United Oromia’ in the Horn = a final journey to Finfinne.

    Accordingly, we can see that UDJ’s struggle for an individual liberty of citzens is good, but its attempt to erase Oromia must be checked; OPDO is good only to hinder this attempt of erasing Oromia, but its tendency to maintain the occupied status of Oromia can not be accepted; the moves of OFC, ULFO and OLF are just complementary, if they are wise enough to synchronize their move and work in tandem to promote our liberation journey first to Diredhawa, then to Adaama and finally to Finfinne without creating an artificial conflict as they sometimes seem to do. But now as already said, we have to give a priority to getting rid of the fascist and racist Woyane regime by any means possible, including the revolution.

    Of course, the current diaspora Oromo uprising may help the revolution at home erupt. But, as far as I am concerned, I am a private Oromo nationalist, who is now “living in Ayesha” (a desert town at the border to Djibouti = a metaphor depicting the political status quo of the Oromo). I actually want to move to Finfinne (a metaphor for an independent and a united Oromia). Let’s not forget the fact that UDJ, G-7 and the likes do want to realize the ‘erased Oromia’ by opposing the possible true Killil-federation (the same political status to that of the past Ethiopian regimes); they simply want to forge a Derg-type of Ethiopa, which is equivalent to a move back to Djibouti/to a complete slavery. Sure is that I will never take a drive with them from Ayesha back to Djibouti. Also let’s just think about the OPDO, who wants to give me a car lift to make a tour only in Ayesha (keeping the status quo), but never wants to help me move a single killometer towards Finfinne. Then, what is the use of driving with OPDO? Nothing! But we can look at the OFC, who wants to help me move forward to Diredhawa (an autonomous Oromia within an Ethiopian union) and we can see ULFO, who wants to bring me further to Adaama (an independent Oromia within an African union). Should I reject their help? Never! I surely will take a ride with them to both Diredhawa and Adaama. After being in Adaama, it is up to me to ask for further car lift to Finfinne (an example for not only an independent Oromia, but also for a united Oromia in the Horn region).

    That is the reason for the fact that it is the time for ALL freedom fighters from all walk of life to rise up in unison against the fascists, racists and tyrants (against the Woyane regime). After getting this freedom from tyranny, the Oromo popular verdict to decide on the type of sovereignity we want to have will be excercised, which can lead us to one of the following: to UDJ’s ‘Erased Oromia’, to OPDO’s ‘Occupied Oromia’, to OFC’s ‘Autonomous Oromia’, to ULFO’s ‘Independent Oromia’ or to OLF’s ‘United Oromia’. But now, the common denominator for all these movements is the ‘freedom from Woyane’s Tyranny’, on which all of them need to cooperate. That is why the present tendency to demonstrate against the tyrants together is a very good start. Let’s ALL march together against this Evil regime.

    I think this is a very nice step of a revolution to be taken, which is in the right direction as far as Oromo cause is concerned. No question that the upcoming third revolution will erupt as expected. During the first revolution in 1974, the revolutionaries had three main agenda: ‘land to the tiller’, ‘self-rule of nations’ and ‘democratic human rights’. The first demand (land to the tiller) was/is at least formally accepted since the first revolution, but not yet implemented; the second one (self-rule of nations) is also formally respected since the second revolution of 1991, but also it is not yet implemented. Now we do hope that these two agenda will be surely implemented and the third one (democratic human rights) will also be added after the success of the expected and the upcoming third revolution. Of course OLF can take the lead in this third revolution as it did during the last two revolutions.

  3. abdiibiyyaa1

    Apr 12, 11 at 9:02 pm


    Indeed this is the type of movement I been waiting for, a self propelled movement. I hope millions shall join you. I hope you too like the rest of the youth on this earth shall make history. History shows us the determined people, the people who willing to scarify and seek freedom at any coast shall achieve for what they stand for.

    Therefore, the oromo youth also need to learn every possible means of achieving the goal, from cooperation to every tactic being used in else countries. I also commend the youth; to look for that what are the technologies are being used to support the people back hope when revolution broke out. Of course in the country where few technologies are available and at tide control, then there is solution and technologies that can be used out of their control. They would have no control over it, it is just technologies that are out there to be used if am not able to say in public.

    I hope you too shall learn from North Africa revolution. As day goes by, how and what we need at back home shall discuss on this forum. Obviously can not be on public forum but on your face book or in controlled circle

    Let us open our brain wide enough to shorten our journey. In the end, we the determine people shall win.

    Please sweep your message through emails and demand the people to join you.

  4. Warraaqaa

    Apr 13, 11 at 4:02 am

    The political spectrum I used here is not based on a class ideology (communism vs capitalism), but the spectrum of the Oromo parties based on their view regarding the national liberation movement of the Oromo people. Here, the far-left doesn’t mean an extremist communist fascist, but it does mean the WORSE approach to the liberation struggle than that of the others; whereas the far-right means the BEST approach and the best solution to the national problem, it doesn’t imply the meaning of an extremist capitalist aparthied type of nationalism! We used to apply this type of spectrum here in Oromo forum, that is why I didn’t explain. Accordingly, UDJ is worse than the others, OPDO is the bad party, OFC the good, ULFO the better and OLF the best. Enjoy a related article from Fayyis Oromia here: http://gadaa.com/oduu/3580/2010/05/12/oromo-tokkummaa-via-the-olf-mindset-in-the-bad-opdo-the-good-ofc-the-better-ulfo-and-the-best-afd/

  5. Gooticha Oromiya

    Apr 14, 11 at 7:17 am

    Hi Qeerroo,
    this is a nice step in a right direction! You can galvanize the necessary Public Uprising against the tyrants! But, Oromo people are not suffering under only the tyrants (for the rulers are not Oromo tyrants), but under the alien colonizers, who do have no mercy on any Oromo opposition. So your move may compliment the imperative and necessary Armed Struggle being undertaken by OLA, but I encourage you also to be part of OLA, in what ever form: be it formal or informal!

  6. Walabsis

    Apr 15, 11 at 5:21 am

    YES! The blood of our Oromo heroins and heroes is not spilled in vain; we will push forward till we achieve both Oromo’s freedom and Oromia’s sovereignity, for which they died. At the moment, it seems that the social fractionalization, specially the one based on ethno-nationality, seems to be the stumbling block against the timely action or against the possible REVOLUTION to be undertaken to get rid of the Orom-nyaata Woyane colonizers in Ethiopia. But the current demonstration, uprising and marching together of the Amhara, the Ogadeni, the Oromo and the Others in North America was a very good step towards overcoming this stumbling block. Hopefully ALL the oppressed nations in the empire will struggle in unison now, at the first phase, for their FREEDOM from Woyane’s fascism; and then they can decide in the future, in the second phase, democratically, per public verdict, on the type of SOVEREIGNITY each nation will have, of course on the grave of the fascist and racist Woyane!

  7. DNA

    Apr 15, 11 at 4:03 pm

    yeroon keenna amma yaa dhiiroo!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Gamsiis

    Apr 17, 11 at 7:33 am

    Qeerroo biyya abbaa koo baga nagaan jiraattani!!!! Qeyee abbaa keenyaa, gurra abbaa keenyaa, biyya abbaa keenyaa, fii maqaa keenya dhiigaan eeguun amma!! Ulfaadhaa warri itti dhama’aa jirtani. Sin wajjin jiraa.Mallsaan deemuu qaba. Nagaatti.

    ana Gamsiis dha

  9. abdiibiyyaa1

    Apr 18, 11 at 7:26 am

    A call for Oromo in Diaspora,
    I hope you too said enough is enough, I hope you too said not only to dictators but also to yourself being step aside and watching the struggle to do miracles by it self and watching as spectator.

    Therefore, it is historical duty, it is humanity and beyond and above it is your human dignity to say enough is enough and join “Qeerroo Bilisummaa” movement. I hope, all the big mouth in pal talk and else where shall crowd “Qeerroo bilisummaa “face book

    Please do your part and expect the result in positive direction

  10. Walqabna

    Apr 19, 11 at 6:23 am

    OLF Should be Inclusive of both the Independists & the Unionists!

    I don’t think that any liberation front to that matter, OLF specifically, can be purely independist, but there is always the unionist wing in them. It was so in SPLM of South Sudan (where John Garang was a unionist), the same was true in EPLF of Eritrea; and even TPLF of Tigrai had both wings (independists and unionists). We know that till the TPLF leaders were sure to have power in Finfinne, the independist wing was strong; now as long as they are in power, the unionist wing marchs in a fore front. If these liberation fronts, representing the nations who are demographical minority and geographical periphery, do have such unionist parts, we can imagine how the unionist wing in OLF can be stronger than theirs, because Oromo nation is neither a minority nor a periphery in the Ethiopian empire!

    So, it is already programmed that OLF can have members from both wings (independists and unionists). I think these two wings in OLF do have now a common agenda, i.e FREEDOM from Abyssinian colony and tyranny; after this freedom phase, the two wings can compete in a very peaceful way to get the majority vote for their respective lasting solution (Oromian independence or Ethiopian union) during the second phase of sovereignity, where the Oromo popular will can be excercised per referendum! That is why fighting on this issue now (during the first phase of the struggle for freedom from colony/domination/fascism) is a futile excercise for Oromo nationalists.

    Only the fool liberation fronts do want to be a purist (exclusively either independist or unionist) organization! The smart ones are so INCLUSIVE of both the independist and unionist nationals, as long as both national groups are struggling for freedom from colony/domination/exploitation/slavery/oppression/suppression/tyranny! I don’t know why OLF should be such a fool to be exclusive of one group in favour of the other, instead of being so inclusive, strong and integrative national movement!

  11. raya

    May 9, 11 at 12:51 pm

    Qeerroo jabaadhaa
    kahaa marxifadhaa
    Mudhii keessan hidhadhaa
    Galaas qopheeffaadhaa
    Hiryaattis dhaammadhaa
    Manguddoos gaafadhaa
    Haadholiis yaammadhaa
    Nattis barreeffadhaa