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In Defense of Bilisummaa | Bilisummaa Irra Faccisa

Posted: Caamsaa/May 16, 2011 · Finfinne Tribune | Gadaa.com | Comments (26)

By Ibsaa Guutama* | Gubirmans.com

When our struggle for liberty and independence is challenged, it is the duty of nationalists to go out and defend it from hovering catastrophe. It will be a mistake to distract the struggle from its rightful course for sake of millions of youth whose dreams have been the liberation of Oromiyaa since they started to dream. Pioneers of the struggle are duty-bound to keep them informed about OLF, its mission, the achievements, failures and distortions of struggle. Rather than panicking with present world events, better to examine problems that came dragging from the past. Problems that caused activists leave their homes initially are still there with greater force. The solution is not quitting what you have and retrying what has already failed but to hold fast on what you had and assert your identity. To present list of names of organizations with Oromo names as alternatives can seem comparing apple to orange. Our youth are getting imprisoned and killed for being Oromians, not Ethiopians. Because our heroes and heroines rejected the others ways and stood on their own, Oromo got worldwide recognition. The struggle for liberation is not a hodge-podge brew, but sifted product, for which one made a decision to fall and rise with. It is the rejection of alien manipulation and taking responsibility for ones destiny in ones own hands.

King Minilik got green light from Emperor Yohannis to invade countries to his south. Minilik accomplished his mission and called himself “King of Ethiopia and Gaallaa Countries” after he became Emperor replacing Yohannis. Tigreans took that as humiliation by the Amaara. The efforts they made to reclaim their throne succeeded only after a century. Since the fall of Zaagu’ee dynasty, Habashaa power had been changing hands violently and never peacefully. This culture did not allow even those like Darg and Wayyaanee to democratize however hard they had tried to simulate. Oromo got negative response whenever they demanded to be left alone. That was why they organized themselves separately and shook old Nafxanyaa from its root. Now in cahoots with nationals that conveniently forget their past, it is burgeoning to thrive.

Revenge for crown of Yohannis and denial of their share in southern resource, over and above oppressing them, put cousins at odds and led to the birth of Tigray liberation fronts. Tigray grumbled against a partner that denied it due respect and decided to be independent. That was how the second Wayyaanee rebelled and liberated Tigray. But finding the throne robbed from Yohannis idle, it changed its mind, grabbed it and ruled over the empire with vengeance. It seems Wayyaanee had learned from experience that it will be impossible to rule in peace without responding to national question. That was why it included article 39, the right of nations to national self determination in its constitution. That undermined longstanding Habashaa slogan “Absoluteness of Ethiopian unity!” or “One Ethiopia or death”. No Habashaa political organization would leave Oromiya to its own destiny. They were even able to put spell on Oromo organizations in “opposition” to reject this fundamental right of a people and join them.

The Habashaa are not willing to give up the colonies for they are their lifeline. Among them, Wayyaanee has organized a rear to fallback to exit the empire when the need arises. It has sharpened teeth and nails to plunder the empire as long as it stays in power. It understands its days are short. Once kicked out, to return by the gun or democracy would be like a lost dream. Even their commons will not be comfortable with Habashaa minus Oromiyaa. For this reason, they will not stop putting the oppressed in front of them and rescue the empire from falling. Organization called Madrak is one of those rescue teams.

Most Habashaa in the mother country had no knowledge of the atrocities committed in their name by their rulers to the peoples to their south. Except for being pumped up with empty propaganda about their superiority, most rarely shared from the plunder. It is only the present government that has used the plunder to develop its country, Tigray. In the past twenty years, it has provided Tigray with numbers of factories, and educational institutions, electric dams, water resources, and several other infrastructures it had never had. In addition to these, individuals in power are amassing wealth plundered from the south just like their Nafxanyaa predecessors. For this reason, all Habashaa forces would lose the life of comfort unless they keep the empire intact.

With the empire’s demise, all countries will return to their owners. To willingly accept democracy could mean passing death sentence on oneself; it is only human for the Nafxanyaa to refuse. An empire cannot be democratized for it is built on inequality of nations. So far, organized Ethiopian elites are not in the mood to revise it. For this reason, it is a priority for nations imprisoned under the empire to determine their destiny. That is why they should ally only with those of similar destiny, not to help bring back to power those whom the struggle of the oppressed had already broken their backbone. Neither democratized Ethiopia nor independent Republic of Oromiyaa will be realized unless the empire is dismantled.

The colonizer had divided Oromiya into several parts called Xaqlayi Gizaat (Governorate General). At the end of Hayila Sillasee’s rule, some elites started to suggest changing the name Xaqlayi Gizaat to Astadaadar (Administration) to avoid its colonial implication. Darg accepted the suggestion, and Astadaadar replaced Xaqlayi Gizaat since then. Like it is said “Changing the container will not change whey into curd”. Changing the name did not bring about change in political, economic and social relations between the colonizer and the colonized.

The division to which Oromiyaa was subjected might have undue pressure on their common identity. But Oromo activists arrived in the nick of time and rescued whatever remained before it was erased. Since 1991, Oromo are enriching their common heritage within a common boundary – thanks to the revolutionary heroes and heroines that gave the ultimate sacrifice to make that possible. There is no shortcut to gain what is remaining or to guard what was achieved. It will require more sacrifice from Oromo generations.

During their separate existence, Oromo had been experiencing similar life of destitution, humiliation, lack of opportunity and desire for freedom. They had no cause to have ill fillings towards each other on national level for they had been kept strictly apart. Clashes between nomads over water had not exceeded intervention of the elderly. That was why the struggle that started on its name was based on “one country, one nation, one destiny,” not to strengthen Xaqlayi Gizat or empire. When tribes came together for the first time in 1991, the way they expressed their longing for each other and the compassionate greetings were proofs for that. That was why those that did not support independence hide their opinion then.

All facts confirm that there was nothing that put the unity of Oromo to question. Oromo struggle did not go down to Xaqlayi Gizaat level so far. Those who tried did not succeed. There is no visible advantage for Oromo in dividing Oromiyaa. Oromo liberation fighters from all regions had spilt their blood, not only in their birth places, but in every part of Oromiya. The worst enemies of Oromummaa are pseudo Oromian politicians within organizations. Based on their selfish motives, they have tried to rally supporters by disseminating false information within Oromo community to divide it in region and religion. The evil deeds will certainly boomerang to its origin, but it may take sometime to heal the scar it left.

The condition in which Oromo struggle finds itself today seems that of the 70s. During that period, a segment of Oromo activists had left the line of OLF in the name of “class struggle” and joined Habashaa organization that claimed to be communists. All those best minds were wasted to strengthen the empire. Irreplaceable lives were massacred not to be of use to their nation. Objective of all colonial governments since the first colonizer was to deny the colonies leadership. Whether one runs towards them or away from them, they never give up ambushing them. Other segment joined OLF, organized to dismantle the empire and free Oromiyaa from underneath it. Though the empire took all of them as enemies, they had spent their time harassing each other forgetting the Oromo saying “Eat with the alien, but swallow turning to your kin.”

Since then, groups that oppose the basic points of the program had sprouted in OLF. They had never come to the open in a comradely spirit to all-inclusive Congress and present their opinion for amendment of the constitution. As one of the leaders stated, since the idea of democratizing Ethiopia is a minority opinion, it had no chance of seeing daylight. This does not justify avoiding legal procedure and creating commotion in the organization by clandestine activities. That opinion started to see daylight unconstitutionally. To defend the constitution is the duty and right of members. No one can be above the law. That schism had significant influence on lack of efficiency and effectiveness of the organization. Finally, the organization broke up. Failing to identify what led to the break up, it became impossible to mend it. These democratizers of Ethiopia had carried out deliberations in several places and tried many ways to accomplish their mission. They had also intended to spread their tentacles inside the country.

Now, a group has appeared in a new form and tactics to democratize Ethiopia. Even if they are not supported by majority Oromo youth at this time, they believe to match them with other supports. This is good news for persons who are craving to go back under the cover of OLF and exploit Oromiyaa with aliens whose language and culture they favor. For this reason, it will not be hard to imagine the cacophony by small, but too vocal groups, when the question of independence arises. There is a saying “The gluttonous said, let all say what they like as long as my stomach is filled up”. Oromo do not hinder persons from expressing their opinion. They will listen and give answers to the wise and the naïve alike. It has no place for fear and threat.

Splitting based on outlook did not start with OLF. Instances are Eritrean, Tigray, Southern Sudan, Somalia, Palestinian movements to mention only few. The Palestinian groups formed the PLO to keep them together even if each had different outlook from the other, but believed the liberation of Palestine as their goal. Split in OLF is also not for the first time.

Oromo character is different from all others. As long as they behave within traditional ethical standard and observe safuu, to organize separately according to own outlook is not a problem. Their target must be one that has occupied their fatherland, not their compatriots. There could be agents with special mission to sabotage the liberation of Oromiyaa. But, assuming that there are others who from their heart took democratizing Ethiopia as a solution, it may be possible to bring them together with those that stand for independence in some sort of understanding. Until then, it will be to advantage of all if they could create a pact on a common policy that reflects Oromummaa in their relation with third parties.

There are those who say why should anyone criticize when some come out to accomplish by changing tactics what OLF failed to deliver all those years? Are they the losers or other born-again that want to divert the course of national struggle? OLF stuck because of those who are now behind the present split. There is an Oromo saying “I cannot find my lost ox because the one who slew and ate it was helping me in tracking”. In addition to that, the colonial background, lack of commitment for bilisummaa, lack of militancy among higher cadres, early assassination of leaders and lack of reliable outlet has contributed to the sluggishness. Despite that, for a group that has risen from a society where majority was politically not conscious, to accomplish so much was never rivaled in the colonial history of its nation.

OLF was not well prepared to exploit Oromo resources or to stop others not to use it against them. Overhauling the organization and its methods of operation were also overdue. So many factors, especially inability to stop infiltrations and external pressures, did not allow internal dynamics to develop and bring about change. The solution is to review the causes for sluggishness and correct them, not to cut and run in a different direction. Changing the kaayyoo only damages national psyche and undermine achievements so far registered. There was nothing wrong with Kaayyoo of Bilisummaa. Had the organization operated in full capacity with determination and commitment, things could have been different. Struggle may need negotiation and compromise, but it should not be at the expense of fundamentals of your principles. Faltering in principle and inconsistency in approach are signs of opportunism. Opportunism is a blind behavior that does not consider consequences, but temporary seeming gain for the actor.

OLF was born to liberate Oromiyaa from shackles of colonialism. Many heroic lives were lost to fulfill that mission for the nation’s pride. Individuals may change their course, but OLF belongs to the martyrs and so will continue to live on their line or die so that the nation will have a name to refer to. All Oromo organizations exist because of OLF’s survival with its kaayyoo. The seeming weaknesses of today cannot make one forget the achievements registered with blood and sweat of martyrs. For those who were party to the heroic deeds and are still alive, to be humiliated by those who were not with them, is safuu. We today walk with our heads up as proud Oromo because of the risks those who marched under OLF took for liberation of their country. We the living have the duty to continue from where they left, be it rain or drought.

There are some who say given “one man, one vote” Oromo has advantage with democracy. But even if democracy is “one man, one vote” political competition is by election based on party platform, not nationality. Electoral constituency will also be limited by size of population in which Oromo may not be the majority. The internal displacement of Oromo created by governments most likely is preparations towards that end. For this reason, for the Oromo rights to be respected the big size of population is not strong assurance. What matters is the control mechanism. Remedy for Oromo is realization of their national rights in all aspects.

Those that struggle for independence of Oromiya believe that Wayyaanee, if not harsher, is no less cruel than its predecessors. They also believe that the enemy of Oromo is the colonial system of Ethiopian empire, not Wayyaanee alone. To challenge it, you should first be a formidable organization with trusted leaders that have clear vision of national goal. Then only, can you talk about tactics, negotiations and alliances. For now, the choice is clear either struggle to liberate Oromiyaa or to democratize Ethiopia. Campaigns that focus only against Wayyaanee to replace rulers for the empire bypassing liberation of Oromiyaa do not reflect the goal of OLF.

Oromiyaa has to determine her destiny with a referendum conducted under condition where there is no fear or threat. Those that stand for independence will encourage people to vote for independence. If Oromo choose to live with other nations, they will respect their choice without reservation. Alliance with non-Oromo has first to be subject to referendum; otherwise, it could be taken as betrayal of the peoples cause. Until the Oromo make a choice of their heart, the struggle will continue by all means with zeal and commitment.

Whether Oromo lives independently or with its neighbors, the final decision rest with them. All activists claim that they support Oromo right to national self-determination. If so, care must be taken so that relations with third parties may not jeopardize that opportunity. If that can be agreed, there is no reason for truly independent Oromo organizations not to gather under one shade. That was what was envisaged when forming ULFO (Union of Liberation Forces of Oromiyaa). It could not break through – probably for being untimely introduced. Still those who can become partners in struggle can draw a minimum program that includes all points they can agree on. To unite is not difficult for true nationalists that have one set goal.

Finally, all new and remnants of old Nafxanyaa consider Oromiyaa as their private properly. Wayyaanee government is good example to demonstrate that empires cannot get democratized. Oromo activists have to come out with a strong organization, and committed and determined leadership if the size of their population is to matter. If such big and conscious population like the Oromo is behind an organization, no force could stand against it. A well-organized body with strong rear will be respected and trusted to be a partner in peace and reconciliation. To handle oneself with safuu, patience and tolerance is Oromo tradition. OLF is a national icon synonymous with independence not to be high jacked, borrowed or lent for other purposes. As long as there is one person that upholds OLF’s line of struggle, no one has the right to modify and use its name. It is patriotic to come out and defend the struggle for bilisummaa from the vultures hovering over it at this time of confusion. It is the way to kaayyoo, not the kaayyoo that can be negotiable. Before kaayyoo bilisummaa is derailed, all nationalists must stand guard and raise high its banner so that it visibly flies in the national air, heart and mind.

The struggle for bilisummaa shall continue until victory!

Honor and glory for the fallen heroines and heroes; liberty equality and freedom for the living and nagaa and araaraa for the Ayyaanaa of our fore parents!

* Ibsaa Guutama | Gubirmans.com
May 2011
Ibsaa Guutama is a member of the generation that drew the first Political program of the OLF.

— Source: Gubirmans.com


Bilisummaa irra Faccisa

Yeroo qabsoon bilisummaa fi ofiinbulmaata keenyaa didhamu baanee balaa irra marsaa jiru faccisuun dirqama sabboonotatti Kanneen qara qabsoott ka’an yeroof mataa gad qabatan malee hin coollibne. Ammayyuu dhaloota haaraaf waa’ee ergamsa qabsoo bilisummaa Oromoo ABOn hogganamuu iyya’uuf dirqama qabu. Waan hardha ta’aa jiruun ababbaruu irra kan darbanin walbira qabanii ilaaluu yaaluun barumsa taha. Rakkinni qabsaawota ganama manaa yaase hardha ittuu caalee muldhata. Fallisaa kan qaban gad dhiisanii kan yaalamee fashale irra deebi’uu utuu hin ta’in kan qabaniti cichanii eenyummaa ofii mirkaneessuu dha. Ilaalcha dhaaboti maqaa Oromo qaban akka filmaataataat tarreessuun daaraa fi daakuu walbira qabu akka hin taane eeggachuu dha. Dargaggoon keenya hidhamaa dhumaa kan jiran Oromummaa fi malee Itiyoophiyummaan miti. Goototi keenya ilaalcha jedhaman ciiga’uu dha kan eenyummaa Oromoo hunda hubachise. Qabsoon bocii bordee miti, hoomisha secca’amaa, nammu wajjiin kufee ka’uuf murteeffatu. Shira halagaa doomsanii abbaawummaa hiree ofii of harkatt galfachuu dha.

Nigus Minilikii biyyoota kibba saa jiran akka weeraru Atsee Yohaannis irra ooffalcha argate. Minilk erga du’a Yohanisiin bakka saa Atsee tahe duuba ergamsa saa xumuree, “Nugusa Itiyoophiyaa fi biyyoota Gaallaa” ofiin jedhe. Minilik bakka Yohaannis bu’uu Tigroti Amaaran akka salphifamaniti fudhatan. Bakka saaniitt debi’uu yaaliin ergasii godhan ganna dhibba booda milkaawe. Erga jarri Zaagu’ee kufanii, angoon Habashaa lolaan malee nagaan walitt darbee hin beeku. Aadaan kun, kan demokrasii akkeessuu yaalan Dargii fi Wayyaaneen illee demokrata’uu dadhabsiise. Oromoon akka irraa ka’an nagaan gaafatanii deebii tolaa hin arganne. Kanaaf addati of ijaaranii sosso’uun Nafxanyaa Dullacha hundee raasani. Amma sana kan irraanfatan qabatee deebi’ee dagaaguuf lataa jira.

Haaloon gonfoon Yohaanis butamuu fi qabeenya kibbaa qoqqobamu ciipha’amuu saanii irrati dabbalee durbii wal dhabsiise; sunis addoota bilisummaa Tigraayi dhalche. Tigray miiltoo ulfina hin kennineefitt mufatee bilisa bahuu murteeffate. Akkasiti Wayyaanee lammafaan kutannoon kan lolatt bobba’e Tigrayiin bilisaa baase. Barcuma Yohaannis irraa saamame duwwatt yoo argu yaada jijjiirratee irra bahun empayera Itiyoophiyaa haaloon mo’uu eegale.

Gaaffiin sabootaa deebi’u malee nagaan bulchuun akka hin dandahamne Wayyaaneen muuxannoo irra kan barate fakkaata. Sanaaf aango 39, mirga sabootaa hiree sabaawaa ofii ofiin murteeffachu kan inni heera saati galche. Sun ejjennoo Habashaan, tokkummaa Itiyoophiaa kan hin tuqamne, “And Itiyoophiyaa wayin mooti”jedhu busheesse. Dhaabi Habashaa Oromiyaatt akka hiree saa ofiin murteeffatu dhiisu hin jiru. Dhaabota Oromoo mormituu jedhaman irra marsanii mirga ilmoo namaa bu’uuraa kana balaaleffachuun akka isaanitt galan godhanii jiru.

Habashaaf kolonoti haada jireenya saanii waan ta’aniif tolaan gad dhiisuuf fedha hin qaban. Tigray empayerii irra gargar of baasuuf duubbee qopheeffateera. Abo tasa argate hanga irra turuti, kan dandahu saammachuuf ilkaanii fi qeensa baafatee itt bobba’ee jria. Bultiin saa qubaan lakkaawamuu beeka. Al tokkoo gad dhiitamnaan qawween haa tahu demokrasiin itt deebi’uun abjuu badde taati. Taraan saanii illee Itiyoophiyaa Oromiyaa dabalatu yoo hin taane Habashaa qofa keessati si’achi itt hin tolu. Darabee itt haanus empayera kufaatii irra oolchuuf cunqurfamoota of fuldura hiriirsuun saanii birmachuun hin hafu. Jaarmiyaan Madrak jedhamu garee birmannaa keessaa tokkoo.

Nammi Habasha biyya saatii bahee hin beekne maqaa saatiin badiisa orma kibba irrati tolfama jiru hin beekuu. Olhaantummaa hololaan itt afuufamuun kooruu malee qabeenya saamamu keessaa hangas kan hin buufanne jiru. Mootummaa amma dhufe qofatu kibbaa kan samu biyya isaa ittiin misomsu irrati bobbahe. Waggaa digdama keessati warshootaa fi dhaabota barumsaa hedduu, ittisa elektrika, qabeenya bishaanii fi jalcaasa lakkofsa hin qabne kanaan dura hin beekne Tigrayif argamsiisee jira. Kaana irratt dabalanii abba tokkeen bulcha irra jiran akkuma nafxanyoota durii qabeenya saamichaan walirra tulaa jiru. Kanaaf aangoti Habashaa hundi empayera akka jiruti yoo eegan malee jireenyi bacarraa itti hafa.

Empayerri jiguun orma kibbaaf bilisummaa dhalcha. Empayerri diigamnaan biyyi hundi abbaatt gala. Giti bulchituu fedha saaniitin demokratummaa fudhachuu jechuun du’a ofitt muruu taha. Diduun miira ilmoo namaati. Empayeri wal caalmaa sabootaa irrati waan ijarameef demokrata’uu hin dandahu. Hanga yoonaa gurguddoon Habasha ijaaraman keessa deebi’anii sirreessuu hin feene. Kanaaf sabooti empayera jalati hidhaman hiree saanii murteeffachuun durfannoo kan tahu. Sanaafis kan wal fakkaataniin walii tumsuun malee qabsoon cuqurfamootaa kan dudda cabse angoti deebi’uu gargaaruun miti. Demokratik Itiyoophiyaa haa tahu Republik Oromiyaa bilisii jiga empayera malee mirkanaawuu hin dandahani.

Oromiyaan erga halagaa jalati kufte bakka hedduuti kukkutanii Xaqlaayi Gizaati” moggaasanii turan. Bara Hayila Sillaasee gara dhumaa gurguddoon Habasha maqichi akka kolonummaa hin calaqisne gochuuf “Astadaadar” (Bulcha) jedhamu qaba jedhani yaada darbachuu eegalan. Dargiin yaadicha fudhatee ergasii sanaan waamamu. “Qabeen geeddarameef dhammi itittuu hin tahu” akkuma jedhame, maqaa geedaruun hariiroo malbulcha, diinagdee fi howaasomaa kolonota fi koloneeffataa gidduu hin jijjiirre. Kukkutammi Oromiyaa eenyummaa waloo saanii irrati dhiibbaa qabaachuu hin hafne. Garuu qabsaawoti Oromoo wareegama guddaa itt baasuun osoo inni waliigalati hin haqamin bira gahani.

Ergasii Oromoon 1991 kaasanii daangaa Oromiyaa tokkoo keessati dhaalmaa badii irra hafe waliin gabbifataa jiru. Haala dhiigi goototaa warraaqxotaa jijjirsise kana kan hin qayyabanne tola argame se’uu dandahu. Kan hafe argamsiisufis haa tahu kan argatan eeggachuuf karaa gabaabaan hin jiru. Ilmaan Oromoo irraa wareegama caalaa gaafata sanaaf firaa fi diina walii maqfachuu qabu.

Sirna koloniii jalatt Oromoon jireenya gadadoo, salphinaa, carraa dhabeenyaa fi hawwa walabummaaf qaban walfakkaataa jala turani. Kanaaf dhimmi sadarkaa sabaawaati isaan wal dhabsiisuu hin turre. Kanaaf qabsoon qindaawee maqaa saaniitiin ka’e “biyya takkitti, saba tokkicha fi hiree tokkicha” irrati hundaawe malee Xaqlayi Gizatii yk empayera cimsuuf hin turre. Bara 1991 gosti jalqabaaf walitt dhufe akki inni gadoodaa jaalalaa fi ulfinaan wal yooyyefate sanaaf ragaa dha. Sana yoo argan qabsaawoti bilisummaan morman yaada saanii ni dhoffatanii.

Mirkaniin jiran hundi yoo walitt ilaalaman tokkummaa Oromoo wanti gaaffii jala galchu hin muldhanne. Qabsoon Oromo hanga yoonaa Xaqilayi Gizaatiitt gadi hin buune. Kanneen yaalanis hin milkofne; fulduratis maalifaan milkiin baasu hin muldhatu. Dhiigii gootota Oromo bahaa dhihaa, kibbaa kaaba fi gidduu qabsoo bilisummaa keessati qooda fudhatan jiyaa hundati faca’ee Oromummaa magarsaa jira malee bakka dhalataniti hin hafne. Hamajaajii Oromummaa guddaan malbulchesitota fakkeessitu dhaabota Oromoo keessa jirani. Ofittummaan kaka’anii hoduu sobaa facaasuun orma kana dhugeeffannoo fi Xaqilayi Gizatiin hawwachuu yaalani.

Haalli qabsoon Oromoo hardha keessa jiru kanuma jalqaba torbaatamootaa fakkaata. Baras Oromoo garri tokkoo “qabsoo gitaa” maqaa dhahachuun xurree ABO gad dhiisanii dhaabota Habashaa komunist ofiin jedhani tumsani. Isaan jalatis maqaa Oromoon jarmota qabu turan. Duubi saa gaarii hin turre. Akka hin taanett lubbuun bakka buusa hin qabnee qisaasame. Akeeki koloneeffataa kolonota saa hooggansa dhabsiisuu dha. It baqatanis irra baqatanis haxxeesaa hidhuufii hin dhiisu. Garri kaan sirna empayeraa cabsinee isa jalaaa Oromiyaa bilisa baafna jedhanii of ijaarani. Dhaabi saanii jalqabaa ABO ture. Hunduu mootiin Habashaan diina godhachuuf kan jiru ofumaa wal hiraarsaa bahani. Isa Oromoon “halagaa waliin nyaadhuu fira keett garagalii liqimsi” jedhu sana dagatani.

Ergasii ABO keessatis murnooti tuqaa bu’uuraa sagantichaan morman biqilaniiru. Ifaan gadi bahanii yaada jaallummaan heera haa fooyyeffanuu jedhanii Kora hunda haammatuti hin dhiheessine. Akka hoogganni tokkoo jedheti yaadi Itiophiyaa demokratessuu yaada yaraa waan tureef carraa ifa arguu hin qabu ture. Tahus akka seeraati beeksifamu malee lafa jala dhaaba jeequun sirrii hin ture. Yaadich heeraa alatt ifa ilaaluutt ka’ee. Heerarraa hamaa faccisuun mirga fi dirqama miseensaati. Eenyuu seeraa ol tahuu hin dandahu. Haalli suun shaffisa sochii bilisummaa irrati calaqisuun ifaa dha. Sunis caccabina fide. Kaasaa caccaba fide irrati wal amanuun waan dhibeef yaaliin dhinsuuf tolfame hin milkoofne. Demokratessitooti Itiyoophiyaa kun bakka adda addati marii hedduu gaggeessanii ergama saanii fiixan baasuuf karaa hedduu yaalani. Biyyatis hidda diriirfacuuf abbalanii turani.

Amma tooftaa addaatiin Itiyoophiyaa demokratessuufi bifa haaran murni tokkoo gad baheera. Si’ana dargaggoo Oromoo wayyaban deggaramuu baatanuu hirkoo argataniin wal gitna jedhanii kan of amansiisan fakkata. Namoota golgaa ABOn deebi’anii halagaa waliin Oromiyaa fottuu dharra’an, afaanii fi aadaa halagaa leellisaniif kun misirachoo dha. Nyaattubeen, nammi waan jette haa jettuu ana garaan achi nattii haajettu jette jedham.Kanaaf waa’ee ofiin bula Oromiyaa dubbachuun waca kaasu heduun nama hin dhibu. Yaadi addaa kun tolaa dhas haamaadhas kan jedhan jiraachuu danda’u. Oromoon haasaa nama hin dhowwu, kan gamnaas kan gowwaas walqixee dhaggeeffatee deebii kenna. Sodaa fi doorsisaaf bakka hin kennu.

Ilaalchan adda ba’uun ABOn hin eegalle. Fakkeenyaaf sochiin Eertraa, Tigray, Sudaan Kibbaa, Somalia, Filisxeem ni argamu. ABOn murna hedduuti gargar bahuun dhossaa miti. Dhaaboti Filisxeemis garagarummaa walii fudhatanii PLO ummachuun ni beekama. Gara garumaa ilaalcha addunyaa haa qabatan malee Philisxeemiin bilisa baasuun manii hunda saaniiti.

Miirri Oromo hundarraa adda. Hanga hangammeessa dudhaa saanii keessat safuu eeganii socha’aniti akka yaada ofiiti ijaaramuun hamaa hin qabu. Akeekkati saanii fira irrati utuu hin ta’in isa biyya abbaa saanii qabate irrati xiyyeeffamuu qaaba. Waan hundaafuu ilaalchan of takaalee laasha’uu manna obsaa fi wal danda’uun akka yaada saati of ijaaruu wayya. Sun halagaaf malee lammiif bu’aa hin qabu. Bilisummaa Oromo hankaaksuuf keetoliin ergamsa qaban jiraachuu dandahu. Hammasitt utuu imaammata Oromummaa calaqisu hariiroo nama sadafaa waliin qabataniif tolfatanii hundaafuu anjaa qaba.

ABOn Waggaa kana hunda waan gochuu dadhabe tooftaa jijjirree fiixan baafna kan jedhan maaf nammuu qeeqa kan jedhan jiru? ABO kan danqan keessaa tokko kanneen gargar bahuu amma jiru duuba jirani. Jechi Oromoo tokkoo “kanan sangaa koo bade argachuu dadhabe isa qalatee nyaatetu faana dhahuu na gargaaraa jiraa” jedha. Sanatt dabalee duubbeen kolonummaa, bilisummaaf dudhama dhabu, dabballooti ol haanoon caccisummaa dhabuu, ajjeefama yero malee hoogganoota hedduu fi karaa alatt baasu rakkachuun shaffisa dhabuuf kaasaa tahaniiru. Sunis tahe murna orma wayyabi hawaasaa dammaqina malbulchaa hin qabne keessaa bahee hamma kana gumaachuun seenaa kolonoma saba saa keessati hiriyaa hin qabu.

ABOn qabeenya Oromiyaatt dhimma bahuuf ta’ee diinni dhimma akka itt hin baane gochuuf gahaatt hin tattaafanne. Dhaabicha fi akkaata inni itt hojjetu haaromsuu dhabuunis danqaraa guddinaa ture. Taasisa hedduu, luuxxee galtuu fi dhiibbaa alaa ofirraa eeguu dhabuun si’aawummaa silaa keessaa maddee jijjiirama fiduu qanccarse. Furmaati, keessa deebi’anii mudaa jiru qorachuun sirreessuu male eegee qeensanii gara baaseti baqachuu miti. Kaayyoo jijjiiruun geedarama tolaa fiduu irra hamilee sabichaa fi jija hanga yoonaa galmeeffaman irrati miiddhaa fiduu dandaha. Kaayyoon bilisummaa mudaa hin qabu ture. Osoo dhaabichi dambooba, kutannoo fi dudhamaan dandeetii qabu hojiirra oolche tahee want halle adda tahuu mala ture. Dhoofsisi qabsoo keessati barbaachisuu hin oolu, dhoofsisis kennanii fudhachuu gaafata, garuu bu’uura kaayyoo kan tuqu tahuun irra hinjiru. Akeeka irrat daddaaquu fi wayti dhihaachuutt roga dhabuun ayyaan laallatummaa dha. Ayyaan laallatummaan miira jaamaa waan taatoon yeroof kan argatu itt fakkaate malee hamaa duubaan dhufu hin laalle.

ABOn kan dhalate Oromiyaa xaxaa kolonummaa jalaaa baasuuf ture. Boona sabaaf ergamsa saanii bakkaan gahuuf lubbuu gootaa meeqaatu bade. Abba tokkeen karaaa jijjiirrachuu ni dandaha. ABOn garuu kan dabaankufootaa waan taheef xurree saanii irra jerachuu itt fufa; yoo dadhabes maqaa saatiin du’uun ujuu sabichi dhahatu ta’ee hafa. Inni kaayyoo saatiin jiraateef dhaaboti Oromoo hundi jiraatani. Daddhabini hardha jira jedhamu jijoota dhiiga fi dafqa goototaan galmeeffaman irraanfachiisuu hin dandahu. Kanneen lubbiin jiran sana keessaa qooda qabanis ejjennoo saanii hardhaaf kan waliin hin duulleen salphifamuun safuu dha. Jannooti Oromo gaagaa hunda danda’anii ABO jala hiriiraniif sadarkaa hardha Oromummaan boonnee mataa ol qabannee deemnuu kan geenye. Nuti kan lubbuun jiru bakka isaan itt dhaabanii kaafnee bokkaa haa tahu hongee fiixan baasuun dirqama keenya.

Akka “nammi tokkoo irba tokkoo” jedhanitt Oromoon demokraasii irra anjaa qaba kan jedhan jiru. Demokrasiin “nammi tokkoo irba tokkoo” haa jedhu malee dorgommeen malbulchaa sabummaan osoo hin ta’in kennata yabboo golootaa irrati hundaawa. Waliinjiroon kennataas kan danga’amu lakkofsa dilormaa Oromoon wayyaba ta’uu dhiisuun malu irrati. Kan moototi biyya keessaa Oromoo facaasaa jiran qophii gara kanati godhamu tahuu dandaha. Kanaaf mirga Oromoo kabachiisuuf guddinni dilormaa saa gahaa miti. Kan dhimma baasuu akkaaata to’annaati. Furmaati Oromoon qabu mirgoota saa sabummaa gara hundaan mirkaneeffachuu qofa.

Kanneen bilisummaa Oromiyaaf qabsaawan Wayyaaneen mootota Habashaa kanaan dura turan caalaa yoo hammaate malee isaanii gadi miti jedhanii amanu. Dinni Oromoo waligalati sirna kolonii empayera Itiyoophiaa malee Wayyaanee qofa akka taheti hin fudhatani. Sana didhuuf jalqaba ijaarsa jabaa, hogganoota amanamoo fi daaya kaayyoo sabicha taliila qaban feesisa. Yoos qofa kan waa’een tooftaa, dhoofsisaa fi tumsaa dubbatamu. Ammaaf filmaati ifaa dha, bilisummaa Oromiyaaf qabsaawuu yk Itiyooophiyaa demokratessuu. Duulli bilisummaa Oromoo bira darbee empayraa mootii jijjiruufi Wayyaanee qofatt xiyyeefatu manii ABO miti.
Oromiyaan haala sodaa fi dorsisi hin jirre jalati, referendum gaggeeffamuun hiree see murteeffachuu qabdi. Qoodi kanneen bilisummaaf dhaabbatanii akka Oromoon ofiin buluu filatu kakaasu dha. Yoo saboota biraa waliin jiraachuu filate murtii saa mamii malee kabaju. Tumsi dhaabota Oromoo mitii waliin godhamu dura referandumii irrati kan hundaawe tahu malee kaayyoo sabichaa ganuu ta’a. Hanga sabi Oromo hiree saa murteeffachuun kan garaa saa filatutt qabsoon karaa hundaa itt fufa.

Oromoon walabummaan haa jiratu olloota saa waliin haa jiratu filmati dhumaa kan sati. Mirga hiree sabummaa murteeffachuu saa deggeruu garri hund ni himu. Sanati kan amanan hariiroon qaama sadaffaa waliin godhamu gufuu akka hin taane eegganoo barbaachisa. Sanaan wal taaanaan dhaaboti malbulchaa Oromoo dhugaatt walaba tahan gaaddisa tokkoo jalatt walitt qabamuu dandahu. Yaaliin THBO (Tokkummaa Humnoota Bilisummaa Oromoo) tolchuuf godhames sana. Yeroo malee waan ta’eef keessa hulluuquu hanqate taha. Ammas kan walii miiltoo ta’uu danda’an sagantaa tuqaalee irratt waliigalan haammatu baafatanii waliin hiriiruu dandahu. Sabboonaa dhugaa kaayyoo qabu tokkummaan hin dhibu.

Dhuma irrati, nafxanyootaa moofaa ha tahan qacceen saanii Oromiyaa akka gulummaa saaniti ilaalu. Sirni empayra demokrata’uu akka hin dandeenye mootummaan Wayyaanee fakkeenya guddaa dha. Qabsaawoti Oromoo yoo guddinni orma saanii akka dhimma baasuu barbaadan ijaarsa cimaa fi hoggansa kutataa fi dudhamaan gadi bahuu qabu. Yoo dilormaan guddaan akka Oromoo jaarmaa cimaa duuba jirate humni jala dhaabbachuu dandahu hin jiru. Qaammi sirnaan ijaaramee duubbee cimaa qabu nagaa fI araaraaf miltoo ta’uuf ulfinaa fi amanamummaa argata. Wal danda’uu fi obsaan of qabuun dudhaa Oromooti; kanaaf wanti hojjetu hundi kan safuuf bakka kennu tahutu eegama. ABOn ulfoo sabaa, bilisummaan gargar hin baafamne wan ta’eef dhimma biraaf hin butamu, hin liqeeffamu, hin gurguramu. Hamma nammi tokkoo kan kaayyoo ABOn qabatee ka’ef qabsaawu jiraatett kakkabeebsee maqaa saa dhimma itt bahuuf eenyuu mirga hin qabu. Sabboonoti yeroo afanffajii kana gad bahanii ruumicha marsaanii jiru irraa faccisuun jaalbiyyummaa dha. Kan dhofsifamu karaa kaayyoott geessu malee kaayyoo miti. Osoo kaayyoon bilisummaa hin mucucaatin sabboonoti hundi eeguu dhaabbatanii faajjii saa ol kaasuun mullatee, qilleensaa, onnee fi sammuu sabaawaa keessa akka balali’u gochuu dha.

Qabsoon bilisummaa itt fufa ofiin buluun ni dhufa!

Ulfinaa fi surraan gootota kufaniif; walabummaa, walqixxummaa fi bilisummaan kan hafaniif; nagaa fi araarri Ayyaana abboolii fi ayyoliif haa tahu!

* Ibsaa Guutama | Gubirmans.com
Caamsaa 2011
Ibsaa Guutama miseensa dhaloota saganta ABO isa jalqabaa baasan keessaa tokkoo.


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  1. Laga Giri

    May 17, 11 at 4:09 am

    ”Qabsoon bilisummaa itt fufa ofiin buluun ni dhufa!” kun hima gaarii dha. Very interesting to me and for all Oromos.

  2. Neamara

    May 17, 11 at 9:19 am

    i hope those running around to form united front against TPLF with Ginbot7 and others will take note. The good news is before they even forge the front another Amhara goup is in the work which oppose to this one. Hence, it is going to be AFD all over again.

  3. Hariro

    May 17, 11 at 12:59 pm

    The points Mr. Gutema indicated are the basic in identifying oneself as an organization. OLF or any organization must put clear objectives and stick with it. So, Oromos have a choice to follow. If OLF wants to democratize ethiopia, at first, it wouldnot have been expeled from charter. Now, after failer to demonstrate a strong and commited leadership, looking for short cut never help.
    Oromos and Oromia need one thing i.e. liberation from all kinds of habasha made problems. Then we can negotiate for rebuilding the great ethiopian empier at Oromos sole will.
    Mr. Gutema I thank you for your deep insight about the problems.

  4. Dhagaa Daalaattii

    May 17, 11 at 1:54 pm

    J. Ibsa,

    Galata guddaa! Dhugaa jirtuu nuuf ibsite.

    Dargaggoon Oromoos dimookrasii Ethiopia fi jecha du’u hin qaban. Akkuuma abbooti isaanii bilisummaa Oromiyaaf qabsa’u qaban!

    Oromiyaa shall be free!
    Hell with Ethiopia!

  5. Irresso

    May 18, 11 at 1:23 am

    Dear, Mr.Guutama,
    Great article. Your analysis of historical knowledge of OROMO nation is very astonishing. Big thanks.
    You are as right on history as you are on the present.
    I do agree with your genuine arguments entirely.
    As you said both previous and current TPLF occupiers ( Abyssinian origin), which have brought only starvation, repression, slavery, and suffering to the OROMO people. Yes we OROMOS have divided political beliefs, but at the end of the day we are all OROMIANS. Distrust and zealous rhetoric is the enemy to Oromoness – OROMMUUMAA.
    Right now, not only OROMIA, total separation for all the home countries (regional states) is the only way to freedom, sovereignty ….whereas Ortodoxism, Ethiopianism, and unity keep non – Habashaa nationals (people) dump to the reality of what is what the rest of the world call WAR and TERROR in OROMIA.
    This time, it’s great to see in coming uprising though that OROMIA land finally has their chance at freedom. Just hope the Abyssinia won’t pay off to stay with the union of Ethiopian empire.

  6. sooressa Waloo

    May 18, 11 at 1:50 am

    Thank you for such honest analysis of the state of Oromo people’s struggle for independence.I can assure you that, we the current generation of Oromia will never let you down your generation that put as on the road to national pride and dream for independence.I have great respect for you and all your generation who did every thing so that Oromo people can be one of the free people of the world.Your love for Oromo people and loyalty to their dream for independence will remain our inspiration. For you to remain our mentor, I pray that waaqa gurracha give you long life.

  7. boonaa

    May 18, 11 at 3:49 am

    warri alaa wal nyaattan waan dhalli oromoo ka biyya keessa jiru huju kana maal irraa barattan bada warra qaanyii tasumaa hin beeynehoo (ABO1, ABO2)

  8. Alamu T.Nagari

    May 18, 11 at 7:03 am

    Kabajamaa J/Ibsa!
    Galatni kee bilisumma haa ta’u.
    Ooggana ABO irraa kaasee hanga miseensa leexaatti wareegama qaalii kan kafalamaa turee,ammas itti-jiruuf,itophiyaa dimokirateessuuf hin turre.Oromiyaa bilisoomsuuf malee.Akkuma xiinxala kee irratti heertetti,warreen impaayera sana dimokiraatomsuuf 70ta keessa habashoota waliin hiriiran,du’a ykn dhumaatii seenaa hin qabne dhuman.Kana qofa mitii,QBOf humna ta’uu irra diina itti ta’uu filatanii,qabsoon akka hin milkoofneefis gufuu ta’an.Waan nuti har’a isaan irraa barachuun nu irra turee fi amma illee nu irra jiru,impaayera dimokiraateessuun akka hin dandaa’amne,warreen du’a seenaa hin qabne du’an sun dhiigaan barreessanii kan kutan sana sirriitti dubbisuun irraa barumsa gahaa argannee,QBOf mudhii jabeeffannee Oromiyaa bilisoomte dhaloota boriitti dabarsuu qofa.


  9. Caaltuu Bariisoo

    May 18, 11 at 10:25 am

    Obbo Ibsa,
    For such a timely article with pure Oromummaa, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart.I admire your love for Oromo and their independence. I usually find it rather very difficult to comprehend how in that dark prison in Xoophiyaa during the reign of Derg where no body is sure when to be picked and slaughtered ,obbo Ibsa managed to compile information which after his release manged to change it books and dictionaries. What kind of man in that era where no one knows the hour, the minutes and second of his death have a morale to collect information for future books. That prison wall of notorious Derg could not block Obbo Ibsaa from seeing hope behind that wall. In that dark prison, obbo Ibsa did not stop dreaming of independent Oromia and bright future beyond that wall. I admire obbo Ibsa for he is the true embodiment of love for Oromo people. For he is an absolute hero of Oromoo, from today, I want us to call him Nilson Mandela of Oromo

  10. Solan

    May 18, 11 at 10:28 am

    This is it!!! Thank you Obbo Ibsa. In my openion, this is the most honest and a true reflection of majority oromos feeling article ever written on this forum. This is what we have been missing. Most writers on this forum try to camuflage their true nature and intension by simply going around the bush. wether we like it or not, a clear cut vision is a must, even for those who are deaming to democritize Ethiopia. Mixing bilisummaa and “democratic ethiopia” is simply fooling one self.

  11. Truth

    May 18, 11 at 11:28 am

    Obboo Ibsaa,

    It is nice article. Thank you so much for such wonderful analysis. I would just like to simply repeat the following from your article:

    “Oromiyaa has to determine her destiny with a referendum conducted under condition where there is no fear or threat. Those that stand for independence will encourage people to vote for independence. If Oromo choose to live with other nations, they will respect their choice without reservation. Alliance with non-Oromo has first to be subject to referendum; otherwise, it could be taken as betrayal of the peoples cause. Until the Oromo make a choice of their heart, the struggle will continue by all means with zeal and commitment.”

    “Whether Oromo lives independently or with its neighbors, the final decision rest with them. All activists claim that they support Oromo right to national self-determination. If so, care must be taken so that relations with third parties may not jeopardize that opportunity. Whether Oromo lives independently or with its neighbors, the final decision rest with them. All activists claim that they support Oromo right to national self-determination. If so, care must be taken so that relations with third parties may not jeopardize that opportunity. If that can be agreed, there is no reason for truly independent Oromo organizations not to gather under one shade. That was what was envisaged when forming ULFO (Union of Liberation Forces of Oromiyaa). It could not break through – probably for being untimely introduced. Still those who can become partners in struggle can draw a minimum program that includes all points they can agree on. To unite is not difficult for true nationalists that have one set goal.”

  12. Aboma

    May 18, 11 at 1:19 pm

    Dear Oromo Political Activists and Leaders,

    The call for sticking to the Oromo kaayyoo by one of the founding fathers is the right call at the right time. No empire has ever been democratized – those who want to try to democratize the empire, go ahead, but not by destroying the kaayyoo so many have died under to liberate Oromia. OLF was, has been and will be there to liberate Oromia and Oromo. Please, in the name of our heroes and heroines, in the name of our fearless martyrs, in the name of the innocent Oromos slaughtered by Abyssinian colonizers over the last 120 years, I and my fellow Oromo nationals urge you to keep OLF as it is, and go form another organization to democratize the empire. Look no where, but Habeshas. How many organizations they form and they break without abandoning their colonization. They form madrak with the oppressed, they break madrak; they form kinijit, they break kinijit; they form EPRP, they rename it genbot 7. they form TPLF, and rename it EPRDF. They do this to appear different, but all they care about is keeping their colonization in place in Oromia.

    For Oromos, OLF is the only hope in this world; thank you for people like Ibsaa Guutama, our martyrs and countless other Oromo nationals. No foreign super power hears our plights: our refugees are dying in the waters of the Red Sea to the Mediterranean while fleeing injustice and slavery; our women are humiliated every day in Oromia; our brothers and sisters are dying in prisons and being executed for being Oromo nationals.

    This world is not fair; many reports of human rights tell the freedom of Oromo is long overdue, but who cares? Only OLF is set up to fight for the freedom of Oromo, no other organization has the track record of OLF. Be our guest – go ahead and set up organization to try to democratize Ethiopia; good luck with it. Destroy the empire, not OLF.

  13. Maaloo Yaa-lammii

    May 18, 11 at 4:08 pm

    Thank you Obbo Ibsa for this wonderful and inspiring insight. The Oromo know your contribution to this struggle, well aware of your sacrifice and determination. It is the wish of many Oromo if you take the leadership to rescue this generation. The Oromo desperately need a leader more than ever to follow. It is time to move forward and demonstrate in action. We are almost on the same page despite few exceptions. Once again, initiate a forum, mobilize and take the lead to save this big nation. Continue bridging the gap until you bring an end to the prevailing devastating division. Once you the leaders get united, the people will respond soon. Invite the divided units together. Insist for unconditional forgiveness among them. We are tired of on line debate, analysis and fight. Hope your next article will herald something that paves a way to action and brings about more unity.

  14. abbaa biyyaa

    May 19, 11 at 12:07 am

    Obbo Ibsaa thank you so much for this the true about oromo struggle article. As young oromo generation i learn a lot from your article i hope oromo youth like me will learn a lot from this article.

  15. Fatiyaa Yuusuuf

    May 19, 11 at 9:59 am

    Obbo Ibsa,
    By all measure, your article is has hit the nail on the coffin of Ethiopian colony in Oromiyaa.Where those who tell the truth are endangered species amongst we Oromos, thank you for telling us the truth which can only set us free from the Ethiopian colonial yoke. Our shoulder can no more carry Ethiopians. Our sweat can no more feed Ethiopian colonial masters in Oromia. Our labour can no more build their capital on Oromia. Our raw material can no more feed their factory. Our God given resources can no more be used by Ethiopian colonial masters to accumulate wealth.

    Evil prospers where good does nothing. Ethiopian colonial evil prospers on Oromia where there are no good Oromos who do something. However, in us far us good Oromos like obbo Ibsaa are their, the evil in our midst will never prosper. Obbo Ibsa, in your all endeavor to see :independent, peaceful and prosperous nation of Oromia, count on me.

  16. qero

    May 19, 11 at 4:55 pm

    Hi Obbo Ibessa,

    galaatomaa barefammaa kessaniif, gaffii gababedu takaan qaba.

    wan garaa offii garaatii qabatanii falemu hin danda’aamu? kayoon ganamaa mataa hundumaa kessaa jiraa garu tofetaa addatiin falemu hindandenyu?


    support the people!!! the true leader !!!


  17. abbaamilkii

    May 19, 11 at 6:36 pm

    obbo ibsaa guutamaa hedduu galatoomaa.
    dhugaa dubbatanii bakka namatti dhiye bulu jedhu mitii ree..
    worrootni qabsoo ummata oromoo gurgurachuuf carraaqaa jirtan
    karaan akka hin jirree asi irraa hubachuu qabdan.yoomillee taanaan ummatni oromoo
    diinatti harka kennatee yeroon jiraate hin jiru.bilisummaan ummatni oromoo fedhu tunis yeroo fudhatti malee waan haftuu miti.
    hangamillee yoo ture mootummaan gabroomfataan kun kufuun isaa hin hafu.ummatni oromoo karaa hattootni maqaa oromootiin ummata gurgurachuuf yaaltu kana irraa of eeguun dirqama sabboontotaa ti.

  18. yaadasaa Dafaa

    May 19, 11 at 9:51 pm

    Dear all,
    We have seen, heard, and contemplated/hypothesized on our own ways on the demeanors of OLF derived from the alluded performances as speculated by our Nation’s enemies to be pictured, and felt the effects through political implications and livelihoods of each and every Oromo families, and individuals, who sadly comprehended through our simplistic lenses, and conceptual filtering ability. It is true that there are numerous coherent and non coherent association we often be readily to lament very easily on OLF. But if we happen to have the needed patience and diligence to know the real cause, we will be surprised to learn as our Oromoo saying goes “kan calaqisuu hunduu worqqee hin ta’u”. Over all, what we have speculated so far may look vague at it’s best, and arrogance at it’s worst. That is where our heroes and role models like Obboo Ibsaa Guutamaa comes to clarify the true visions of OLF, as opposed to all the quackeries being spread by the enemies of the Nations of Oromia and their paid agents among us.
    Honor and glory to the heroes and heroines of OLA,
    Asalaam Aleikum,

  19. Abdii Boruu

    May 20, 11 at 4:48 am

    Obboo Ibsaa,

    Hunda dura, waayee qabsoo bilisummaa Oromoo (QBO) keessumaayuu kaayyoo Adda Bilisummaa Oromoo (ABO) ilaalchisee gadifageenyaan xiinxala bareedaa kana nuuf dhiyeessuu keessaniif baay’ee galatoomaa.

    Barruun keessan walumaagalatti qabiyyee fi dhaamsi isaa bal’aa fi guddaa waan ta’eef, kana akkuma jirutti dhiisee; garuu qabxiilee gurguddoo tokko tokko barruu kana keessaa baasee yaada koo irratti kennuun barbaada (Ibsuuf akka tolu jechoota tokko tokko itti dabalee jira)

    1) Waayee ABO, kaayyoo jaarmaichaa, bu’aalee QBOn hamma har’aatti argamsiise fi akkasumas dadhabbiilee turani fi ammas jiran dhaloota haaraa barsiisuu ykn itti himuu; kaayyoo kana duuba akka hiriiran taasisuu
    2) Oromiyaan ykn uummatni Oromoo Refreendamii dhaan hiree ofii, sodaa fi dhiibbaa tokko malee, ofuma isaatiif akka murteeffatu taasisuu. Asirratti, hariiroon qaama sadaffaa waliin godhamu dhimma kanatti gufuu akka hin taane eegganoo godhuu
    3) Tumsa alaa ijaaruuf haal-dureen REFREENDAMI akka ta’u godhuu. Dhimma kanarratti yoo waliigalan, dhaabileen Oromoo dhugaatti walaba ta’an gaaddisa tokkoo jalatt walitt qabamuu akka danda’an
    4) Jaarmayootni Oromoo kan walii miiltoo ta’uu danda’an sagantaa tuqaalee ykn qabxiilee irratti waliigalan haammatu baafatanii waliin hiriiruu akka danda’an. Asirratti, dhugaa dha, sabboontota kaayyoo tokko qaban tokkummaa uumuun isaan hin rakkisu.
    5) Qabsaa’otni Oromoo jaarmayaa cimaa, kan hogganaa murataa fi kutataa qabu tokkoon, gadi bahanii; uummata Oromoo bal’aa of duuba hiriirsuu akka qaban. Asirrattis wanti dhara hin taane, jaarmayaan akkanaa uummata bal’aa akka Oromoo of duuba hiriirsuu kan danda’u yoo ta’e, humni kamiiyyuu kanaan mormuu hin danda’u. Humna abdachiisaa fi wabii ta’utu uumama jechuu dha.

    Egaa, mee gaafii tokkon kaasa: Wanti biraallee yoo hafe, qabxiilee kanarratti akka walii hin galle kan nama godhu ykn taasisu maaliree? Akka yaada fi ilaalcha kiyyaatitti, qabsaa’ota dhugaa ta’anii kan qabxiilee kanarratti walii hin gallee yoo jiraatan, kun fedhii fi dhimma uummata Oromootii ala ta’a jedheen yaada. Xinnaatullee qabxiilee kanarratti waliigaluu yoo danda’an ammoo, wanti isaan hin tokkoomneef ykn tokkummaa dhugaa, kan kaayyoo tokkoof dhaabbatu hin uumneef sababni waan jiru natti hin fakkaatu; yoo fedhii fi dhimmaa dhuunfaa ta’e malee?!

    Wanti hubatamuu qabu, qawwee dhaan lollees haa ta’u, refreendamii dhaan bilisummaa keenya argachuu kan dandeenyu yoo humna cimaa fi abdachiisaa qabaanne ykn horachuu dandeenye dha. Yoo kana qabaanne, diinas ta’ee alagaan nu sodaachuu fi nu kabajuu danda’a malee yoo laafaa taane waan tokkoo bakkaan (galii dhaan) ga’uu hin dandeenyu. Dubbiin kun wal qabataa ykn walirratti rarra’aa dha. Maal jechuu kooti?

    Akkuma jedhame, yoo humna cimaa qabaanne kaayyoo tokko galii dhaan gahuu dandeenya. Humna cimaa qabaachuu ykn horachuu kan dandeenyu, yoo tokkummaa dhugaa qabaanne qofaa dha. Tokkummaan dhugaa uumamuu kan danda’u ammoo, yoo kaayyoo tokko (kan walii fi kan hunduu irratti walii galan) jiraate dha. Kanaaf, bu’urri dubbii kaayyoo tokkorratti walii galuu ta’a. Tokkummaan kaayyoo tokkoof dhaabbatu ykn ijaaramu, kan uummata bal’aa Oromoo of duuba hiriirsee humna abdachiisaa uumu ta’uu qaba jechuu dha. Hundeen walii galtee qabsaa’otaa kana ta’uu qaba jedheen amana; kan uummatni keenya barbaadus isuma kana dha.


    Wanti Oromootni hunduu hubachuu qaban (qabnu) wal malee gargaarsa biraa akka hin qabne dha. Ormis nutti fayyadamuu barbaadu malee dhugaa dhaan kaayyoo keenya ni deeggaru jechuun of gowwoomsuu natti fakkaata. Fakkeenyaaf, waan yeroo ammaa dargaggoota fi barattoota keenyarra gahaa jiru yoo hubanne, waa baay’ee irraa baruu dandeenya. Yoo ijoolleen keenya hidhamaa, dararamaa, ajjeefamaa jirani fi kuun ammoo bakka-buuteen isaanii hin beekamne kana, sabootiin biroo callisanii ilaaluun, maaliif nama hin jechisiisuu? Wayyaaneen diina hundaatuu akka taate nama hin mamsiisu. Diina waloo kanarratti tumsa waliif ta’uun maaliif hin mul’aneree? Maaliif qeerroon Oromoo qofaa itti madaa’u, itti dhiigu, lubbuu isaanii itti dhabu?

    Dhumarratti, wantin gabaabsee jechuu barbaadu: Baddaa fi jalaa; bitaa fi mirga keenya mil’annee; waayee keenyas sirriitti xinxallee; tokkummaa keenya uumnee fi cimsinee, humna abdachiisaa horachuun yeroon isaa amma ta’uu qaba. Waayeen kun gadi fageenyaan itti yaadamuu qaba.


  20. Saafanoo Booruu

    May 20, 11 at 8:28 am

    Obb Obsa,
    Thank you for such patriotic and nationalist article. Your article is deep from your hear.This is what we Oromo youth want to read. You are our savior and rock of our nation who paid tremendous sacrifices. For we are behind you, go and lead us.

  21. hikka

    May 20, 11 at 1:47 pm

    You are just one remarkable oromo elite among us. I dearly admire your insight and articulation of our past and current circumistances. You clearly unvailed the curtian of confusion about the state of our enduring struggle against all the adds facing us. Now we know the problem and it is our duty and stern responsiblity to avoid all the unncessasry quirals and look forward toward our destiny. Our destiny seems to be too far to reach but if we listen to one another and work together, we can bring it closer. Thank you brother Ibsaa.

  22. Waqjiraa Gudataa

    May 20, 11 at 3:15 pm

    Dear our hero/ Mandela of Oromiyaa Ulfataa obbo Ibsaa Guutamaa, thank you so much for such timely article. You are not only the father of our movement, but a determined Vigilance and a true leader for our national cause. Oromia and the Oromo nation proud of you. You are our national asset, your Vision for Independent and Walabummaa Oromia is the motto for every Oromo and hence the true Oromo daughters and sons are ready for such Historical March- Restore our Indentity in the Horn up to our blood. The Oromos are the best warriors when we feel our national interest being threatened by outsiders as nowadays we are facing a facist regime on our land in destroying ours every human and natural resources as much as possible.
    Against such a Mafia type organised group, above all your call is a timely response to mobilise Oromos by Oromummaa to demonstrate our own joint determination to face our national destiny as the firmest of history. Fortunately, our talented Oromos in every sector of our Society are determined only to serve their Oromia except those ahmaranized Oromos.
    Galatooma, we love you so much!.

  23. Jimma

    May 21, 11 at 12:20 am

    Hi Waaqjira,

    Galatoomi wanta jettef. Yaada ati lafa keesse heddu isaa nan deggera. Garu, wanta natti hintolle tokko waa’ee “Mandella”ti. Hundi keenya abalu anaaf Maandellaadha jenne dubbachuus hin dandeenya. Kan ummata biratii deegersa qabu garu, kabaja ummataaf jecha gannaa boona, jirreenya gadado kan jiraatu, jirenyi isa bosona, gaaf tokko nyaate bula gaaf tokko oso hin nyaatin bula, halkan tookkos yaa ta’u kan diina irriba dhorku, barumsa qabus dhabus, kabaja anaaf siif jechaa meeshaa baate dagala jiraatudha. “Mandella”n Oromo WBO keessadha. Abbaan feete, biyya faranjii keessa jiraattu olaaga kana hin guttu. Waanta barbaadne nyaanna, teenyetuma kan nutti fakkaate ykn kan itti amanu barreesina, yoo barbaannes hin baranna. Nuti hin duunu kan feene dubbanu. Ijoolee keenyas seeran guddifanna. Akka feenes taana. Dhuguma “Mandella”s taana???. Maandellaa waggaa 27 torba mana hidhaa jiraate. Kan ulagaa guutu, WBO qofaadha. Yemmu dubi kana kaastu, namootni akka sitti aaran shakki hin qabu. Isheen kuno, maal jetta? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nBFz9OrRcV8.

    Bakka isheen jirtutti/bakka isaan jiranitti, homtu jalaa hin fudhatu. Sadarkaa nuti irra jiru gahu hindanda’u. Lubbu tokkuma qabu akkuma keenya.

  24. Waqjiraa Gudataa

    May 22, 11 at 2:31 am

    Obbo JIMMA,
    Waan yaada jettef hedduu Galatoomi, keesumatuu wan WAB/OLA tuquukeef kaan bayyee oonnee namma tuquu. Yeeroo WABn kka’uu jiilbeefannee haarkka fuunna jaalallii keenyaf kabajjaa isaanif qabnuus akkasumma daarrii hiinqabuu. Garu, kaniin jechuu barbaade, qabsoon keenya firraa xiiqoof diinnaa guddaa keesatti guffuu unddaa caacaabsee Oromummaa mirkkaneesuun gotoota Obbo Ibsaas tahee WABn Akka duubbii maddalatti yoo fudhanne Waan ” Mandela” Oliitti. Seenaan kuniis dhaloota Oromiyaatin kan mirkkaneesammu ta’aa.

  25. Jimma

    May 22, 11 at 2:30 pm

    Hi Waaqjira,

    Galatoomi!. Hamma ta’e wali galla. Ilmi namaa madaallin isaa gargari. Wanta itti amanu tokko, walitti qabe, ummataaf kan ta’u qabu kana jedheefi waan humna isaa danda’e hojachuuf isaatif galata guddaa argata. Yaadni koo waanta Obbo Ibsa hojate xiqqeessu miti. Ganna 20 ool mana hidhaa, ganna 20 ool bosona keessa, jireenya isaa kan ta’e waan jiruuf, isaan bukke yemmu qabnu, saba kenyaaf wareegamaan kan isaanittu caala jedheen amana. Kun amanta kooti. Yaadni koo sirridha jechaa miti. Waanti akkana “argue’ irratti gochuu hinbarbaachisu. Deebi isaa “vote” irratti godhame enasuma argama.

  26. Trinity

    Jun 2, 11 at 10:14 am

    “—————————OLF as a Trinity (one and three at a time)—————————

    This short essay is just presented as a clarification for Oromo foes, who are nowadays delighting by “perceiving” a division of the Oromo liberation vanguard into “three.” For their information, OLF has got in its pocket, from the very beginning, only ONE kaayyoo (goal), which at the same time can be interpreted as three kaayyoo’s, and it plays with these three cards based on the objective reality it is in, i.e according to the “here and now” of the situations. Even though the one kaayyoo is Oromo national self-determination, the three interpretations of the kaayyoo are:

    – Oromian national independence without a regional union,
    – referendum on this issue of ‘independence without a union’ Vs. ‘independence within a union’, and
    – Oromian national independence within a regional union.

    We know that OLF permanently advocates for all the three: for the independence of Oromia, for the Oromos’ right to self-determination, and for the union of nations in the empire/region. It emphasizes one of these three interpretations according to the condition of the time (according to the Zeitgeist). Whenever Abyssinian elites become arrogant and start to sing about the unconditional unity of their empire with suppression of Oromos’ national rights, it stresses the independence of Oromia from Abyssinian colonialism, of course undermining the possible union. The logic behind this move is that whenever there is suppression, there will be a move for separation. When some reasonable politicians from different nations in the empire start to recognize the God-given right of the great Oromo nation to self-determination, the OLF starts to play the card of self-determination, i.e an appropriate decision per referendum either for ‘independence within a union’ or ‘for independence without a union’. Now, the one structural OLF, which we Oromo nationals have believed to own, has been divided into three, each of them just taking as a goal one of the three interpretations of the kaayyoo:

    – OLF1 of Ob. Dhugaasaa seems to make no compromise on the ‘independence without a union’.
    – OLF2 of Ob. Daud has the Oromo national self-determination as its goal (being open for both the ‘independence within a union’ and the ‘independence without a union’ as far as the Oromo majority will decide for one of the two).
    – OLF3 of Gn. Kamal seems to have decided for the Oromian ‘independence within a union’ of nations in the empire/region so that it seems to seek an alliance with the Oromo nationals in the ruling party, OPDO, and at the same time it strives for a possible alliance with the reasonable “pro unity” Habesha forces.

    Anyways, a merdo to the foes of the Oromo liberation movement is that the one/three OLF(s) will never give up the struggle for the right of the Oromo nation to self-determination until we, the Oromo people, become the determiners of our own destiny, be it within the Ethiopian union or without the union. Otherwise, let’s differentiate the ongoing rhetoric from the real conviction. We heared certain Oromo politicians talking about the “fact” that Oromo people do not want “secession”. But, I do consider such talking about the “Oromo wanting independence or not” is a wrong generalization. One thing we need to know as a fact is that almost all Oromo politicians (including those who do make the above mentioned rhetoric), deep in their hearts, believe in the right of the Oromo nation to self-determination. This is the hallmark of Oromo nationalists and it is the aim of our mindset (that of our spiritual organization, the OLF). This mindset, the OLF, has got only ONE kaayyoo with three interpretations, but also three karaa’s including their respective three rhetorics.

    – OLF mindset in the rebel organizations like the ULFO has got an explicit rhetoric of self-determination, be it within or without a union, and it fights for this kaayyoo by all means,
    – OLF mindset in the opposition organizations like OFC has got the rhetoric of struggling for liberation in only the Ethiopian context, but it covertly struggles for the same kaayyoo of self-determination,
    – OLF mindset in the ruling organization, the OPDO, has got the rhetoric, which says: “we have already achieved the liberation”, but yet it also covertly pushes for the same and similar kaayyoo.

    So, our fellow Oromo nationals, let’s allow this mindset move to the kaayyoo in all the three karaa’s, despite the rhetoric of some Oromo nationalists in the opposition and in the ruling Oromo organizations. Let our foes know exactly that despite the different rhetoric, the Oromo liberation movement can never be stopped till it achieves the kaayyoo. We only need to motivate ourselves just to make our respective rhetorics and to do our practice in the liberation movement on the karaa each of us chooses in order to come to the only one kaayyoo. We have to forget the rhetoric of Oromo politicians in the ruling party and in the opposition parties, who are doing their talks under the gunpoint of Woyane (they are just denying the right of Oromo people to self-determination at gunpoint) and let’s strive to achieve our kaayyoo, which is already determined by our mindset.

    I am personally against any sort of dictatorial unity, and I am a supporter of a possible union of independent nations in the empire/region based on their free will. Any unity without Oromo’s public verdict will fail, take it only 1 year, about 10 years or as long as 100 years. That is why I do advocate for a lasting solution based on free will of all the stakeholders, instead of the temporary hoyaa-hoyee of unity as a wishy-washy solution. MEDREK seems to have chosen unconditional-unity as a precondition for the alliance against Woyane, but the unity they do strive for will surely never last long, because it is not based on accepting the self-determination of peoples, but based on a predetermination by only few elites. The coming TIBIBIR, i.e a revived AFD, which may be forged by the OLF et al must be based on a solid ground and must take the self-determination of nations, rather than the unconditional unity of the region/empire, as the precondition for an alliance.

    Anyways, our foes need to know that, they can only manipulate and delay the realization of Oromo’s right to self-determination, but they can never hinder it. Oromo’s mindset is leading us to our only one kaayyoo, i.e to the self-determination, however long it may take. Our foes like it or not, in reality almost all Oromo nationalists are led in our liberation struggle by this mindset. That is why the International Crisis Group (ICG) put it: “Despite its organizational flaws and divisions, many ordinary Oromos retain an almost messianic belief in the OLF as the major nationalist organization”. Long live OLF as a trinity (OLF with only one kaayyoo, but with three possible interpretations to be achieved through three karaa’s with their three rhetorics).——————————” http://gadaa.com/oduu/776/2009/09/07/ethiopia-ordinary-oromos-retain-an-almost-messianic-belief-in-olf/