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Oromians: Can We Welcome the Amhara Nation to the Club of the Colonized Nations in the Horn?

Posted: Fulbaana/September 4, 2010 · Finfinne Tribune | Gadaa.com | Comments (31)

By Fayyis Oromia*

The current new move of all oppressed nations in the Tigrean empire (camouflaged as Ethiopia) to forge an all-inclusive alliance has provoked controversial debates and discussions we just could hear and read. Specially, the new approach of the Amhara democratic forces and the Oromo liberation forces since the process of forming AFD in 2006 has caught the attention of the Tigrean colonists, who have lived, ruled and survived for the last 20 years by polarizing the Amhara and the Oromo elites as well as by instigating a conflict between these two BIG nations in the region. AFD was the symbolic first move which is now substantially growing towards the real and effective alliance of all oppressed nations, including the currently oppressed Amhara nation.

Just as AFD had failed because of the continuous campaigns made by the Tigrean colonial forces, and by the mutually mistrustful nationalists in the Amhara unitarist patriots (struggling to re-establish a unitary Ethiopia devoid of an autonomous Oromia) and the Oromo unionist liberators (struggling to liberate Oromia by dismembering the hitherto Ethiopia, but with the possibility of forging a union of independent nations in the region), today also these three forces (the Tigrean colonists, and the mutually mistrustful Amhara and Oromo nationalists) are doing their best to hinder the possible upcoming alliance now suggested. Specially one of the arguments given by the Oromo nationalists opposing the alliance is that “Amhara is a colonizing force, whom the Oromo, as a colonized nation, should not trust to forge any alliance with.” This argument has led me to ask a question: is the Amhara nation at this particular time (since 1991) a colonized nation or a colonizing nation?

Fortunately, I came across an interesting article written by one Amhara intellectual, Professor Daniel Kinde under the link, http://www.ethiomedia.com/absolute/ethio_eritrea_destiny.pdf, in which he described how TPLF colonized the Amharaland, specially how parts of Gondar and Wollo were annexed into Tigrai. This colonization rhetoric of the professor goes in parallel to that of some other Amhara nationalists, who have started to feel, experience and sense what it means to live under an apartheid system of national colonization/oppression/domination. It is clear that the Amhara nation is under the Tigrean colonial rule since the end of the twentieth century, just like the colonial experience of the Oromo nation since the end of the nineteenth century. For the sake of an operational understanding, let me define what I mean by colonialism/colonization in this short essay.

Colonialism is a policy by which a nation maintains or extends its control over foreign dependencies, i.e. the acquisition and colonization by a nation of other territories and their peoples. It may also be seen as a search for raw materials, new markets, and new fields of investment. Sometimes, but not always, colonialism was accompanied by colonization, that is the physical settling of people from the imperial country. Typical aspects of colonialism include racial and cultural inequalities between the ruling and the subject peoples, political and legal domination by the imperial power, and exploitation of the subject people. It is the policy and practice of a strong power extending its control territorially over a weaker nation or people. Sometimes, ‘colonial’ must be in distancing quotation marks because, where such colonization occurred a long time ago, the descendants of the settlers feel themselves as much part of the territory as those whose ancestors they had displaced (for instance in South Africa).

Then, can we not say in the sense of this operational definition that Tigreans are the colonists of all the oppressed nations, including the Amhara nation, in the current Tigrean empire in the Horn region? Is this not what Tigrean colonists did – particularly in the annexation of parts of the Amharaland and the Oromoland (e.g. in Raya and Azebo) as well as in the whole area of the empire, in general? Is the possible alliance between the Amhara and the Oromo not the alliance of the two colonized nations against their common colonizer? I think now it is time to talk about neither Ethiopian empire nor Abyssinian/Amhara empire, but only about the Tigrean empire’s system of colonization/domination. Just like the whites in the apartheid system of the ex-South Africa, only Tigreans are the privileged citizens in their present empire and all other citizens, including those from the Amhara nation, are now considered as second-class citizens.

Annexation of Amharaland and “Oromoland” aka Wollo by Tigrean colonialists.
Source: Prof. D. Kinde (Ethiopia & Eritrea – from Where to Where)

Some Amhara nationalists are now waking up not to be manipulated by the deception of the Tigrean colonists by using Amharinya at a federal level, which they try to use as a cover for their own domination over the Amhara and other nations. The mere fact that Amharinya has been used as the only federal working language for the last 20 years is a plan by Tigrean rulers to make other oppressed nations, including the Oromo, feel as if they are still dominated/colonized by the Amhara. To promote this sense of being dominated by the Amhara, the Tigrean colonizers are also vehemently opposed to give Afaan Oromo the same status, so that they want the Oromo-Amhara conflict to go on. I think this is the reason why some Oromo nationalists still feel as if Amhara elites are currently the colonizers, and why they oppose the suggested alliance as if it is the alliance between the colonizing forces and the colonized forces, which is, of course, unproductive. I personally believe that the Amhara nation is now as oppressed as the Oromo and the other nations in the Tigrean empire.

Of course, almost all Amhara nationalists are still centripetal, and they tend to prefer a unitary centralized Ethiopia on the contrary to the decentralized federation or union of free nations, which is the choice of the centrifugal Oromo nationalists. It is because of the reality that Amharinya is the only working language of the federation and because of the authoritarian culture in the Amhara society that the Amhara nationalists are yet as such the notorious centralists. Had it been otherwise, for instance that Afaan Oromo be the only federal language, surely they would have been centrifugal federalists to keep their Amhara region from being Oromonized. Now Tigrean colonists are using this Amhara mentality so that most Amhara nationalists could not yet perceive that they are suffering under a colony just as the Oromo and the other nations in the empire are doing. But, it is encouraging that few of them, like Professor Daniel Kinde, have now started to feel the colonial misery under the Tigrean fascist rulers.

I hope the future political development in the empire will be marked by the conversion of the Amhara unitarist patriots (who look at the U.S.A. governing structure as a model and who want to forge Ethiopia in which all nations will be melted into Amharinya speakers) into the Amhara unionist liberators, who will start to think and walk like Oromo unionist liberators having the EU (the European Union) governing structure as a model, i.e. trying to foster Ethiopian Union of free nations developing their own languages in their respective national areas, but be ready to build a union for the common economical benefits. This conversion of Amhara forces from their unitarist position to the unionist stand would have been the best option as the nice precondition for the effectiveness of the suggested all-inclusive alliance. But, even if this is not the case, the suggested opposition alliance against the Tigrean colonists can have the left-wing Oromo unionist liberators striving to achieve a union of independent nations, the middle body of the true killil federalists, including almost all the nations in the SNNP of Ethiopia, and the right-wing Amhara unitarist patriots struggling to forge a unitary Ethiopia in a form of a xeqilaigizat federation. The question yet to be answered is: how can such an opposition alliance be attained and maintained despite these three different visions of the three wings?

The only common ground can be the two-phased struggle against the Tigrean colonists’ apartheid system of domination: the decolonization/liberation phase and the democratization/election phase. Now, we are in the first phase, in which all the three wings of the opposition can act as freedom fighters or as liberation fronts and forge an all-inclusive alliance to get rid of the fascists. In this phase of liberation, it is not necessary to debate and to discuss on the three visions of the three wings of the opposition, even though the cadres of the Tigrean colonists want us to do it now in order to hinder the possible all-inclusive alliance of the opposition. But, after the liberation from the colonists, the three wings of the opposition alliance can either have a consensus on the middle ground, that is, for instance, to settle for the true killil federation, in which neither dismantling Oromia nor dismembering Ethiopia is accepted, or they can opt for a public referendum on the three possible outcomes (referendum on the union of independent nations, true killil federation and unitary Ethiopia), and then live according to the public verdict.

Now, at this particular moment, there is no common ground for election democracy as Obbo Leencoo Lataa said in one of his recent interviews. Election and competition among multiple parties can only be possible after liberation from the colonists and after having a consensus on the type of political community we want to have in the region (union of independent nations or true killil federation or unitary Ethiopia). I personally believe that the only lasting solution for that cursed and troubled empire/region will come when Amhara nationalists stop their hitherto nostalgic and patronizing cry for their lost empire and start to concentrate on liberating their Amharaland from the Tigrean colonists as well as when the Oromo nationalists start to be open for a possible future union of independent nations in the region called Ethiopia/the Horn.

On the day these two BIG currently colonized nations in the region start to be on the same page and struggle for the same common purpose (decolonization and democratization, including either consensus or referendum on the type of the future common political community), it will be the beginning of the END for the Tigrean empire/Tigrean colony in the Horn. If this is probably not the case, the other alternative is the continuation of the polarization of Amhara forces and Oromo fronts, so that they continue to be instrumental for the further domination by the minority Tigrean ruling class and, of course, this might mean for the two BIG nations to live further under the colonial rule for the coming at least one century. But, I hope that Amhara nationalists slowly, but surely, start to wake up and perceive that they are under Tigrean colony (that they are no more the colonizers in the empire) so that they will join the anti-colonial struggle of the Oromo and that of the other colonized nations in the region. It should be the end for the Amhara nationalists to hide behind the name Ethiopia. Just as the current hiding of the Tigrean colonists behind the name Ethiopia is not accepted, that of the Amhara nationalists will not also be taken at a face value.

Amhara nationalists need to be bold and honest in order to liberate the Amhara nation from Tigrean colonization/domination. Their hitherto attempts to forge and lead the “multinational” parties were only detrimental to themselves. Such parties are open for the Tigrean spies to infiltrate easily and to sow a seed of discord so that none of such parties have become strong so far and survived further. A classical example is how the strong CUD has been disintegrated and destroyed by infiltrators within a very short time. That is why Amhara nationalists should take off their mask (the name Ethiopia) and learn to be organized as Amhara, and then honestly forge an alliance with the organizations of the Oromo and with those of the other nations. Only in this honest way, the Amhara democrats can distance themselves from the backward obsolete minded ones hiding behind the name Ethiopia, till now are used as an instrument to save the Tigrean rulers by offering their handshake with the colonists, and by their hyperactive opposition against the opposition as seen among the UDJ factions during the past election campaign. Where are these obsolete minded backwards now? Are they now satisfied with their saving of the Tigrean colonists from the challenge which would have come from the strong opposition, from the Medrek? Why did they make much noise at that time and are now keeping quiet as the colonists seem to be stable to rule further?

Anyways, the question for the Oromians now is: can we accept and respect such Amhara nationalists, who do try to distance themselves from the obsolete minded feudals (who are still nostalgic about their past colony) in order to start the anti-colonial struggle of their own currently colonized Amhara nation in coordination with the on-going anti-colonial struggle of the Oromo and that of the other nations? I am personally open to accept such a move from some Amhara nationalists, and even I would like to encourage such Amhara freedom fighters to join our fight for the decolonization which should precede the struggle for the democratization of the free and liberated nations in the region called Ethiopia. Now, Amhara is dominated as a nation, similar to the Oromo and the others. These nations are colonized/dominated as nations, so they should be first liberated as nations. After such national liberation will follow the democratization process in order to bring individual citizens’ freedom and liberty. Without national liberation from such colonization, it is a pipe dream to think about citizens’ individual liberty.

Here, it is important to mention that despite the attempt of Prof. Megalomatis and some others to still paint Amhara as a colonizer, I would like to say that Amhara is one of the currently colonized nation, but the elites of this nation yet need to wake up and smell the coffee. I hope Professor Daniel and his likes have now started to recognize that the Oromo nation is under a colony since the end of the nineteenth century just as the Amhara nation is now since the end of the twentieth century. The position of Professor Megalomatis in painting Amhara as still the colonizer of the Oromo now serves only the interest of the Tigrean colonists. Is he doing the polarization job of these current colonizers intentionally or unintentionally? He should have understood that now; it is the time for the Amhara democrats and the Oromo liberators to come together and get rid of the Tigrean colonists. I do believe that as Oromo people in general are not from Madagascar; Amhara people in general are also not from Yemen as Professor Megalomatis try to paint. It is possible that few part of the Amhara can have the gene of the Yemenites just as the very few part of the Oromo can be related to the Madagascar. But historically, almost sure is that the two nations are the part and parcel of the Cush, of course, till 1991 the Amhara being the colonizer and the Oromo being the colonized, but currently both are the colonized, even though most of the Amhara elites still have not woken up yet.

Last but not least, the current move of the Amhara democrats and the Oromo liberators, including the forces of other colonized nations in the empire to forge an all-inclusive alliance against the Tigrean fascist rulers, is a nightmare for the cadres of the colonists in the cyber world and the real world. They are now talking about the Beddeno massacre of the poor Amhara, accusing OLF as a perpetrator; and they are also singing about the Cellenqo massacre of the Oromo people to curse Minilik of Amhara – the whole maneuver being to hinder the coming together of the Amhara and the Oromo forces. But the Amhara youth now seem to have started to follow the example of Wallelign Mekonnen and to fight for the freedom of their Amhara nation and for the liberation of all the oppressed nations in the present Tigrean empire, instead of wearing T-shirts with a picture of the feudal king H/Sillasie and instead of singing about the “goodness” of the monarchy as they used to do under the leadership of the obsolete feudals in their hitherto “multinational” parties. I think the trend, as seen in the article of Professor Daniel Kinde and as heard in the rhetoric of some Amhara nationalists recently, is encouraging. It is better late than never, so let us, Oromians, now welcome the Amhara nation to the club of the colonized nations in the Horn of Africa.


* Fayyis Oromia can be reached at fayyis@yahoo.de.


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  1. Argii Amani

    Sep 4, 10 at 11:14 am

    Of course Amhara elites are also in their political evolution process, it will take them long time to comprehend that they are now under colony:

    – most are still at the 1st level of UDJ = unitary Ethiopia devoid of Oromia

    – few are at the 2nd level of OPDO = Oromia under Tigrai colony

    – very few are at the 3rd level of OFC = Oromian autonomy within Ethiopian union

    – very very few are at the 4th level of ULFO and = independent Gadaa Republic of Oromia

    – very very very few are moving at the 5th level of AFD = union of independent nations

  2. Lammii

    Sep 4, 10 at 2:48 pm

    Obbo Fayyis, good work!

    However, some Amharas are still in deep slumber, sorry to come to know this from the debates held between Jawar, Abraha, and Tamagn. I really don’t understand who long those who deny the truth want to keep doing so! Ethiopia, in effect, has never been a democratically established country. This very fact was recognized even 40 years back by Wallelign Mekonon, how on earth Amharas of today fail to understand this??? So, I still urge Jawar to convey the real message in the strongest possible terms about what he feels as a single Oromo rather than curtailing the tone.for the simple reason – not to disappoint these never-changing personalities. Do they expect the OLF to change the cause for which it struggled for 40 or so years? Shame on them! As an individual Oromo, it would be shame to deny my Oromoness simply to wear an EThiopian mask. Those who LOVE ‘Ethiopian people’ and at the same time HATE to death ‘Ethiopian peoples’ may go to hell, if the like! Identity politics is what we Oromos are striving for day in and day out. Some may like to model the future Ethiopia after the USA system, we would like to tell them what we like is not the US style, but the EU system! But, I will never fail to applaud what at one point Jawar said: OLF struggles for the right of the Oromo people; so whether you like this or not you have got to discuss with OLF, if you want to create lasting peace in that country, as OLF has Oromo-mass support! In liberation politics there is a concept “give and take”; but do these chauvinists know this? I doubt! Galatoomaa!! Injifannoo Uummata Oromoof!!!!

  3. reader

    Sep 4, 10 at 3:02 pm

    Feyyisa, I use to read your articles. Your hate of the Amhara people is clearly reflected in almost all of your articles.
    I don’t know why the Oromian intelectuals don’t review the mindset on the Amhara people.
    I used to server the Oromian people for longer time and I lived inside the Oromian people and they are nice people. But I feel so embarrassed if I spent some time with a man of Oromia who passed through a college. Their slogans are “amhara bluh bluh….”

    Definitely,you should stop entertaining what happened so far and think for the future.
    I clearly know Woyanne is so powerless if these two people get in to the agreement. So far they don’t trust each other.
    Most educated Oromians need to entertain and fire up their ethnic politics, hate, and are dreaming the day when Oromian (over used word by oromian politicians and educated people) language and Oromian people dominate the others…a kind of revenge.This would never happen!! Let me forecast for you….I don’t like it to happen but my guess of the future is this giant people, Oromia, will be put in another round of ethnic repression by the unity of Amharas and Tigreans.
    when I see it from my day to day observation, Amharas people find it easy to get in to agreement with a Tigrean than with an educated Oromian.

    Educated Oromians filled their mind with hate…and obviously Amharas will respond for this.
    If you tell or show a person that you hate him, what would you think will be the response?

    Feyyisa, answer the above question and forecast the future Ethiopia.

    Thanks .

  4. salaa gololchaa

    Sep 4, 10 at 5:55 pm

    dont trust any hebashas. there is no unity with them. they hate our people and they love our land. dont even start a discussion if you are an intelligent oromo man. they are worthless.

  5. galana

    Sep 4, 10 at 8:05 pm

    Amarri lafa Gondorii fi Walloo irraa Tigreen irraa fudhachuu duwwaan uummata cunqurfame, garboome fi bittaa jala gale gootee ilaaluun nama dhiba. Uummanni tokko gabroome jechuun kanaa madaalama taanaan biyyittii keessa lafa rakkinni daangaa jiru sabaa fi sab lammoota gidduu jiru gaafannee yoo hiikkaa itti laane hedduutu rakkina akkasii qaba. Hubannoo dhuunfaa keenyaa akka nutti fakkaateetti barreessuun hiikkaa itti kennuun gaarii natti hin fakkaatu. Kana yeroo argani Amaronni ati falmiteef akka sitti kolfani shakkii hin qabu. Osoo naannoo amaaraatti miidhaa Tigreen Amaara irratti raawwatu akka fakkiitti kaaftee, qabeenya Amaaraa saamamaa jiru, aadaa fi afaan Amaaraa balleessuuf godhamaa jiru, Amaarri meeqa hidhamaa, ajjeefamaa, lafa isaa irraa buqqa’aa, dubartiin isaanii humnaan gudeedamaa…kkf kaaftee nu dhageessifte gaddineefii hiriira baanee falminaafii ture. Naa gala barreeffama kee kana booda “beekaa Oromoo ti “jedhamuun duwwaan waan si ga’u natti fakkaata. Oromoonni hedduun waan kanaaf dhama’ani natti fakkaata. Gaafa Amaarri biyya bitaa turan Tigreen hin gabroomnee? Lafa humnaan irraa fudhate gaafannee walitti deebina.

  6. Abdisa

    Sep 4, 10 at 8:37 pm

    Till now I had a great respect to Fayyis Oromia but I start doubting that you are not a person I thought you are. Habeshas (Tigre, Amhara coming from Yemen is a fact but Oromo’s related to Madagascar is a fiction. You are wrong saying “very few part of the Oromo can be related to the Madagascar.” How few? One, two or million I personally know no body related to Madagascar.

  7. KENO

    Sep 4, 10 at 9:05 pm

    We never ever compromise with Amahara!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Full stop.

  8. Fayyis

    Sep 4, 10 at 9:47 pm

    Hi ALL,
    galatooma for the comments! Just a short reply to some of you:

    I know it is very very hard to change the minds of Amhara elites, but they are now almost obliged to swallow certain facts. Just wait, we will see more changes!

    if Amharas think an alliance with Tigreans better serves their interest, no body can hinder them. So no need of trying to intimidate Oromo with this rhetoric.

    well put, galatoomi.

    Sala and Keno,
    I do respect your caution, but be careful that your caution may not be a paralysing fear of any action!

    natti aaruun kee ni beekama, garu waanan yaaduu fi waanan amanu bareessu fi dubbachuuf haqa qaba natti fakaata. Atis akkasuma. Galatoomi.

    let alone Madagascar, there are very few Oromo related to Europeans, Americans and even to Chinese! Is this as such disappointing comment? I hope you got what I mean.

  9. Lewux

    Sep 4, 10 at 10:08 pm

    Aite Reader, are you really concerned about Amhara or you just play the role?

    Galan, “hamma nama hin geessu, tuffi namaaf hin teessu” jedha Oromoon yoo makmaaku. Hamma Fayyis arabsuuf araba kee dheereffattu, maal ta’a otuu gadi teesse waa xinno akka isaa nuu gumaachite?

    Abdisa, just try to improve your english. Fayyis seemingly differentiated the genetic basis of few Amhara from Yemen and the RELATION of very few Oromo with Madagascar. Do you know the different meanings of the verb “related”? Just refer to your dictionary before trying to disqualify his comment!

  10. Observer

    Sep 4, 10 at 10:46 pm

    This is my first time that I looked a map that puts traditional parts of Gondar: Welkaite Tsegedie , Tselemet and Humera and parts of Wello in Tigray. Who made that decission and how the people responded to that annexation? What were the opposition paarties were doing regarding these grand real estae theft of this magnitude on a colossal level?

    It is always imperative to stand for something of a truth..because it is then that you will also be protected from such abusers by others. It does look like they have a mission of cutting out parts of exiting political structures of the past: cutting out the upper part of Ethiopia–which was Eritrea, cutting out the upper part of gondar and annex it to Tigray, cutting the upper part of a previous province and give to a new territory which they created….

    Huge and ugly messes of grand multiplicities to solve for future Ethiopians of extraordinaire virtue and wisdom..let God help them and be with them.

    There seems a lot of things are in wrong settings, but kept silent by food aid and intimidations..These are dangerous political moves with a deadly future social conflicts…consequences of works of fools of the century ..

  11. Waqjiraa Gudataa

    Sep 4, 10 at 11:07 pm

    Dear Reader,
    Thank you for your comment in which you tried to acusse Obbo Fayyis as if motivated by hate against the Ahmara nation which is catagorically not and an opposite sense of reality. But his attempt as a move of bringing all oppressed nations encluding Ahmara nations against your master- a facist regime is your real fate as a cadre of TPLF for what you pretend as if an Ahmara but you are simply a Tigrean struggling for survival. Yes we have certain differences of political outlook like Germany and France 50 years ago but look where they are today. We the Oromos & Ahmaras may come for our common sense as a new strategical alliance like Germany and France of today and you where to go ? None!!.
    Having Oromo brothers and sisters out side Oromia like Madagascar, Brundi and Northern Kenya is a national proud as they are too proud of themselves in Oromummaa. In 2006 during the Oromian Business Development Group held in China I met Dr. Jallo Qaadida from Brundi and Obbo Mohammed Boruu from Madagascar both who expressed as Oromos and looking for their people. So it is a more for our strength I know your point but the debteras has no point in that case let alone find their own history .

  12. Waqjiraa Gudataa

    Sep 4, 10 at 5:24 pm

    Dear our best Opinionst Obbo Fayyis Oromia,
    Thank you for such timely analysis when the current political atmosphere of the empire caught the attention of political forces against the Tigrean empire particularlly of Oromo nationalists moving strategically in a good position a similar to a Croatian liberation movement of 1990th, and a year later they came under their Tokkummaa which has realized to became as as free nation. It is a similar appearoch in Oromo struggle of today:
    1) Those Oromo nanionalists who belief in marching understandebly with the oppressed nations including Ahmara democratically oriented forces to remove the dictatorial regime from Finfinne palace. Here for the fact it seems for the moment both Oromo & Ahmara forces lack a common strategy how to overcome for such a very complicated political messes accumulated by the past and present regimes- lack of statehood fundamental prenciples as Obbo Leencoo stated. Even by such considering as an obstacile the Oromos here think there is still a room for the democratization of the Horn based on political fairness and equality of nations and nationalties to be formed as the Union of Independet Nations as a lasting solutions for stability and development a similar to EU Nations of today.
    On the other hand the Ahmara forces at least by name advocating for the democratization of the empire as a move to restore the present status quo of the empire- Unitarist mentality without considering the true unity of the people. So when they learn from their past mistakes?. Yes Obbo Fayyis your analysis is correct Ahmaras were/ are colonalized the last 20 years but they prefer to live with nostalgic past & a hope of one day… .
    2) Oromo nationalists opposing alliances with Ahmara forces based on above mentined lack of common strategy and mistrust which is a negative for both a pave to poloraization . Here the ball is in the hands of unitarist and it is a time to came out of their mask imiyee Ethiopia or death. Here Oromo nationalist Vigilant too a time of refelexce through the eyes of national interest for our destiny . It is a mello-drama When the body language speaks the hidden diplomacy the case is de facto the so called The Great Tigray Rep. already established , the rest is a matter of annocement for it’s recognition sitting on a time of bombe when forcefully must leave Finfinne palace . We are the major stakeholders in the Horn and ready to confront the issues with the long term strategies. Our Policy Makers are facing a wide range of responsibilty playing in all directions . As a great nation we have a historical responsibility for the sake of Stability & development including to face the reality in accepting & respect Ahmara nationalitie too as a strategical alliance against our common enemy. Yes Obbo Fayyis I agree with you, for sure it will be a test of opportunity for our co- existence as strategical alliance rather than a historical enemies based on mutual benefit a similar to the relationship between Germany and France of today.

  13. Moohaa Oromoo

    Sep 4, 10 at 11:35 pm

    hojiin Fayyis Oromia nama Oromo ta’ee tokko akkas aarsa? Arabsoo akkasi maaltu fide? Dandeenyaan yaada isa mormi. Yoo dadhabde amoo, afaan kee qabadhu waan bareessame dubbisii, itti gamadi.

  14. G

    Sep 4, 10 at 11:55 pm

    Just nothing in this article is gained!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Roobsan

    Sep 5, 10 at 4:16 am

    First and foremost, some Amhara elites who still want to restore the centrist past really need to change and keep up with the ever-changing world. Ethiopia can and will never become a country of one language and culture. Those who think that past status quo will take effect in Ethiopia are those who really need help to recover from that cancer, if possible, of course! But, Ehiopia can be a country of nations and nationalities, each maintaining their own cultural identities. Each also has the God-given right to breakawy, if they need to! So, my message to those never-changing elites would be: Attempting to restore the past status quo would be considered as an ‘ethnic cleansing’ among the oromo nationals. Come on you guys, everything is changing but why not you????

  16. dhuga

    Sep 5, 10 at 10:24 am

    Hi obbo Fayyis oromia,
    No, we definitely can not wellcome them to the colonized club. I think, we do not need to explain why. This is clear without ambiguity.
    You are very relativising the oromo cause.

  17. Qacaloon

    Sep 5, 10 at 6:29 am

    “…they are also singing about the Cellenqo massacre of the Oromo people…”


    Please, stop about your Ethiopian Empire dream.

    *** = Edited/Removed for Civility

  18. Kuulani

    Sep 5, 10 at 1:29 pm

    YES! The time of the Amhara assimilationist colonizers is over since 1991, never to come back again. The remnant feudal assimilationsits like Prof. Mesfin, Dr. Taye and Eng. Hailu are at the verge of their demise. Now we all ara under the brutal rule of the Tigrean hegemonist colonizers! The opposition camp must rise up together as integrationist liberators! It is clear that there are the left-wing Con-federalists, the middle Killil-federalists and the right-wing Xeqilaigizat federalists in this opposition camp. Now they all need to act together as integrationist liberators against the Tigrean hegemonist colonizers. After the liberation from the colonization, we all can decide either per consensus or per referendum which sort of sovereignity we want to have in our common political community in that region: con-federation as OLF and ONLF prefer, killil-federation as OFC and UEDF want or xeqilaigizat-federation as ALEJ and UDJ try to achieve! This is really the nice way of dealing with the current Tigrean apartheid rule!

  19. Baayisa

    Sep 5, 10 at 3:31 pm

    If I have a million dollar, I would bet that person who posted by the name “reader” is a waayaannee cadre. Here is some of the charcterstic of such persons:
    1. They show that Oromian nationality distinct from Abyssinians >>> I as an Oromo and most fo us agree with this
    see above “Oromian intelectuals” and other words he used
    2. They show that Oromos always blame Amhara >>>> he’s pleasing the Amhara group
    see above ” Their slogans are “amhara bluh bluh….””
    3. Missing the point and talking unfounded accusation:
    see above “hatred, etc” requesting ones freedom is NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT hating the other group!!!!

    By doing so they do their mission of fueling the historically problematic situation between thest two nations. Be aware of such postings.
    The bad side of the cyberspace is that it’s nearly impossible to identify the diffrence between the geniune and the camflouged

  20. Adbisa

    Sep 5, 10 at 3:55 pm

    Hi Lewux !
    What is wrong with you! Are you always like this? If you are you have a very bad character. You should stop insulting people.

  21. Hundahore

    Sep 5, 10 at 6:44 pm

    thanks! You just summarized how Weyane *** try to camouflage as Oromo nationalists and curse Amhara or vice versa, their whole effort being to hinder the possible coming together of the two nations against their hegemony!

  22. Meraraw

    Sep 6, 10 at 4:27 pm

    When we talk about Amharas, we have to try to differentiate those who are still nostalgically longing for their lost assimilative Amhara colonial system, most of them being the Amhara Oromians (Amharas grown up in Oromia) from those who do try to distance themselves from their past colonial action and want to foster either a democratic union of autonomous nations (true killil federation) or a democratic union of independent nations (a form of con-federation), of course a lot of these group being Amharas grown up in their native land, in Amharaland! The first group are who do continously cry for the whole imiye Ethiopia and try to patronize Oromo and other oppressed nations, whereas the later do honestly want to liberate their own land from Tigrean colonialism and forge a union with their neighbours if possible!

  23. Baayisa

    Sep 6, 10 at 9:36 pm

    What I try to convey in my last posting was that Waayaannee cadres out there would attempt to steer every discussion to the direction that benefits theire purpose.
    In respect to the “possible coming together of the two nations”, I’m not sure if the alliance will reslove the most complex issue of the empire. As for me, I would strengthen WBO and true unity among Oromo organizations before wasting time and resource on other matters.

  24. Jima

    Sep 7, 10 at 12:42 am

    Hi Baayisa


  25. ulma

    Sep 7, 10 at 3:51 am

    HI Lewxu
    I think language is a matter of exposer. please far way yourself from this bad and ugly character.

  26. qero

    Sep 7, 10 at 4:18 am


    Meraraw thank you so much!!

    That is a wonderful information for oromos, being grown up in oromia they should have understood this problem earlier than any others. “aweqo yetegnan biqeseqisut ayesemam”. I think it is better for them to recogniza the dynamics of the time instead of bosting in the old back ward feudal thinking. It is time to accept the nations around them, before they get left behind and lost in the jungle. Would you mind telling them to move with time and dynamics!!! Appreciate your courage to bring this foreward!!!



  27. Obssan

    Sep 8, 10 at 1:23 pm

    Argii Amani,
    of course Amharas are evolving politically, but your way of puting their evolution move is not accurate. Let me put it other way:

    – till the year 2000, they were rallying behind AAPO as unitarist patriots (UP) crying for their lost assimilative colony.

    – then 2005 they started to sing about xeqilaigizat federation (XF) by supporting CUD to replace the existing fake killil-federation.

    – around the 2010 election, specially during the TV debate, they opted for democratic federation (DF), in which they started to talk about the future possible public verdict on: killil federation vs xeqilaigizat federation, UDJ being the classical example.

    – now after the election, they seem to be open for the true killil-federation (KF) (the position of OFC) as a compromise to forge an alliance with the unionist liberators like OLF, Dr. Berihanu’s new alliance in order to save the empire from disintegration, the ALEJ seems to have this position.

    – unfortunately I have not yet come across any Amhara supporting the position of the unionist liberators (UL) like OLF, who want to forge a union of sovereign nations in the region. This may come when Amhara elites start to accept the reality that they are under Tigrean colony and need to liberate their Amharaland, instead of praying to save their already lost colonial empire.

    I think, their evolution is the result of our QBO. Now for them, it is no more optional, but imperative to accept and respect the true killil federation, if they want to save the Imiye as they do cry and pray all the day and night! No more talk about unitary Ethiopia, about xeqilaigizat federation wanting to forge a union of fragmented nations or even no more talk about a possible public vote on: killil federation vs xeqilaigizat federation! They now got the fact that their refusal to accept killil federation in which a union of autonomous nations can be realized may lead to the other alternative, i.e to the disintegration of the empire.

  28. booressaa xalilcha

    Sep 9, 10 at 2:21 pm

    Dear Fayyis,
    It is always interesting to read your article. You contribution regarding Oromo politics via cyberspace to promote Oromo political consciousness is worthy of respect and gratitude. I hope this time of your article would be the last one in disappointing others and probably me. As I always do, I really respect and appreciate your political view no matter what sometime disagree with.

    Having said that, with all due respect I don’t how you could separate the Amahara and Tigrean’s colonizer? What make Amahara and Tigrean colonizer different? In your article you said Amahara are currently being colonized by tigrean, do you think tigrean also were colonized by Amhara in the past, so now it is not suprise if Tigrean did the same thing to Amhara? What make Amahara colonized now, just because a small portion of land Amhara is incorporated into Tigray Amhara are colonized? In that case, a lot of Oromo lands are granted to harari, Somali, and other forcefully by wayane regime, does that mean those ethnic groups colonized Oromo? Because some of them due to their narrow-minded political views alienated from government job, we say they are colonized? Do you know some of them don’t qualify to be hired in Oromia currently because they don’t speak Afaan Oromo because they had contempt and hatred to afaan oromo while they reside among Oromo people? What Amahara did loss under current regime except political power? Even the system of habesha that was introduced by minilik a century ago still remained and ruling the country. The principle of Ethiopian Orthodox church that ruled the country for a century still being used to manipulate the politics of the country

    I think you missed a main point here. Amahara and Tigrean don’t have much difference in core principle. They have a number of things in common if you will, they are both Habesha, they both in concert want to make all the rest of Ethiopia habesha, they have the same root of language, they both strived to make Abyssinian value all Ethiopian value. I don’t know how much you know about Youhaness II and Minilik II. Minilik and youhanness reigned under the same slogan to estabilish current Ethiopian empire. Unfortunately, Yohannes was behaded by Raya Oromo who joined Mahadi of Sudan fleeing persecution of yohannes policy against Muslims at that time. His mission accomplished by Minilik. Story goes on …..

  29. AFDist

    Sep 9, 10 at 8:37 pm

    Obbo Booreessa,
    I think not only Fayyis (if he ever did), but you also missed the point! Of course Tigreans as a nation were under Amhara colony according to the defintion obbo Fayyis gave above. Think only in the framework of this operational definition. If you have other definition in mind, then you can have other idea, just as Abyssinians dismiss our claim of being colonized by having their own definition in mind. Otherwise it is Prof Daniel. who said ONLY the annexed part of Gonader and Wallo are colonized. Obbo Fayyis said according to the operational definition given, the whole Amharaland is colonized. The comparison you gave regarding Oromoland given to Harari and Somali with that taken by Tigreans doesn`t hold water. Neither Harari nor Somali are now dominating, exploiting and lording over Oromo as the Amhara did till the end of the last century and the Tegaru are doing currently!

    Nagaa Waaqayyoon!

  30. over oromos dead body

    Sep 11, 10 at 9:51 pm

    OLF(Oromo Liberation Front) or OPLF(Oromo People Liberation Front)-this makes us differ from Amhara people…so as an oromo person; form me, there is no point. Only the Oromo Peeple are real solution to the Oromo problem.

  31. Tuqaa

    Sep 14, 10 at 5:12 am

    I’m very disapointed in what you said about oromos coming from Madagascar, you are fueling the Amharas’ argument that oromos are not iindigenous people and they are invaders themselves. Haven’t you read what some intellectuals wrote about oromos living in oromia for thousands of years? How come you don’t see the fact that we find some Affan oromo speakers in Madagascar, or Tanzania, or Kenya doesn’t necessarily mean that they came from those areas to East Africa? I’m sorry but you are messing things up.