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Oromia: Oromummaa is Our Primary Identity and Naming is Identifying

Posted: Onkoloolessa/October 28, 2010 · Finfinne Tribune | Gadaa.com | Comments (36)

Fayyis Oromia*

Two things prompted me to write this short opinion. One was the ongoing dispute between two Oromianist websites (Gadaa.com and Opride.com) with/against two Ethiopianist websites (Jimmatimes.com and Addis Neger Online); and the other is the e-mail I got few weeks ago from one Oromo friend who had been concerned about our way of naming (giving names to our children).

Oromummaa is Our Primary Identity
Of course, to comprehend why I do consider Oromummaa as a primary identity, just read the following opinion I once wrote: http://gadaa.com/oduu/?p=3362

Opride.com wrote a short comment regarding the effect of religion on the Oromo liberation struggle under the title: “Religion is Pulling Our Struggle Back” as already published also here: http://www.opride.com/oromsis/oromo/789-religion-vs-oromo-struggle.html – of course, quoting the speech of Obbo Ahmed Hussein during the conference prepared by OAA (the Oromo Artists Association) to facilitate the ongoing reconciliation between the OLF factions. Speaking to some of the issues that are undermining the Oromo struggle, Obbo Ahmed Hussein stated, “religion is pulling the Oromo struggle back.”

According to Opride.com, “he cautioned that the Oromo Diaspora communities are abandoning the struggle and turning to churches and mosques. Calling on all Oromos to reevaluate their current role in the advancement of the Oromo struggle, he stressed the notion that religion is a personal matter, while Oromummaa is a collective identity.”

OPride.com further elaborated that Obbo Ahmed in his speech used two examples to distinguish between national identity and religion; simply put, one is born or adopted into a community of people with unique national identity (Oromummaa in our case) while religion is a choice an individual makes later in life or learns as one grows older OPride.com continued, “for instance, Christians go through a religious indoctrination and get baptized. Similar practices also exist among Muslims where people undergo an initiation of sort. Mr. Ahmed went on to say that the Oromo Diaspora communities were becoming too religious (either too Christian or too Muslim) which, according to him, was a worrying trend.”

Obbo Ahmed’s comment, which was quoted by Opride.com, gave a chance to the two Ethiopianist websites, purposely or unknowingly – perhaps owing to language barriers (the video is in Afaan Oromo), to suggest that “the video purports to point out a ‘religious division’ among the Oromo. Or as if Mr. Ahmed said a ‘religious division’ has undermined the Oromo struggle suggesting a religious division as in a division between Christian Oromo vs. Muslim Oromo.”

Is this interpretation of the Ethiopianist websites incidental or intentional? At least Addis Neger Online said it was unintentional. What about our Ethiopianist Oromo website JT (Jimmatimes.com)? Does it lack the courage to say sorry or did it intentionally maneuver the fact in order to sow a discord based on religion among the Oromo polity?

Anyways, thanks to Gadaa.com, things are not out of control; and even if the intention of the Ethiopianists has been malicious, it failed to hit the intended target. But surely, this maneuver caused us to think further about our Oromo identity and how to name ourselves individually.

Naming is Identifying
I here will try to say what could be good to us: to identify ourselves (i.e. name ourselves) in line of our natural identity (Oromummaa). One interesting e-mail in Afaan Oromo I got few weeks ago showed how important it was to name ourselves in Afaan Oromo. The e-mail confirmed the Oromo base of the people in south Gojam, north Shoa and east Wallo, who are today considered as Amhara. Classic examples are these Oromo individuals: the late Walellign Mekonnen of Wallo and the late Belay Zeleqe of Gojam. I would like to post the e-mail here:

” … Habashaan maqaa biyya abbaa keenyaa jijjiirtee, kan ishee tiin iddoo buufteetti; akkasumas maqaa saba keenyaa jijjiirtee, har’a Oromoon garri caalu amma iyyuu maqaa alagaa baataa jira. Mee fakkeenya kana haa ilaallu:

– Waalelliny Makonnin bara mootummaa Haayila Sillaasee lafti kan qotee-bulaa haa ta’u jechuu dhaan barattoota yuniversiitii Finfinnee mootummaa irratti kakaasee, fincila guddaa waan uumeef mootummaan Haayila Sillaasee rasaasaan rukutee ajjeese. Barataan kun sabummaan isaa Amaara jedhamaa ture, har’as ni jedhama, garuu dhugaan jiru akka armaan gadiiti.

* Karaa Abbaa sanyii isaa yoo lakkoofnu, Waalelliny Makonnin Kaasaa Kuraash Jimaa Qayyoo Nya’aa Jaatanii Buksaa Cilaaloo Waaqayyoo Galatoo Waajituu Bilbiloo ta’ee, hidda Oromo ta’uu argisiisa. * Karaa Haadha isaa ammoo, Zannabech Gizawu Boruu Namee ti. Hiddi isaa Tuulama ta’ee gosti isaa Meettaa dha, kan dhalatee guddate ammoo Walloo, Boorana keessatti.

– Belay Zeleqe (Balaay Zallaqaa) gootota beekaman keessaa isa tokko dha. Hiddi isa moo: Balaayi Zallaqaa Laaqoo Aagee Galagal Qilxuu … dha.

Kun kan nu argisiisu, maqaan hammam akka nama dogongorsiisuu dha. Gara fulduraatti waan akkasii akka hin uumamneef, mee hanga dandahametti, Oromoon tokko akka maqaa Oromoo tiin waamamu waan dandeenye haa hojjennu …”

After reading this nice e-mail, I responded with the following short reply:

“Galatoomi, dhugaa jiru lafa keesse. Jara ati kaaste kana lamaan akka fakeenyaatti haa fudhannu malee, namoonni Gojjam kibbaa fi Wallo bahaa jiraatan, akkasumas warri godina amma Showa kaaba jedhamee naanno Amaara jala jiru keessa jiraatan hundi duubni isaani Oromo dha. Kanaafi warri Showa kun afaan Amaara tiin ‘duroo gaallaa nebern’ kan ofiin jedhan. Magaloota gurguddoo kan akka Finfinne fi Diredhawa, iddo Amaara tu bay’ata jedhan keesas, jiraatota otuu qomoo isaani qorree ilaallee, baay’een isaani deemani Oromoo tti galu.”

This nice e-mail helped me think over the importance of identifying ourselves (naming ourselves) in line (in service) of our natural identity (Oromummaa). Just to show why this is important, let’s look at the operational definition of identity and naming. Here, we can differentiate personal identity from social identity:

Personal identity is the way in which a person defines him-/herself in terms of individuality and difference to the others. This might include factors, such as age, gender, nationality, culture, religious affiliation, disability, sexuality, interests, talents, personality traits, and family and friendship networks. The way in which a person sees him-/herself in relation to those around and what makes him/her unique, are all aspects of personal identity. Part of our personal identity is given to us at birth, such as gender, nationality and genetic history. Other aspects of our personal identity are formed during our early years of development and continue to develop during our lives as we grow, mature, make choices, forge relationships and build an evolving identity for ourselves.

Social identity is how we do function within many different social situations and relate to a range of other people. Social groups may involve family, ethnic communities, cultural connections, nationality, friends and work. They are an important and valued part of our daily lives. How we see ourselves in relation to our social groupings defines our social identity. Children, who have been separated from their family or country of origin, may become confused about their personal and social identities. They may have experienced a number of moves, been cared for by different people in different places, lost important contacts and relationships from their past, been separated from family, friends and their ethnic and cultural networks. Feeling or being made to feel different is a major issue for children who have been adopted, particularly for children from diverse cultural backgrounds or with a disability. For the adopted child, the stigma of not living with their birth family, living as a cultural or ethnic minority and becoming accustomed to what it means to be adopted are lifelong adjustments.

Ethnic identity refers to a person’s sense of belonging to an ethnic group. Ethnic identity is drawn from the realization that a person’s thoughts, perceptions, feelings and behaviors are consistent with those of other members of the ethnic group. Ethnic identity recognizes that a person belongs to a particular group that shares not only ethnicity, but also common cultural practices.

Ethnic identity is the type of identity, on which I would like to concentrate in this essay. To be an Oromo belongs here; and it is not only biological identity, but also political (identifying oneself with the Oromo interest) and psychological (identifying with the Oromo problem). One method to make children/individuals to feel that they do belong to certain nation is the naming of the children/individuals.

Just to make this plausible, let’s look at the following opinion I got from someone, which was written in Bilisummaa.com as a response to Obbo Ahmed’s comment:

“Obbo Ahmed, galatoomaa, umurii dheeraa siif haa kennu. Enna maqaa kee “Ahmed Huseen” jedhan Islaammumaa isaa malee, Oromummaa isaa hin calaqisu. Maqaan “Waaqo Guutuu” jedhu moo Orommummaa isaa malee Islammummaa isaa hin agarsiisu. Akasumas maqaa duwwaa tiin “Taddasaa Birruu” ennaa jedhan, Amaarummaa fi Kristaanummaa isaa ibsa. Jarri sadanuu garuu ilmaan Oromoo ti. Kanaaf, amantii Islammaa fi Kiristaana yoo fudhannee, aadaa fi maqaa keenya geeddaruun Orommummaa (eenyumaa) keenya dhoksee, nu fokkisiisee, akka walitti buunu nu godhe. Obbo Ahmed Huseen otoo “Galataa Waaqayoo” jedhamanii; general Taddasaa Birruu otoo ” Dibaabaa Haatoluu” jedhamanii, Oromoon gootota kanaan itti caala boona ture. Aadaan Oromoo lee akanatti babal’ata ture. Mee waara Arabaa ilaalaa: atleetonni keenya fi kan Kenia ennaa biyya issanii gadi dhiisanii, gara Qatar, UAE, Quwait fi Saudi Arabia deemanii isaaniif fiigan, maqaa isaanii maqaa Arabaa tti geeeddarsiisu. Maaliif? Deebi’in gabaabaa tti Eenymaa isaanii awaalanii, Araba fakkeesuufi. Kan darbe hin darbatani, kan dhufuf garuu balleessaa keenya irraa barrannee, waan Orommummaa keenya dhoksu irraa of eeguu qabna.”

What a wonderful opinion! It just helped me understand the logic behind changing names during baptisim (Christanization); all the given names are either of Jewish or Habesha origins. Let’s look at some “lost Oromo” because of such naming: the hero, Abune Phexros (what was his true Oromo name as a child?), who resisted the Italian colonizers; and therefore, martyred; Nigus Michael of Wallo; Nigus Tekle-Hayimanot of Gojam; Nigus Suseniyos of Gondar; emperor Haile-Silassie of Ethiopia; the heroes like Abebe Aregay and Belay Zeleqe; the artists like Xilahun Gesesse and Teddy Afro, etc. All were considered as non-Oromo till we recently could research and find it out that they ALL were/are Oromo. We may need to research further to aknowledge if people like the emperor Minilik-II (our colonizer) and the first king of Shoa (Ye-Kunoo-Amlak) were victims of such naming maneuvers.

The question yet to be answered is, why do Habeshas, Arabs and Jews want to name everyone else in their own languages? Why should every Christian be named with either Habersha or Jewish names? Why should every Muslim be given an Arabic name? Religious motive? Only fools and naives can believe like this. I would like to say: it is more political than religion for it is one of the very effecitve way of assimilating. By identifying an individual with such names, it is possible to take a part of his/her identity towards the nation to which the name belongs. If the individual is both politically and psychologically not mature enough, it is sure that he/she feels to belong to the nation where his name comes from. That is what Habeshas did during Ximqet celebrations in Oromia and in other occupied national areas. They changed Oromo names to Habesha names. This process of changing names used to also be done in schools, in military camps and in the other institutions of the imperial system of domination.

Actually, changing of only names would have been not so grave, where an individual is conscious enough to know to which nation he/she belongs not only biologically, but also politically and psychologically. The worst is when such individuals lose their roots like those who do like to say: “duuroo gaallaa nebern,” as the Amharanized Oromo in south Gojam, north Shoa and east Wallo would like to say, and “ye Oromo dem allebin” like the Amharanized urbanites in Finfinne, Diredhawa and in other big towns would like to narrate. I know that these Oromo individuals lost, not only their Oromo name, but they lost also their Oromo language and the Oromo way of life.

Thanks to the Oromo liberation movement being led by OLF, things are now moving in the right direction of getting back to Oromummaa. What those who got Habesha, Arabic and Jewish names should do is only to go to Hammachiisaa and change their names back to the very attractive and beautiful Oromo names. Let the Oromo named Teshager Goraw be renamed to Firaaol Jaalataa; let the Oromo named Asegedech Qixawu be renamed to Dammee Aadaa; let the Oromo named Ashebbir Anberbbir be renamed to Roobsan Nagaa; let the Oromo named Getnet Tagay be renamed to Obsaa Beekaa; let the Oromo named Difabachew Cenniqee be renamed to Boonaa Guddaa, etc. So ALL Oromo with non-Oromo names, please let’s hurry to go to Hammachiisaa and get the great Oromo names.

I hope in the future, Raya Oromos, who now make their geerarsaa/qerertoo in Tigirinya, and Gojam/Wallo Oromos, who make their geerarsaa/qereertoo in Amharinya, will come back to their roots and make their geerarsaa in Afaan Oromo. Oromo with politically conscious mentality now need to work on it and help those who had lost their identity to Habesha, to Arab and to Jews so that they can come back and celebrate their origin. It is clear that one part of Oromummaa is our own style of naming ourselves and our children; the other aspects of our identity are, of course, Aadaa Oromoo, Afaan Oromoo and Amantii Oromoo, where we need to invest a lot and on which development we should work hard. So it is now the right time to revive and develop all aspects of our identity.

The key to the realization of these elements of our identity is, of course, the success in our struggle for bilisummaa. We need to be smart enough to know how to push for bilisummaa. Just as an example, we need to have optimal approach in dealing with the current power balance in the Ethiopian empire. That is why I do want that we need to weigh our positions in the context of the present situation, time and space. Just to describe one situation, the two dimentional Czeck vs. Slovakia struggle, where the two nations opted for peaceful separation, was very different from the hitherto multi-dimentional (at least three dimentional) struggle in the Ethiopian empire. This multi-dimentionality makes the situation in Ethiopia very different from this example and even from other examples like Israel vs. Palestine; Chechenien vs. Russia; Serbs vs. others; Kurdistan vs. Turky, etc.

In Ethiopia, the fact that at least three forces (Amhara, Tigrai and Oromia) are fighting against each other for either domination or liberation is unique. This triangular struggle needs wisdom in knowing and using the possible alliances of “two against one.” Till 1991, there had been no confusion, Oromian liberation forces and Tigrean “liberation” forces had formal or informal alliances against the dominating and ruling Amhara elites. From 1991 till 2006, there was a confusion for Amhara opposition forces and Oromo liberation forces could not trust each other to foster an alliance against the now dominating/ruling Tigrean elites. From 2006 (the first attempt of forming AFD) till now, there is approach-avoidance conflict between these two forces, which seem to be diametrically opposite (Amhara crying for unitary Ethiopia and Oromo singing about independent Oromia).

The ruling Tigrean elites do exploit this fact and pour a kerosine to the fire of conflict between Amahara and Oromo forces. If this conflict continues, there is no chance to get victory over Tigrean elites for the Amhara forces and the Oromo forces do neutralize each other. If they are smart enough, these two opposition camps should try to unify and consolidate their own camps first and then foster a tactical alliance against the ruling Tigrean elites. To promote such a possibility of an alliance, Amhara forces should moderate themselves and stop their cry about the unconditional ONLY unitary Ethiopia as well as the Oromo forces should moderate themselves and refrain from singing the unconditional ONLY independent Oromia. The compromise middle position for both can be an autonomous Oromia within the Ethiopian Union, so that Amhara forces need not be anti-Oromia and Oromo forces need not be anti-Ethiopia.

After getting rid of the Weyane tyrannts, the two opposition camps can go for public verdict and then live according to the result. Otherwise, we have to be sure that neither Amhara unitarists nor Oromo liberators will get victory over the polarizing machine of the Tigrean elites. Then, both BIG nations have to be ready to be ruled by the Tigrean oligarchy for at least the next one century. The question to the elites of the two BIG nations is, are we as such fool or naive to fall into the trap of the polarizing Tigrean elites? The way forward for ALL the currently oppressed nations and nationalities in the region/empire (including the Amhara) is to come back to their original national identity and then cooperate regionally for the possible common benefit. Both the past assimilative colonization under Amhara elites and the present hegemonic colonization under the Tegaru elites need to come to the end.

So, last but not least, I would like to encourage ALL the conscious Oromo from all walks of life to go to Hammachiisaa and get our lovely and true Oromo names, being liberated from the alien past naming. Following this Oromo example, I also recommend for individuals who do belong to the other oppressed nations in the empire to do the same. I hope the Habeshas, the Arabs and the Jews will not be disappointed when we just become aware of the motives behind their insistence to name foreingers in their languages. They are really so smart that they could instrumentalize their religions (Christianity, Islam and Judaism) in order to influence the other nations. It is very easy to persuade a believer of one religion to take the name of the nation, which is considered to be the origin of the respective religion in comparison to the non-believers. So Oromo, let’s go for Hammachiisaa from now on and may Waaqayyo/Rabbii bless us all!


* Fayyis Oromia can be reached at fayyis@yahoo.de.


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  1. Ethiopia

    Oct 28, 10 at 3:35 am

    What is an Oromo culture? If language, music, food are what you consider culture then there is nothing inherent about that. Anyone can learn the language, eat the food, and dance to the music. The question I have for you is what makes one an Oromo? As we know Culture is bogus.

  2. tewodros

    Oct 28, 10 at 5:04 am

    I think you are becomming mentally ill. To confirm your spectacular finding I heard a rumor which says Sir Isaac Newton, Alber Enstine and Gallilio had Oromo blood. What do you think? Why the names of these brilliant oromo people were renamed. In addition, Wayne rooney has also oromo blood,

  3. Tokkee

    Oct 28, 10 at 5:13 am

    Let’s change our name to Oromoo name, Oromos!
    Let’s do it for the sake of our identity!

    Galatoomi Obbo Fayyis!!

  4. ararsa abdeta

    Oct 28, 10 at 9:31 am

    first of all 10q (thank you) then, we oromo’s need such supporting idea

  5. Keelloo

    Oct 28, 10 at 1:09 pm

    Fayiss, hurry up to read before gadaa.com deletes my comment!

    Yaroo bay’ee aniif atti lee yaadaan walitti bu’aa kan turreef kanaafi.
    Hamma garuu bilisumma.com irraa yaada koo fudhattee assitti maxxansuu keetiif galatoomi!
    Orommummaan Bilisummaaf yoo qoricha ta’e maaqaa fi adaa halagaa leellisanii orommummaa ofiin boonuufi guddisuun bay’ee nama rakkissa. Akuma attuu jette haatti keenya waanti dugdatti nubaatte Hammachiissaa nugeesiteef qoosaafi miti. Orommummaan keenya kan ibsu maqaan Oromoo keenya akka diinaafis firaafis iffa bayee beekamuuf! Ani ennaan ilaalu namni maqaa koo geeddaruu yaaluu kan najjeesuu yaalu wajjin tokkuma! Ennaan mana barumssaa jiru barsiisaan koo (directerii) akkas jedhe: Issu liji eko simuu bichaa new yetefefaw. Akana jedhee hidhiifne. Abba kootiin illee ilma kee maqaa isaa geedariif jennaan wal lolani!
    Amantiis yoo fudhatte, amantiin oromo amantii enyuuyuu gadi miti. Dhuguma, kitaaba dubbii sobaa nubarsiisu tokkolee hinqabnu! Garuu amantii laffara jiru hunda caala kan orommmummaa keenya nubarsiisuu fi jabeessu Amantii Oromoo qofa. Oromoonis kana barateetu Hirreessa bara baraan yaroo hunda caala kabajaa jira. Galatoomi.

    Admin’s Note: Keelloo, Gadaa.com doesn’t remove comments in random actions. Gadaa.com has a set of rules for comment writers; this guideline is given above the comment box with the title, “RULES FOR COMMENTING.” In addition, Gadaa.com’s Editorial Policy can also be found here: http://www.gadaa.com/aboutus.html. If, in the past, your comments had been removed, it was because they had not met these guidelines.

  6. Ali Wako

    Oct 28, 10 at 1:55 pm

    Yaad baayyee gaarii fi bilchinaan itti yaadamee barreeffame waan tahee Oromoonni kana barreessa jirtan itti jabaadhaa. Bahaa dhihaa kaabaa kibbatti rakkoo kanaatu harkaa nu qabaa mee namuu haa irratti duulluu. Yoo nuti hundil ilmaan keenya maqaa Oromoo baasuufiin jalqabne dhaloota hegereetiif bu’aa gudda qaba. Jabaadhaa Oromoo. Nagaan.

  7. Hundahore

    Oct 28, 10 at 2:26 pm

    swallow the fact even if it is bitter; I think Fayyis is not as you colored him, but you saw him with the color of your eye glass; so try to change your eye-glass or take it off, then you can see him as he is!

    if that idea taken from bilisummaa.com is yours, you really put it very well! Galatoomi.

  8. Kuulani

    Oct 28, 10 at 4:17 pm

    google and learn about culture!

    forget about Albert Einstein, but check yourself! Are you not one of those who say: “duuroo gaallaa neberku or ineem ye Oromoo dem allebiny”! Just count back your generation till the 7th Hause, you will end to have Rooba as your forefather!

  9. Jima

    Oct 28, 10 at 8:58 pm

    Galatooma Jarana. Gaafa oromummaa jechuun seeran maal aka ta’e nuuf galu, hammachisaan itti aanee ofumaaf dhufa. Haamachisaa dura, mee ijoolee keenya amantaa kamiyyu yaa hordofnu, maqaa oromoo yaa moggaafamu. Kuni hojii jamaa ta’u qaba. Biyya arabaatti cunqursaa baqaatani yemu adeeman, gurra qabani kan lagatti darbamu tookko oromoodha. Amantii keenya hordofa jedhani yoomi seeran keessumeessan?. Jibbinsaafi tuffi arganne. Eega nutti maqaa warra nutufattu ijjoolee keenya moggaasuun waan itti fufu qabu??. maqaa ormaa yoo moggaasne malee, kan keenyan jeenatta hin gallu???. Maqaa moo hojiittu jennata nama galcha??. Mee itti yaa yaadnu. Wallaalumaafi dhibbatu kanuma keenya nu harkaa balleessa jira. Ummatni kan seeran hojachuu qaba, maqaa ijoolee funduratti dhalatani. Fakki ta’aa hundi keessan. Maqaa arabaa moggaassun itti fufnaan, yeroo dheeratti hawaasa keenya dijju rakko buusu danda’a. Kutaa wal qoodu irra, amantaatu “dangerous’ dha. Abbaan fedhe (local or international groups) dijju galee tokkumma hamuma ta’e qabnu balleessuu danda’a. Ijoolee keenya yoo maqaa oromoo itti mooggaasne, yeroo gabaabattis ta’e yeroo dheraatti garaagarummaa xixiqqaa amantaan kan ka’e jiru humna dhoowataa adeema.

  10. biftu bari

    Oct 29, 10 at 2:09 am

    Thank you Fayyis, i don’t even know why any body would name their child Habasha name or Muslim or Christian name any more. that is the past, we ormo have should be advance to follow the old in 21st century. its time to change our name to who we are. if you define who i am, its simple. who you are is what you think or you call yourself and what others think or calls you. so known this fact, your name is who you are. personally i dont see anything more beautiful name then oromo name. each oromo name have meaning to it unlike habasha name or Muslim or Christian name that was given to most kids based only how it sound. be a unique, have your name, speak your language and be yourself. stop trying to become some other person, stop to sound like other people and be proud. remember the only thing tht differentiate us is our name tht is given to us based on religion views. religion is one thing that allways keep us apart. like it or not its the truth.

  11. Argii Amani

    Oct 29, 10 at 8:26 am

    Fayyis was so mild regarding the Arab and the Jew, but was hard against the Habesha. Why didn’t he recommend that Oromo with the names like Efrem Yaqob, Rahel Isayas, Musa Ahmed and Jemila Abdulqadir change to the beautiful Oromo names like Mo’aa Leencaa, Kuulani Jabaa, Bareeda Sabaa and Leensa Mooti respectively? I think protestant Oromo, who prefer Jews names, orthodox Oromo, who usually choose Habesha names and Muslim Oromo, wo do tend to accept Arab names must learn to give a priority for Oromo names (give Oromummaa a primary position in comparision to their religious affiliations)!

  12. Keelloo

    Oct 29, 10 at 11:50 am


    Galanni kan Obboo Adem Husseeni! Isatu dhugaa haddhooftuu kana dubbatee nukakaasee. Hammallee nama hedduuf dubbiin issaa waan galeef natti hinfakkaatu. Inni wayee kristaanafi islaamaa kaase. Kanatu wayee maqaas nuyaadachiise. Hundi keenya maqaa keenya hinfillanne. Gar tokko ottuma dhiibbaan habashaa irra jiruu warri keenya hammachiissaa nugeessanii maqaa Oromo arganne. Gar tokko moo arabsoo fi doorsissa habashaa (harrassement) soodaataniitu, ykn. habashaafi arabni waan namaa ol itti fakkaateetu warri keenya maqaa halagaa nu uffachiisani. Kaani moo hojii argachuuf lee kan maqaa issaa geeddare jira. Gabaabaati: Galaan, Bekele fi Mohammed ilamman abbaa tokkoo lee ta’u danda’u. Dhugaan jiru garu aka ilmaan halagaati walilaallee walitti gaarrefachuu dha. Maqaa oromoootiin waamanuun kana tokkichaan dhabamsiisa jechuu ottoo hintaane, waldhabdee kana hinxiqeessa jedheen yaada. Maqaa oromootiin waamamuun akka qaanii fi salphinaatti ilaalama akka ture hundi keenya hinyaaddanna. Dhallooni hammaa moo mirga, aadaafi seenaa issa deebifachuuf yoomiyyuu caala waan kutatee ka’eef akkuma maqaa magaaloota Oromia (Bishooftuu, Finfinnee, Adama, kfk.) deebise maqaa gabrummaa kanas of irra dhiquu qofa ottoo hintaane dhala issaati lee lammaffa akka hindabarsine gochuu qabna. Kun tokkummaa Oromoo sibiila caala jabbeessa. Tokummmaan oromoo moo aka diina Oromo qawwee caala sodaachissuu isaanis beeku, nutis beekna. Galatoomi.

    Tewodros, Ethiopia:

    You and we know that anything good for Oromos, especially that strengthens our unity is a headache for our enemies. Take it easy…

  13. wako

    Oct 29, 10 at 2:51 pm

    I think naming our kids it doesn’t matter as me giving muslim name since the family fully understand being oromo. Oromo and religin are two big various thing.There is some thing behand it. Why at this time we worried about naming our kids.I don’t have any problem with the naming of our kids. My kids name is Ibrahim and fatuma. They are not arab. They are oromo and they are proud being oromo. They kneow why family gave this name to them.I think this not obstacle for our unity and bilisummaa.If some people having muslim name and confused themselve we have to teach them the difference of name and oromummaa.Why we ignore our conserned issue that fight for bilisummaa and for one common goal to establish oromiya as a country in th heart of Ethiopia to complitele eradicate the name of the Ethiopia from the horn of Africa why we worried aout the silly thing guys Colonized people are confused people. Please don’t confused as go for bilisummaa

  14. Fayyis

    Oct 29, 10 at 3:49 pm

    Hi ALL,
    galatooma for the opinions! I appreciate your encouragemnet!

    nice to read from you! Amma araaramne jechuu dha KKKK! Duris bar yaada tokko tokko irratti wal-abne malee, lamaan keenyuu Oromoof iyaa jirra. Galatoomi yaada bareedaa sanaaf, jabaadhu!

    Ethiopia fi Tewodros,
    I just respect your rejection, but that doesn’t mean you are right! I would have liked if you could falsify the story with reason!

    you are welcome! I didn’t denounce the non-Oromo names in principle like a dogma, but Oromo naming is the right step in a right direction if we want to revive and consolidate our Oromummaa as a nation.

  15. Jima

    Oct 29, 10 at 8:10 pm

    Hi Wako,

    We are not asking to change your children names, Ibrahim and Fatuma. We are happy that they are proud of being Oromo. But, for the future, when we have more children we need to give Oromo names, not Arabs or non oromo names in general. Oromummaa begins here. My name is Amahra’s name, but my future children should have oromo names. This is what we are talking. You are asked to do the same. Be exemplary for other oromos.

    So far, as you said, naming is not the problem for our unity and liberty. I do agree with you here. We are advocating for naming Identity only as side line work. But, it has enormous contribution in making current and future unity more mature and sustainable. ***

  16. Naatolii

    Oct 29, 10 at 11:31 pm

    Fayyis Oromia
    Thank you for all your effort and energy to help us all. I have at most respect admiration for people like you to find some times and energy to make a difference in our people’s life.

    However, I have slight prospective on some of things you outlined. For lack of time, I will be brief in fact very brief.

    Part of our identity and powerful one is our name. We agree on that. You also said,

    “So, last but not least, I would like to encourage ALL the conscious Oromo from all walks of life to go to Hammachiisaa and get our lovely and true Oromo names, being liberated from the alien past naming.”

    It is very important the next generation Oromos to be given Oromo names. There is no compromise on this one under any circumstances. However, for those already who have Habasha (Abyssinian) names. Keeping Habasha names is out wait changing it. Here is why?

    a) It is a constantan reminder what the Habasha did to our people.
    b) It is good for the history book. Imagine 200 years from now an Oromo scholar or student seating in the middle of a library thinking what really happen to the Oromo people in our time. Why Oromo jumped names between generation?
    c) We do not want our history to be forgotten or erased. History is just that and it should be kept for the next generation what really happen to our people. Moreover, to help them guard against any intrusion and become protective about their identity in general and their names in particular. A hundred years from now a typical student will ask what really compelled to some of the Oromo people to change their names to Arabic and Habasha names.

    c) Coupled with the name what is important is how the person feels about his Oromummaa. Ato Minase changed his name to Abba Dula. Does that make him a better Oromo?

    Only one exception to what I have out lined. Some prominent Oromo personality can pick up Oromo names, like famed artist, athlete, high-powered politicians (prime minister, president), prominent personalities, and the like. Why? You answered it.

    In other unrelated area. Should Afaan Oromo become one of the official languages of the Ethiopian Empire? Absolutely Not? Why? Before the liberation of Oromia, it is very dangerous for Oromo nation. After the liberation, I would like the entire world to adapt or use Afaan Oromo and will promote it even if I have to walk from Oromia to China. However, not now. Guess why?

    While back, me and some other Oromos made some research on this area and came up with this surprising result. It Is Very dangerous for Oromo nation if we do not make a very careful thought behind this language Issues. It should be based on research not emotion. The research is not inclusive or academic but for personal enrichment. Just to answer the following question. How are we going to approach this issue as one individual Oromo? We never thought it is important to raise this kind of an issue. What is important to liberate Oromia first? Unfortunately, people are talking about it now, including one of our prominent politicians.



  17. Lammii

    Oct 30, 10 at 2:11 am


    Wake up, before it will be too late. Giving Oromo names to your children is one way of expressing your identity Oromoness. Why do you worry for Arab names for you are not an Arab? Why the Habashas work tirelessly to change someone’s name when they baptize them at churches? Because that is one way of identity-cleansing. Habashaan bakka Oromoo dur itti Gadaa bahu balleessitee maaliif bataskaana irra dhaabde?

    The good news is ‘You said your children are proud of being Oromo’. To me, they would even be more proud if their names were Oromo names. Maqaa Oromoo qabaachaa amantii Islaamaa/kiristaanaa hordofuun hin danda’amuu? Wake up yourself first and lead others by examples. Maqaan halagaa kan halgaa ti, Amaariffas ta’e Arabiffa!!!!!!!!!!! Galatoomaa!

  18. Roobsan

    Oct 30, 10 at 3:14 am

    Ethiopia and Tewodros,

    Ethiopia, you might be suffering from false reading of what is meant by CULTURE. Reread it. Tewodros, you are a bit untamed. So, be a bit considerate and accommodative.

    Biftu Barii fi Wako,
    It is not the religion that has kept us apart; it is the way we have understood the concept of religion instead. In principle you reflect your religion via your culture. However, as majority of our people are followers of alien religions, there is no reflection of Oromo culture in the religions they are following. Fakkeenya haa fudhannu, biyya keessatti yeroo ayyaana warra Habashaa uffannaan uffatamu, nyaati dhiyaatu, sirbi sirbamu, kkf, kan aadaa Habashaa (abbaa ayyaana sanaa) mul’isan ni dha. Yeroo ayyaana Islaamaas hoo fudhannee aadaan ittiin ayyaanni sun gaggeeffamu aadaa Arabaa ta’uun nama hin falmisiisu. Kanaaf hoo furmaati maali???? Akka kootti amantii kam iyyuu hordofi garuu aadaa Oromootiin ta’uu qaba, haga danda’ametti (OROMUMMAA should be top in our priority list). Maqaa Arabaa ykn Amaaraa ijoollee keenyaaf moggaasuun maaliif barbaachise? Jeneraal Waaqoo Guutuu maqaa miidhagaa kanaan waamamaa amantii Islaamaa hordofaa hin turree??? So, what matters most is the way you see yourself. Try to instill self-pride in yourself and your family, Subboonummaa starts from there. Namni ijoollee isaaf maqaa Oromoo hin moggaafne, Oromummaa irratti badii akka dalagaa jiru otoo hubatee irraa deebi’ee hin wayyuu, yaa JAMAA?????

  19. qero

    Oct 30, 10 at 3:58 pm

    Hi Fayyis,

    Thank you so much for the article.

    I think Oromumaa is beyond name, it is not only name which makes one person oromo or not oromo. There is some thing beyond that.That may be culture, and also not only culture, may be history not only that too. In my oppinion how oromo becomes oromo no body knows, “but we are just oromo.”what ever language I speak or in what ever culture I lived I am still Oromo.I know people who are oromo who grew in other culture, speak the same language as the native of other culture but still they are very strong oromo. Today there are oromo who are harrassing oromo they are still oromo.They can’t say I am not Oromo. In deep inside there is that Oromo(the soul), that is why we feel pain or disrespected under habeshas domination.we felt it, when they look down our orommuma. even if they gave good position or what ever benefit. May be suppressed,it will jump out at some point even for those who are living in the enemy.So, for those who already have the name of habesha advising them to change their name in the middle of so much I don’t think gives a solution but bringing back the “soul” to orommuma is the one which we have to work on. The “SOUL” has to be liberated. THE SOUL HAS TO DARE TO SAY I AM OROMO.Then liberated oromo can work with any body in the world.

    The other in the following phrase you mentioned the following:
    From 2006 (the first attempt of forming AFD) till now, there is approach-avoidance conflict between these two forces, which seem to be diametrically opposite “(Amhara crying for unitary Ethiopia and Oromo singing about independent Oromia).” I did not like it the one in the qouted section since it looks disrespect, could you be able to use it in other ways? About the coming together it needs more convincing solution. There should be win – win solution, oppeness and clear cut task assigment in both sides so that it won’t be win-loss etc. that way we gain our respct from them and result in true companion ship. One thinking the other one as a fool, there won’t be unity and alliance too.



  20. abu edeo

    Oct 30, 10 at 4:06 pm

    bilissumman tokummaan argamti, yaa lammiiwwani koo biyya alaa keessa facaatani jiratani walii galaa tokommaa , keessatu warri bulchiinsa kutaa ameerikaa jirtanii , warra awuroppa ,awustiraliyaa ,ardii eshiyaa fi afrikaa keessa jirus sababa kesaniin tokkumma dhabanii.

  21. Fayyis

    Oct 30, 10 at 5:07 pm

    Jima, Naatolii, Lammii, Roobsan and Qero,
    galatooma! Nice opinions! I just accept both your complements and constructive criticisms! Wonderful!

  22. Waqjiraa Gudataa

    Oct 31, 10 at 11:07 am

    Dear our respected and loved Fayyis Oromia,
    Thank you for your interesting move as for educational initiative concerning to our Names and Naming as our Identity / DNA and in similar response teamed up with our Gadaa.com and Opride. com to A Conroversy made by the Jimma Times intentionally and Addis Neger Online as it declared unintentional against the the Oromo nation in misreporting the speech of our Hero the father of our OLF Obbo Ahmed Hussein. In reality when the message was intentionally to delivere and stimulate the need to accelerate our Tokkummaa for Bilisummaa was what we were waiting to hear from our leader as an injection for our movent, as a response of frustration our foes tried to hijack the message to sow the discord division among our nation in forgetting how Oromummaa in a every Oromo son and daughter is being too rooted than in any societies has proved the quick controattac by our Media Watch and the Dilemma of failed attempt from our foes make us more vigllant for our cause and accelerates our Tokkummaa more than ever. When I do apprciate the response given by ANO , I am not surprising the silence taken by JT as always keen to sea the weak OLF in hoping to get temporarily credits from their Unitarist masters but for sure the strength of our movement is like sitting on a time of bomb as recently an Italian mass media” Corriera della sera” described it.
    So obbo Fayyis as you mentioned the peaceful divorce Czech vs Slovak the promoters were Civic societies , mas medias were the real leaders for being a Reefers for both to be kept with in the tolerance line . This is what we lack from our opponents as the above mentioned Medias arrogantly interfered in our own affairs is not a healthy move for our relashinships even for those who are advocating for a strategical alliance between the two big nations of the Horn. But this move must be based on Bilateral relationships and Reciprocity for our common interest. On such Strategical Concern our Policy Makers must take in to consideration our popular demand, determination and national sentiment for a guidance Cagasa/ listen ( Channel Hundaol: Nuu Biyyii… by our legend Hailu Kitaba).
    This reality also well analysed by our”Qero” by saying: ” There be win-win to solution, oppenes and clear cut task assigment in both sides so that it won’t be winn-loss etc. that way we gain our respect from them and result in true comanion ship. One thinking the other one as a fool, there won’t be Unity and Alliance too”. Thanks! obbo Qero in speaking our general sentiment when the Ahmara nation conerned. It is from such general concern our Civic Socity diramatically chang the way our Strategical direction to historical( oppressed nations including Somali and Eritrea) to Strategial alliance the case of Egypt and others. When the last decision is up to our Policy Makers, we the Oromian Civic Socities are doing our best to build a solid partinership with our strategical alliance, as an eg. Since from 2009 an Oromian Business Socity held several summits with Egptians business societies for collaboration and common interest.
    Hi Obbo Fyyis as we do heartly appriciate the move of a possible alliance between the two Big nations to be proved themselves the most tolerant and civilized nations of the world a similar to Czechs and Slovaks but not necessarly by the expenses of our destiny. So obbo Fayyis why do you stress the word always hated “Autonomous” a de facto to save empires or incapabile to stand on its own foot was disappeared since the last 20 years from the map of the world?. It is always a trap and an obstacle for stability and development alwasy as a killing of time in pretending as a strategical move. Even one of the most moderate Kosovo Albanians Dr. IBRAHIM RUGOVA has refused to sign the Autonomous agreement between Kosovo Albaians and Serbs in 1992 , which led him the Father of his nation. Oromia should not once again fail in a trap of a Disable Autonomy even for a tactical move what so ever.

  23. Fayyis

    Oct 31, 10 at 12:03 pm

    Hi Waqjira,
    galatoomi for your nice opinion! This “Autonomy vs Independence” issue is an endless discussion among the Oromo polity! Both options are still entertained for they are not exclusive to each other, but the final decision will be made by the Oromo public verdict. That is why I said autonomous Oromia within an Ethiopian union can be the common ground to build an alliance of Amhara and Oromo forces against the fascist Weyane. I must repeat this again and again and again and again: it is only a TRANSITIONAL arrangement leading us to the future public verdict, where the Oromo mass will choose between “an Oromian Autonomy within Ethiopian Union” and “an Oromian Independence within African Union” as a lasting solution. This decision must be left for the Oromo public as an exercise to self-determination after getting rid of Weyane fascists, it should not be predetermined now by Oromo polity. As far as I am concerned, the following is the reality of the political development in the empire:

    – Unitary Ethiopia is obsolete and the past;
    – Weyane’s Ethiopia is EVIL and temporary;
    – Ethiopian Union (true killil-federation) is transitional solution;
    – Oromian Independence is indispensable and a MUST;
    – UNION of Independent nations in the Horn/Africa (confederation) is the beneficial and lasting solution!

    This is the summary of all my hitherto position. So, to take autonomous Oromia as a temporary goal of the possible all inclusive alliance against Weyane fascists doesn’t necessarily mean opposing the future Oromo public decision for an Independent Oromia. I know this topic of discussion will never end till we settle it per public verdict in the future. Till then we can express our only individual positions, but we can not decide for the Oromo people!

  24. Jaallataa Lammi

    Oct 31, 10 at 1:53 pm

    Obbo Fayis Oromo, Yaadni kee bayee gaaridha. ani kanan jedhu namootni biyya Ethiopia jedhamtu kana bitaa turan ykn bittaa sana keessatti qooda fudhatanis ta\e namootni kennaa ykn ogummaa addaatin beekama ta’anis bayeen isaanii hundeen Oromoo dha jedhama. Akka seenaan jedhutti maqaadhumti Etopiaas maqaa biyya Oromoo dabalatee kibba abisiniyaatif kenname dha.
    Amma warri Etoopian keenya jedhani tokkummaa ishetif iyyan ijoollee ijoollee warra Oromoo fi ummatoota kibbaa weraranii fi warra beela baqatee nutti godane ykn baqate dha. Egaa nuyi Etoopian kun kan keenya isin nutti dhuftan nu irra qubatan malee kan keessanu miti jennee Etoopiuma kana irratti abbumma keenya amannee yoo sochone maal badin isaa? akkuma jette booda ummatni Oromoo haa murtesu. Amma keessumatu abba mana ta’ee mana abban mana qabatee anatu abbadha jedhe .
    Mee kunis akka yaada tokkotti irratti haa mari’atamu.

  25. Ogina

    Oct 31, 10 at 2:46 pm

    Jaallataa Lammi,
    yaada gaarii kaafte! Amma maqaa Ethiopia tiin hundi keeny bilisummaa Weyane irraa bahuu qabna! Booda saba Oromoo tu murteefata, maal akka barbaadu! Jabaadhu!!!

  26. qero

    Oct 31, 10 at 4:44 pm


    Obbo Fayyis, Obbo Waqjiraa thank you so much for the response and considerations.

    I appreciate your efforts in the process of making a difference,


  27. Keelloo

    Nov 1, 10 at 1:41 pm

    Note from Admin: Keelloo, the comment forum on Gadaa.com is moderated by an Admin. Moderation means when someone veers off subject, the Admin interrupts and helps everyone focus on the issue being discussed here. Any moderated forum, including on CNN or all other media, has a moderator who helps participants focus on the subject under discussion. Your remark regarding a person’s religion and their name was off topic, and also violated one of the rules in the Gadaa.com Editorial Policy.

    Please stick to these rules: http://www.gadaa.com/aboutus.html (or see above the “Comment” box shown underneath.)

  28. Waqjiraa Gudataa

    Nov 2, 10 at 4:36 pm

    Obbo Fayyis,
    Thank you for your response, I do agree in principle for your tactical move but for what so ever Unitarists sould not have a power/voice a similar to Veto power voice over others. For such provocative act, Oromo conservative nationalsts have a point as a counterattac. Our tolerance is beyond its limit for a common interest against a common enemy. For sure Ahmara progressive forces are also advocating for a possible alliance with OLF, but look what the so- called ESAT is doing considering the Oromo nation as its prime enemy. Airing a documentary film on OLF /ups -down/ is an inopportune and less respect for the Oromo nation. So it is a time of boycott as a strategical alliance and concentrate our alternative opitions for our national interest.

  29. Oromboona

    Nov 3, 10 at 7:33 am

    Aite/Obbo Waqjira,
    you must be either a smart Aite or a stu*pid Obbo, who cries against the currently toothless Amhara, whereas the killer Weyane is looting us and lording over ALL the nations in the empire including the Amhara. Either as the smart Aite, you are doing your job good, i.e hindering the possible all-inclusive alliance at any cost, or as a stu*pid Obbo you are in the trap of the smart Aites! Which one are you? Smart Aite or stu*pid Obbo???

  30. Waqjiraa Gudataa

    Nov 3, 10 at 5:30 pm

    Obbo Oromboona,
    Thanks! you for your provocation. I do not belong to neither both, I am simply against extremist group whom you said currently a toothless but if they have they will use it against my nation than TPLF killers of today. For us no difference a killer is a killer always. You guys try to lern from the recent history : we helped to bring in the TPLF from their Jungle and today in a similar move by All-inclusive alliance without a common ground you try to fool us. So who is Aite? Or ready to fail in a racist trap?. Are you happy by the move of the so – called Esat in choosing a silence against the TPLF but a tierless against our movement. The move for alliance must show a minimum respect otherwise the other side as to accept their arrogance is unacceptable. Thus, such alliance is a similar to British vs its Commonwelth .

  31. Liberator

    Nov 4, 10 at 6:50 am

    Aite Waaqjiraa,
    both the tokkummaa qabsaa’ota Oromoo and the tumsaa of ALL against the fascists are mandatory and they will come! Is this scairng for you and your likes? By the way, you are not as such a smart Aite, but one of the averages, who can make little impact on the process!

  32. Abdii Boruu

    Nov 4, 10 at 2:17 pm

    Yaa ilmaan Oromoo,

    Akkan yaadolee (comments) adda addaa, kan namoota gara garaa irraa dhiyaatan, argetti, yeroo baay’ee waan hubadhe tokkotu jira. Inni kunis yaada namni tokko barreesse irraa ka’anii, ati kana, ati sana jedhanii jechoota adda addaa waliif moggaasuu dha. Fakkeenyaaf, Afaan Ingliziitiin jechoota kan akka: smart foe, stupid friend, smart Aite, stupid obbo, fi kan kana fakkaatanii dha. Yoo yaadni tokko dhiyaate, waayee kanarratti yaada ofii dhiyeessanii; hamma danda’ame obsaan, kabajaan yaada bilchaataa dhaan waliif ibsuu fi wal amansiisuu yaaluutu marii tokko illee bareedaa godha malee, aarumaan ykn obsa dhabuu dhaan abalu ati kana, abalu ati sana…. jechuun waayee irratti dubbatamu sanaaf mala ykn/fi furmaata fiduu danda’aa? Ani akkan ofii kiyyaa yaadutti, akka ilaalcha kiyyaatitti, namni yaada kennuurraa akka of qusatu; akka marii tokkoof illee fedhii hin qabne taasisa malee bu’aa biraa waan qabu natti hin fakkaatu. Haala akkanaa keessatti marii gaariin gudhamuu hin danda’u jedheen yaada.

    Yeroo tokko tokko, yoon taa’ee gadi fageenyaan itti yaadau, walumaagalatti, waayeen keenya keessumaayuu waayeen QBO gaafiilee baay’ee sammuu kiyya keessatti uuma. Eenyu qabsaa’aa dhugaa fi hogganaa dhugaa akka ta’e; eenyu Oromoo dhaaf garaa qulqulluu dhaan hojjechuu akka barbaadu ykn hojjetu; eenyu Oromoo qulqulluu ta’ee uummata kanaaf yaada gaarii akka qabu; eenyu Oromummaa ofiitiin boonuu fi inni kunis akka guddatu tattaaffii godhu beekuun baay’ee na rakkisa.

    Har’a, Oromoo qulqulluu fakkaatanii ykn of fakkeessanii, Afaan keenyatti fayyadamanii, maqaa Oromoo illee baafatanii, waan kaayyoo Oromootiif dubbatan fakkeessanii, diina fi alagaa meeqatu nu jidduutti akka argaman beekuu fi addaan baasanii ilaaluun baay’ee rakkisaa ta’aa jira. Kan QBO duubatti harkisu fi laaffisus sababoota gara garaa keessaa inni tokko fi guddaan waayee kana jedheen amana. Hamma waayeen kun qulqullaa’ee hin beekamnetti; hamma dhugaa fi dharri addaan ba’anii hin beekamnetti, dhugaa dhaan hojjetanii bilisummaa barbaadan argachuun baay’ee rakkisaa ta’a.

    Waayee kanatu akka namoonni tokko tokko of ifatani fi waan hin taane dubbatan ykn barreessan taasisa jedheen yaada. Haa ta’u malee, warra dhuguma Oromoo dhaaf ykn QBOtiif garaa qulqulluu dhaan yaadani fi warra Oromoo fakkaatanii, waan uummata kanaaf quuqaman of fakkeessanii afaanfaajjii uuman addaan baasuun baay’ee rakkisaa fi qabsoo bilisummaa caalaa ulfaataa dha yoon jedhe dubbii oo’isuu kiyyaa miti. Kan ta’es ta’u, yoo yaada keenya dhiyeessinu obsa guddaa dhaan fira keenyas yoo ta’e amnsiisuu fi karaa sirriitti deebisuu; diina yoo ta’e ammoo fudhatus fudhachuu baatus dhugaa jiru ifa godhuufii yaaluutu akka fuulduratti tarkaanfannu nu godhuu danda’a jedheen yaada. Kanaaf walumaagalatti wal obsaa, wal kabajaa, wal amansiisuu yaalaa, jechoota waliif moggaasuun bu’uu hin qabun jedha.


  33. Waqjiraa Gudataa

    Nov 4, 10 at 2:57 pm

    Hi Liberator,
    Have a humility and accept the tolerance line that differs from yours view. You are totally infulenced by the political culture for whom you are crying to save the Ahmara supermacy over others. That is the point which makes you un easy to cope with the unavoideble dilemma that challenges the least developed empire on earth and your hidden agenda is a matter of try and death to save the killers by the expenses of the oppressed nations. You supperman stop pendelling in between independency vs unitary . When you are crying for the unity of the empire, we for sure for the true unity of the people will assure you, your move is like a Serbian line whereas at last you will march on our boat in saying my father or mother was Oromo. It is not you , your blood itself speaks yee?. That is the reality behind you caro!.

  34. Jima

    Nov 4, 10 at 8:56 pm

    Hi Abdii,

    Ani degertuun garee adda adda wal dhabdu baay’ee nan dinqu. namni wal arabsuuf kaatu, nama waliin hojachuu hin danda’u. yaada ofii malee, yaada namaa fudhachuu ykn dhageefachuu hin barbaadu.

    Warumti hoggana ofiin jedhan, loltuun yemmu nu jala dhabmsiisu motumaan Kenya fi TPLF hojatan, warri keenya waligaltee hin qabdu. Sirritti, akka angoofi (power-struggle) adeema jiru mul’isa. Waligalani kanumaa jirtu loltuu sasaabu moo biyya faranjii ta’aani “power concentration” yaadu?. Jaraana,hanna mana sorressa deemani, yoo abbaan damaqee (namaratti beeke), deebi’aani kanuma offi eegu. haaqa ofii fudhatan, humna umu. Qabsoon keenya, haaqaa lafa jirtu osso hin ta’iin, wal dursuuf. Tokkummaa dhugaa hin barbaadamu, waliin deemu hinbarbaadan. Dadafani jabaachuuf hin adeeman. Gaafa loltuun dhabmte tokko taane nuun jedhu barbaadu. Dhugaa dubachuuf, dhaaboota/humnoota bilisumma hunda diigani ABO cimaa tokko dhaabuuf ji’a ja’a hin ga’a.

  35. Filmataa Biyyasaa

    Nov 5, 10 at 10:39 am

    Dear all,
    Reclaiming your identity by naming all your offspring/children was settled in the ate 1970s and 1980s. Why are we still talk about this?
    We need to move on!!!!!
    Ulfina Wojjin.

  36. yimer

    Nov 6, 10 at 7:51 pm

    Mr Tewodros I do not know about the others but if you want to know who is Belay Zeleqa you can go and ask about Belay in Walo Borana zone Wegidi district Mechaqa kabele then you will get true picture of him instead of ”Belay from Gojam and Amhara” you can search the truth of him and the route of him to Gojam