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Oromo’s Objective is Self-rule of Golden Oromia and/or Shared-rule of Great Oromia! Can Election Be the Way?

By Fayyis Oromia* We all have followed the current sad news of Ethiopians/Oromians suffering in Saud Arabia. Jawar Mohammed reacted to these assaults on the immigrants in the Gulf states:…

Is Now Good Timing to Forge an Inclusive Alliance – an Ethiopian Democratic Front (EDF) – on Stable Rock of the ODF?

By Fayyis Oromia* As we repeatedly heard from certain leaders of the Oromo Democratic Front (ODF), they are open and ready to work with the three camps of anti-Woyane opposition…

Should We Still Suggest an All-Inclusive Alliance, Which Can Be Different and Make a Difference in Ethiopia/Oromia?

By Fayyis Oromia* In the liberation struggle against the oppressive Abyssinian empire’s system, we had passed through different phases, and we had formed till now different alliances against the tyrant…

Can the ‘Oromo First’ Movement Promote Dynamics in the Oromo Struggle, Which Needs Empowerment of Our Resilient Nation?

By Fayyis Oromia* I recently heard Jawar Mohammed speaking about the main objective of the currently ongoing ‘Oromo First’ Movement. He told one of the communities, which the movement is…

Is a Pragmatic, Inclusive and Smart Oromo National Liberation Organization Yet to Emerge?

By Fayyis Oromia* As we all know, there were a lot of Oromo organizations formed to struggle for national freedom since many decades ago. Their hitherto ideologies and visions can…

Three Ideological Positions of the Oromo National Liberation Movement

By Fayyis Oromia* There was a time, when the Oromo freedom fighters wanted to liberate the Oromo people from any sort of subjugation in the Ethiopian empire (the potentially future…

Ethiopia’s Future: Self-Rule of Golden Oromia With or Without Shared-Rule of Great Oromia

By Fayyis Oromia* More than enough is written about the past and the future of the currently existing Ethiopian empire. Here is a short repetition from my present point of…

Transitional De Jure New Ethiopia As De Facto Great Oromia

By Fayyis Oromia* Since the prompt response I gave to one Ethiopianist Oromo, who tried to persuade Oromo nationalists so that we accept Ethiopia and Ethiopiawinet (Ethiopian nationalism) at the…

Why The Designation, Oromia or Cushland, Instead of Ethiopia?

By Fayyis Oromia* Introduction – Why The Designation, Oromia or Cushland, Instead of Ethiopia? The allergic rejection of the name Ethiopia by most of the Oromo nationalists and some others…

The Alternative to an Independent Golden Oromia Can Be an Integrative Great Oromia

By Fayyis Oromia* More than enough has been written about the ultimate goal of the Oromo national liberation movement. Still, the necessary discussion on this issue is going on and…

Is the Conflict Between Ethiopiawinet and Oromummaa Irreconcilable?

By Fayyis Oromia* It is interesting to follow the ongoing discussion and dispute regarding Ethiopiawinet (Ethiopian nationalism) and Oromummaa (Oromo nationalism) in the cyberworld and at the real community level.…

Seenaan Oromoo Akka Janus Fuula Lama Qabaa Laata?

Fayyis Oromia Irraa* Barreffamni kun kan ani Afaan Oromootiin yeroo duraaf dhiyeese waan ta’ef, yoo dogoggorri keessa jiraate na ofkolcha. Akka ani amma Afaan Oromootiin yaada koo dhiyeesuu yaalu na…

Oromo Talents in the Habesha Political Clubs

ARTICLE UPDATED BY THE AUTHOR – July 12, 2013 By Fayyis Oromia* The Oromo nationalists seem to be legitimately so quick to accuse and judge certain fellow Oromo individuals, who…

Jawarawi Harakat or an Intentional Criminalization of the Oromo Nationalist?

By Fayyis Oromia* On February 5, 2013, Ethiopia’s only and publicly-funded television station, ETV, aired a controversial documentary during primetime in violation of an outstanding court injunction. Oddly subtitled “Boko…

The Wonderful Cushitic Oromia: Naming Is Identifying

By Fayyis Oromia* Two things prompted me to write this opinion. One was the ongoing dispute between the Habesha, who daily preach about the glory of Ethiopia and Ethiopiawinet, and…

The Common Home, Great Oromia, As a Win-Win Solution for the Conflict Between the Pro-Independence Oromo and the Pro-Unity Amhara

By Fayyis Oromia* The current discussion among the different political groups in the Ethiopian empire, which was ignited by the open letter written by Dr. Fikre Tolassa and directed to…

Is the Notorious Conflict of the Oromo Polity, the ‘Ethiopian Democratization vs. Oromian Liberation,’ Irreconcilable?

By Fayyis Oromia*…

Why Not Greater Oromia Instead of Ethiopia? A Response to Dr. Fikre Tolassa’s Open Letter

By Fayyis Oromia*…

Open Letter to the Leaders of the Oromo National Liberation Movement (Re-Edited)

By Fayyis Oromia* I decided to re-write this letter, which is directed to you, our leaders, after following the hitherto effort of different Oromo nationalists to help you come together…

Oromian Pragmatic Way of Honoring National Heroines and Heroes

Oromian Pragmatic Way of Honoring National Heroines and Heroes

By Fayyis Oromia* As we do now prepare ourselves to celebrate Guyyaa Gootota Oromoo (the day of honoring the Oromo national heroines and heroes), we can reflect on the significance…

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